The Best Electric Blankets to Keep You Warm and Cozy, Tested

For help navigating the wide array of options, start here with our guide to the key considerations—and don't miss our top picks from our hands-on reviews of some of the best electric blankets available.

Best Overall

The Sunbeam Royal Ultra Fleece Heated Electric Blanket and its controls on a white background.

Sunbeam Royal Ultra Fleece Heated Electric Blanket

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Best Bang for the Buck

The Sunbeam Velvet Plush Heated Throw Electric Blanket folded and shown on a white background.

Sunbeam Velvet Plush Heated Throw Electric Blanket

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Best Wearable Option

The Beautyrest Heated Snuggle Wrap Electric Blanket with its plaid side up and one corner folded over to show its soft white underside.

Beautyrest Heated Snuggle Wrap Electric Blanket

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If you’re looking for a source of supplemental heat, be it for bedtime, watching movies, or snuggling up and reading a good book, consider the consistent and reliable heat of an electric blanket. We researched more than 25 electric blankets and tested 11 after scouring the market for the top brands and models. Their size, textures, and features vary, but each of them have something to offer for the right user.

From size and safety to technical capabilities and features, there’s a lot to consider when shopping for a new electric blanket. Keep reading to find out some of the most important considerations and to see our reviews on our top picks for some of the best electric blankets.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Sunbeam Royal Ultra Fleece Heated Electric Blanket
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Sunbeam Velvet Plush Heated Throw Electric Blanket
  3. BEST WEARABLE OPTION: Beautyrest Heated Snuggle Wrap Electric Blanket
  4. BEST FOR HEAT CONTROL: Woolrich Heated Plush to Berber Electric Blanket
  5. BEST FOR COLD FEET: Vremi Electric Throw Blanket With Dual Foot Pockets
  6. BEST LAP THROW: Westinghouse Electric Heated Flannel Throw Blanket
  7. MOST VERSATILE: Degrees of Comfort Fuzzy Sherpa Heated Blanket
  8. BEST SMART: Sunbeam LoftTec Wi-Fi Connected Heated Blanket
  9. MOST ATTRACTIVE: Woomer Faux Fur Electric Heated Throw Blanket
A soft-looking electric blanket and its controller on a person's lap.
Photo: Stacey L.Nash for Bob Vila

How We Tested the Best Electric Blankets

We tested electric blankets in a home setting. Heated blankets designed for beds were tested overnight to see how they performed during at least two nights. All of the heat and timer settings were tested to make sure they functioned as promised. We also took fabric texture and wire flexibility into account. However, we kept in mind the design intent of each blanket. For example, electric blankets designed for use as bedding aren’t usually as plush as those designed for use as a throw.

We considered the breadth of the heat settings but also whether all of the heat settings were usable. Some heat settings are so hot (or cold) that they don’t serve much practical purpose. Heat distribution was also a big consideration. Hot spots or cold spots due to wrinkles or wire spacing in the heating system were evaluated. Finally, we considered washability. Most of the heated blankets are machine washable, but we also tested how easy it was to remove (and reattach) the electrical cord for washing and drying each blanket.

The controller of the best electric blanket on top of the blanket showing a heat setting of 12.
Photo: Stacey L.Nash for Bob Vila

Our Top Picks

We put some of the top electric blanket brands through our hands-on testing. We collected (and tested) the best of the best and spent hours narrowing the market to some of its top-rated electric blankets.

Best Overall

Sunbeam Royal Ultra Fleece Heated Electric Blanket

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Product Specs

  • Size: Twin to king
  • Heat settings: 12
  • Timer settings: 12-hour automatic shutoff


  • Thick, heavy fabric offers extra insulation to capture and take advantage of heat
  • Plenty of heat settings to fine-tune comfort based on personal preference
  • Blanket’s heavy weight adds heft to the bed, making it feel like a warm hug


  • Not soft and somewhat stiff, so it’s not ideal for lounging

Made of polyester, this Sunbeam electric blanket for full- to king-size beds replaces the layers of bedding used to keep warm at night. The blanket’s thermal system delivers uniform heat at a choice of 12 heat settings, all controlled via a remote on the electrical cord.

