15 Ways to Get on Board With Pegboard

Once utilitarian storage relegated to the garage workbench, pegboard has become a go-to solution for all types of projects, from organization to decor.
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When it comes to home organization, few tools offer the versatility and practicality of pegboard. Once a utilitarian storage solution relegated to the garage workbench, pegboard has evolved into a versatile solution for all types of projects—organization and otherwise. From home decor and DIY craft projects to visually pleasing displays, pegboard’s adaptability knows no bounds. The best part? Pegboard not only maximizes storage, but it’s a cost-effective way to revamp various areas of your live-work spaces.

1. Simple Crafting Organizer

Craftroom Pegboard

This DIY project transforms a sheet of pegboard into a versatile and customizable solution for storing craft supplies and tools. Neatly arrange scissors, glue guns, pliers and more using small hooks. This craft-sister duo found innovative ways to store paints, yarn, and even long rolls of vinyl using a few baskets and shelves, and this pegboard organizer kit from Home Depot.

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2. Elaborate Craft Room Station

Craft Room Accessories Peg Board

The ways to hang, display, and organize crafting gear on pegboard are so exciting to us, we had to highlight another inspiring example. This clever homeowner painted a piece of white wood pegboard (38”x77”) in a bright turquoise color, secured it on the wall with two ½” thick strips of pinewood, and added white molding to create a frame. In the resulting organization station, crafting essentials are held up with simple pegboard hooks. If you have multiple types of punches, scissors, and such, you might take the extra step of outlining each one on the pegboard, so you can put it back in its designated place every time.

3. Laundry Room Pegboard

Laundry Organizer with Pegboard

Pegboard serves as the perfect storage solution (and display for decor) in a renovated basement laundry room. The simple project provides more than just storage. The pegboard’s holes make it easy to mount scissors, lint removers, and other laundry-related gear in this hardworking space.

4. Art Gallery Pegboard

Pegboard Art Display
Photo: SimpleCreationsbyAE via Etsy

A large piece of pegboard is front and center in this miniature art gallery. The pegboard creates the backdrop for an attractive and flexible display of artwork, which can be updated easily on a whim.

5. Headboard Pegboard

DIY Pegboard Headboard
Photo: Ashley Rose for

A headboard made of pegboard allows for impressive flexibility. Items can be easily mounted and moved around the board as needed: Phone charging stations, clocks, reading lights, and sentimental photos would all be kept within reach on our pegboard headboard. When hanging objects above the head of the bed, however, it is important to make sure they’re securely attached (and don’t put anything too heavy up there!).

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6. DIY Hand-Painted Pegboard

Union Jack Pegboard Headboard

An oversized piece of pegboard makes a striking canvas. In this project, painter’s tape was used to create a vibrant Union Jack pattern. With baskets and lamps hung near the edges of the board, this headboard also functions as a vertical nightstand.

7. Needlepoint-Inspired Artwork

Pegboard Needlepoint

With its perforated pattern, doesn’t pegboard look like a large-scale needlepoint canvas? This creative project plays off of that idea with X’s painted between the holes to simulate an oversize “cross-stitch” rose.

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8. Kids’ Room Storage and Decor

Pegboard in kids room

Pegboard has so much promise in kids’ rooms and play spaces. Here, it functions as a stow-away space for favorite bedtime books and a night lights. Pegboard could also be put to use as an area to display Junior’s athletic medals, or even a wall-mounted DIY version of Battleship? This is one wall hanging that you won’t have to update year after year—its purpose will evolve as the child grows.

9. Bathroom Storage Pegboard

Bathroom Pegboard
Photo: Easy Chic Home

For a more modern look, elevate your bathroom’s functionality and aesthetics with a modular pegboard wall storage set like this one from Easy Chic Home. It allows you to effortlessly organize towels, toiletries, and accessories with simple hooks and shelves. If you’re going for a more traditional aesthetic, you can achieve the same storage solution with a plain pegboard as well.

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10. Photography Pegboard

Pegboard for Photography Supplies
Photo: Sean Setters for

Calling all photographers and filmmakers! Pegboard can help corral camera bodies, tripods, batteries, flashes, and other gear for a well-ordered, creative studio space. Install a good-sized piece of pegboard on a wall and customize it using hooks, shelves, and bins. This photographer left the board au naturel, but you might consider painting it black for a bold look.

11. Plant Pegboard

Plant Pegboard

Plant enthusiasts rarely pass up an opportunity to add a touch of greenery to their spaces. Here’s another way: Carefully secure a pegboard to an interior wall and attach a few hooks, shelves, and plant holders. Select a variety of plants and arrange them as you like. If you rent and cannot put holes in the walls, attach a sturdy framed pegboard to the back of a piece of furniture, as seen here.

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12. Pet Pegboard

Pet Pegboard

This pegboard wall rack pet supply organizer from Wallniture is the perfect solution for keeping Fluffy’s essentials in one place. It comes in a natural wood color with two shelves and 8 pegs that are perfect for collars, leashes, and more. Simply attach it to a wall in a convenient location and have all your supplies within easy reach.

13. Fitness Pegboard

Fitness Pegboard

Ditch the chaotic gym corner and level up your workout routine with this pegboard hack. Hang a good-sized piece of pegboard on a wall, pop in some sturdy hooks, and hang up weights, resistance bands, ropes, towels, and more. (If you’re hanging weights on the board as this blogger did, we advise screwing the pegboard into wall studs with anchors.) This homeowner added a few plants and signage to spruce up the overall look!

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14. Kitchen Pegboard

White Pegboard with Kitchen Supplies on it

Tired of rummaging for that spatula in that bottomless pit of a kitchen drawer? With a pegboard, a few hooks, and storage baskets, keep your go-to whisks, ladles, tongs, measuring spoons, and more right in front of you and easily accessible. This homeowner keeps their favorite spices within easy reach, and made extra room in the drawers by hanging the bulky colander.

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15. Garage Pegboard

Garage Pegboard

If you’re tired of your garage looking a mess, a pegboard can help! You’ll need a sturdy piece of pegboard that can hold heavier tools and equipment. Carefully mount it to the wall, attach a few hooks, and hang up those wrenches, drills, and hammers for easy access. This homeowner added a rustic wood frame to the pegboard to match her home’s exterior.