The Best Vacuum Sealers, Vetted

Prevent freezer burn, make food last longer, and reduce waste by investing in the best vacuum sealer.

Best Overall

The Best Vacuum Sealer Option: FoodSaver V4400 2-in-1 Vacuum Sealer

FoodSaver 2-in-1 Vacuum Sealer

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The Best Vacuum Sealer Option: Hamilton Beach NutriFresh Vacuum Sealer

Hamilton Beach NutriFresh Vacuum Sealer

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Best Bang for the Buck

The Best Vacuum Sealer Option: NutriChef PKVS Sealer Vacuum Sealing System

NutriChef Vacuum Sealing System

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A vacuum sealer removes most of the air from food packaging to extend the food’s shelf life while preventing freezer burn. According to manufacturers, when vacuum-sealed, food lasts five times longer than it would with traditional storage methods. Home cooks who buy in bulk, hunt, or use a sous vide device can benefit from adding a vacuum sealer to their kitchen equipment. A vacuum sealer also comes in handy when storing seasonal produce from the garden or farmers market to use over the winter.

Vacuum sealers have additional uses beyond the obvious long-term freezer storage. Most vacuum sealers have a regular seal function that allows users to reseal any bag of chips, crackers, and more, saving them from becoming stale or infested with insects. Handheld vacuum sealers also allow users to flavor fish or meats in specially designed bags or containers with marinades or rubs within 15 minutes. They enable storage of hard cheeses and replug bottles of wine. And some commercial sealers even allow users to can or jar items such as salsa or jam.

Given the numerous options and settings, we tested these vacuum sealers using all their functions and possibilities, storing everything from chips to cheese. We quick-marinated fish and vacuum-sealed dry-rubbed chops for the long term. We blanched and sealed fresh vegetables and recorked wine. We even vacuum-sealed difficult, prickly items like shell-on prawns to see how the plastic would hold up, and we made some pickles for jarring.

Choosing a vacuum sealer might seem like a simple decision, but a number of considerations affect the choice. Before making a purchase, learn about some of the most important features to look for when shopping for a vacuum sealer, and read our hands-on reviews of some of the best options on the market.

  1. BEST OVERALL: FoodSaver 2-in-1 Vacuum Sealer
  2. RUNNER-UP: Hamilton Beach NutriFresh Vacuum Sealer
  3. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: NutriChef Vacuum Sealing System
  4. BEST CHAMBER: Avid Armor Chamber Vacuum Sealer
  5. BEST FOR STARTING OUT: Nesco Food Vacuum Sealer Starter Kit
  6. BEST PROFESSIONAL: Weston Pro 2300 Commercial Grade Vacuum Sealer
  7. BEST COMPACT: Geryon Food Vacuum Sealer
  8. BEST CORDLESS: VMSTR Rechargeable Vacuum Sealer
  9. BEST FOR SOUS VIDE: Anova Culinary Precision Vacuum Sealer
  10. ALSO CONSIDER: Mueller Vacuum Sealer Machine
The Best Vacuum Sealer Options
Photo: Jen Karetnick

How We Tested the Best Vacuum Sealers

We tested each vacuum sealer rigorously with a number of products: moist and oddly shaped proteins such as shell-on prawns and bone-in chops; delicate items such as crackers and granola; fine, dry powders like sugar and flour; liquids and sauces; and sous vide portions that contain both solids and liquids. We also marinated fish, made pickles, resealed cheeses, protected fragile fruits like avocados and bananas, preserved half-empty bottles of wine, and stored leftovers.

Throughout, we asked ourselves how easy the machines were to use, how quickly they vacuumed and sealed, and how strong the seals were. We also extended our tests to see if the seals lasted in the refrigerator and/or freezer, how well the bags kept items from browning or getting freezer burn, and how well the seals prevented leaks. We also looked at how easy the machines were to move, clean, and store. Finally, we asked ourselves how likely we were to use them again. For all of these questions, we assigned scores of 0 to 4, with 4 being the highest.

Our Top Picks

These recommendations for the best vacuum sealers were selected because of their quality construction, suction power, ease of use, and other helpful features. Whether looking for an external sealer, a container sealer, or a portable option, there’s sure to be a good solution here.

