The Best Hot Tub Brands of 2021

Sit back and enjoy a little hydrotherapy by purchasing a hot tub from one of the most reputable brands on the market.

The Best Hot Tub Brands Options


Stepping into a hot tub after a long day is a great way to relax and alleviate stress. When shopping for a hot tub for the yard or patio, however, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by all of the options available. A hot tub is a significant investment, so it’s essential to buy from a brand that has a proven track record of producing durable, high-quality products. This guide will cover the best hot tub brands, regardless of one’s budget, taste, and outdoor space.

The Best Hot Tub Brand Option: Sundance Spas


1. Sundance Spas

Known for: Sundance Spas has a time-honored history and offers five series of spas, providing an option for any budget.
Editors’ Choice: The Peyton – 680 Series Spa (available from Pelican Shops) sits six adults and features a variety of specialized seats with different adjustable massage settings.

Sundance Spas has been in business since 1979 and has a decades-long history of selling high-quality hot tubs. Their products feature durable shells, making them an excellent choice for those who live in harsher climates. Sundance offers five series of spas, which range in features and price. The 980 series is stylish with high-end design details, the 880 series has a wide variety of features, the midrange 780 series offers dependable performance, the 680 series features classic designs and well-rounded functionality, and the Splash series offers affordable options for families.

The Best Hot Tub Brand Option: Master Spas


2. Master Spas

Known for: Master Spas encompasses four brands, all of which give customers an excellent bang for their buck by providing high-quality spas at affordable prices.
Editors’ Choice: The Balance 9 (available from Master Spas) is made by Clarity Spas and seats up to eight adults, making it one of the largest options on the market.

Master Spas is an umbrella company that encompasses four smaller brands: Getaway Hot Tubs, Clarity Spas, Twilight Series, and Michael Phelps Legend. Each brand offers its own advantages. Getaway Hot Tubs makes smaller, more affordable spas; Clarity Spas offers midrange pricing and seats two to seven; Twilight series provides luxury options, and the Michael Phelps Legend series provides the highest-end products. While Master Spas may not offer some of the optional customizations that higher-end brands provide, they do offer plenty of upgrades, individual jet control, advanced lighting options, and stereo systems. They also offer swim spas, which are a great option for those living in cooler climates.

The Best Hot Tub Brand Option: Jacuzzi


3. Jacuzzi

Known for: Likely the most recognizable hot tub brand, Jacuzzi makes a wide variety of products ranging from budget-friendly to luxury.
Editors’ Choice: The J-315 Comfort Hot Tub With Lounger (available from Jacuzzi) is a compact model that seats up to three adults and is perfect for small spaces.

Since its inception in 1956, Jacuzzi has gained a reputation as a top name in the hot tub and spa industry. They use acrylic—rather than fiberglass—shells, which they claim are eight times stronger. Their jet systems use 50 percent water and 50 percent air to create a strong massage effect. While Jacuzzi makes plenty of affordable hot tubs, they’re known for their higher-end models. The brand is sold at stores across the country, making them widely accessible.

The Best Hot Tub Brand Option: Bullfrog Spas


4. Bullfrog Spas

Known for: Bullfrog Spas makes highly customizable hot tubs that feature their signature JetPak Therapy System.
Editors’ Choice: The M8 Model (available from Bullfrog Spas) seats nine adults and is fully customizable, with an option for side-by-side loungers.

Bullfrog has five spa series: M Series, Stil Spas, A Series, R Series, and X Series, all of which fall into the midrange to luxury price bracket. What sets Bullfrog apart is its JetPak Therapy System, which provides 18 customizable jet options for different styles of massage therapy. When designing the tub, users have the option to choose exactly which style of jets they would like in each seat. The brand also offers 16 seatback options, which can be mixed and matched to suit the buyer’s needs and preferences.

The Best Hot Tub Brand Option: Hot Spring


5. Hot Spring

Known for: Hot Spring makes luxurious small hot tubs and has saltwater systems available for easier maintenance.
Editors’ Choice: The Jetsetter LX (Available from Hot Spring) is a small luxury tub that’s perfect for two or three adults.

If the idea of dealing with lots of chemicals is off-putting, consider a model from HotSpring. With the option to set up any of their hot tubs with a salt-water system, which requires fewer chemicals to keep the water clean, owning a hot tub can be relatively low maintenance. Founded in 1977, Hot Spring has 20 different spas to choose from, many of which can be customized. They specialize in smaller models, which seat two or three adults. Value range spas feature between 10 and 17 jets, while higher-end models include 14 or 22 jets.