It contains Sunbeam’s Sense and Adjust system that provides uniform heating throughout the blanket by automatically adjusting heat for temperature consistency. The Sunbeam automatically shuts off after 12 hours to prevent overheating.

However, the Royal Ultra Fleece is not designed for lounging on the couch. In hands-on testing, we found the blanket somewhat stiff and not as cozy as a lap throw. However, it’s ideal for use on a bed instead of layers of blankets. It is heavy, insulating, and offers 12 heat settings to fine-tune optimal comfort. Even heating made it comfortable for all-night use. The long 12-hour timer allows for a full night’s sleep without needing to turn the blanket back on.

Get the Sunbeam Royal electric blanket at Amazon or Walmart.

Best Bang for the Buck

Sunbeam Velvet Plush Heated Throw Electric Blanket

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Product Specs 

  • Size: 60 inches long by 50 inches wide
  • Heat settings: 3
  • Timer settings: 3-hour auto shutoff


  • Simple temperature controls make adjusting the temperature easy and quick
  • Automatic timer is trustworthy and shuts down the heat at the 3-hour mark
  • Belt clip-on controls help keep track of the remote when snuggled up


  • Difficult to remove the electrical cord for washing

This microplush velvet electric blanket deserves a spot on the sofa for its ability to deliver consistent heat, reduce cold spots, and automatically shut off after 3 hours of lounging or napping, all at an affordable price. The built-in thermal system provides consistent heat throughout the blanket. Control how toasty the 60-inch-long by 50-inch-wide throw blanket gets by selecting from three heat settings on the ergonomically designed remote. When it’s time to refresh the blanket, throw it in the washer and dryer for simple cleaning.

In our hands-on testing, this Sunbeam electric blanket’s soft microplush felt heavenly. The electric elements delivered heat evenly so there weren’t cold spots. It’s a good size for a twin bed or for lounging on the couch. The short 3-hour auto shutoff prevents it from being a blanket that would be used all night long, but that’s not really what the design is intended for.

We found the controls simple to use and the auto timer completely trustworthy. This model also features a belt clip on the controls, making it easy to keep track of and access when wrapped in the blanket. We also like the several color options and pattern choices. However, we did find that it was difficult to remove the electrical cord for washing.

Get the Sunbeam Velvet electric blanket at Amazon.

Best Wearable Option

Beautyrest Heated Snuggle Wrap Electric Blanket

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Product Specs 

  • Size: 64 inches long by 50 inches wide
  • Heat settings: 3
  • Timer settings: 2-hour automatic shutoff


  • Soft, flexible blanket fabric and wiring that easily wraps around the body
  • Excellent warmth in the upper back and over the shoulders
  • Color and pattern options can fit a variety of preferences and home designs


  • Leaves the sides of the body open to cold air

Bundle up without restricting the movement of arms in this poncho-style electric blanket that measures 64 inches long by 50 inches wide. Available in a variety of solid colors and patterns, the Beautyrest cloaks a body in the comfort of plush polyester with a micro Berber lining. Switch between the three heat settings on the remote control, and the heat will automatically shut off after 2 hours as a safety precaution.

Wrapping up in the Beautyrest was a new experience for us, but one we would do again and again. It’s warm, cozy, and oh so soft. The only thing we didn’t like was that this blanket was open on the sides, leaving the user susceptible to drafts of cold air. Consequently, it took some wrapping skills to keep our sides covered. However, this is a great blanket to use in addition to a standard lap throw for those whose necks and upper backs easily get chilled.

Get the Beautyrest electric blanket at Amazon or Walmart.

Best for Heat Control

Woolrich Heated Plush to Berber Electric Blanket

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Product Specs 

  • Size: Twin to king (we tested the queen)
  • Heat settings: 20
  • Timer settings: Variable, up to 10-hour auto shutoff


  • Soft fabric and flexible wiring drape well so it doesn’t feel stiff
  • 20 heat settings offer timed heat changes and excellent options to personalize the heat settings
  • Adjustable timer settings up to 10-hour shutoff, letting users personalize the warming schedule


  • Difficult to remove electrical cord for washing
  • Heavy to move and its large size may be a challenge to store

Sensitive sleepers can find the precise temperature they need to nod off thanks to this electric blanket, which offers 20 temperature settings and dual controllers on queen- and king-size models. Available in twin to king sizes and seven colors, this reversible blanket with its microplush top and sherpa Berber underside will warm a person even when the heat is off. And, during use, the blanket’s flexible internal wires are barely detectable.

