The Best Dish Soap Dispensers for Any Kitchen Sink

From sleek modern picks to rustic charm, find the best dish soap dispenser from the categories on this list.

By Jenn Ryan | Updated Nov 6, 2023 11:50 AM

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The Best Dish Soap Dispenser Options


A high-quality dish soap dispenser can make it easier to wash dishes and keep the kitchen sink area looking tidy. When shopping for the best dish soap dispenser, it’s important to find a product that’s both easy to use and will hold up well over time. The best dish soap dispenser for you will also depend on your preferences and personal style, choosing, for example, a sleek stainless steel model for a modern kitchen or something a bit rustic to suit country or cottage design.

The soap dispensers that made our lineup can easily be filled with liquid soap, so there’s no unattractive plastic bottle sitting on the sink.  Refillable soap dispensers are also a more eco-friendly choice since folks can buy large refill bottles, which translates as less plastic waste. Whether you’re looking for a budget-conscious product or ready to splurge on an automatic model, it’s a good bet that you’ll find the best soap dispenser for your needs among our top picks. Plus, with our expert advice and shopping tips, finding the best dish soap dispenser ought to be a breeze.

  1. BEST OVERALL: OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Soap Dispenser
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Jasai 18-Ounce Clear Glass Soap Dispenser
  3. BEST AUTOMATIC: Simplehuman 9-Ounce Rechargeable Sensor Pump
  4. BEST DESIGN: Jarmazing Products Farmhouse Mason Jar Soap Dispenser
  5. BEST MINI: Simplehuman Square Push Pump Soap Dispenser
  6. BEST DUAL DISPENSER: Casabella Sink Sider Duo With Sponge
  7. BEST WITH SPONGE HOLDER: Aeakey Soap Dispenser and Sponge Holder
  8. BEST WALL-MOUNTED: Secura 17-Ounce Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser
  9. BEST FOR FOAM SOAP: iDesign Clear/Bronze Foaming Soap Pump
  10. BEST SET: Momeemo White Soap Dispenser Set
A person wearing green dish gloves and using a small brush to wash a plate in a ktichen sink with the best dish soap dispenser option in the background.


How We Chose the Best Dish Soap Dispensers

There are thousands of dish soap dispensers available, and we looked at well over 100 when putting together this lineup. Since these items sit in a prominent spot, it’s important that they are aesthetically pleasing. We chose a wide variety of sizes, designs, and colors to offer something for all kitchen decors. Our picks are simple to use and refill, as well as easy to keep clean. For versatility, many of the models chosen can dispense other liquid products, such as skin lotion, hand soap, and sanitizer. Price is always a consideration, and there are dish soap dispensers here for all budgets.

Our Top Picks

These dish soap dispensers have user-friendly designs across a broad range of categories. From compact models to dual dispensers, our top picks will help shoppers find the best dish soap dispenser for their kitchen sink.

Best Overall

The OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Soap Dispenser on a white background.

This stainless steel soap dispenser has a clear area at the bottom that lets users see when the soap is low enough for a refill. Holding 12 ounces of dish soap, this soap dispenser is easy to refill with a twist-off top, and the push button has a soft, comfortable, rubberlike texture that’s easy to use with wet hands.

The stainless steel container won’t show fingerprints, and it boasts a nonslip base, so it’s not at risk of falling into the sink. The base is also heavy enough to resist tipping over when pushing down to dispense soap. Overall, this OXO model earned the distinction of Best Overall dish soap dispenser because of its versatile design, user-friendly features, and affordability.

Product Specs

  • Type: Hand pump
  • Capacity: 12 ounces
  • Finishes: Clear plastic with stainless steel wrap and gray pump head


  • Sleek, fingerprint-resistant stainless steel finish matches well with many kitchen decor styles
  • Soft-touch pump for maximum comfort with wet hands; easy to twist off for refilling
  • Nonslip base means dispenser stays put during use, and durable construction resists knocks


  • 12-ounce capacity might not suit busy kitchens or large families

Get the OXO dish soap dispenser at Amazon or Walmart.

Best Bang for the Buck

The Jasai 18-Ounce Clear Glass Soap Dispenser on a white background next to a small cluster of flowers.

Those looking for an elegant yet affordable soap dispenser may find this glass option from Jasai hard to beat. The dispenser features a stainless steel pump to resist rust and corrosion. The clear glass shows how much soap is inside, and it comes with a blank wooden tag so users can label the contents of the dispenser if they wish.

