The 20 Best Sofa Brands for Every Style and Budget

When it’s time to update this hardworking piece of furniture, start with these brands for the most stylish and durable options.

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The best sofa brands help offer us a comfortable spot for the whole household—and potentially guests—to relax, socialize, take naps, read, surf the internet, watch TV, and eat meals or snacks. That’s a lot of responsibility for a single seating purchase. Between the amount of time you spend on the couch and what it costs to replace, the pressure is on when it’s time to buy a new one.

Purchasing a new sofa represents a major investment in comfort and style for the living space. A sofa should be not only attractive and complementary to the decor, but it should be strong, durable, and a place of solace. Good sofa brands offer high-quality construction with sturdy and handsome materials as well as ample opportunities for customizing designs, colors, fabrics, and sizes. So, what is the best quality sofa brand? Ahead, discover the best sofa brands available on the market today.

1. Maiden Home

The Best Sofa Brands Option: Maiden Home

Price Range: $$$ to $$$$
Our Top Picks: The Sullivan Sofa starting at $2,475; The Dune Sofa starting at $2,725; or The Crosby Sofa starting at $2,175.

Maiden Home is a 21st-century company committed to creating high-quality handcrafted furniture pieces at reasonable prices. It’s one of our recommended American-made furniture brands (read our full guide here). Maiden Home furniture is designed in New York City and handmade to order in North Carolina by skilled craftspeople according to customers’ specifications. Cutting out the retail showroom, Maiden Home takes custom orders online and ships directly from skilled artisans’ workrooms to customers’ homes—often for approximately one-third the price of traditional high-end companies.

The brand offers sectional sofas, modular sofas, and traditional sofa designs in a variety of sizes. Each model includes a broad selection of options for fabric or leather coverings along with numerous options for wood finishes. Simple but elegant, a couch like The Sullivan Sofa is a good example of Maiden Home’s tasteful style. 

Shop Maiden Home sofas at Maiden Home.

2. Lovesac

The Best Sofa Brands Option: Lovesac

Price Range: $$$ to $$$$
Our Top Picks: Lovesac 2 Seats + 4 Sides starting at $1,890.00; Lovesac 4 Seats + 5 Sides starting at $3,307.50; or Lovesac 6 Seats + 6 Sides starting at $5,166.00.

Lovesac boasts that it makes the world’s most customizable sofas. Each modular piece of furniture from the brand—which sells online as well as in over 100 showrooms throughout the U.S.—is adaptable to fit into numerous configurations with other pieces. Start with the Lovesac 2 Seats + 4 Sides, a basic two-seater sofa that is possible to build upon. 

Lovesac’s Sactionals are designed to last a lifetime and are easy to alter to user needs. Based on their modular designs and durable materials, the brand’s lounging sofa options may be an ideal choice for family homes with children and pets, or anyone who wants the flexibility to reconfigure their ultracomfortable sofa. Arrange the pieces in whatever layout suits the living space throughout the years, and rest assured that the washable coverings withstand spills and messes. Shoppers can choose from over 175 cover fabric options, ranging from bouclé to leather, but the base fabric of all Sactional inserts is made using recycled plastic bottles (so they’re more sustainable as well as extremely cozy).

Shop Lovesac sofas at Best Buy or Lovesac.

3. Burrow

The Best Sofa Brands Option: Burrow

Price Range: $$ to $$$$
Our Top Picks: Block Nomad 5-Seat Corner Sectional starting at $2,999; Range 4-Piece Sectional Lounger starting at $1,819; or Field 3-Piece Sofa starting at $1,499.

Stephen Kuhl and Kabeer Chopra, former classmates from the Wharton School, launched Burrow as a solution to the problems they experienced when purchasing sofas. Lightweight sofas were flimsy and breakable, while high-quality sofas were overly expensive and too heavy. Now, with a direct-to-consumer business model, Burrow offers high-quality, well-designed furniture at prices that will not break the bank. 