We found that this Woolrich blanket provides a luxurious sleep experience. It is soft, plush, and highly flexible, so it doesn’t feel stiff. But it’s the heat settings that really make it feel like personalized comfort. Incrementally adjust the 20 heat settings throughout the night or through changing seasons. The queen- and king-size options have two controllers, which means the heat can be adjusted for each partner. It’s a kind of luxury that will likely be missed when summer nights begin. We liked that we could adjust the timer to shut off in 2-hour increments up to 10 hours.

On the downside, in the queen size and above, it’s a big, heavy blanket. Storing it won’t be easy. Also, the electrical cords can be removed for washing, but getting them disconnected requires a strong grip.

Get the Woolrich electric blanket at Amazon or Target.

Best for Cold Feet

Vremi Electric Throw Blanket With Dual Foot Pockets

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Product Specs 

  • Size: Throw
  • Heat settings: 6
  • Timer settings: 8 modes, ranging from 30 minutes to 4 hours


  • Foot pockets effectively insulate the feet and maintain temperatures
  • Soft, flexible fleece drapes around the body and helps maintain even temperatures
  • Excellent control visibility, making it easy to use the 6 heat and 8 timer settings


  • Longer timer settings that last a full 6 to 8 hours would be nice

The Vremi electric throw blanket includes foot pockets that target cold feet. Soft fleece helps maintain the heat so feet stay warm, even after turning the heat off. (That soft fleece stayed soft after machine washing and hanging the blanket to dry.) It’s also supple, so it drapes over the body. This blanket became a quick favorite during testing for the effectiveness of the fleece foot pockets and the easy-to-use highly adjustable settings.

The Vremi includes six heating settings that range from 85 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. A bright digital display made it easy to see the heat and timer settings at all times. The timer setting also is a huge bonus factor. Rather than having one auto shutoff time, the Vremi has eight timer settings that range from 30 minutes to 4 hours.

We found those extra timer settings handy for different uses. For example, when sitting on the couch, the 30-minute timer was perfect. We could get up and go about the day and know the electric blanket wasn’t still on 4 hours later. At the same time, the blanket was also a favorite for bedtime because we could adjust the time to 3 or 4 hours. The only thing we missed were longer timer settings for all-night use. A 6- to 8-hour timer would make it even better on cold winter nights.

Get the Vremi electric blanket at Amazon or Vremi.

Best Lap Throw

Westinghouse Electric Heated Flannel Throw Blanket

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Product Specs 

  • Size: 60 inches long by 50 inches wide
  • Heat settings: 6
  • Timer settings: 2- to 10-hour automatic shutoff


  • Memory function automatically starts the heat at the last setting
  • Easy-to-see digital display so buyers can track which heat setting they’re using
  • Soft, comfortable fabric and good wire flexibility for a nice drape


  • Highest settings get really hot

This 60-inch-long by 50-inch-wide heated throw includes six heat settings, with the highest of them ready to cook the user out. (The top setting was too much for us, but it might be helpful for those who are often cold.) A digital screen on the remote control shows the heat level, so we could tell which setting was being used.

The Westinghouse also has a memory function that fires up the heat to the last-used setting. Since testing, it’s been updated from a 4-hour timer to variable timer settings that range from 2 to 10 hours, so users can sit back and relax for a few hours or all night long. The timer adjustability improves usability at night.

Our testing showed that Westinghouse makes some comfortable, well-designed electric blankets. This model’s six heat settings are easy to scroll through and track. There’s good heat distribution, and it became a favorite for couch lounging. We also liked the memory function because we didn’t have to remember our favorite setting: The blanket did that for us. While that may not seem like a huge pro, it comes in handy when turning the blanket on without messing with settings.

Get the Westinghouse electric blanket at Amazon.