The ample 18-ounce capacity holds a larger amount of soap than some other dispensers, which is great for busy kitchens and/or large households. Vertical ridges in the glass offer attractive vintage flair to complement a variety of kitchen styles. But the glass construction does warrant caution—glass is fragile, after all, so the dispenser shouldn’t be banged around on a hard kitchen sink.

Product Specs

  • Type: Hand pump
  • Capacity: 18 ounces
  • Finishes: Clear glass and stainless steel


  • Attractive glass dispenser with stainless steel pump at a very competitive price
  • Features long reach spout and blank wooden tag for labeling dispenser contents
  • Clear body allows use of soap color to suit other decorative elements


  • There are occasional reports of faulty pump mechanisms and flaws in the glass

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Best Automatic

The Simplehuman 9-Ounce Rechargeable Sensor Pump on a white background.

This functional and stylish Simplehuman soap dispenser is completely touchless, so users need never worry about the transmission of bacteria or viruses between household members. It has a 9-ounce capacity and is easy to refill. A unique feature of this soap dispenser is a built-in soap volume control system that lets users determine how much soap is released when the sensor is triggered. A clog-free tubing pipe allows for precise and consistent soap flow, and a flexible silicone valve closes immediately after dispensing soap to prevent messy drips.

The dispenser is powered by a rechargeable battery, and it comes with a charging cable. Once fully charged, the soap dispenser can function for 3 months.

Product Specs

  • Type: Automatic
  • Capacity: 9 ounces
  • Finishes: Brushed or polished stainless steel, brass, matte black, rose gold, white


  • Hygienic touch-free model with lithium battery that runs up to 3 months between charges
  • Unique built-in volume control sensor allows choice of soap quantity delivered
  • Durable high-grade stainless steel body with long-life drip-proof silicon valve


  • Comparatively high price tag and relatively small capacity compared to other models

Get the Simplehuman sensor dish soap dispenser at Amazon, The Home Depot (limited finishes), or Best Buy (limited finishes).

Best Design

The Jarmazing Products Farmhouse Mason Jar Soap Dispenser on a white background with its product tag still attached.

For those who appreciate a rustic look, this soap dispenser uses a genuine Ball 16-ounce mason jar with a black stainless steel soap-dispensing top. The clear glass lets users see the soap for refills, while the ample capacity means it won’t require as frequent refilling as smaller models.

It features a rubber gasket in the top to prevent leaks, and the entire unit is easy to clean. Sturdy, affordable, and versatile, it’s a solid choice that complements a variety of kitchen styles, from farmhouse to industrial. However, glass is fragile, so use caution around unforgiving sink material such as ceramic or cast iron.

Product Specs

  • Type: Hand pump
  • Capacity: 16 ounces
  • Finishes: Clear glass with stainless steel pump in black, brass, copper, or oil rubbed bronze


  • Charming rustic farmhouse design featuring a genuine Ball mason jar
  • High-quality, corrosion-resistant stainless steel pump offers longevity and reliability
  • Classic twist-off screw cap has extra-thick, leakproof, Food and Drug Administration–approved silicone gasket


  • Complaints are very rare, though pump failures have occasionally been reported

Get the Jarmazing Products dish soap dispenser at Amazon or Wayfair (twin pack).

Best Mini

The Simplehuman Square Push Pump Soap Dispenser partially filled with lavender-colored soap.

When space is tight around the sink, a smaller dish soap dispenser like this one from Simplehuman is ideal. It’s just over 3 inches wide and 7 inches high yet holds an ample 15 ounces of soap.

This mini model is easy to operate with one hand: Press lightly for a little soap or depress the handle down fully for more soap. It’s made out of clear plastic with a chrome top for a modern touch. It also has a wide mouth, which makes it easy to refill.

Product Specs

  • Type: Hand pump
  • Capacity: 15 ounces
  • Finishes: Clear plastic with brushed nickel top


  • Compact size yet boasts a deceptively large 15-ounce capacity
  • Touch-sensitive pump increases soap delivery depending on the pressure applied
  • Brushed nickel lid and spout has fingerprint- and germ-resistant silver ion coating


  • It’s rather expensive for plastic, and durability can sometimes be an issue

Get the Simplehuman dish soap dispenser at Amazon or Walmart.

