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10 Laundry Room Storage Ideas That’ll Knock Your Socks Off

In the quest to stay organized, storage is king. Especially in the laundry room. Though organization and laundry rooms are a somewhat utilitarian and practical matter, there’s no reason your storage solutions can’t also enhance your decor. Simple wall-mounted shelves, cabinet units for baskets and bins, and laundry-specific accessories like fold-away ironing boards can make your washing and drying chores so much easier. Whether you choose to buy a furniture storage system, or build your own DIY solution, you will not regret taking the time to think through your storage needs and outfitting your laundry area. Take a look at some of the best laundry room storage ideas we’ve found on the web.

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Laundry Room Storage Ideas

Whether you’re dealing with a dedicated laundry room, a closet outfitted with a stacked washer and dryer, or simply the everyday challenge of finding a space where you can sort and fold clothes, you have storage options—if you know where to look. See how the following homeowners met their storage needs with smart, practical and repurposed solutions.

Triple-Duty Laundry Area

When living space is truly at a premium, look for ways to create a multipurpose area. This cozy nook serves not one, not two, but three purposes: laundry area, home office, and craft center.

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Pantry-Style Laundry

What do you do when you don’t even have room for a laundry room? Tuck your washer and dryer into a kitchen pantry, and hide it behind cabinet doors. Shelves and hooks built into the door provide storage for detergents, cleaning solutions, and even brooms and mops.

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Wash on the Walls

If you don’t have floor space for a stand-alone drying rack or traditional shelves for clothes, screw a strip (or two, in this case) of coat hooks to your laundry room wall. Then hang a clothes rack and light metal shelving to hold your laundry items.

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Dollhouse Laundry Storage

An old dollhouse is raised up on brackets to become storage for paper towels, soap, and other laundry room essentials.  

Laundry Chest Sorting Station

This isn’t a chest of drawers, it’s a nifty chest of laundry baskets! Baskets slide out on rails for sorting, and then slide back neatly when not in use. Top it off with a homemade ironing board countertop to maximize efficiency.

Teeny Tiny Laundry Closet

If you think your laundry room is small, check out this laundry closet. Tiny though it may be, it manages to accommodate a washer and dryer as well as built-in shelves that hold an assortment of laundry supplies. The homeowners also installed a flip-down ironing board behind cabinet doors—a convenience of yesteryear that’s perfect for today.

Laundry Ladder

Wondering what to do with that old wooden ladder? Give it a coat of paint in your favorite color and hang it from your ceiling to act as a drying rack, or cut it and mount it to the wall to create a drop-down drying rack.

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Laundry Sorting Center From Pallets

This space-saving laundry organization center was made from old pallets and three black laundry baskets. Chalkboard paint and paste wax provide the rich finish.

Big DIY PVC Laundry Sorting Station

Have a large family—or a certain teenager who just generates a ton of dirty clothes? Make this DIY laundry sorter out of inexpensive PVC pipe, fittings, and laundry bags.

Over-the-Door Laundry Storage

If your laundry room doesn’t have space for conventional storage shelves or racks, do what this homeowner did and pick up an inexpensive over-the-door rack from your local hardware store. Paint the back of the door with chalkboard paint, and you can leave messages, washing instructions, or not-so-subtle notes about cleaning supplies to prod reluctant helpers!

Laundry Basket Storage

It’s so convenient to have a place to put laundry baskets full of clothes before you’re ready to put them all away. This DIY version came together using little more than plywood and L-brackets. The top makes the perfect spot to do a bit of ironing, if necessary. Paint it to match the room, and it blends right in.

Wall Organizer

So many bits and pieces end up in the laundry room. Lost socks, hanging clothes ready to go into closets, and of course, the ironing board and iron. Organize them all together in an easy DIY wall unit, that also makes enough space on its shelf for a plant to brighten the room.

Lint Bin

If you don’t have enough room for a trash can in your laundry room, you have a dilemma: where to put the dryer lint? It’s not convenient to duck outside while you’re in the middle of moving clothes from washer to dryer. Mount an outdoor flyer box onto the wall, and you’ve solved your problem. Paint it to match the room, and it doubles as decor.

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Lost Sock Holder

Lost socks are a laundry room inevitability. Place a metal basket on the wall to keep lost socks in and you can reunite them as soon as their mates reappear.

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DIY Pedestal Storage

You can purchase laundry storage pedestals at an appliance store, but they seem expensive for what they are. You can build this one for $125, which is far less than even one pedestal costs to buy. Using laundry bins for the storage is ideal—you can sort directly into them, and then use them to carry folded loads out to be put away.

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