Most Versatile

Degrees of Comfort Fuzzy Sherpa Heated Blanket

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Product Specs 

  • Size: Twin
  • Heat settings: 20
  • Timer settings: Adjustable 1 to 10 hours


  • Sleep setting progressively gets cooler throughout the night to prevent overheating
  • 20 heat settings let users fine-tune the settings to fit the room temperature and personal preferences
  • Extra-long cord offered versatile uses for nighttime and couch lounging


  • Long cord can get cumbersome in tight quarters
  • Location of the controller on the cord can put the controller too far from the user

The Degrees of Comfort Fuzzy Sherpa heated blanket might not be the best overall pick, but it was right up there on features and comfort. The combination of heat, timer, and sleep settings with the long cord length gives this blanket incredible versatility, whether the goal is to use it on the couch or overnight in bed. This soft sherpa blanket draped beautifully and had near-perfect heating element spacing so there weren’t cold spots. The fabric offered good insulation, too.

This blanket’s 20 heat settings let us fine-tune the warmth based on the room temperature and our personal preferences. While we tried out all of the settings, we didn’t really need any more than 10. One of our favorite features of this blanket was the sleep setting. This setting automatically sets the temperature to 10, but then the heat settings gradually go down throughout the night. With other blankets, we usually woke up too hot and turned the blanket off, but not with this one. It would go down to 7 and then 4 to follow the natural sleep cycle.

Two other features worth noting are the adjustable timer and the cord length. The timer can be set anywhere from 1 to 10 hours, so there are plenty of options for lounging on the couch or for overnight. The cord from the electric outlet to the controller is 6 feet, but the cord from the controller to the blanket is another 12 feet.

We took this blanket on a trip where the closest outlet to the bed was 8 feet. The other electric blanket we brought couldn’t reach the outlet, but the Degrees of Comfort had no problem. At the same time, the cord length can be an issue when in a small room, and the location of the controller on the cord puts the controller a bit far from the user. When the outlet was only 2 feet from the bed, we were left tripping over a long cord. So that cord length is both a pro and a con, depending on the location of the electrical outlet. This blanket is machine washable and came out looking like new during testing.

Get the Degrees of Comfort electric blanket at Amazon.

Best Smart

Sunbeam LoftTec Wi-Fi Connected Heated Blanket

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Product Specs 

  • Size: Full
  • Heat settings: 10
  • Timer settings: Up to 10 hours in 1-hour increments


  • Adjustable timer offered a wide variety of time options
  • Scheduling feature lets users preheat the bed without entering the bedroom
  • Excellent fabric insulation for even heating


  • Sherpa fleece isn’t as soft as others we tested
  • Connecting to virtual assistant can be complicated and frustrating

The Sunbeam LoftTec WiFi-connected heated blanket updates sleep with high-tech control. This blanket offers manual control like the average blanket or smart control using the Sunbeam app. App setup took about 20 minutes, as we had some issues with finding the device. Once found, there weren’t any connectivity problems.

App control on a blanket felt over the top at first, but after using the LoftTec for a few nights, we found the value. When we woke up in the middle of the night, we could reach over to a phone and make adjustments without trying to find the controller in the dark. We did everything from setting a daily schedule to setting the timer, which can go from 1 to 10 hours. The schedule feature let us warm up the bed on specific nights or every night. We could also set the blanket to turn on later in the night.

The LoftTec can connect to virtual assistants Alexa and Google Assistant for hands-free activation. We had issues connecting the blanket to Alexa. It requires syncing apps and activating the blanket in those apps. It’s doable, but it was a pain. We preferred controlling it through the phone rather than the assistant.

This blanket isn’t as soft as the others we tested. It had a bit of texture to it and it almost felt sticky.

Get the Sunbeam LoftTec electric blanket at Amazon, The Home Depot, or Walmart.

Most Attractive

Woomer Faux Fur Electric Heated Throw Blanket

See It

Product Specs 

  • Size: Throw
  • Heat settings: 4
  • Timer settings: 4-hour auto shutoff


  • Attractive, soft faux fur that doesn’t look or feel like an electric blanket
  • Excellent drape of the fabric allows it to easily cover the body
  • Many color and pattern options let the blanket fit in with different home decor designs


  • Distance between heating elements can leave cold spots

The Woomer faux-fur electric heated throw blanket looks luxurious at first glance with its soft fleece and buttery texture. It’s attractive for any type of blanket, not just electric models. It also comes in 18 colors and patterns. As far as looks go, it’s top-notch.