The brand’s “couch-in-a-box” products are more than just shrunk-down disassembled sofas. With a focus on quality, the founders essentially reverse engineered luxury sofas into modules that are easy to ship and move (welcome news for renters and apartment dwellers). Since the sofas fit in boxes, the company is able to offer free shipping. This design means full assembly is required, but the sofas are easy to put together and take apart—no tools are needed. Plus, since they’re modular, the layouts are expandable too, so owners can add modules over time as their needs grow. Customizable and with a built-in USB charger, the Burrow Block Nomad 5-Seat Corner Sectional is one we love; in fact, it’s the top sectional sofa in our best couches guide (read our full guide here). 

Shop Burrow sofas at Best Buy or Burrow

4. Floyd

The Best Sofa Brands Option: Floyd

Price Range: $$$ to $$$$
Our Top Picks: Sink Down Sectional starting at $2,061.50; Two-Piece Form Sectional starting at $1,484.00; or Magna Preconfigured Sectionals starting at $5,460.00.

Horrified by the amount of disposable furniture that makes its way into landfills every year, Alex O’Dell and Kyle Hoff set about creating a solution to the problem when they founded Floyd in 2013. The journey started with The Floyd Leg, a leg that made it possible to turn any surface material into a table. 

The focus on sustainability and practical, adaptable designs runs through Floyd’s wide range of products. The Detroit-based e-commerce company offers durable sofas and other furniture pieces that people will want to keep for years due to their high-quality construction and sleek designs. The Sink Down Sectional is one of the brand’s classic offerings that will be a living room favorite for years to come. 

Shop Floyd sofas at Floyd.

5. Wayfair Custom Upholstery

The Best Sofa Brands Option: Wayfair Custom Upholstery

Price Range: $ to $$$
Our Top Picks: Emilio 90-Inch Upholstered Sofa for $1,449.99; Lucia 92.5-Inch Slipcovered Sofa for $1,779.99; or Kian 2-Piece Slipcovered Sectional for $2,650.00.

One of the world’s largest global e-commerce companies specializing in furniture and home goods, Wayfair also designs and manufactures custom furnishings for your home. Browse styles in sofas, loveseats, sectionals, and sleepers, which are available in a variety of fabric and leather coverings. Not sure which to choose? Shoppers can request free swatches to get a better idea of the material. 

Beyond choosing the fabric, Wayfair Custom Upholstery allows shoppers to choose from a wide variety of furniture styles, colors, and finishes that complement their individual decor tastes. They tend to come at a relatively budget-friendly price too; for example, the Emilio 90-Inch Upholstered Sofa looks trendy but costs less from Wayfair than from some other brands. After construction according to a customer’s specifications, the pieces are shipped directly to the consumer.

Shop Wayfair Custom Upholstery sofas at Wayfair.

6. West Elm

The Best Sofa Brands Option: West Elm

Price Range: $$ to $$$$
Our Top Picks: Carlo Mid-Century Sofa starting at $1,399.00; Harmony Sofa starting at $1,529.15; or Harris 2-Piece Bumper Chaise Sectional starting at $2,198.00.

Like its parent company Williams Sonoma, West Elm sells furniture and decor pieces with a high-end look. Not only can you find them online, but West Elm’s showrooms also offer an opportunity to test out a lot of the pieces in person and work with customer service directly on orders—including custom orders and deliveries.

Its selection of furniture and decor is mostly designed in-house (95 percent of its products are designed in its Brooklyn studio). This design team creates trendy modern products, like the Carlo Mid-Century Sofa, which is our favorite midcentury couch in our best couches guide (read our full guide here). West Elm products are sourced from all over the world, so many items are crafted by local artisans from both local and far-flung communities. The company commits to ecologically responsible sourcing of materials as well as ethical business practices throughout its operations.

Shop West Elm sofas at West Elm.