Best Overall

FoodSaver 2-in-1 Vacuum Sealer

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The FoodSaver V4400 is a versatile two-in-one device. The retractable handheld sealer eliminates the need for attachments and can be used to seal zipper bags, canisters, and other containers. It features settings for dry and moist foods as well as automatic moisture detection, which switches the settings to achieve the tightest seal. With automatic bag detection and sealing, the machine does most of the work.

The complete kit includes a 10-foot-by-11-inch vacuum-seal roll, three 1-quart vacuum-seal bags, two 1-gallon vacuum-seal bags, three 1-quart vacuum-zipper bags, and two 1-gallon zipper bags. Built-in roll storage and a bag cutter allow the creation of custom-size bags, while a dishwasher-safe removable drip tray makes cleanup a breeze.

In testing, however, we didn’t find the process to be entirely intuitive, especially when making custom bags and getting the best seal on both sides. It takes some experimentation to figure out where to place the bags for the machine to grip and seal them properly, and it didn’t always do so in our tests. Fortunately, directions inside the lid helped with our frustration.

The handheld device is easier to use on the premade vacuum-seal bags; it sucks the air out of the bags within seconds. Another attachment also seals jars, which is great for pickles, salsas, jams, and more.

Product Specs

  • Difficulty level: Intermediate
  • Product dimensions: 20 inches long by 12 inches wide by 11 inches high
  • Speed: Moderate


  • Vacuum-hose and mason-jar attachments included for ease of use
  • Removable drip tray is convenient and easy to clean
  • Double-seal option helps prevent accidental leakage


  • Seals can occasionally fail; can lead to food and plastic waste
  • Relatively bulky compared to other models; takes up a lot of kitchen space

Get the FoodSaver vacuum sealer at Amazon or Food Saver.


Hamilton Beach NutriFresh Vacuum Sealer

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The Hamilton Beach NutriFresh Vacuum Sealer is a simple-to-use device with five settings that expand its basic functionality. The extended seal mode, for instance, is for moist foods, while the pulse button and adjustable high/low levels provide additional control. In testing, we found that the top must be held down until it clicks, and pressure must be maintained during the sealing process or a true vacuum won’t result. The words “press down during operation” are printed on the machine as a reminder.

The purchase includes two 11-inch-by-20-foot plastic bag rolls, four gallon bags, and six quart bags. Roll storage and a bag cutter are built in, and we found it easy to make bags—the best way to seal oddly shaped items like veal chop or the heel of a loaf of bread. To do so, pull the roll down to the length required, slide across the cutter, and seal one end. Then add food and vacuum seal on the appropriate setting.

Product Specs

  • Difficulty level: Intermediate
  • Product dimensions: 16.9 inches long by 10.2 inches wide by 5.7 inches high
  • Speed: Moderate


  • Bags easy to make and seal; great for speedy regular use
  • Low-level and pulse-vacuum options enable sealing of delicate items
  • Bags needn’t be perfectly aligned to seal
  • Roll storage and a bag cutter built into the construction


  • Does not provide 1-handed operation
  • Operation a bit slow; machine must rest after doing several bags in a row

Get the Hamilton Beach vacuum sealer at AmazonThe Home Depot, Wayfair, Best Buy, or Hamilton Beach.

Best Bang for the Buck

NutriChef Vacuum Sealing System

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The NutriChef Vacuum Sealer is half the price of many popular competitors yet includes a number of features that make it both effective and easy to use. Automatic operation has a one-touch design, and users can choose between dry-sealing and the moist-sealing modes.

The kit includes an air suction hose, a wine stopper cork, five 7.8-inch-by-11.8-inch vacuum bags, and one vacuum bag roll measuring 7.8 inches by 79 inches. We were impressed with its performance preserving half-empty bottles of wine as well as sealing moist items such as scallops and shrimp for both freezing and sous vide use. However, in tests we found that edges must be lined up exactly to create a successful vacuum seal, and that moisture near the seal could result in failure.

Both premade bags and user-made bags are waterproof, so they can be washed and reused. We appreciated this since it not only cuts down on food waste by extending the shelf life, but it also limits single-use plastic waste.

