The Best Roof Rakes to Keep Your Home Safe from Heavy Snow, Tested

Safely remove snow from your roof with a rake designed to reach high places and dislodge heavy snow loads.

Best Overall

The individual components of the Avalanche! Combo Package on a white background before assembly.

Avalanche! Combo Package

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Best Bang For The Buck

The Goplus Roof Snow Removal Rake Tool and additional handle pieces on a white background.

Goplus Roof Snow Removal Rake Tool

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Best Heavy-duty

The SnowPeeler Premium Long Handle Roof Rake on a white background.

SnowPeeler Premium Long Handle Roof Rake

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Wet snow can weigh as much as 21 pounds per square foot, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and a snow roof rake is the most effective means of removing that weight. The heavier the snow, the greater the risk of structural damage to a roof. That’s why the roof rake is an essential piece of winter equipment in some regions.

This tool lets users remove snow from a roof while keeping their feet planted firmly and safely on the ground. Failing to remove heavy snow can damage a roof and home after a big storm. Without a roof rake, one would need to improvise a tool or climb on the roof with a shovel, which are both dangerous and challenging options.

I tested eight different roof rakes after heavy snowfalls in Montana. To do so, I raked a metal roof and a shingle roof with different heights and pitches. I also tested the rakes on a tall shed and a camper. The camper was especially important because snow and ice buildup can lead to roof damage and leaks.

Keep reading to learn about the different features to look for in a roof rake and find out why we chose the following as the best roof rake options available.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Avalanche! Combo Package
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Goplus Roof Snow Removal Rake Tool
  3. BEST HEAVY-DUTY: SnowPeeler Premium Long Handle Roof Rake
  4. BEST FOR FLAT ROOFS: Avalanche! Big Rig Rake
  5. BEST FOR BIG ROOFS: True Temper Telescoping Snow Roof Rake
  6. BEST GRIP: Snow Joe RJ208M Pro Snow Removal Roof Rake
  7. BEST TELESCOPING HANDLE: Garant Snow Roof Rake With Telescopic Handle
  8. BEST FOR GUTTERS: Roof Razor Original Snow Removal Tool
The best roof rake in action breaking a large block of roof snow into smaller segments for removal.

Before You Buy a Roof Rake

Note that roof rakes are intended for snow removal on single-story homes only. They should only be used when standing on the ground, and never while standing on a ladder. Attempting to balance a long pole while navigating snow-slick ladder rungs is a surefire way to slip and fall. Even if you have great balance, the weight of the snow you’re pulling off the roof could easily knock you off a ladder.

How We Tested the Best Roof Rakes

Testing was done throughout a weeklong storm event. The first 3 days received heavy snowfall with a mix of dry powder and wet snow. The powder wasn’t problematic, but the wet snow was heavy, and it stuck to the rooftops. It also underwent a slight thaw and a subsequent freeze cycle that solidified the rooftop snow.

I waited for the storm to end and rotated through each roof rake, pulling sections of snow down. I judged each roof rake based on ease of assembly, grip, length, and ability to reach and grab snow without damaging the roof. Durability was also considered. Several of the brands have similar design features with slight variations in the way they are constructed. There was a reasonable overlap when it comes to performance and function with these look-alike models.

Our Top Picks

Selected for quality, functionality, material construction, and design, all of these tested products are excellent options for keeping the roof snow-free during the winter.

Best Overall

Avalanche! Combo Package

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Product Specs 

  • Length: Extendable from 4 to 15.5 feet
  • Weight: 10.8 pounds
  • Material: Fiberglass shaft, plastic head


  • Heavy-duty design makes it suitable for large amounts of snow
  • Retractable plastic slide attachment enhances efficiency
  • Built-in wheels allow it to glide along the roof, preventing damage


  • Weighs more than most roof rakes on our list
  • Adding and removing sections slows job completion

Equipped with a retractable plastic slide for enhanced efficiency, this rake pulls dislodged snow down the slide and off the roof, saving users time and effort. It’s also equipped with small wheels to help it glide along the roof without damaging it.

The rake extends from 4 to 15.5 feet when each fiberglass extension bar is attached. This process is simple, but it takes a few minutes to add each extension. With telescoping models being the exception, most other roof rakes use fitted extension segments similarly.

When adding an extension pole, users might need to remove gloves to press the locking button. I really liked the fiberglass poles because they aren’t nearly as cold as metal options. It is important to ensure that the segments are seated well at each joint, with the locking button in place.