7. Allform

The Best Sofa Brands Option: Allform

Price Range: $$ to $$$
Our Top Picks: 3-Seat Sofa for $1,895; 4-Seat Sofa With Chaise for $2,645; or 4-Seat Corner Sectional for $2,645.

Allform is another company that sells comfortable, modular, made-in-America couches. The brand puts all its focus on sofas, selling armchairs, loveseats, sofas, and sectionals. Its products are made in North Carolina, where skilled local sofa manufacturers make the furniture by hand. The sofas feature a patent-pending latching system for comfort and long-lasting durability. For added convenience, the in-home assembly process requires no tools, and customers may configure the modular systems to suit their individual living spaces. 

Allform sofas are covered with heavy-duty performance fabrics that resist stains and pilling. Interior materials include foam and fiber with anti-shift encasements to provide both loft and comfort. Not sold yet? Each sofa comes with free delivery and a 100-day trial so shoppers can test the couch out for themselves. Might as well give a product like the 4-Seat Corner Sectional a try!

Shop Allform sofas at Allform.

8. Corrigan Studio

The Best Sofa Brands Option: Corrigan Studio

Price Range: $ to $$
Our Top Picks: Gabrielo 58-Inch Square Arm Sofa Loveseat for $339.99, Jeses Minimore Modern Etta Sofa for $227.99, or Oaklee 98.5-Inch Right Hand Facing Sofa & Chaise for $429.99.

Corrigan Studio’s all-modern designs feature simple, sleek lines and compact construction. Many of its chairs, tables, desks, and sofas are lightweight and portable, making the brand especially attractive to young adults on the move. Furthermore, Corrigan Studio offers furniture at affordable prices, like the Oaklee 98.5-Inch Right Hand Facing Sofa & Chaise, which is extremely budget-friendly for a sofa and chaise. 

Sofas from Corrigan Studio feature the popular midcentury modern style. Legs and frames are constructed from wood, and coiled springs provide supportive seats. The removable cushions contain foam fill for comfort. Shoppers may customize many sofa’s color or fabric options. Due to their compact designs and clean lines, many of the Corrigan Studio sofas work well in small living spaces.

Shop Corrigan Studio sofas at Wayfair.

9. Medley Home

The Best Sofa Brands Option: Medley Home

Price Range: $$ to $$$
Our Top Picks: Rio Sofa for $2,203; Lala Sofa for $2,025; or Zavis Sofa for $2,315. 

With a passion for preserving the environment and promoting healthy home environments, brothers Travis and Ryan Nagle started Medley Home in 2005. They are committed to using eco-friendly and sustainable manufacturing processes as well as emphasizing solidly built and comfortable furniture that lasts for years. Each made-to-order sofa is handcrafted in the U.S. Users can rest assured that the fabrics and other materials are nontoxic and eco-friendly, with third-party certified materials. Frames and legs are made from solid wood sourced from sustainable forests that are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

The company offers a broad selection of sofas, sectionals, and sleepers that are customizable with numerous options for fabrics, colors, and leg finishes. Designs feature clean lines and sleek profiles (take the Lala Sofa’s minimalist design, for example) that complement most contemporary decor schemes. A 30-day trial ensures that customers get a solid chance to try—and love—their couches. 

Shop Medley Home sofas at Medley Home.

10. Joybird

The Best Sofa Brands Option: Joybird

Price Range: $$ to $$$$
Our Top Picks: Hopson Sleeper Sofa for $2,137; Lewis Sectional for $2,330; or Briar Twin Sleeper Sofa starting at $1,457.

Founded in 2014, Joybird was acquired by La-Z-Boy in 2018. With corporate headquarters in Los Angeles, Joybird manufactures each piece according to customers’ specifications. Skilled craftsmen carefully construct each piece of Joybird furniture in Tijuana, Mexico. 