Product Specs

  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Product dimensions: 14.18 inches long by 6.07 inches wide by 3 inches high
  • Speed: Moderate


  • Versatile option includes air suction hose and wine stopper cork
  • Slim and compact design is easy to store
  • Bags are waterproof and reusable; more environmentally friendly


  • Edges must be lined up exactly; time-consuming when sealing multiple items
  • Cleanup can be challenging
  • Any wetness near the seal may cause a fail

Get the NutriChef vacuum sealer at Amazon or NutriChef.

Best Chamber

Avid Armor Chamber Vacuum Sealer

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While a chamber-style vacuum sealer may not be a necessity in most households, it comes in handy for canning (with an accessory hose) and vacuum-sealing large quantities of food at once. Chamber-style machines allow users to vacuum-seal liquids and liquid-based dishes without prefreezing them. This model from Avid Armor customizes the process with an adjustable vacuum-time function and an adjustable seal-time function to ensure each bag is sealed correctly based on its size and contents. A double-seal wire creates two seals on every pouch.

Chamber vacuum sealers operate not by sucking air out of the bag but by removing air from the chamber, and in our test this model performed well and proved flexible. It enabled us to seal delicate items—from rice to leftover bread to granola—without crushing them. Bakers who live in warm locations, as we do, may especially appreciate vacuum-sealing such dry goods as flour and sugar to prevent insect infestations. We were also impressed by how quickly we could pickle, marinate, infuse, and compress foods using any container inside the chamber, which we found easy to clean afterward.

All that said, there is a learning curve to this chamber model, and it is rather bulky, so it’s not ideal for small kitchens. We were also a bit disappointed that an accessory hose for jars and canisters wasn’t included.

Product Specs

  • Difficulty level: Advanced
  • Product dimensions: 14 inches long by 12 inches deep by 8.25 inches high
  • Speed: Fast


  • Seals several bags at once; great time saver
  • Suitable for sealing powders, grains, cereals, and even liquids
  • Great for quick pickling, marinating, infusing, and compressing


  • Accessory hose for jars and canisters not included
  • User learning curve includes installation
  • Bulky and hard to store; takes up counter space
  • Additional features makes this significantly pricier than other options

Get the Avid Armor vacuum sealer at Amazon or Avid Armor.

Best for Starting Out

Nesco Food Vacuum Sealer Starter Kit

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The Nesco VS-02 vacuum sealer is easy to use and doesn’t have any unnecessary bells and whistles. An upgraded feature, the seal-time selection switch allows users to extend seal time for a tighter seal on wet foods. Auto shutoff saves energy and acts as an additional safety feature. It quickly reseals chips and other frequently used items and vacuums those meant for the freezer and sous vide.

In testing, we not only found this unit extremely easy to use, but we also appreciated its compact size that didn’t eat up a lot of counter space. It’s fairly inconspicuous—the recessed cord storage space is brilliant—so it’s a boon to small kitchens and folks who are just starting out with vacuum sealing to see if it’s a good fit for their needs. The roll storage compartment and bag cutter accommodate bag rolls of almost 12 inches wide. Each purchase includes two 8.66-inch-by-9.8-foot rolls, five flat 8.66-inch-by-11.8-inch bags, and five flat 11-inch-by-11.8-inch bags.

However, using the extended seal-time function successfully may require a bit of a learning curve. Also, it’s not the fastest model on the market, and unfortunately, in our testing some vacuum-sealed bags failed in the freezer.

Product Specs

  • Difficulty level: Beginner
  • Product dimensions: 18.31 inches long by 11.81 inches wide by 5.06 inches high
  • Speed: Slow


  • Built-in cord storage helps keep the unit neat and organized
  • Built-in bag cutter saves time hunting down scissors to open bags
  • Compact size is easy to store; great for homes with limited space


  • Sealer must be clicked shut on both sides to work
  • Will not vacuum if bag is too wet near seal or moist foods are too wet
  • Some of our seals failed in the freezer

Get the Nesco vacuum sealer at Amazon, Target, or Nesco.

