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8 “Zero Dollar” Laundry Room Hacks

Laundry rooms serve as a drop zone in the home, collecting clothes, shoes, cleaning products, and more—which can lead to a headache-inducing mess. Turn your cluttered chaos into an organized work area with these DIY hacks that cost next to nothing.

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Clear-Cut Storage

Containers of detergent, starch, and stain remover are often bulky and can take up way too much space in the laundry room. Sub in clear glass canisters or beverage dispensers for a streamlined solution that also amps up function and style. After filling them with the essentials, consider overlaying the jars with
chalkboard labels to keep everything even better organized.

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Easy Ironing

Ironing boards can be unwieldy space-suckers in a laundry room. Forget the folding versions, and craft a tabletop option instead. Grab a spare piece of plywood or that particleboard
shelf you have lying around, remove any hardware, staple an old towel to the back, and then wrap a piece of fabric around the concoction. Keep it on the counter for an extra pop of pattern, or stash it in a spare closet or corner when it’s not in use.

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Dry-Erase DIY

Transform your dryer into a memo board with dry-erase markers. This laundry room hack is an easy way to record important notes on how to wash, what to dry, and which items need to be restocked. For a
custom typographic touch, consider adding stickers or card-stock cutouts to the lid. 

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Pocket Protector

As many parents know, there can be a horde of clothes-ruining fiends hiding out in pants pockets. Craft a clever catchall for rescued pens, spare change, and other random items using a piece of
scrap wood, a few clothespins, and a jar. Hang bills or receipts from the pins, and drop any extras into the container to ensure a stain-free spin cycle. 

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Hanger Hangout

Hangers are a must-have, but without a specified place to live, they can become a laundry room’s biggest annoyance. Mount a wall rail, towel holder, or spare curtain rod underneath your
cabinets or in a small stretch of wall to corral unruly hangers. As a bonus, this convenient spot can also serve as a space-saving drying rack.

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Organization Station

Transform your messy clothes piles into efficient, organized stacks with this dresser DIY. Simply add shelves or sliding hardware to an old
dresser or bookcase to house basic baskets. Consider labeling a basket for each family member so you (or they!) can easily transport laundry to and from their spaces, or designate hampers for whites, colors, and delicates. The options for customization are limitless!

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Out-of-the-Way Ironing Board

This wall-mount solution will keep your ironing board out of the way, but still within reach. Frame an old piece of scrap wood, and paint it a color that complements your laundry room scheme. Affix spare hooks to the front, and then secure the project to the wall using brackets. Hang your board on the hooks for the finishing, storage-smart touch.

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Clever Clothesline

Whether you want a more environmentally friendly home or are simply looking to avoid the basic drying rack, a clothesline is the perfect, portable way to hang-dry your items. Craft a no-clothespins-required line by twisting two pieces of rope together, and then tucking your shirts, scarves, and other extras through the twists.

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