Super durable, the plastic head is up to heavy-duty challenges. Raking snow off a roof is usually awkward with any rake, and that was the case with this one. But I didn’t mind a small amount of extra weight while reaching for the high spots because the durable design also gave me the confidence to hit the heavy snow spots and pull hard. I felt like the fiberglass poles were strong as well.

One other reason this won our top spot is the fact that multiple heads are included for different needs. The head that’s equipped with wheels and a slide should be able to tackle most users’ needs. The slide allows snow to fall off the roof easily, creating a pathway over gutters and other obstacles. When users hit stubborn areas and need a head that can bust through ice and grab big chunks of snow over shingles, asphalt, and tricky surfaces, they’ll want to use the rake head with wheels.

Read our full review: Avalanche! Combo PackageGet the Avalanche! Combo roof rake at Amazon or The Home Depot.

Best Bang For The Buck

Goplus Roof Snow Removal Rake Tool

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Product Specs 

  • Length: Up to 20 feet
  • Weight: 4.5 pounds
  • Material: Aluminum shaft, plastic rake


  • A lightweight, easy-to-handle hard plastic rake that even has metal supports
  • Multiple shaft segments are available for users’ different length needs
  • Has a nice grip, durable head, and well-built handles


  • Not built for heavy-duty use; aluminum shafts may flex under pressure

Simple and affordable, this shovel provides up to 20 feet of reach with the help of its lightweight aluminum poles. Similar to other models, this rake features a clever locking system that allows users to add or remove segments. The snow roof rake itself is a simple hard plastic rake with metal supports to increase strength and rigidity.

Users will want to bolt the rake supports and head into place, but that’s the extent of the assembly. The rake head is hard and durable, and the handles are well built. When adding segments, each section must be seated well with the locking button aligned perfectly to hold the segments together. I found it easiest to connect each segment without gloves. It’s worth noting that the metal can get pretty cold to the touch, so work quickly or wear thin gloves.

The rake had no problem pulling snow off the roof. It doesn’t have a slide for easy removal, but it will make quick work of bigger drifts that add serious weight to the structure. The aluminum shafts do flex a little when every piece is connected, but overall, this rake worked well, and it has a great price point.

Get the Goplus roof rake at Amazon.

Best Heavy-duty

SnowPeeler Premium Long Handle Roof Rake

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Product Specs 

  • Length: Extendable to 30 feet
  • Weight: 13.4 pounds
  • Material: Aluminum shaft, aluminum head


  • Suitable for heavy snowfall thanks to built-in stabilizing braces
  • Slide attachment improves efficiency, easing snow removal
  • Assembly is simple with a no-frills design


  • Heavier than other rakes; may cause user fatigue

Users who live in a region that gets heavy snow might want to invest in the tough SnowPeeler roof rake. Weighing in at 13.4 pounds and boasting a sizable 18-inch aluminum rake head with built-in stabilizing braces, the SnowPeeler roof snow rake can pull even packed snow down from the roof with no problem.

This is a heavy-duty product made with an aluminum shaft and rake head for dealing with deep, heavy snow. The roof rake can extend from up to 30 feet in length by adding the included extension poles as needed.

The SnowPeeler comes with a slide attachment that creates a slick path for the snow to slide down and off the roof. This greatly improves efficiency because the user doesn’t need to pull the snow all the way off the edge. However, the weight of the rake can fatigue the user more quickly than a lighter rake might.

I found this rake to be very easy to use, and I only wish the storm had dumped a heavier snow load so that I could really push its limits. Regardless, it peeled off a heavy foot of snow without any issues. It’s ideal for ski towns and mountain locations that get heavy snowfall and big storm events. Thanks to its no-frills design, assembly is simple, and the effectiveness for heavy snow is excellent. Overall, this roof rake is made to work hard.

Get the SnowPeeler roof rake at Amazon or The Home Depot.

Best For Flat Roofs

Avalanche! Big Rig Rake

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Product Specs 

  • Length: Extendable from 4 to 16 feet
  • Weight: 7.25 pounds
  • Material: Fiberglass shaft, plastic head


  • Sharp-angled shaft for accessing flat roofs like those on truck trailers, RVs, and sheds
  • Built-in wheels protect the roof and shingles from damage
  • Comfortable nonslip handle and relatively light weight makes it easy to use


  • Not ideal for sloped roofs with its angled shaft

To properly clear a flat roof, it’s necessary to use a roof rake that doesn’t have a completely straight shaft. The shaft needs to be angled so that it can bend over the side and still sit flat on the roof. Designed with that in mind, this rake features a simple angled connector piece that fits onto the fiberglass shaft and extension bars. This gives users the ideal reach for a flat roof, like that of a truck trailer, RV, or shed.