Best Professional

Weston Pro 2300 Commercial Grade Vacuum Sealer

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Weston’s Pro 2300 is popular in the food industry, but we found much to love at home, too, especially for our bulk-bought pastas, flours, sugars, and proteins for future use. Folks who fish and have a large catch to seal, as well as gardeners with bumper crops, should also appreciate this model. An unexpected bonus we noticed in testing was its fan-cooled motor. Designed for continuous, repetitive use without overheating, it hummed so quietly, it didn’t disturb our other activities while in operation.

At 23 inches long by 15.3 inches wide by 9 inches high (admittedly bulky for some home kitchens), it also features a 16-inch-long seal bar that can package large items and seal multiple bags at once. The automatic setting works for most foods, while the manual-seal option allows users to process more delicate items without crushing them. We did occasionally notice that the suction power wasn’t strong enough but not often enough to dissuade us from recommending this model.

Product Specs

  • Difficulty level: Advanced
  • Product dimensions: 23 inches long by 15.3 inches wide by 9 inches high
  • Speed: Fast


  • Compatible with a variety of bag brands and sizes
  • Works quietly compared to other options
  • Removable cord with storage compartment; easier storage
  • Capable of sealing oily and wet products


  • Vacuum suction is sometimes not strong enough to seal properly

Get the Weston vacuum sealer at Amazon, Weston, or JCPenney.

Best Compact

Geryon Vacuum Sealer Machine

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This Geryon Vacuum Sealer Machine is compact enough to fit in small kitchens with limited storage space. Despite its size, it can accommodate standard 12-inch bag rolls. We like this model best for sealing leftovers for long storage, such as pizza. It’s also a smart solution for the likes of bacon, ground meat, hot dogs, and other packaged items that may not all be cooked at once, avoiding food waste and spoilage. However, it doesn’t work with liquids.

This Geryon features automatic operation, which is supposed to allow users to work hands-free. But as we found in testing, the seal must be precisely aligned and the lid clicked into locking position—and this proved tricky. The machine also needs 40 seconds to cool down between seals, so it may not be the most efficient option for batch sealing. The kit includes five heat-seal bags, each measuring 11.8 inches long by 7.8 inches wide, and one 7.8-inch by 78-inch bag roll.

Product Specs

  • Difficulty level: Beginner
  • Product dimensions: 14.4 inches long by 5.5 inches wide by 2.56 inches high
  • Speed: Slow


  • Can work with other bags; great versatility to prevent food waste
  • Can be double heat sealed for added strength
  • Can partially seal without vacuuming and crushing; ideal for delicate food items
  • Affordable compared to similar options


  • Lengthy wait after sealing and before opening for the seal to take
  • Difficult to line up bags, close, and lock the machine—not so hands-free!
  • Liquids will ruin the seal

Get the Geryon vacuum sealer on Amazon or Geryon Kitchen.

Best Cordless

VMSTR Rechargeable Vacuum Sealer

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Take this cordless vacuum sealer along on hunting or fishing trips to package the bounty while still in the field. The VMSTR Rechargeable Vacuum Sealer is lightweight and portable, weighing just over 1 pound. An LED indicator light lets users know when the vacuum-sealing process is complete.

Don’t be fooled by the VMSTR’s portability! We found this model to do a good job at batch sealing. Just lay out all the bags in a row and move the sealer over the holes one by one. The sealer also sucks air out of special containers, making quick work of marinating—we flavored fish in a mere 15 minutes by vacuum packing it in marinade before grilling.

Each charge on the 800-milliampere-hour battery lasts for 3 hours, during which time users can seal more than 200 bags. It comes with a charging cable and 10 vacuum-seal zipper bags. It is a bit noisy, so it may annoy other folks at a crowded campsite.

Product Specs

  • Difficulty level: Beginner
  • Product dimensions: Extra-small cylinder
  • Speed: Fast


  • Works on both bags and containers
  • Surprisingly quick and powerful for such a small unit
  • Compact size; easily stored


  • Requires charging; not great for frequent use if battery runs out
  • Noisy operation
  • Requires special bags/containers

Get the VMSTR vacuum sealer on Amazon.

