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8 DIY Storage Solutions for a Closet-less Room

Storage space ranks near the top of every homeowner's wish list. If you're lucky enough to have his-and-her closets, you're living the dream. But what are you to do if you have a room entirely without a closet? Before you go out and buy a zippered-up freestanding closet or a pricey wooden armoire, consider the case for leaving your clothes right out in the open. Living without a closet forces you to prune your wardrobe, preventing outdated or ill-fitting clothes from piling up as they tend to do when hidden behind closed doors. Plus, open storage can turn clothing into artwork. From easy-to-assemble pipe fixtures to more avant-garde designs that flex the imagination, these 8 storage solutions are so creative you'll wonder why you ever wanted a traditional closet.

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Dreamy Closet

Definitely not your standard headboard, this clever design places an open closet behind the head of the bed as the focal pop of color in a mostly white room. Re-create the look for yourself by installing closet rods between tall shelving units on either side of the bed. A shelf above the rod will unify the setup and provide even more storage space.

Mixed Materials


This funky clothes rack juxtaposes copper and concrete to create a stunning closet coup d’état. Construction involved assembling copper pipe into a U shape, encasing the ends in buckets of wet concrete, and unmolding the concrete when dry. The resulting freestanding structure is a sleek, industrial concoction that holds shirts, jackets, and accessories.

Hung Up

In this clothing storage idea, boring old hangers are retooled into an imaginative sculptural statement that appears to float in midair. Removing the hook from each wooden hanger and replacing it with twine allows the hangers to be suspended from a ceiling hook. A couple of clusters of hangers can hold a week’s worth of attire.

On a Roll

A small rolling clothes rack works well for everything from planning a week’s worth of outfits to providing extra space for coats in the winter. This one was built from pipes and then mounted onto a thick wood board using floor flanges. It can be stored anywhere; casters on the bottom make it easy to pull out when you need it.

Trapeze for Textiles

Seeming to defy gravity, this metal clothing rack hangs from the ceiling on a thin rope threaded through the U-shaped copper piping. For additional storage, assemble a two-wrung design, then use the bottom pipe for hangers and the top pipe for clothing that can be folded and draped over it.

Elegant Curves

A stripped-down DIY industrial pipe creation, this design utilizes copper pipe fittings to assemble lengths of dowel rods into a self-supporting rack. You can leave the wood unpainted or choose a bright color that will pop against the metal corners.

Fashion Lineup

Rather than sitting concealed behind closed doors, this closet rod hangs out in the open like a ballet barre. Clothes face front for an attractive display that complements the colorful artwork on the photo shelf above. The linear design takes up hardly any space, making it ideal for especially narrow rooms.

Chair Today, Gone Tomorrow

This cheeky design embraces the fact that favorite clothes are often found slung over the back of a chair. Two wooden chairs were sawed in half and attached to the wall using a French cleat, leaving plenty of room to drape items that will soon be worn again.