13 Wine Rack Ideas Perfect for Big and Small Storage Spaces

Display your favorite bottles with one of these ingenious wine rack ideas.

By Savannah Sher | Published Sep 30, 2021 6:21 PM

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wine rack ideas

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Oenophiles and casual wine drinkers alike need a place to store their wine, whether they have dozens of vintage bottles or simply keep a few on hand for their next dinner party. While there are countless wine rack models on the market that provide an easy solution, many of these products can also be easily replicated as homemade DIY projects. These wine rack ideas will inspire your next homemade creation, though many of them are also available for purchase.

1. Artistic Display

wine rack ideas wall rack

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While many wine racks involve keeping your wine out of sight, this style displays your prized bottles like works of art. This round, wall-mounted wine rack acts as a stunning visual centerpiece for a dining room or kitchen. It’s also practical because wine bottles should ideally be stored on their sides in order to prevent their corks from drying out.

2. Small Space Solution

wine rack ideas countertop

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Those living in tight quarters will appreciate the compact design of this highly rated wine rack available at Amazon, which holds four standard wine glasses as well as four bottles of wine. It’s made from a combination of wood and powder-coated iron for optimal durability. The four non-slip pads on the base of the rack prevent it from sliding out of place. Assembly is a breeze, with just four screws required to put the rack together.

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3. Retro Wall-Mount

wine rack ideas - retro wall rack

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Display your favorite bottles with this wall-mounted wine rack available at Amazon that holds seven bottles in an eye-catching staggered design. It measures 14.96 inches wide by 3.35 inches deep by 27.17 inches high and includes the necessary hardware. This style would be easy to replicate as a DIY wine rack for amateur woodworkers.

4. Wall of Wine

wine rack ideas - pegboard wall

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Have a large wine collection and looking to create a modern art-style installation? This idea for DIY wine storage involves turning an entire wall into a wine rack using wood paneling with holes crafted to perfectly fit the neck of a wine bottle. While this concept may require professional assistance, the end result is sure to be a conversation piece.

5. Modern Geometric

wine rack ideas - geometric

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This compact geometric wine rack available at Amazon fits on the counter but can also act as a cabinet insert. It features nine hexagonal storage slots with total dimensions of 15.2 by 7.7 by 7.3 inches. The top row is open and can accommodate larger or unusual-sized bottles. The rack is constructed with matte black metal featuring a scratch-resistant finish to maintain its appearance for years to come.

6. Cellar-Style Storage

wine rack ideas

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Create a wine cellar in your home by crafting a homemade wine rack like this one, which features notched wood that’s designed to fit all your precious bottles. This could definitely be created as a DIY wine rack with the right skillset and materials. If you’re considering turning a space in your basement into a cellar, make sure it can be hermetically sealed for optimal wine-preservation conditions.

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7. All-in-One Cabinet

wine rack ideas - shelf

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Combine your wine rack with a liquor cabinet with an all-in-one option like this one from Bon Augure available at Amazon. It provides a comprehensive option for all of your alcohol storage needs, with a closed cabinet for keeping wine glasses and spirits and an open area that fits ten wine bottles. The top shelf alone has a weight capacity of 330 pounds, so the surface can be used for displaying decor pieces or additional bottles as needed.

8. Beautiful Barrel-Style

wine rack ideas - barrel style

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This barrel-style wine rack from The Home Depot has a unique retro design and holds up to 18 wine bottles. It measures 24 inches tall by 23.25 inches wide by 10 inches deep and is made from fir, creating a rustic aesthetic. One of these racks can stack on top of two others—in a triangle-type arrangement—without any additional equipment. If you have a vintage barrel lying around, you might also have an opportunity to craft a version of this yourself!

9. Modern Minimalism

wine rack ideas

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Let your wine shine by displaying it on a minimalistic metal wine rack like this one from Burke Decor. It’s crafted from iron with a sharp gunmetal finish that’s neutral enough to work with a variety of decor styles. Since the rack itself is quite heavy at 37 pounds, wall anchors for secure mounting are included with each purchase.

10. Rustic Riddling Rack

wine rack ideas

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Invented by Veuve Clicquot champagne producer Madame Clicquot, riddling racks are used in the traditional process of making champagne. They are designed to tilt bottles at an angle so that yeast and sediment can gather near the opening and ultimately be removed. They also work as rustic storage for standard, finished wine bottles, and can easily be crafted as a simple DIY wine rack.

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11. Zig-Zag Rack

wine rack ideas

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This handmade wooden wine rack from Etsy features a unique zig-zag design that’s both practical and visually interesting. It’s available in several sizes that can accommodate anything from 4 to 16 bottles. Shoppers can choose from a wide range of finishes, including Dark Walnut, Golden Oak, Red Mahogany, and True Black. Beginner woodworkers can take inspiration from this design to craft a DIY wooden wine rack of their own.

12. Curated Collection

wine rack ideas large crate

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With 72 slots, this option available at Amazon is perfect for avid wine collectors with ever-expanding collections. Because these racks are stackable, you can place one on top of another using the wooden dowels that come with each purchase. The slots are designed to fit thinner Cabernet or Merlot bottles whereas wider Pinot Noir bottles may require space in between. The racks are made with sturdy pine and are easy to assemble. Choose between a black or natural finish depending on your wine cellar’s aesthetic.

13. Industrial and Ingenious

wine rack ideas - industrial

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Bring an industrial vibe to your space with this creative wine rack from Etsy. It’s crafted using vintage pipe fittings with a worn-in finish, though the creator also offers the rack in a galvanized steel or powder-coated finish. While the base model fits four bottles, the designer takes custom orders for larger versions in the same style. Alternatively, you can upcycle found pipe fittings to create a DIY wine rack of your own.