Each extension bar is about 4 feet long, allowing the roof rake to extend to a maximum length of 15.5 feet. Also, keep in mind that each extension bar needs to be manually connected to the shaft. This is less convenient than other models that house the extensions inside the core of the shaft, allowing users to slide them out as desired. This roof rake weighs just over 7 pounds and features built-in wheels to keep the rake head from damaging the shingles.

I primarily tested this roof rake on my camper. It’s a flat roof with few obstacles aside from the two roof vents. The angled shaft made it very easy to clear the entire roof—it only took a few minutes. I think this model would also be great for semi-trailers, cargo trailers, and even flat roofs on garages and houses.

The problem with flat roofs is that they don’t allow snow to slough off naturally. This creates serious problem areas that can damage the roof and test the structural limits of a house or trailer. While straight-shaft models allow users to rake reasonably well, they still have trouble grabbing and pulling the base layers of snow. With this rake, I could easily clear the full snow load. It’s durable, sturdy, and easy to grip as well. I’m a big fan of this model and the quality of this brand’s products in general.

Get the Avalanche! Big Rig roof rake at Amazon.

Best For Big Roofs

True Temper Telescoping Snow Roof Rake

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Product Specs 

  • Length: Extendable from 7 to 17 feet
  • Weight: 4.88 pounds
  • Material: Aluminum shaft, polyethylene head


  • Lightweight aluminum design is easy to life and maneuver
  • Easy push-button extension that can reach up to 17 feet
  • Comfortable nonslip handle to help users maintain control


  • Polyethylene head may crack or chip with repeated contact

The push-button telescoping design on this True Temper roof rake can extend the pole up to 17 feet, and it quickly collapses to 7 feet for storage. It weighs just 4.88 pounds, so users can easily lift it over their heads and control the movement of the rake.

If their home maintenance regularly requires removing substantial snow deposits, users will likely appreciate the lightweight aluminum design, which is easy to lift and maneuver thanks to its nonslip handle. Plus, this rake effectively pulls down deep snow accumulations in a single draw thanks to its 24-inch-wide poly blade.

This isn’t the longest roof rake out there, but its lightweight build is a trade-off that makes this model a favorite for large roofs. The telescoping handle lets the user quickly change the shaft’s length to match the required distance and pitch. Adjusting the telescoping handle is especially easy, and I found it very easy to manipulate. If you’ll be raking multiple roofs and will need to change lengths quickly, this is a great roof rake.

Although it’s a few feet shorter than some rakes, I was able to reach every spot needed on my roof. For a unique roof that requires some serious reach, there are much longer rakes out there, but they use segments rather than telescoping designs.

Get the True Temper roof rake at Amazon,Tractor Supply Co., orThe Home Depot.

Best Grip

Snow Joe RJ208M Pro Snow Removal Roof Rake

See It

Product Specs 

  • Length: 22 feet
  • Weight: 7 pounds
  • Material: Aluminum poles


  • Excellent grip increases control and functionality
  • Slide system and head design minimizes effort to remove snow
  • Sturdy poles snap together easily; quick and simple assembly


  • Rolling wheels can hang up on ice dams and other obstacles
  • Not designed to pull against heavy snow loads

This was a tricky roof rake to categorize because it performed very well across several categories. It did a great job overall, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the rake for large roofs, heavy snow, and possibly other categories, too. It also sits at a nice price point.

One thing that stood out about this rake was its comfortable grip. I was able to hold it with and without gloves without my grip slipping. As minor a feature as it might seem, the grip really increased the functionality of this rake. The aluminum poles are also very sturdy and well built. Segments can be added or removed quickly with the locking button system. During testing, each section seated easily and snapped right into place.

The 22-foot-long model I tested offered plenty of reach, although if shoppers need a longer rake, the company also offers a 28-foot option. The rake head has two wheels and a fabric slide for easy snow removal. As the wheels roll into the snow, the fabric slide moves beneath it, allowing the snow to slide off the roof. The head is designed in such a way that it glides along the snow with very little resistance.

