12 Porch Roof Ideas for Your Home

Boost curb appeal with these cool concepts.

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Porch Goals


A porch is a laid-back place to enjoy some fresh air. Whether on the front, side, or back of the house, a thoughtfully designed porch can boost curb appeal, and beckon people to use the small, outdoor space more often. Adding a roof is a great way to add shade and make the space feel even homier. Check out these creative porch roof ideas to see how adding a little cover can make a big difference.

Back Porch Roof


Extend the home by adding a roof that allows you to slide open the back door and remain covered as you enter the back patio. This will create an indoor-outdoor feel when the doors are open. It’s the perfect way to enjoy an al fresco dinner party and still have easy access to everything that’s needed inside.

Porch Roof with Skylights


Keep it classy with a timeless design while adding modern skylights. This porch roof is especially pleasing as it allows so much of the sky and surrounding scene to be enjoyed from the comfort of the patio while allowing people to stay covered from the elements.

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Glass Sheet Porch Roof


This innovative porch roof design is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. The glass offers a sleek, unique appearance while allowing more light to shine through. Sitting beneath it feels like there’s no roof at all, and yet the coverage is surely there.

Wraparound Porch Roof


A wraparound porch is filled with possibilities, from decorating with hanging plants to outfitting the space with comfortable, stylish furniture. With the home’s roof extending out over the porch, plenty of protection exists. Paint the porch ceiling a bright, cheery color and install ceiling fans to keep a comfortable environment all summer long.

Sunroom Porch Roof


A sunroom porch is great for enjoying the outdoors no matter the weather. Use different building materials and colors for the sunroom that will stand out from the rest of the home. A tin roof is especially nice for listening to nature’s music, like the rain coming down.

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Balcony With Gable Roof


Enjoy the view from up high by installing a balcony off the bedroom. Relax and take in the sights on the small porch concept while remaining protected from the sun, wind or rain with a gable porch roof.

Vaulted Ceiling Roof


Turn a patio into a grandiose seating area. A vaulted ceiling is just the trick to create a larger-than-life look that feels luxurious. Add touches like intricate stone columns that will stand out from wooden furniture and a wooden ceiling as well.

Open Air Porch Roof


Extend an existing porch roof without the need for shingles, intricate angles, or major structural support with an open-air pergola porch roof. This design is great for an outdoor dining area that seeks to let the sunshine in during the day, and a view of the stars at night.

Metal Porch Roof


If you can’t commit to a full roof, try something like roofing panels. The patio pergola shade structure makes for a slight amount of shade and a whole lot of style. The look will ensure the patio feels separate from the rest of the outdoors without inhibiting views.

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Small Back Patio Roof


If the goal for the backyard is to maximize lawn space, keep the patio concept small. This design extends the home’s roof over a small concrete area that’s perfect for placing a bistro table and chairs or hanging a charming porch swing.

Flat Roof Porch


Transform the front of the home into a large porch on ground level. A flat roof on a one-story has midcentury appeal. The porch beneath the roof will feel understated yet spacious.

Ornate Porch Roof


An old home like a Victorian deserves a wraparound porch with style. This one features fun and intricate trim that stands out, and an arched design over the door that’s typical of a Victorian.