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12 Ways to Hack Your Life Using Velcro

Sometimes the best things come in little packages. Take the fasteners that you may remember fondly from your childhood shoe straps. Their tiny hooks and loops were inspired by the burrs on the burdock plant that catch on everything from your clothing to your dog—and, boy, are they secure. Small but mighty, these versatile strips can hold anything in place and can be used for much more than just tightening up children's footwear. Put these Velcro Brand products to work throughout the house to simplify your day-to-day, starting with these 12 genius uses.

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Tablecloths don’t mix well with windy days. To keep yours from billowing or flying up at your next barbecue, staple Velcro Brand Sticky Fasteners to the edge or underside of your picnic table, and sew the coordinating Velcro pieces to the underside of your tablecloth so that they match up when you lay it out. Fasten the Velcro before you begin your meal, and your outdoor feast will be so much more relaxed.

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Organize Electronics

Keep your work accessories nestled in an easy-to-find spot when you travel using this laptop case conversion. Each device, charger, notebook, and pen can strap into its own snug spot when you hot-glue Velcro One-Wrap Straps along the inside of a case. Once your organizer is complete, you’ll never again have to fumble for a charger on the go.

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Art Supplies

Who needs a whole pegboard when you can organize craft supplies with Velcro? Nail some of the tape to the wall, and put a dot of Velcro on each of your crafting tools so you can hang them up between work sessions. Now you won’t have to dig around for anything!

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Changeable Art Gallery

Newer, brighter versions of the product can turn any surface into a memo board. Just attach Velcro tape to the wall in an attractive pattern, then stick clear fasteners on the back of notes or children’s artwork to hang it up. Move items around as new pieces of art come in—an art gallery that’s constantly changing will always feel fresh.

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Plant Support

Velcro Brand Plant Ties can provide quick, easy, and gentle support for staked garden plants. Make sure the soft loop side of the Velcro is facing toward the stem so the plant isn’t harmed. 

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Medicine Cabinet

A roll of adhesive Velcro could be the key to keeping your makeup brushes from getting lost in a bathroom drawer. Try this tip from The Pinning Mama—attach one strip to the inside of the medicine cabinet door while wrapping the handles of your brushes in smaller strips from the other side of the Velcro. Press in place, and your beauty supplies are sure to stay in order.

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Never Lose the Remote

Attach a couple of Velcro Brand Sticky Back Dots to your TV remotes and adhere the other side along a table’s edge, on the wall, or even on the side of the TV itself—wherever you want the remote to live. You’ll never go searching for it again! Sanity, finally.

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Dish Towels

Dish towels would look so lovely if they would stay tidily in place instead of always slipping to the floor. The blog 4 Men 1 Lady solved this kitchen dilemma by sewing two sets of Velcro squares onto the corners of a towel, so it’s clasped in position when it’s draped on a bar. Now, the towel hangs neatly right where you last left it—until you pull it off to dry another dish.

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Container Control

Simply filling up a caddy doesn’t necessarily keep your supplies organized—they can still jostle around when you lift the caddy. Next time, section it out with jars, cups, and boxes, and affix them in place using Velcro dots. Voilà! All the containers will stay in position until you’re ready to take them out individually for use.

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Spice Rack

No room for a spice rack? Not a problem when you mount a strip of Velcro Brand Sticky Back Tape to the kitchen wall. Then you just need to attach a chunk of the mating Velcro to the back of each of your spice jars and stick ’em up. They’ll be at your fingertips whenever you need them.

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Cord Keeper

Thin Velcro One-Wrap tie, which has hooks on one side and loops on the other, is all you need to declutter and corral all your computer cords. Simply wrap a strip around bundled cords and the ends of the Velcro will overlap and hold. Cut the strap to the size you need, and you’re ready to cinch up wires and cords wherever they dangle.

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Safety for Your Tchotchkes

Worry no more about the safety of your breakables on wobbly tables—just put a square of Velcro under each one to secure it to its spot on the coffee table, shelf, ledge, or whatnot. Your pretty knickknacks will be much less likely to perish in a brush-by accident.

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