This type of head design is used by a number of other brands and models. It’s a great system that doesn’t cause fatigue as quickly as heavier rake heads made of a single solid strip. If the roof has ice dams and obstacles, though, the wheels might get caught occasionally. I really like the slide system overall because it’s capable of removing snow with minimal effort. It also covers gutters, and the snow slides over those openings.

In short, this rake impressed me. It features a solid design with a great grip. The handle feels durable, and during testing, it pulled snow off the roof with little resistance.

Get the Snow Joe roof rake at Lowe’s, The Home Depot, or Menards.

Best Telescoping Handle

Garant Snow Roof Rake With Telescopic Handle

See It

Product Specs 

  • Length: 16.5 feet
  • Weight: 4.5 pounds
  • Material: Aluminum handle, poly blade


  • Great grip on coated primary pole for additional hand
  • Smooth all-in-one telescoping handle with push-button design adds convenience
  • Standard poly blade and sturdy rake head with angled supports


  • Shorter than other models means it’s not suited to higher roofs
  • No wheels or slides for assistance; may be more difficult for some to use

Dealing with stand-alone pole extension segments can be a hassle at times. Not only is it a pain to have to lug them around while raking the roof, but it also takes time and planning to add and remove segments for different areas of the roof. It’s true that segmented designs work well for users who have a specific length need and consistent roof pitches—it’s not a bad system by any means, but all-in-one telescoping handles are much more convenient.

When you need to make adjustments on the fly and don’t want a pile of poles in the garage or truck, a telescoping handle design is an ideal option. This telescoping roof rake from Garant features a well-rounded design with a smooth-telescoping handle that extends to 16.5 feet long. It’s certainly not the longest out there, but it should be sufficient for most single-story homes.

I loved the handle and pole design of this model. It slides out in seconds, so length can be added or subtracted in a jiffy. I found the push-button design very user-friendly. Just make sure to hear a click to lock out the handle at the desired length. The coated primary pole also offers a great gripping platform for the second hand.

This model uses a standard poly blade with angled supports. The same system can be found on many other models. It’s sturdy and makes it easy to grab and pull snow. It requires more effort and strength than roller-and-slide systems, but I still found it easy to get the job done. For anyone with a normal single-story home, this roof rake is a winner. I love that it’s easy to store as a single-piece unit rather than having to deal with various poles and components.

Get the Garant roof rake at Ace Hardware or Walmart.

Best For Gutters

Roof Razor Original Snow Removal Tool

See It

Product Specs 

  • Length: 24 feet
  • Weight: 10 pounds
  • Material: Aluminum


  • Great for big roofs with gutters; allows snow to simply slide over gutters and fall to the ground
  • Wheels and snow slide work very well, adding convenience and ease
  • 24-inch cutting head removes large snow loads quickly


  • Poles may flex when all segments are attached; slightly heavier than other models
  • Pole segments must be seated well to avoid damage

The Roof Razor and the aforementioned SnowPeeler have a few design similarities. It’s a close call between the two, and each has a unique set of advantages. I think the SnowPeeler has slightly stronger poles, but the Roof Razor is certainly up to tackling large roofs and heavy snow loads. During testing, the fabric slide rolled out nicely, and it allowed snow to slide over the gutters and fall to the ground.

I appreciated the long 24-foot handle, largely because it allowed me to reach difficult areas. Thanks to that, I was able to use this rake on the high roof of my neighbor’s metal shop. It was easy to lift and maneuver, even with the super-long extension poles attached. It also rolled easily over the metal roof and allowed a foot or so of snow to slide off. The high side of the shop didn’t have gutters, but the lower lean-to section did, and the slide covered the gutters as snow was removed. I was able to clear most of the 50-foot-long by 30-foot-wide shop within a half hour.

As with many snow rakes, this one requires each pole segment to be connected manually. To do so, users will want to seat the sections and make sure the button locks into place. This rake is slightly heavier than other models, but it also offers more length than most. Overall, it’s easy to handle once users find the balance point. A basic wrench set is required for assembly.

Get the Roof Razor roof rake at Amazon.

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What to Consider When Choosing a Roof Rake

Make sure you’re up to date on the most important product factors before deciding on the best option to rake snow from your roof and prevent ice dams from forming. Some factors to consider in finding the right snow rake for roof cleaning include the type and quality of the materials, length, weight, and head design.


A roof rake for snow removal can be made of different materials, including fiberglass, polyethylene, aluminum, and wood.