Best Dual Dispenser

The Casabella Sink Sider Duo With Sponge on a white background.

Those who like using two different types of soap or enjoy having hand lotion as well as dish soap stored together at the sink may want to check out the Casabella Sink Sider Duo. This model makes it easy and stylish to store two liquid products neatly by the kitchen sink. It even has a small caddy in the back that can hold a sponge and/or scrub brush.

Each dispenser boasts simple one-handed operation. The larger dispenser holds 14.5 ounces, while the smaller one holds 11 ounces. Easy to refill and clean, this dual dispenser set offers convenient sponge storage with the option for two different soaps in an attractive caddy.

Product Specs

  • Type: Hand pump
  • Capacity: 14.5 ounces and 11 ounces
  • Finishes: Clear, black, and “chrome-plated” plastic


  • Pairs dish soap with hand soap or skin lotion, plus space for sponge and brush
  • Caddy supports dispensers for tip-free, one-handed operation yet offers easy removal for cleaning
  • Large pump levers provide effortless operation, and lift tab allows fast refilling


  • Although very affordable, it is all plastic, so not as strong as some consumers expected

Get the Casabella dish soap dispenser at Amazon or Walmart.

Best with Sponge Holder

The Aeakey Soap Dispenser and Sponge Holder on a white background, partially filled with blue soap and holding a sponge.

This compact, innovatively designed soap dispenser has a spot for the dish sponge right on top. To use, simply press down upon the top to deliver soap directly onto the included sponge (or the user’s own sponge or dishcloth). When dishes are done, the sponge will dry out in its place until it’s time for the next round of cleanup.

Holding 13 ounces of dish soap, this soap dispenser is remarkably easy to use with one hand. It’s made with clear plastic so users can see when it needs to be filled. A nonslip bottom adds extra security to what otherwise might be a slippery kitchen chore.

Product Specs

  • Type: Hand pump
  • Capacity: 13 ounces
  • Finishes: Clear plastic with gray, silver, or white sponge tray


  • Perfect for those who prefer to apply dish soap directly to the sponge
  • Clear plastic with a choice of gray, silver, or white sponge tray; budget-friendly price
  • Can hold any suitably sized sponge or scourer (yellow sponge included)


  • Although much feedback is positive, jammed or failed mechanisms suggest quality control is inconsistent

Get the Aeakey dish soap dispenser at Amazon.

Best Wall-Mounted

A person holding their hand open under the Secura 17-Ounce Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser while it dispenses soap.

When kitchen worktop space is at a premium, a wall-mounted dish soap dispenser can be a smart solution. This Secura model requires just a single screw to mount so it can be fixed to just about any handy wall or cabinet. It can also function freestanding, if preferred.

Convenience isn’t just limited to positioning. The Secura is also an automatic soap dispenser offering more hygienic hands-free operation. Capacity is a plentiful 17 ounces, and an easy-to-use adjuster wheel varies the amount of soap delivered. The Secura is as attractive as it is functional, and when the price is also taken into account, it’s no surprise that this wall-mounted dish soap dispenser is very popular.

Product Specs

  • Type: Automatic
  • Capacity: 17 ounces
  • Finishes: Clear plastic body with black and chrome stand


  • Easy to mount on wall or cabinet, or can be left freestanding
  • Sensor provides touch-free dispensing for hygienic use, which is important in a busy kitchen
  • Simple dial to adjust dispensing volume, and on/off switch to prevent accidental spills


  • There have been a few reports of sensor failures and problems with adjustment

Get the Secura dish soap dispenser at Amazon.

Best For Foam Soap

The iDesign Clear/Bronze Foaming Soap Pump on a white background and filled with blue soap.

Foam soap is becoming increasingly popular both for its texture and its lower cost. However, many dish soap dispensers have a simple nozzle that won’t work with a foam product—which is where this iDesign model comes in.

In addition to easily dispensing foam soap, its 14-ounce capacity is ample—yet the design isn’t overly bulky. The dispenser is made of clear plastic to show how much soap is in the unit, while the pump head comes in a variety of finishes to suit a host of decor styles.