The midcentury modern designs hark back to the Danish modern style. Joybird offers a wide variety of sofas, sectionals, loveseats, and modular sofas. For extra lounging, the brand also makes daybeds and sleeper sofas (like the Briar Twin Sleeper Sofa). The contemporary designs feature clean, sleek lines, and the numerous options for fabric coverings include an array of both neutral and vibrant colors. In an effort to take care of the planet, Joybird reduces environmental impact by using only sustainably sourced materials. The company partners with the conservation group One Tree Planted to replenish the forests.

Shop Joybird sofas at Joybird.

11. Interior Define

The Best Sofa Brands Option: Interior Define

Price Range: $$$ to $$$$
Our Top Picks: Maxwell Sectional Sofa With Chaise for $2,495; Asher 3-Seat Fabric Sofa for $1,945; or Ms. Chesterfield Leather Sofa for $2,895.

What started as an online-only enterprise in 2014 has grown into an operation with 15 Define Studios located throughout the United States. Interior Define offers a collection of sofas, loveseats, modular sofas, daybeds, and sleeper sofas.

The brand has gone through its fair share of hiccups: financial troubles resulted in Interior Define being acquired by Havenly in 2023. Despite some negative press around that time, the kinks seem to have been sorted out, and it’s well worth considering Interior Define for the brand’s outstanding customization options. While most customizable furniture options include color, fabric, and finish choices, Interior Define extends customization to include length and depth dimensions, leg configurations, and cushion fills. It’s possible to alter all these features of one of our favorite Interior Define sofas, featured in our best couches guide: the Maxwell Sectional Sofa With Chaise. With the numerous options for personalization, shoppers can acquire a sofa that is uniquely suited to their personal living spaces. 

Shop Interior Define sofas at Interior Define.

12. AllModern

The Best Sofa Brands Option: AllModern

Price Range: $$ to $$$
Our Top Picks: Miller 84-Inch Upholstered Sofa for $1,170; Geo 83-Inch Genuine Leather Sofa for $1,280; or Mick 84-Inch Velvet Sofa for $1,680.

As the name suggests, AllModern sells furniture and decor matching a modern design vision. The furniture offered by the brand (which is also part of the Wayfair family) is purposefully designed and intended to evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of modern daily life. 

Take a few moments to look around the site—specifically at the sofas—and it’s clear that AllModern offers a wide selection of styles, sizes, colors, and fabrics. Most of its modern sofas are available with different fabric and color options, allowing shoppers to customize the look of each piece. With attractive genuine leather sofa options, AllModern can even be considered one of the best leather sofa brands. The brand has many durable, water-resistant, and stain-resistant fabrics to accommodate canine friends — the Miller 84-Inch Upholstered Sofa was one of our top picks when it comes to the best couches for dogs (read our full guide here). Sofas ship for free and most will arrive within just a few days or a week.

Shop AllModern sofas at Wayfair or AllModern.

13. Anthropologie

The Best Sofa Brands Option: Anthropologie

Price Range: $$ to $$$$
Our Top Picks: Jylin Woven Athena Sleeper Sofa for $2,898; Odin Faux Fur Loveseat for $798; or Asymmetrical Ruched Velvet Serpentine Sofa for $3,998.

Anthropologie is known for its unique aesthetic that blends modern, Bohemian, and rustic styles. Anthropologie’s trend-setting products do come at a bit of a premium price, but many consumers will often pay a bit extra given the strong design elements and quality of each piece. 

The sofas—like the other items sold by Anthropologie—are certainly quite different from most other retailers. Some feature a mix of different fabrics or materials and come in nonstandard shapes, colors, and patterns (like the eye-catching Jylin Woven Athena Sleeper Sofa). Most Anthropologie sofas are designed to be the focal point of a living room. Today, there are more than 200 Anthropologie stores across the globe, but much of the brand’s exclusive furniture is only available by ordering directly through the website or shopping in one of the storefront locations.

Shop Anthropologie sofas from Anthropologie.

14. Ikea

The Best Sofa Brands Option: Ikea

Price Range: $ to $$$
Our Top Picks: Uppland Sofa for $849, Friheten Sleeper Sofa for $749, or Glostad Loveseat for $149.