  • Fiberglass is a durable, lightweight material commonly used to make the shaft of a roof rake. This provides substantial support, allowing the user to push and pull snow without worrying about handling a heavy or fragile shaft.
  • Polyethylene is a type of plastic used to make the rake head. It’s tough, weather-resistant, and affordable, though aluminum is a more durable option.
  • Aluminum is great for use as both a shaft and rake head, though the hard metal can scratch or tear shingles. To avoid this issue, invest in a roof rake with wheels to help keep the edge of the rake just off the top of the roof.
  • Wood is never used for a roof rake head because it will begin to break down and decay with excessive exposure to water or snow. However, wood can be used to make the roof rake shaft, and it functions similarly to fiberglass.

Length and Weight

Most roof rakes come with adjustable poles that can be lengthened from 14 to 22 feet for snow removal and shortened to less than 8 feet for storage. The longer the pole, the higher users will be able to reach on the roof, but longer poles can also be unwieldy and may require more physical strength to lift and maneuver.

Roof rakes range in weight between 4 and 14 pounds, with most of the weight in the rake head. The heavier the rake head, the more likely it is to sink deeply into the snow on the roof, allowing users to remove a good amount with each pull. Conversely, heavy roof rakes require more physical strength to lift and position.

Head Design

Roof rake heads range in depth from a narrow 3 inches to a generous 10 inches, and widths run between 12 and 24 inches. The larger the rake head, the more snow the rake can remove in a single pull. If the snow is wet and heavy, it can require additional physical strength to pull it, which can lead to back and shoulder fatigue.

Curved heads and interchangeable attachments, such as a scoop, blade, or plastic slide, can greatly decrease fatigue if used properly. It’s also a good idea to consider looking for a roof rake with built-in wheels or bumpers to help protect the roof and shingles from damage. This is especially important when working with an aluminum rake head or if the rake has a blade attachment.

Tips for Using a Roof Rake

When starting to rake the snow off of a roof, it’s important to begin the process by removing the snow from the roof’s edge first. If users attempt to extend the roof rake as much as possible and simply pull down any snow caught within this range, there is a good chance that they will be unable to move the snow. Also, keep in mind that even if the snow does move, it isn’t a good idea to bring down that much snow at once because the weight of the snow could cause injury.

While the goal of snow removal on a driveway is to clear any snow or ice that could cause the car to slip, it’s not actually necessary to rake every inch of snow off the roof. Leaving one or two inches of snow isn’t going to cause ice dams to form, and this gap can help prevent the roof shingles from being damaged during raking.

Additionally, under no circumstances should users attempt to climb a ladder or walk on a sloped roof in winter conditions to remove snow. The entire purpose of a roof rake is for the user to remain on the ground, so don’t risk trying to rake the roof while perched on a ladder.

  • Start at the roof’s edge and work towards the center.
  • Not all the snow needs to be removed from a roof.
  • Do not climb up a ladder or sloped roof while handling a roof rake.


For more information on the best roof rake for snow removal at your home, take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions and the detailed answers below.

Q. What is a snow rake for? 

Unlike general-purpose rakes, snow rakes (also known as roof rakes) are specially designed for one purpose: to remove snow from single-story roofs without having to climb. This makes it much easier and safer to keep the roof clear of snow and prevent ice dams from forming in the gutter system.

Q. Do roof rakes damage shingles? 

The blade on a roof rake head can damage the shingles on a roof. This is especially true with aluminum rake heads, but this problem can be avoided if you invest in a roof rake with built-in wheels. These wheels elevate the rake slightly, suspending the rake head above the surface of the shingles instead of grating against them.

Q. Do roof rakes prevent ice dams? 

If you rake the roof the same day it snows, you can prevent ice build-up in the gutter system.

Q. Do I need a roof rake for a metal roof? 

Whether or not you need a roof rake depends on how much snow naturally builds up on your roof. Some houses have steep roofs that don’t collect a lot of snow, while others may have a gentle slope. Metal roofs can be raked with a roof rake to keep them clear of snow, but in most cases, the snow will tend to slide off a metal roof without a problem. In fact, many homes with metal roofs need snow guards or snow fences to prevent piles of snow from sliding off and potentially hurting anyone standing nearby.

Q. When should I rake my roof? 

It’s a good idea to rake the roof on the same day it snows, just as it isn’t wise to wait long to shovel your driveway. Keep in mind that freshly fallen snow is much easier to move than snow that has been allowed to melt and refreeze under the sun.

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