The Best USB Wall Outlets of 2023

Keep your important devices charged at home or on the go with a USB wall outlet.

By Rebecca Wolken and Tiffany Lewis | Updated Sep 16, 2021 5:54 PM

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The Best USB Wall Outlet Options


Today, nearly every personal device—whether it’s a smartphone, laptop, or tablet—can be charged via USB. One of the most efficient means of charging these devices is by accessing power directly from an electrical outlet. From compact, portable designs to multi-port connectivity, USB wall outlets are available to suit a range of tech needs. Some even feature extras like motion-sensitive night lights, an extension cord, and surge protection.

Keep reading to learn more about these tech accessories and how to choose the right one. Then, explore the list of some of the best USB wall outlet options for home use, workspaces, travel, and more.

  1. BEST OVERALL: TOPGREENER 5.8A USB Type C/A Wall Outlet Charger
  2. RUNNER UP: X-EDITION USB Wall Charger 4-Pack
  3. BEST WITH SURGE PROTECTION: GPED USB Wall Outlet, Surge Protector
  4. BEST WITH NIGHT LIGHT: KPSTEK USB Wall Charger Outlet and Night Light
  5. BEST WITH EXTENSION CORD: One Beat Desktop Power Strip with Extension Cords
  6. BEST FOR TRAVEL: POWSAV Multi Plug Outlet expanders
The Best USB Wall Outlet Options


What to Consider When Choosing the Best USB Wall Outlet

When looking for USB wall outlets, think about where you’ll place them in your home or office—this will help you decide the type of ports and the number of ports needed. For instance, there are dual and single USB port options. It’s also important to examine the existing outlets to determine what’s required to change the existing outlets to the new ones. Plus, it can be helpful to consider a high amperage output, especially if you have many USB devices.

Plug-in vs. Fixed Installation

When searching for USB wall outlets or chargers, there are two options: plug-in and fixed installation.

  • Plug-in wall chargers are ideal if the charger will be used at home and while traveling or in the office. Some plug-in chargers even come with international plugs for traveling out of the country. In addition, they are portable and can provide the same amount of charging power as a fixed installation.
  • Fixed installation wall outlets with USB can have both AC receptacles and USB ports, or just USB ports. Replace current receptacles with these outlets and have permanent charging stations throughout the home or office.

These outlets eliminate the need for adapters and free up the AC outlets for powering other devices. And as a final bonus, fixed installation outlets can charge devices up to 40 percent faster.

Size and Fit

Typically speaking, USB wall outlets are larger than standard outlets, and the existing junction box may need to be changed. For those whose junction box is 2 inches or smaller, it’s possible to avoid changing it by choosing an outlet with wires on the side instead of the back. Having the wires on the side also might help provide enough room in the existing junction box.


The two types of USB ports found on a USB wall outlet are USB-A and USB-C. Most USB wall outlets come with at least dual USB ports for connecting more than one mobile device.

USB-A ports are the most common type of USB ports. They have a rectangular shape, and there are connectors inside the port on one side. Unfortunately, this means that the cable can only plug into the port on the outlet one way; the connector is not reversible.

A standard USB cable has a USB-A connector that plugs into the port in the outlet and a different type of USB connector that plugs into a device for charging. This may include older USB-A to Micro-USB or even USB-A to Mini-USB cables for charging older phones, cameras, and mp3 players. There are also USB-A to USB-C cables that can connect newer devices from a USB-A port.

There are also wall outlets with USB-C ports. Most newer mobile devices come with USB-C ports as opposed to Micro-USB. These connectors are reversible, and there is no wrong way of plugging them in. USB-C can charge up to 20 times faster than USB-A.

Amp Output

Most smartphones require only 1 amp for charging, while tablets require 2.4 amps for charging. The USB ports on a USB wall outlet share the total amperage power output for all connected devices. For example, if an outlet has two USB-A ports that share 3.6 amps, a phone and a tablet can easily be expected to get a reasonable charge time simultaneously. If, however, two tablets are plugged in, there will likely be a delay.

After figuring out what is needed in terms of type, size, ports, and number of ports, look for an outlet with a high amperage output. Most outlets will recognize the device plugged in, and the power supply provided will match the amps that the device can manage. If the device isn’t recognized, the outlet should give no more than .5 amps to avoid damage to a device.

