18 Totally Brilliant Bathroom Storage Hacks

Organizing the bath can be as easy as finding underutilized real estate and repurposing it into crafty compartments for all of your bath goodies. Soak up these 18 sleek storage ideas, designed for spacious and space-challenged bathrooms alike!

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Throw In the Dowel


DIYers who long for a modern twist on storage can finally find one in this thrifty yet durable shelf. On the bottom of a wooden board, attach copper hooks and flat braces, and then attach the braces to the wall. Hoist a wooden dowel onto the hooks to turn this hardworking shelf into a towel rack—no extra wall space required!

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On a Roll


This above-the-toilet crate shelf elevates tiny bathroom storage to new heights. Roll up your sleeves and hoist unused wire or wooden crates to the wall with wall anchors to keep toilet paper rolls, perfumes, and luxurious soaps high and dry!

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Magnetic Personality


Sick of your space-devoid medicine cabinet? Give yourself room to spare by creating instant storage from bargain magnetic strips adhered to the cabinet door. When covered with hair pins, trimmers, and nail clippers, these genius organizers are sure to attract order and repel clutter!

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Sucker for Style


These homemade bath holsters create an organizational oasis in the shower—no renovation required. Simply secure shampoo and soap bottles directly to bare shower walls using suction cups and hair bands already lying on the vanity.

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Libation Inspiration

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When your old wine rack grows tired of wining and dining guests in the kitchen or dining room, give it a second life in the bath as a towel rack or magazine stand. Your rejuvenated bath will never fall short of clean linens or leisurely entertainment!

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Off the Rails


Create instant order and guard against sudsy spills with this handy storage rail, comprising a curtain rod installed above the tub but within arm’s reach. To complete the look, hang S-hooks from the rod lined with towels, soap holders, and magazines for spa-side reading.

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Ramshackle Remedy


If your small bath closes the door to a traditional medicine cabinet, open another—and convert it into this floor-length open shelf repurposed from a multi-tier pantry rack. By lining the rack with clear plastic bins, and filling them with daily essentials, you’re sure to find the antidote for your storage dilemmas!

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Ropey Idea


This rustic hanging storage unit creates the illusion of shelves without occupying any wall space, and gives a small bath the illusion of height. If you’re hooked on the idea, secure rope to the ceiling with an S-hook, and then in tiers, intertwine kitchen utensil holders, wicker baskets, or plant pots to keep clutter tied up.

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Vanity Sanity


Transplant a three-tier serving tray collecting dust from the kitchen into the bath to organize a vanity in disarray. Fill the tray tiers with pampering perfumes and bath bombs, and then serve up a sumptuous feast for the eyes!

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Knot-ical Mile


If your sopping beach towels are hanging by a thread on a traditional towel hook, secure them with this DIY towel rack. Construction is simple—screw eye bolts into the wall, thread natural rope through the bolts, and tie knots at each end. Then, hang your towels out to dry and take another swim!

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Skirt the Rules


Pedestal sinks leave ample room underneath for space-smart wicker baskets or towel racks, but they do little to guard stored items from prying eyes. By adorning the rim of the sink with Velcro, and then adhering a stylish skirt, you can cloak clutter in secrecy and style!

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A Jarring Sight


From Q-tips to floss, this off-the-wall mason jar organizer keeps countertop clutter out of sight and in style. To copy the look, secure a wooden board to the wall with picture frame hangers. Affix mason jars to the board with pipe clamps, and fill them with bath essentials to start seeing the glass (jars) half full!

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Basket Case


If your toiletries need an escape from a cluttered vanity, give them a lift in these window boxes. When hung from the wall by hooks, and adorned with metallic numerals for identification, these ordinary wicker baskets are sure to elevate the atmosphere and your everyday essentials.

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Sinking Feeling


Create an inviting home for your under-the-sink cleaning companions simply by adding baskets and trays to the cabinet floor and caddies to the door. When filled with detergent and sponges, these chic compartments will make it a cinch to find what you need when you need it.

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All Smiles


Tired of wasting precious sink space for your toothbrushes, only to watch them collect grime later? Keep your toothbrushes out of germs’ way—but within arm’s reach—by stowing them in sterilized jar lids secured to the wall above the sink with Velcro.

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Baby Steps


Want to give your little ones a leg up in life? Start by giving them a boost to the sink with this fun and functional storage step stool. By leaving a hollow space in the upper step and adding a hinge to the top, you create ample room for toys, trinkets, and bath time creativity.

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High and Mighty


Adding shelf space to a cramped bath is as simple as staining a precut wooden board and securing it with L-brackets above the door. Top your homemade shelf with plastic baskets filled with loose toiletries, and they’ll be free and clear of dust when you take them down!

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Off the Rack


No room in the bath for a hair dryer? Remove a magazine holder from the bookshelf and add it to the inside of a cabinet door. Presto—you have an all-in-one storage solution for heavy-duty accessories.

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