15 Smart Ways to Store the Kitchen Necessities

This isn't your mother's pantry. From utilizing areas you previously ignored to installing devoted storage for individual appliances, getting the most out of your kitchen is all about packing creative solutions into every nook and cranny of available space. Browse these 15 innovative storage ideas that will help you do just that!

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Find a Place for Everything in the Kitchen


The kitchen is the heart of the home. When it’s organized, everything from meal prep to homework help goes more smoothly. As it is elsewhere in the house, adequate storage is a must. Kitchen storage solutions run the gamut from completely custom systems to a collection of DIY hacks. By implementing the right combination of kitchen storage ideas, you too can be on your way to a more peaceful meal prep and dining experience—and who doesn’t want that at the end of the day? 

Kick It Below


Don’t let any space go to waste in the kitchen. Harness that empty area beneath your base cabinets, commonly referred to as the “toe kick,” into a drawer. Unseen when pushed closed, it’s ideal for wide, flat items, such as baking sheets and roasting pans, or infrequently used items. 

Divide It Up


When not in use, necessities like cooling racks and cutting boards typically sit on the bottom of a cabinet or worse yet, take up valuable real estate on your countertops. A cabinet outfitted with vertical dividers stores such items more efficiently while allowing you to access them more easily. They’re also ideal for storing chargers, oblong platters, and serving trays.  

Slim Pickings


Bigger isn’t always better. Thin cabinets can serve as the perfect place to stash spices and other small pantry items. For optimal convenience, consider adding one next to the oven or range.

Jam-Packed Drawers


Things like kitchen chopsticks and measuring cups tend to live in a jumble. Maximize the space inside your drawers with a stacked organizer. Sort your silverware, cooking utensils, and other supplies into the separate compartments, so you can easily find them while preparing your next meal. 

Clear Counter Clutter


Finding a spot for all the kitchen necessities helps free up precious countertop space. Case in point: a paper towel holder. Instead of having them hanging around the counter (where it topples over or gets wet from spills) keep them below in a designated built-in cubby. 

Hook It Up


A limit does exist for how many more cabinets and drawers you can add to the kitchen, but that doesn’t mean you have to cram everything inside those spaces. Install a bar under your cabinets and use S hooks to hang big utensils, towels, mugs, and more. You can even attach storage bins to the bar for more organization.

Site Specific


A true baker loves a good stand mixer, but it’s a cumbersome appliance to drag out for each use. A base cabinet devoted specifically to mixer storage is a smart solution, especially as hefty hardware does the heavy lifting for you. All you need to worry about is adding the right ingredients!

Fresh Keepings


Stock ingredients like onions and potatoes require specific storage conditions; they do well in dark areas but still need air circulation. A cabinet outfitted with removable baskets delivers bespoke storage for keeping staples fresh.

Let It Sink In


If you thought putting the toe kick to good use was clever, you’ll love this tilt-out sink drawer. Designed to store and hide sponges, gloves, scrub brushes and other cleaning supplies, the drawer takes advantage of dead space between thee sink’s outer wall and the cabinet’s exterior.  

Easy Access


Your microwave doesn’t need a prominent spot on the counter. Store it on an open shelf where you still have easy access to it without it clogging up space above. 

Knives Out


Rather than fumbling through the drawers to find your sharpest knives keep them in close proximity to where the cooking action is happening. A magnetic strip along your backsplash provides a safe and convenient place for them. 

Wine and Dine


Carve out a corner in your kitchen for your wine collection (even if it’s just Two Buck Chuck). A wine glass rack frees up space inside the cabinet for other goods and supplies, while the bottle cabinet maximizes the space to fit more reds and whites.  

Store Behind the Door


Capitalize on storage space behind the pantry door. A wall rack or pocket shoe bag becomes a catchall for snacks, cake-decorating tools, cookie cutters, and many other necessities.

Rack It Up


Does it ever feel like it’s an endless cycle of doing dishes and leaving them out to dry? Whether you use a drying mat, rack, or sink roll-up, it leaves you short on working space. This smart solution is the perfect spot to place clean dishes right after washing them; they can drip dry directly into the sink and it doesn’t take up needed space. 

Fancy Feast


Despite attempts to hide them away, pet dishes always seem to linger in plain sight. No more! When meal time is over, you can slide the pull-out drawer, like this one from Room for Tuesday, back into the wall, completely concealing Fido’s dining area.

Smart Storage


Keep your kitchen organized with these innovative storage ideas.