Best for Sous Vide

Anova Culinary Precision Vacuum Sealer

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Vacuum sealing is especially useful when cooking with a circulating water bath, known as sous vide. The vacuum sealer creates an airtight seal to ensure no water gets inside the bag. This model is made by Anova, a brand known for sous vide machines. It serves as a companion to Anova Precision Cookers, though it also can be used with any other brand’s sous vide device.

With just three buttons, the interface is super simple: seal, vacuum, and seal; or pulse vacuum, which provides precision when working with delicate items. Ten vacuum-sealer bags are included with each purchase.

Not just for sous vide, this model vacuum seals for other uses as well. We found it to perform well sealing cooked leftovers for refrigeration and raw herbed chicken breasts for freezing. However, precision is necessary for successful seals, and we found it necessary to be careful with liquids so they don’t get sucked out during the sealing process.

Product Specs

  • Difficulty level: Beginner
  • Product dimensions: 16.75 inches long by 5 inches wide by 3 inches high
  • Speed: Moderate


  • Anova app offers sous vide recipes and freezing ideas
  • Tucks away in a drawer or cabinet
  • Slow vac button good for delicate items
  • Accepts an accessory hose for containers and jars


  • Edges must be placed just so to vacuum and seal
  • Lid must be latched in place to seal
  • Caution required with liquids so they don’t get sucked out

Get the Anova vacuum sealer at Amazon, The Home Depot, Best Buy, or Anova Culinary.

Also Consider

Mueller Vacuum Sealer Machine

See It

Mueller’s vacuum sealer is affordable yet effective, offering a range of settings to best suit specific needs. Choose between gentle and airtight mode, and use the moist or dry setting, depending on the contents of the bags. In testing, we found the moist setting works particularly well for sealing seafood and fish, and even for sealing previously frozen pieces that we wanted to divide up for sous vide. The top-locking system on this Mueller vacuum sealer did prove a bit tricky in tests, though we got the hang of it. Helpful LED light indicators show which stage of the vacuuming or sealing process is taking place.

The Mueller vacuum sealer kit includes an air suction hose as well as five medium vacuum bags measuring 11.8 inches long by 7.8 inches wide each and one extra-long 7.8-inch by 79-inch vacuum bag roll. While most vacuum sealers have an option for a suction hose, don’t discount the value of the accessory being included—it’s extremely helpful for jarring, canning, preserving wine, and more.

Product Specs

  • Difficulty level: Beginner
  • Product dimensions: 14 inches long by 5 inches wide by 3 inches high
  • Speed: Fast


  • Fairly speedy and simple to use
  • Compact design; very easy to store, even in smaller kitchens
  • Great for freezing and then sous vide


  • Cannot accept other brands of bags; replacements can become costly
  • Machine must rest between seals; not ideal for batch sealing
  • Top-locking system is more difficult than expected

Get the Mueller vacuum sealer at Amazon or Mueller Direct.

Jump to Our Top Picks

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Vacuum Sealer

The best vacuum sealers are compact, have strong suction power, and offer the settings needed for the task at hand, but a number of factors affect their functionality. Ahead, learn about several of the most important features to consider when choosing the best vacuum sealer for the kitchen.

Types of Vacuum Sealers

There are several different styles of vacuum sealers, each with advantages and benefits. Some types will work better for specific kitchen needs than others.

  • External vacuum sealers comprise the majority of the products on the market. The user places the edge of the bag or plastic roll over an external seal bar where the air is sucked out before the bag is heat sealed. They typically require downtime of between 20 and 60 seconds in between sealings to prevent overheating. External vacuum sealers use specially quilted plastic bags and don’t function with standard zip-top bags.
  • Chamber vacuum sealers are designed for bulk food processing. They feature an interior chamber that’s large enough to fit pint-size mason jars. Chamber vacuum sealers are significantly more expensive than external vacuum sealers, so they’re typically used only by professionals.
  • Handheld vacuum sealers use a valve to remove the air from specialty zip-top bags. More portable than countertop models, handheld vacuum sealers are often cordless, making them convenient for long hunting or fishing trips. They have less suction power compared to countertop models, so they’re not ideal for everyday use.

