The Best Dish Soap Dispensers for the Kitchen Sink

From sleek modern picks to rustic charm, find the best dish soap dispenser from the categories on this list.

By Jenn Ryan | Updated Dec 31, 2020 4:33 PM

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The Best Dish Soap Dispenser Options


Having a high-quality dish soap dispenser can make it easier to wash dishes and make your sink area look neater. When you’re looking for the best dish soap dispenser, it’s important to find a product that’s both easy to use and will hold up well over time. The best dish soap dispenser for you will also depend on your design and use preferences, such as whether you like a sleek, modern stainless steel look or want something a bit more rustic for your kitchen sink.

These soap dispensers allow you to refill them with the soap of your choice, so you won’t have a plastic bottle sitting on the sink that doesn’t blend in with your decor. Refillable soap bottles also help minimize your impact on the environment, as you won’t need to continuously buy disposable plastic soap dispensers and can instead purchase one large refill bottle. Whether you’re looking for budget-friendly dish soap dispensers or you’re ready to splurge on an automatic dish soap dispenser, the top picks make it easy to pick the best dish soap dispenser for your needs.

Our Top Picks

Refill your dispenser and forget the plastic bottle: These dish soap dispensers have user-friendly designs across a broad range of categories. From compact designs to dual dispensers, the top picks will help you find the best dish soap dispenser for your kitchen sink.

Best Overall

The Best Dish Soap Dispenser Option: OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Soap Dispenser

The exterior of this stainless steel soap dispenser has a clear area at the bottom that lets you see when the soap is low enough for a refill. Holding 12 ounces of dish soap, this soap dispenser is easy to refill with a twist-off top, and the push button has a soft, rubberlike texture not just for comfort but so it’s easy to use even when your hands are wet.

Offering easy-to-dispense soap with one hand, this stainless steel container won’t show fingerprints and has a nonslip base so it’s not at risk of falling into your sink. The base is also a little heavier so that it won’t tip over when you’re pushing down to dispense soap.

Overall, this product gets the distinction of being the best overall dish soap dispenser because of its versatile design, user-friendly features, and affordability.

Best Bang for the Buck

The Best Dish Soap Dispenser Option: JASAI 18 oz Clear Glass Soap Dispenser

If you’re looking for an elegant but affordable soap dispenser, this glass 18-ounce option from JASAI is hard to beat. It doesn’t work only with dish soap but also hand soap or lotion and comes with a blank wooden tag so you can label your dispenser if you wish.

The dispenser itself is glass while the pump is stainless steel to resist rust and corrosion. The clear glass lets you see how much soap is inside, but if you’re concerned about the color of your dish soap showing, this isn’t the dispenser for you.

The larger size makes it ideal for storing a larger amount of soap than other dispensers, but its glass construction warrants caution, especially if your sink is made of a particularly hard material, such as cast iron. The attractive vertical ridges in the glass offer an elegant and vintage flair, but this soap dispenser will complement a variety of kitchen styles.

Best Automatic

The Best Dish Soap Dispenser Option: simplehuman 9 oz. Touch-Free Rechargeable Dispenser

The simplehuman soap dispenser is a functional and stylish product that is completely touchless, so you won’t have to worry about bacteria or viruses being transmitted between users. It provides a 9-ounce capacity for dish soap, hand soap, and other liquid products, like hand lotion or hand sanitizer.

Just lift the top and pour the soap in to refill the dispenser in minutes. A unique feature of this soap dispenser is a built-in soap volume control system that allows you to determine how much soap is released when the sensor is triggered. A clog-free tubing pipe allows for precise and consistent soap flow, and a flexible silicone valve closes immediately after dispensing soap to prevent messy drips.

The dispenser is powered by a rechargeable battery that charges with the included charging cable. Once charged, the soap dispenser can remain unplugged for up to 3 months of power on a full battery charge.

Best Character

The Best Dish Soap Dispenser Option: Jarmazing Products Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

For those who love the rustic look of a mason jar, this soap dispenser includes a genuine Ball 16-ounce mason jar with a black stainless steel soap-dispensing top.

One drawback to this container is that it is glass, so use caution if you have an unforgiving sink material such as ceramic or cast iron. However, the clear glass allows you to see the soap for refills, while the black top goes with a variety of kitchen styles, from farmhouse to industrial. The larger size means you won’t have to refill it as often as smaller dispensers. It has a rubber gasket in the top to prevent leaks, and the entire unit is easy to clean.

Sturdy, affordable, and versatile, this is a great choice when you’re looking for some character in your kitchen.

Best Mini

The Best Dish Soap Dispenser Option: simplehuman Square Push Pump

When you need a smaller dish soap dispenser, whether because you have a tiny house or just need to conserve space around the sink, simplehuman’s Square Push Pump is just over 3 inches wide and 7 inches high yet holds 15 ounces of soap.

It’s easy to operate with one hand: if you want a little soap, press lightly, or fully press the handle down for more soap. It’s made out of clear plastic with a chrome top for a modern touch. It also has a wide mouth, which makes it easy to refill.

Although more expensive than some other soap dispensers, its minimalistic design makes it great for many spaces.

Best Dual Dispenser

The Best Dish Soap Dispenser Option: Casabella Sink Sider Duo

If you use two different dish soaps or like to have hand and dish soap stored together at the sink, Casabella’s Sink Sider Duo makes it easy and stylish to store two soaps neatly by the kitchen sink. It even has a small caddy in the back that can hold a sponge and scrub brush for your dishes. The dispenser on each is also easy to use with one hand.

The dispensers are two different sizes, with the larger dispenser holding nearly 15 ounces of dish soap while the smaller one holds 11 ounces. The entire caddy comes in your choice of white or black. Easy to refill and clean, this dual dispenser set offers convenient sponge storage with the option for two different soaps in an attractive caddy.

Best with Sponge Holder

The Best Dish Soap Dispenser Option: Aeakey Soap Dispenser

This innovative design allows you to store your sponge right on top of your dish soap dispenser. Holding 13 ounces of dish soap and coming with a sponge, Aeakey’s Soap Dispenser comes at an attractive price and is available in your choice of gray, silver, or white. It also works with virtually any sponge, so you can use smaller sponges or even a dishcloth if you prefer.

With this soap dispenser, you use the sponge to press down to extract the dish soap from the container and into the sponge. It’s easy to use with one hand and made with clear plastic so you can easily see when the dispenser needs to be filled. This soap dispenser also comes with a nonslip bottom for extra security. When you’re finished with the dishes, you can simply leave the sponge on the dispenser and it will dry out overnight.