7 Garage Plans for Building Your Ideal Automotive Storage

Learn how to build a DIY garage to protect your car, truck, or outdoor tools during poor weather.

By Timothy Dale | Updated Feb 22, 2023 10:31 AM

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Having a garage on the property is a terrific amenity: It gives you a place to keep your vehicle, store outdoor tools and equipment, or even set up a home workshop for future projects. Not every home comes with a garage, but you can find simple and straightforward garage blueprints and garage designs to construct a space that will fit your needs. With these garage building plans, enough space in the yard, and a permit from your local town hall or permit office, you can create a garage that looks great and provides you with a storage or workshop space to fit your needs.

1. Detached Two-Car Garage Plans

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These detached garage plans from Etsy seller BuildBlueprint provide all of the information a DIYer needs to build a roomy outbuilding, including the garage construction plans, exterior elevations, the framing plan, the roof truss plan, and the foundation and roof details. It’s designed for two standard-size vehicles, though the garage plans also include details for an optional second-story loft for studio or storage space. When the job is complete, the total build size is 24 feet in width by 24 feet in length by 18.2 feet in height. This simple, effective garage design is an ideal option for DIYers who want a space that can be used both to store vehicles and set up a workshop.

Get the BuildBlueprint Detached Two-Car Garage Loft Plans at Etsy for $49.

2. Two-Door Garage and Studio Plans

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Whether the job will be completed by a hired contractor or taken on by an experienced DIYer, these garage floor plans from Get My Garage are comprehensive and easy to follow. The plans include details for the elevations, foundation, wall frame, and even 3D views, allowing users to see the plans from multiple angles. The finished product is designed with two garage doors, a side entrance, multiple windows for better natural lighting, and a studio loft that can be used for storage or as a home workshop.

Get the Get My Garage Two-Door Garage and Studio Plans at Etsy for $71.99.

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3. Berrywood Two-Bay Country Garage Plans

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Homeowners looking for detached garage ideas with a vintage country feel should consider plans for this garage/loft combo. The garage plans are for a structure that has two garage doors that open into two vehicle bays where cars, trucks, tractors, or boats can be stored. We like how these plans allow for 360 square feet of loft space that can be accessed through pull-down stairs, on top of the 528 square feet of ground-level garage space. Seller Don Berg Designs notes that while these plans meet or exceed the building codes for almost all U.S. states, they do not meet the requirements for Florida.

Get the Don Berg Designs Berrywood Two-Bay Country Garage Plans at Etsy for $49.

4. Single-Story Two-Car Garage Plans

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Simple and straightforward, this two-car garage plan from Etsy seller SinelHousePlans offer DIYers a relatively basic design for more compact yards. The garage measures 22 feet by 24 feet, which is plenty of space to fit two standard-size vehicles. Unlike other garage designs we found, this one is single-story, making it ideal for DIYers who don’t need the extra loft space often included with garage plans. The main drawback of these garage plans is that they do not include a comprehensive materials list. Homeowners will need glean the materials they need (and the quantities of those materials) themselves by reading through the the cross-sections and plan views, a step that will likely make material estimation and ordering a bit more difficult.

Get the SinelHousePlans Single-Story Two-Car Garage Plans at Etsy for $20.06.

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5. RV and Two-Car Garage Plans

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With a total area of of 1,821 square feet, these garage plans are just the ticket for DIYers who have a lot of space in their yard. The plans are for building a garage that can store two standard-size vehicles on either side of the garage and a single oversized vehicle, like an RV or bus, in the middle. Attractive siding and faux stone paneling provide an attractive exterior design; we like how there are two separate entrances on the side of the garage so the space can be accessed without opening a garage door.

Get the Excellent Floor Plans RV and Two-Car Garage Plans at Etsy for $29.99.

6. Detached Single-Car Garage Plans

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If you’re hoping to build a garage in an urban neighborhood where space is super limited, setting your sights on building a small garage can be the best way to get extra storage space without losing the entire yard. This 16-foot by 24-foot DIY garage or shed is large enough to accommodate one standard-size vehicle, and also has a side entrance for additional access. Even with a car in the garage, there is enough additional room to set up a small workshop or store outdoor tools, like a lawnmower, snowblower, or trimmer.

Get the Shedplan Detached Single-Car Garage Plans at Etsy for $19.49.

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7. Standard Two-Car Garage Plans

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Build Blueprint’s standard two-car garage blueprints provide all the specs you need for constructing a single-story, one-door garage wide enough to fit two standard vehicles. The finished garage measures 24 feet in width by 22 feet in length by 12 feet in height, and has both a garage door and a standard door that serves as a side entrance. Make sure to get the appropriate permits before building; comes with a materials list, which makes shopping for the project a lot easier.

Get the Build Blueprint Standard Two-Car Garage Plans at Etsy for $25

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