Settings and Suction

A sealer’s suction power is typically measured in inches of mercury (inHg). The higher the number, the stronger the suction power. Look for a model with a suction between 13 and 25 inHg.

Some advanced settings increase a vacuum sealer’s functionality:

  • A pulse button is useful when vacuum-sealing delicate items because it gives the user full control over the amount of air that’s removed.
  • While all vacuum sealers are designed to process dry foods, some models have a moist mode, which can be used for marinated meats, stews, and other liquid-based foods.
  • A gentle pressure mode allows users to seal crackers and other breakable foods without crushing them.
  • A built-in cutter saves the user from having to cut each bag with scissors.

Accessories and Attachments

Many vacuum sealers feature an accessory port that connects to external attachments:

  • A jar attachment is useful for sealing mason jars when canning.
  • A marinating canister allows users to marinate food items in minutes before storing them.
  • A bottle stopper removes the extra air from wine bottles before resealing them.

These attachments are typically available for external sealers because chamber vacuum sealers don’t need any attachments.


The best vacuum sealers should ideally be wide enough to fit a range of bag widths. While vacuum sealer sizes vary, they’re generally 11 to 12 inches wide. Some are slim and compact, while others include onboard bag storage, which makes them bulkier. Chamber vacuum sealers, similar in size to a small microwave and so trickier to store, can seal larger items like roasts or whole chickens. Compact models, which work well for small kitchens with limited storage space, may not be able to accommodate larger bags.

Safety Features

Some vacuum sealers are equipped with additional safety features:

  • A cancel button allows users to stop the machine before the vacuum-sealing process is complete.
  • Users should wait between 20 and 60 seconds before sealing another bag to prevent the machine from overheating, so some models automatically prevent the device from heating for a set amount of time.
  • An auto-off function ensures the heating element doesn’t stay on when the machine is not in use.


Caring for and maintaining a vacuum sealer are relatively simple tasks. One of the primary ways to ensure a machine’s longevity is to avoid letting liquids get sucked into it. For success when vacuum-sealing liquids, freeze them first or elevate the sealer while it’s in use so the bag tilts downward to prevent liquids from dripping into the machine. Also look for a model with a removable drip tray to make cleanup easier.

Two components often wear out most quickly: the gaskets and the heating element’s Teflon strips. (Some brands offer free replacements of these parts.) To keep them in top condition, don’t lock the lid in the closed position while storing the machine.

Tips for Using a Vacuum Sealer

Get the most out of a vacuum sealer by following these helpful tips:

  • Cut bags to the right size, and ensure that 2 inches of empty space remain on each side when they’re filled.
  • Seal food in small quantities so it can be defrosted in individual portions.
  • Label bags before filling them.
  • Arrange food so that it lies flat in the bag to save space in the fridge or freezer.
  • Avoid vacuum-sealing soft cheeses, raw mushrooms, and fresh garlic, all of which can harbor anaerobic bacteria, which thrive in low-oxygen environments.


Though you now know quite a bit about vacuum sealers, you may still want more info. Read on for answers to some of the most common questions about how to select and use a vacuum sealer in your kitchen.

Q. Can I vacuum-seal soup, bread, and lettuce?

It’s possible to vacuum-seal soup by freezing it in a zip-top bag prior to vacuum-sealing. Some people opt to freeze bread, cake, and other loaves before vacuum-sealing them so they hold their shape better and don’t fall apart during sealing. While vacuum-sealed lettuce won’t hold up well in the freezer, vacuum sealing can actually extend lettuce’s lifespan in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.

Q. How long does vacuum-sealed food last?

When frozen, vacuum-sealed meat and fish can last for up to 3 years. Vacuum sealing also increases the lifespan of cheese in the fridge to between 4 and 8 months. Dried goods, such as flour, rice, and pasta, last 1 to 2 years when vacuum-sealed and placed in the pantry.

Q. Do I need a vacuum sealer for sous vide?

A vacuum sealer is not necessary for sous vide. While it makes the process simpler, home cooks can also opt to seal food in zip-top bags and to remove as much air as possible manually before placing them in a water bath.

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