Additional Features

After figuring out the standard features of USB wall outlets, there may be some additional features to consider. The following are common extras.

  • Surge protection protects devices in the event of a storm. It prevents a power surge from traveling to the connected devices, causing a loss of data and damaging the device.
  • A night light that automatically turns on at dusk and off at dawn, helps with visibility in the dark.
  • An extension cord for a plug-in USB wall charger allows extending the distance between the wall outlet and the USB charge ports. For example, the extra length can make it possible to place the USB charging ports on a desk or farther down on a countertop.

Our Top Picks

Keep yourself from running low on power or battery life with one of these USB wall outlets. Each was selected based on the criteria above.

Best Overall

The Best USB Wall Outlet Option: TOPGREENER 5.8A USB Type Wall Outlet Charger

Charge USB-C devices as well as other devices using this USB wall outlet from TOPGREENER. The USB-C port and the USB-A port put out a collective output of 5.8 amps, so users can charge their mobile devices at top speed. The two AC ports have tamper-resistant outlets that prevent children from inserting unwanted objects into the receptacles.

This USB wall outlet boasts an intellichip that protects a user’s device against overcharge and short circuits. It also recognizes connected devices and how much charge speed each device requires.

Product Specs

  • Ports: 1x USB-A port, 1x USB-C port, 2x AC power outlets
  • Amps: 5.8 amps shared between both ports
  • Protection: Intellichip protects against overcharge and short circuits


  • Uses current junction box and wiring
  • Tamper-resistant power outlets
  • Charge two devices simultaneously


  • Cannot charge USB-C laptops
  • Wall plate sold separately

Runner Up

The Best USB Wall Outlet Option: X-EDITION USB Wall Charger 4-Pack

Although these USB outlets from X-Edition are simple, they get the job done. They come in a pack of four, which can be helpful for keeping one in the bedroom, office, kitchen, and travel bag, ensuring charging capabilities anywhere at home or on the go.

This little charger passed 100 percent of its burnout tests, meaning these outlets won’t overheat or cause a fire. They are also designed to automatically shut off once a device is fully charged, preventing potential battery damage.

Product Specs

  • Ports: 2x USB-A ports
  • Amps: 2.1 amps shared between both ports
  • Protection: Output short circuit, built-in over-current, over-voltage, and overheating protection


  • Anti-throw design protection
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Recognizes attached devices and provides best charge speed
  • Charge two phones simultaneously


  • Only has 2.1 amps between both ports

Best with Surge Protection

The Best USB Wall Outlet Option: GPED USB Wall Outlet, Surge Protector

This outlet from GPED provides six standard plug-ins, along with two USB ports and one USB-C port—a variety of options for whatever type of device needs charging. It also doubles as a surge protector, so rest assured knowing those devices will remain undamaged.

This USB plug is perfect for a kid’s room, office, bedroom, or kitchen. It has a 4.8 shared amp rating and will automatically detect and charge devices with the optimal power amount. The only downside is that this outlet is quite bulky and sticks out from the wall a bit. While that may not be a deal-breaker, it’s something to consider before purchasing.

Product Specs

  • Ports: 2x USB-A ports, 1x USB-C port, 6x AC power outlets
  • Amps: 2.4 amps per USB-A port, and 3.1 amps on the USB-C port
  • Protection: Surge protection for connected devices with built-in short circuit, over-voltage, and over-current protection


  • Detects devices and delivers optimal charging speed
  • Made with fireproof materials
  • Built-in phone holder


  • Cannot charge USB-C laptops

Best with Night Light

The Best USB Wall Outlet Option: KPSTEK USB Wall Charger Outlet Extender Multi Plug

This USB wall outlet from KPSTEK comes in a modern, rounded shape that not only looks great but also offers a mini shelf to hold a device while it charges. This is perfect for an outlet near a bed or couch because it doesn’t require setting a device on the floor.

The light on this outlet automatically turns itself on and off at dusk and dawn, which means no more fumbling about in the dark for a plug again: Just follow the light! With 2.4 available amps, charging multiple devices is no problem. However, if all three USB plugs are in use, it will probably slow down the charging speed.