Based on founder Ingvar Kamprad’s vision for a socially conscious and altruistic business model, the Swedish-turned-global Ikea brand remains committed to eco-friendly production practices, balancing sustainability with affordability. Ikea is known for its budget-friendly flat-pack furniture products that are assembled by customers at home. Its extensive selection of sofas includes sectionals, loveseats, modular sofas, and sleepers.

Available sofa coverings include fabrics, leather, and faux leather in a wide variety of colors and textures. However, due to their design and price point, Ikea sofas tend to be relatively small and may not feel as comfortable as premium sofas. Their compactness is great for apartment living, though. For those on a very tight budget, it’s hard to beat some of Ikea’s offerings, like the Glostad Loveseat, which costs $149. 

Shop Ikea sofas at IKEA.

15. Article 

The Best Sofa Brand Article

Price Range: $$ to $$$
Our Top Picks: Sven Charme Tan 72-Inch Sofa for $1,799; Timber 90-Inch Leather Sofa for $1,999; or Gabriola Ivory Bouclé Loveseat for $699.

Launched in 2013, Article is another direct-to-consumer furniture brand that marries style and value. The Canadian brand makes stylish midcentury modern furniture that’s intended for outfitting a modern space on a reasonable budget. Like many other direct-to-consumer brands, Article is able to lower its prices by cutting out the middleman. In fact, it has its own fulfillment and logistics operation, down to its own delivery teams, which improves wait times for customers. 

The brand doesn’t have any showrooms but ships from its fulfillment centers, scattered across North America, right to the shopper’s front door. Customers can often expect their order in 2 weeks or less for in-stock orders—much better than the sometimes months-long lead time from other furniture companies. We love the Sven Charme Tan 72-Inch Sofa, which has a bit of a cult following online and looks so stylish. 

Shop Article sofas at Article.

16. Room & Board 

The Best Sofa Brand Room Board

Price Range: $$$ to $$$$
Our Top Picks: Jasper Sofa for $1,999; York Sectional for $5,900; or Deco Sleeper Sofa for $1,699.

Room & Board was founded in 1980, and since then, the brand has become a nationwide operation with its headquarters in Minnesota and stores nationwide. The brand blends traditional and modern, creating modern furniture with a timeless feel. Over 90 percent of its furniture and decor is made in America, using the skills of around 12,000 local craftspeople. This large operation reflects Room & Board’s wide furniture offerings, which include several couch collections. 

Beyond having a bevy of styles, shoppers can also choose some customizations (it varies from piece to piece), which can include couch size, depth, fabric, color, and leg finish. The brand makes daybeds, chaises, and sleeper sofas too (like the stylish Deco Sleeper Sofa), so there are even more options for finishing a room. With $119 full-service delivery for unlimited items per trip, delivery costs won’t be the reason to not order more furniture. This fee includes assembly, placement, and packaging removal too, perfect for those who don’t want to deal with the whole assembly bit. 

Shop Room & Board sofas at Room & Board.

17. Crate & Barrel 

The Best Sofa Brand Crate and Barrel

Price Range: $$ to $$$
Our Top Picks: Gather Deep Sofa for $2,049; Barrett II Reversible Sectional Sofa for $2,249; or Wells Leather Grande Sofa for $5,199.

Crate & Barrel was founded in 1962 by Gordon and Carole Segal. Inspired by a European honeymoon, the couple sought to bring simple and beautiful houseware to the U.S. market. Timeless, contemporary, and airy describe a lot of Crate & Barrel’s style, and that’s a throughline across the brand’s minimalist sofa designs.

Crate & Barrel couches are simple and elegant (the Gather Deep Sofa is a good example of the brand style) but come with a few customization options, which can include depth, fabric, and layout. Shoppers can buy online or pop into a store (there are stores scattered nationwide) to check out the furniture in person. Even in person, shoppers can take advantage of digital design and visualization tools. 