The Best Hot Tub Brand Option: PDC Spas


6. PDC Spas

Known for: PDC Spas specializes in high-quality, large-capacity hot tubs.
Editors’ Choice: The Malibu Luxury Series hot tub (available from PDC Spas) seats five and includes one open seat, as well as three contoured bucket seats.

Shoppers looking to accommodate plenty of guests in their hot tubs should consider one of PDC Spas’ 16 models, which range from a three- to seven-person capacity. The LifeStyle Series is well made yet affordable, while the Premium Series serves as a midrange option between standard hot tubs and luxury models. They make their Luxury Series with longevity in mind, offering a 35-year warranty on products in this line. On top of their hot tub spa lines, they also sell a range of swim spas.

The Best Hot Tub Brand Option: Marquis Spas


7. Marquis Spas

Known for: Marquis Spas focuses on hydrotherapy, offering midrange hot tubs designed to soothe aches and pains.
Editors’ Choice: The Epic hot tub (available from Marquis Spas) uses a dual-geyser jet system that targets the lumbar, shoulders, and pillar.

Specializing in hydrotherapy, Marquis Spas hot tubs all feature complex water massage systems, and each one specifies which High Output Therapy Zone it is designed to treat. They offer a number of desirable upgrades, including audio systems, LED entry lighting, and aromatherapy. Every hot tub also includes a cover, which isn’t always standard in the industry.

The Best Hot Tub Brand Option: Cal Spas


8. Cal Spas

Known for: Cal Spas offers many varied hot tub models that include unconventional shapes for showstopping outdoor spaces.
Editors’ Choice: The Laguna Spa (available from Cal Spas) is a six-person hot tub with 93 jets and an LED waterfall.

Purchasing a hot tub from Cal Spas is an excellent idea if choice and variety are priorities. They make 51 different hot tub models, and many can be customized with a saltwater hot tub sanitation option along with other upgrades. In addition to standard square-shaped tubs, Cal Spas also makes oval and triangular options for those interested in making a visual statement. They have a hydrotherapy system called Fountain of Youth, which raises oxygen levels in the water to create a silkier feel and improve skin texture.

The Best Hot Tub Brand Option: ThermoSpas


9. ThermoSpas

Known for: ThermoSpas sells premade hot tubs and fully customizable options in terms of the number of jets and seating styles.
Editors’ Choice: The Park Avenue hot tub (available from ThermoSpas) seats five and can be customized to have between 42 and 118 jets.

Those looking to fully customize their hot tub should consider purchasing from ThermoSpas, which gives customers ultimate control over design. Users can also omit any features they don’t find useful, which also helps save money on the overall cost. ThermoSpas aims to keep their spas as energy efficient as possible in order to keep energy costs low. Since their hot tubs can feature over 100 jets, they’re great for people suffering from muscle soreness or arthritis. The brand also provides free in-home hot-tub check-ins as needed.

The Best Hot Tub Brand Option: Catalina Spas


10. Catalina Spas

Known for: Catalina Spas produces customizable hot tubs and swim spas, with even their most affordable models offering a range of high-end features.
Editors’ Choice: The Hampton Spa (available from Catalina Spas) seats seven and includes an ozone sanitation system as well as Bluetooth audio with speakers and subwoofer.

Catalina Spas has been producing highly customizable hot tubs since 1978. They offer two collections: Classic and Catalina Luxury. When shopping the eight models in the Luxury line, customers can add a range of high-end extras when designing their hot tubs, including a self-extinguishing fire feature and a freshwater mist system. The Classic line comprises six models, all of which are well made but more budget-friendly, with fewer luxury add-ons available. What sets Catalina Spas apart is how many features are included with their standard hot tubs, including Bluetooth speakers, stainless steel waterfalls, and LED lighting.

The Best Hot Tub Brand Option: Intex


11. Intex

Known for: Intex makes portable, inflatable hot tubs that are known for their quality and durability.
Editors’ Choice: The Intex 28439E Greywood Deluxe 4-Person Portable Inflatable Hot Tub (available at Target) features 140 bubble jets and includes foam headrests.

While inflatable hot tubs can’t compare to traditional hot tubs in terms of size, comfort, or longevity, they are a great budget-friendly solution for those deciding if hot tub life is for them. They also don’t require professional installation. Intex is one of the most reputable brands on the market that produces inflatable models. Their products are well-made yet affordable and are constructed using durable materials that are meant to withstand a variety of climates and weather conditions. They use bubble jets, which aren’t quite as strong as traditional hot tub jets but still provide a relaxing hydrotherapy effect.