Product Specs

  • Type: Hand pump
  • Capacity: 14 ounces
  • Finishes: Clear plastic with pump head in bronze, chrome, brushed nickel, matte black, or slate


  • A low-cost, easy-to-use solution for the delivery of foaming soaps
  • Has a wide, sturdy base and a strong plastic body designed to survive busy kitchens
  • Pump head comes in a variety of accent colors to match different decorative styles


  • A few buyers thought it required more effort than necessary, and some mechanisms have failed

Get the iDesign dish soap dispenser at Amazon or Walmart (pump head choice may be limited).

Best Set

The Momeemo White Soap Dispenser Set on a white background.

People looking for a set that can hold dish soap plus another product, such as hand soap or lotion, may go for this attractive pair from Momeemo. The set is made of glass with either a black or white coating, plus bamboo accents, all on a bamboo tray. Each is inscribed either Hands, Dishes, Soap, or Lotion so users will know exactly what they’re getting when they pump. The dispensers can be bought as a matching set or one of each color.

Capacity is an ample 16 ounces each, which is ideal for less frequent refilling. The high-volume pump means one press will do the trick. The mechanism is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, which should provide long, trouble-free performance. However, because the glass is coated and not clear, it is not obvious when the dispensers require refilling.

Product Specs

  • Type: Hand pump
  • Capacity: 16 ounces each
  • Finishes: Glass body in white, black, or a combination with bamboo accents and tray


  • Elegant pair of glass dispensers with attractive bamboo pump accents and tray
  • Choice of lettering in hand-drawn style: Hands and Dishes or Soap and Lotion
  • High-capacity pump with lock and long-life stainless steel mechanism


  • Complaints aren’t common, though some buyers found that the lettering wore off and the pumps could fail

Get the Momeemo dish soap dispenser set at Amazon.

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What to Consider When Choosing a Dish Soap Dispenser

Ease of use, durability, capacity, and aesthetics are among the most important considerations when choosing a dish soap dispenser for the kitchen. Many dish soap dispensers are fairly neutral in design so they will suit a wide variety of decors. Read on to learn the factors and features to look for.


Dish soap dispensers can be divided into two main types: manual pump or automatic. Manual pumps are most common and usually more affordable. They are generally straightforward and perfectly reliable, although the mechanism on budget models may fail after a while. The size of the pump head can vary dramatically, and comfort may be an issue for some people. The head of the OXO Good Grips model that we chose as our top pick is an example of one that’s kinder on the palm.

For a little extra luxury and hygiene, there are automatic dish soap dispensers that detect a hand, pan, or sponge and dispense when an item is placed under the spout. The important thing to check here is whether they are battery-operated or need to be plugged in, as the latter may not be convenient for all kitchens.


Plastic is a common choice for low-cost dish soap dispensers, and while many are clear, there are also color choices. Unfortunately, some plastic models do have a budget appearance, and may scratch or dull over time. Plastic “chrome” and other metallic finishes have been known to flake. However, these materials will take the knocks and bumps they are often subject to in busy kitchens, especially when there are kids around.

Ceramic, glass, and stainless steel are often popular for a more stylish or high-end look, but ceramics and glass are more fragile. Stainless steel is notorious for showing fingerprints, though fingerprint-resistant coatings are sometimes applied. The stainless steel in some dish soap dispensers may be a shell that’s wrapped around a glass or plastic core, so that’s something else to check.

Capacity and Footprint

Capacity and footprint can both vary considerably. While a large dish soap dispenser has the obvious advantage of needing to be refilled less often, it can look bulky and hog space. Models we looked at ranged from 9 to 18 ounces, meaning there’s something for pretty much all tastes. Still, differences in height and width make it worth spending a few minutes to think about where the dispenser will sit by the sink before making a decision.

One way to overcome this problem is to choose a wall-mounted dish soap dispenser (or perhaps mount it on a convenient cabinet). The Secura model in our lineup is one of several models that gives buyers greater choice as it can be freestanding or wall-mounted.

Other Features

Those who prefer foaming dish soap will want to ensure whether a potential dispenser is suitable. Some can take either standard or foaming soap, and many foam soap dispensers will also take liquid soap, but many are liquid soap only.

Those who like to add soap directly to the sponge may want to choose one of the specific dispensers designed for this, like the Aeakey model we feature. It can also be convenient to have a dish soap dispenser that incorporates a small tray or caddy for sponge, scourer, or brush.

Another popular choice is a combination set of two dispensers, one for dish soap and another for hand lotion, for a little self-pampering after finishing with the dishes.

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