Shop Crate & Barrel sofas at Crate & Barrel.

18. CB2 

The Best Sofa Brand CB2

Price Range: $$ to $$$
Our Top Picks: Fitz Channeled White Boucle Loveseat for $1,499; Brace Saddle Leather Tufted Sofa for $3,699; or Strato 3-Piece Velvet Sectional Sofa for $4,197.

CB2 is Crate & Barrel’s sister brand, and the two share a few similarities. CB2 also has store locations for shoppers to peruse. The brand makes modern furniture at a mid-level price. However, if Crate & Barrel errs on the side of modern with traditional details, CB2 is a little more visually interesting, embracing whimsy and character alongside some classic designs. 

Out of the two brands, CB2 is more for eclectic decorators, with sofa options ranging from traditional tufted couches to bright and edgy velvet sofas (like the Strato 3-Piece Velvet Sectional Sofa). The brand has around 20 stores nationwide, so its physical reach is a bit smaller than Crate & Barrel’s dozens of stores, but ordering online is always an option.

Shop CB2 sofas at CB2.

19. Pottery Barn 

The Best Sofa Brand Pottery Barn

Price Range: $$ to $$$$
Our Top Picks: Ultra Lounge Roll Arm Reclining Sofa starting at $4,447; Carlisle Sofa starting at $1,499; or Cushy Lounge Super Sectional Set starting at $1,079.

Pottery Barn is another Williams Sonoma brand, and like all the brands under the umbrella, it stocks a wide collection of beautiful furniture. The brand has been around for over 70 years, earning customer trust over decades of building fittings for every room. Based in San Francisco, it draws inspiration from around the world to create fashionable furniture designs. Similar to other more traditional stores, Pottery Barn has brick-and-mortar stores across the U.S., but shoppers can buy online as well. 

Pottery Barn sofas are clean and modern, but also cozy. The brand’s range is impressive, including daybeds, chaises, and reclining couches (like the Ultra Lounge Roll Arm Reclining Sofa in our best recliner sofa guide). The brand has a few other lines, including Pottery Barn Kids and Pottery Barn Teen (which includes a Dorm line as well). This means they stock a couch for every room, including relaxed sofas that appeal to teenagers and young adults and low-to-ground cushy couches suitable for a playroom. 

Shop Pottery Barn sofas at Pottery Barn.

20. BenchMade Modern

The Best Sofa Brand BenchMade Modern

Price Range: $$$ to $$$$
Our Top Picks: Skinny Fat Sofa starting at $3,049; Tyler Sofa With Bumper starting at $2,600; or Couch Potato Sofa starting at $2,595.

Those who want highly customizable, made-to-order furniture from one of the top sofa manufacturers will want to consider a sofa from BenchMade Modern. Another brand that strikes a balance between modern and timeless styles, BenchMade Modern aims to make furniture that will last a lifetime and fit perfectly in its intended space. Each durable sofa has a plethora of customization options, including dimensions, upholstery, cushion fill, and leg finish. An option like the popular Skinny Fat Sofa is available in a standard or extra-deep seat depth and a customizable 65-inch to 100-inch width. 

Once ordered, sofas are then crafted in Dallas, Texas, and Los Angeles, California. To make sure the sofa is a perfect fit, the brand offers a 100-day return period. Those who won’t want to wait the typical 2 to 6 weeks can shop from the ReadyMade collection.

Shop BenchMade sofas at BenchMade.

How We Chose the Best Sofa Brands

When reviewing brands for the best sofa brands list, we searched for those with well-known and popular furniture offerings as well as niche makers who create trusted products. As a sofa needs to perform the dual role of being comfortable and stylish, those that offered durable products in a variety of appealing design styles ranked high.

Another important quality we used to select brands was price and value. We wanted to make sure that affordable popular sofa brands were on the list as well as high-end expensive brands whose offerings deliver more than fair value and longevity for the price. We also looked for companies that include custom options and eco-friendly materials.