The Best Towel Warmers for a Spa-Like Bathroom

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Best Towel Warmer Options


Most folks typically let their bath towels air dry after use and then machine wash and dry them weekly. However, this might not be the healthiest practice, as bacteria can quickly breed on towels due to the moisture, warmth, and skin cells that reside on them. And the longer towels take to dry, the faster that bacteria grow. Of course, you could either wash your towels more frequently, which can be pretty inconvenient, or add a towel warmer to your bathroom.

There are three general types of towel warmers: bucket, cabinet, and rack (freestanding or wall mounted). Many models are powered by electricity, while hydronic versions heat up via hot water from your plumbing system. A towel warmer can help your bath linens dry more rapidly and keep them free of mildew and foul odors, too. Plus, there’s something incredibly posh about using a warm, fresh towel every time you step from the shower or bath. And keep in mind that a quality warmer can go beyond the bath: use a warmer in the laundry room for delicate items you’d rather not put in the dryer or in the pool house for drying wet swimsuits. You can also use it to warm robes and bedding to a cozy, comfy temperature.

If you hope to pamper yourself by adding a towel warmer, read on. You’ll discover wall-mounted and freestanding models, all considered among the best on the market, so you’re likely to find one that suits the size of your space and your preferred power source to bring a luxurious spa touch to your bathroom.

Our Top Picks

The following recommendations for the best towel warmers were selected based on design, size, setup, value, timer mechanism, heating power, and source. Whether you’re seeking a small model for a tight space, a larger unit to heat plenty of towels, or even a budget-conscious version, you may well be able to find the right choice here.

Best Overall

Best Towel Warmer

If you crave spa-level luxury at an affordable price, the HSKC Kensington Towel Warmer is an affordable and efficient towel warmer worth checking out. The eight-rail unit comes in attractive chrome and nickel finishes. It mounts to the wall (hardware is included), offering great space-saving capabilities.  It can be direct wired or used with its 7-inch power cord. This multifunctional device warms your delicates, hand washables, swimsuits, baby blankets, and bedding without the use of your dryer.

Best Compact Size

Best Towel Warmer Options: Elite Hot Towel CABI-Warmer

Enjoy spa-style luxury anywhere with this compact, lightweight, and portable Elite model. It won’t take up precious floor or wall space, making it ideal for small bathrooms. It can hold one full-size towel or as many as 24 washcloths. There’s an interior towel rack and a water drip pan.

The electric insulated cabinet gets its heat from padded elements on the internal walls, not light bulbs, as with some cabinet models. The unit won’t overheat since it uses an internal temperature control that brings it up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit, warming towels in about 20 to 30 minutes and completely drying them in about an hour and a half.

Best Design

Best Towel Warmer Options: Zadro Ultra Large Luxury Bucket-Style Towel Warmer

Fans of large, fluffy towels, take note: This extra-large insulated towel warmer can hold and heat two oversize 40-inch by 70-inch bath towels—as well as robes or blankets—for the ultimate in full-body luxury. Yet this Zadro electric unit is also lightweight and freestanding, so you can move it easily around your space to wherever is most convenient.

A built-in timer lets you know when your towels are toasty warm, and the unit automatically shuts off after being set to 15, 30, 45 or 60 minute intervals. It heats the entire towel to an optimal temperature with no cold spots. The plastic bucket warmer has natural bamboo feet and is designed to keep the extra-long power cord neatly out of sight when not in use.