Product Specs

  • Ports: 3x USB-A ports and 3x AC power outlets
  • Amps: 2.4 amps shared between three USB ports
  • Protection: Surge protection for connected devices with built-in short circuit, over-voltage, and over-current protection


  • No need to sacrifice outlets for a night light
  • Fire-resistant ABS shell
  • Ideal for house, dorm, or office use
  • Three modes for night-light control: on, off, auto


  • 2.4 amps shared can cause slow charging

Best with Extension Cord

The Best USB Wall Outlet Option: One Beat Desktop Power Strip

Perfect for behind a desk or in a dorm room, this One Beat extension cord outlet offers three traditional plug-ins plus four USB ports. All four share 4.5 amps and may slow down if used simultaneously, but the extra reach may be worth the extra waiting.

The end that plugs into the wall is angled to the right to save space and allows for other items to be easily plugged into the wall alongside it. This wall outlet contains a 5-foot braided cord that’s durable, flexible, and long-lasting. However, it does not protect against surges.

Product Specs

  • Ports: 4x USB-A ports and 3x AC power outlets
  • Amps: 4.5 amps shared among three USB ports
  • Protection: None


  • Detects devices for the fastest possible charge
  • Compact and portable, good for travel
  • Flat plug doesn’t stick out of the wall
  • No surge protection—great for cruises


  • Charging multiple devices slows charging times

Best for Travel

The Best USB Wall Outlet Option: POWSAV Multi Plug Outlet

Whether traveling the world or just visiting family, this lightweight and compact USB wall plug-in is a great companion on the road. It offers three additional standard outlets and three USB ports. The USB outlets share 3 amps and will charge devices quickly, and it has a fire-safe shell for protection from overheating.

Planning on taking a cruise anytime soon? This plug is a great option because most cruise ships prohibit the use of surge protectors, and this plug does not offer surge protection. It does stick out from the wall, though, so placing it behind a sofa or other piece of furniture may be difficult.

Product Specs

  • Ports: 3x USB-A ports and 3x AC power outlets
  • Amps: 3 amps shared among three USB ports
  • Protection: None


  • Ideal for power adapters and bulky plugs
  • Occupies one power outlet
  • Safe fireproof shell


  • Charging multiple devices slows charging times

Our Verdict

For those who are just starting to replace the wall outlets in their home, the TOPGREENER Type C/A makes an excellent choice, providing both types of USB ports as well as two power outlets. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly solution with options for at home and while traveling, the X-EDITION 4-pack might be just the deal for you.

How We Chose the Best USB Wall Outlets

These recommendations for the best wall outlets with USB span a variety of port combinations, additional features, and amperage outputs to suit the needs of various users. We narrowed our research to focus on personal charging needs that can extend into the office if needed. The list of products curated was developed from extensive product research.

Our favorite models include a combination of both USB-A and USB-C ports to accommodate various mobile devices. Some USB-A-only wall outlets also made the cut because of the additional features they provided. Not surprisingly, many of the most reliable wall outlets with USB ports also come with built-in protection to protect a user’s much-needed data and devices.


There are many factors to consider when purchasing a new USB wall outlet, and some questions may pop up. For more information about the best USB wall outlets, check out these answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. If additional concerns arise about a specific product, contact the manufacturer.

Q. Do USB wall outlets charge faster?

Yes. Fixed installation outlets can charge devices up to 40 percent faster.

Q. Do USB outlets waste power?

No. Most can sense the device connected and only provide the amount of power required for that device. They also stop charging once the device is fully charged.

Q. Are USB wall outlets safe?

Yes. A lot of wall chargers come with over-current, over-charge, short-circuit, and overheat protection. They are also made with fireproof materials.

Q. What should I look for in a USB wall outlet?

Look for the types of ports you specifically need for your devices and the amps required to charge them. Look for outlets that fit into the existing junction box if you’re not comfortable with switching them out.

Q. How do I install a USB outlet on a wall?

  1. Turn off the power to the circuit breaker for the outlet you are replacing.
  2. Remove the wall plate.
  3. Remove the old receptacle cover.
  4. Note the current wiring before disconnecting it.
  5. Disconnect the wiring.
  6. Wire the new receptacle.
  7. Secure it and the wall plate in place.
  8. Test and appreciate it.

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