The Best USB Wall Outlets for Home or Travel Use

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The Best USB Wall Outlet Options


Finding the best USB wall outlet can be challenging if you’re not sure what you’re looking for. USB outlets come in many shapes, sizes, and amperage, making the process of picking one out a bit challenging. When choosing a USB wall outlet, it’s important to take all three of those factors into account, as each will matter when it comes to where and when you’d like to use the outlet.

These days, nearly every device—whether it’s a phone, a tablet, or an alarm clock—can be charged via USB. As you browse for a USB wall outlet, think about how many cords you’ll need to plug in and where this outlet will be placed. (A bulky outlet may not fit behind a sofa, chair, or other piece of furniture, for example.) Alternatively, if you need to charge two devices but have only one outlet, you may need an option with multiple ports. Some of the best USB wall outlets come with additional features, such as motion-sensitive night lights, a USB-C plug, or surge protection.

To help make your choice easier, here are six of the best USB wall outlets on the market.

Our Top Picks

Keep yourself from running low on power or battery life with one of these USB wall outlets. Each was selected based on the criteria above.

Great for the Home

The Best USB Wall Outlet Option: micmi Wall Charger Dual High Speed Duplex Receptacle

The Micmi USB outlet can easily replace a traditional outlet and provides two USB plug-ins. Available in packs of two or 10, these USB outlets offer 15 amps with quick charging capabilities. The layout offers two standard U.S.-style plug-ins along with the two USB ports.

While this option may not have fancy features, it’s great for replacing original outlets to add additional USB-charging options for a homeowner or guests. The Micmi model sits flush with the wall like a standard outlet, so it won’t jut out from the wall like other plug adapters do. These outlets are also tamper-resistant and will not allow little fingers or screwdrivers to be inserted.

Best Bang for the Buck

The Best USB Wall Outlet Option: X-EDITION USB Wall Charger 4-Pack

Although these USB outlets from X-Edition are simple, they get the job done. They come in a pack of four, good for keeping one in the bedroom, office, kitchen, and travel bag, ensuring charging capabilities anywhere at home or on the go. This model comes in black, white, gray, or in a variety pack of colors. They will, however, stick out of the wall and may not fit behind chairs or beds.

This little charger passed 100 percent of its burnout tests, meaning these outlets won’t overheat or cause a fire. They are also designed to automatically shut off once a device is fully charged, preventing potential battery damage.

Upgrade Pick

The Best USB Wall Outlet Option: GPED USB Wall Outlet Surge Protector

This outlet from GPED provides four standard plug-ins, along with two USB ports and one USB-C port—a variety of options for whatever type of device needs charging. It also doubles as a surge protector, so rest assured knowing those devices will remain undamaged. This USB plug is perfect for a kid’s room, office, bedroom, or bathroom, as it’s equipped with a motion- and light-sensitive night light. It also has a 4.8 shared amp rating and will automatically detect and charge devices with the optimal power amount.

The only downside is that this outlet is quite bulky and sticks out from the wall a bit. While that may not be a deal-breaker, it’s something to consider before purchasing.

Best with Night Light

The Best USB Wall Outlet Option: KPSTEK USB Wall Charger Outlet Extender Multi Plug

This USB wall outlet from KPSTEK comes in a modern, rounded shape that not only looks great but also offers a mini shelf to hold a device while it charges. This is perfect for an outlet near a bed or couch because it doesn’t require setting a device on the floor. The light on this outlet automatically turns itself on and off at dusk and dawn, which means no more fumbling about in the dark for a plug again: Just follow the light!

With 2.4 available amps, charging multiple devices is no problem. However, if all three USB plugs are in use, it will probably slow down the charging speed.

Best with Extension Cord

The Best USB Wall Outlet Option: One Beat Desktop Power Strip

Perfect for behind a desk or a dorm room, this One Beat extension cord outlet offers three traditional plug-ins plus four USB ports. All four share 4.5 amps and may slow down if used simultaneously, but the extra reach is worth it. The end that plugs into the wall is angled to the right to save space and allows for other items to be easily plugged into the wall alongside it.

The 5-foot-long braided cord is durable, flexible, and long-lasting. However, it does not protect against surges.

Best for Travel

The Best USB Wall Outlet Option: POWSAV Multi Plug Outlet

Whether traveling the world or just visiting parents, this lightweight and compact USB wall plug-in is a great companion on the road. It offers three additional standard outlets and three USB ports. The USB outlets share 3 amps and will charge devices quickly, and it has a fire-safe shell to protect from overheating.

Planning on taking a cruise anytime soon? This plug is a great option because most cruise ships prohibit the use of surge protectors; this plug does not offer surge protection. It does stick out from the wall, so placing it behind a sofa or other piece of furniture may be a problem.