The performance isn’t bad, but it’s not as luxurious as the appearance. The Woomer has four heat settings and a 4-hour shutoff. It heats up in about 3 minutes, but we did find that the distance between the heating elements made for a few cold spots.

The four heat settings, while not many, were plenty. We stuck to settings two and three because four was too hot most of the time. The 4-hour timer prevents overnight use, but it’s fine for lounging on the couch. Plus, it looks attractive and feels amazing against the skin. Overall, this blanket is an excellent option for those who want an electric blanket that doesn’t look like it’s electric, but as far as performance, it’s about average.

Get the Woomer electric blanket at Amazon or Woomer.

Also Tested

We tested two other electric blankets that did not make our list. The Hyde Lane Faux Fur Heated Electric Throw Blanket had a simple, attractive design with basic heat settings and a 4-hour timer. However, the fabric wasn’t as soft as the other faux fur throws we tested and simply didn’t outperform our top picks. The Stalwart 12V Electric Blanket for Automobile is a travel blanket that connects to a vehicle cigarette lighter. The idea behind this blanket is sound. In theory, it would work as an emergency blanket or to keep warm on long drives. Unfortunately, it didn’t perform. Sometimes the entire blanket heated up and other times only parts of it did. Additionally, at times, it was hard to tell if the blanket was heated at all.

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What to Consider When Choosing an Electric Blanket

When searching for a new electric blanket that can provide on-demand warmth and comfort while reducing the heating bill, there are a lot of factors to consider beyond searching for the perfect size.

Appearance and Price

Most electric blankets come in a host of different sizes, so think about how and where it will be used. If the goal is to snuggle up on the couch while reading or streaming shows, a 60-inch-long by 50-inch-wide throw-size blanket might suit those needs. If the plan is to sleep under it every night, consider looking for a cozy blanket that is the same size as the bed.

Electric blankets work for California king, king, queen, full, and twin sizes, as well as smaller sizes similar to that of a typical throw. There’s also a wide assortment of solid colors and various patterns from which to choose. While some have a quilted texture and others do not, electric blankets are usually very soft to the touch and made of fleece or microfiber.

Technical Specs

Across the landscape of today’s electric blankets, there are more than a few technical features worth considering. With most electric blankets, there will be heat settings, and some have multiple zones, the ability to machine wash, and automatic shutoff.

Heat settings: While some have just a few heat settings, many electric blankets have up to 10 heat settings. Having more settings makes it easier to find the temperature that feels best.

Separate controls: When sharing a blanket with a loved one who likes things warmer or cooler, opt for a blanket with two zones, each with its own separate controls.

Machine washing: Many electric blankets can be cleaned and dried in a home’s washer. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for machine settings.

Automatic shutoff: This important safety feature can keep the user and the surroundings from overheating or even catching fire. It comes standard in most modern heated blankets, but double-check to make sure.


Although it feels like a soft, simple textile, an electric blanket is actually an appliance and should be treated as such. When using an electric blanket, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for safe use and ensure the blanket storage is suitable for these unique products.


Electric blankets get you heated in a hurry during chilly weather. If you’re new to these plugged-in warmers, you may have a few questions. Below, we’ve answered some of the most common queries that could be percolating to help you make your final decision on the best electric blanket for your home.

Q. Are electric blankets bad for you?

Much like traditional blankets, electric blankets are safe for most people as long as manufacturer instructions and recommendations are followed. Not following the instructions can result in injury, including shock, burns, or a fire. There are certain populations for which electric blankets are not recommended, including children, individuals with diabetes, or those who have any numbness in their limbs.

Q. Are electric blankets energy efficient?

Today’s electric blankets are energy efficient. If used at night, you may be able to turn down the home’s heat, saving money on your energy bill.

Q. Is it OK to leave an electric blanket on all night?

If you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations, the blanket should be safe at night. Usually, models that are meant for nighttime use have automatic timers that can be set for 6 to 10 hours. However, it’s important to maintain the blanket carefully, according to directions, to make sure there aren’t any shorts or broken wires. Poor maintenance can create a fire hazard.

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