The Best Vacuum Storage Bags for Saving Space

Vacuum storage bags can compress bulky items so they take up less storage room. and its partners may earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of our links.

Best Vaccum Storage Bag


Whether you’re looking to compress the memory foam guest pillows so they take up less room in the linen closet or you’re packing for vacation and want to fit as many clothes as possible in your suitcase, a vacuum storage bag can help. In most homes, storage space is at a premium, so it makes good sense to conserve as much room as possible.

The best vacuum storage bag should be strong, have seals that won’t leak, and work correctly for the size of the items you want to store. The following eight picks will help you choose so you can protect and preserve a variety of items while increasing the storage space in your home.

Our Top Picks

Vacuum storage bags work in one of two ways—some require the use of a special sealing machine that removes excess air from the bag and then permanently heat-seals it. The other type removes air by inserting the end of a hand pump or vacuum nozzle into a valve in the bag before manually sealing it. The best method to use depends on the type of item being sealed.

The Best Vacuum Storage Bag: BoxLegend


BEST OVERALL: BoxLegend Premium Vacuum Storage Bags

It’s simple to safely store seasonal clothing, bedding, and other fabric or textile items in this set of eight BoxLegend Premium Vacuum Storage Bags. The set includes two bags in each of four sizes: Small (24 by 16 inches), Medium (28 by 20 inches), Large (32 by 24 inches), and Jumbo (40 by 28 inches), to compress items of all sizes for easy storage. When ready to store, users simply place the items in the bag and smooth them out as flat as possible. The next step is to close the zipper and remove the air from the bag using an existing household vacuum fitted to a special hose adapter (included). Once the air leaves the bag, closing the valve cover makes a tight seal. BoxLegend vacuum storage bags come with a triple-turbo valve to keep air from reentering the bag.

The Best Vacuum Storage Bag: Gongshi


BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: GONGSHI Vacuum Storage Bags 12-Pack

A purchase of GONGSHI Vacuum Storage Bags delivers 12 durable bags and a hand vacuum pump, all at an attractive price point. The set contains three bags in four sizes: Small (24 by 16 inches), Medium (28 by 20 inches), Large (32 by 24 inches), and Jumbo (40 by 30 inches), which provides plenty of bags to compress clothing and seasonal bedding. The GONGSHI bags work by first placing the items in the bag and smoothing them out evenly before sealing the bag with the zipper slider and then using the hand pump to draw as much air out as possible. The special triple-seal valve won’t let air reenter the bag. Users just attach the seal cover and they’re done.

The Best Vacuum Storage Bag: VacYaYa


BEST FOR FREEZER STORAGE: VacYaYa 200 Quart 8 x 12 Vacuum Sealer Storage

Those times of opening the freezer to put in leftovers, only to find it’s packed to the top with boxes and bags of food, can happen less often with VacYaYa Quart Vacuum Freezer Storage Bags. Freezing meat, vegetables, and casseroles requires the use of food-grade plastic bags that will not degrade at frigid temperatures. Plus, food sealed in airtight bags develops frost less easily while stored in the freezer. A set of 200 VacYaYa BPA-free bags comes in the choice of pint, quart, or gallon size. Using VacYaYa vacuum bags requires a standard food sealer, such as FoodSaver or NutriChef (sold separately). Place food in the bag, and then insert the open end of the bag in the machine, which sucks out the air and then heat-seals the bag so no air can reenter.

The Best Vacuum Storage Bag: Spacesaver


BEST SEASONAL STORAGE: Spacesaver Premium Vacuum Storage Bags  

Heavy flannel sheets, feather comforters, and snuggly bedspreads can take up a lot of room in the linen closet, especially during summer when not in use. Spacesaver Premium Vacuum Bags can help reduce the bulk of heavy bedding and keep it in top shape until it’s time to use it once again. Spacesaver offers a 6-pack of bags in several choices of size: Small (24 by 16 inches), Medium (28 by 20 inches), Large (32 by 24 inches), and Jumbo (40 by 28 inches). After items go into the Spacesaver bag, the included hand pump or an attached nozzle from the household vacuum hose can remove excess air from the bag before closing it for an airtight seal.

The Best Vacuum Storage Bag: SunHorde


BEST FOR HANGING ITEMS: SunHorde Hanging Space Bags Vacuum Storage Bags

Protect clothes such as dress coats or a wedding dress while still on their hangers and free up room in a closet at the same time with the SunHorde Hanging Vacuum Storage Bags. Clothes that rarely leave the closet—but need to hang around—will benefit from storage in hanging vacuum bags that reduce the amount of room they take up while protecting them from moth or other insect damage. Clean, dry clothes go on a hanger before slipping the hanger into a 51.1-inch by 27.6-inch SunHorde bag and attaching it to the hanging loop provided at the top. Using the nozzle of a standard vacuum hose removes excess air before locking the seal to prevent air from reentering. Two or three clothing items often fit into a single bag, depending on their size.

The Best Vacuum Storage Bag: Wevac


BEST FOR PANTRY: Wevac Vacuum Sealer Bags 11 x 50 Rolls 2 Pack   

It is easier to get rid of the oversized boxes that take up space on pantry shelves with WeVac Vacuum Sealer storage bags. Buying food in bulk means having large containers of rice, beans, pasta, and some staples like sugar and flour lining pantry shelves. Separating those dry goods into smaller portions and then sealing the portions in vacuum storage bags makes it easier to toss out those bulky boxes. Wevac bags come in a continuous, 50-foot long roll, in a choice of 8-inch or 11-inch widths. The bags work with existing suction vacuum sealers such as Mueller or Nesco. BPA-free Wevac bags can store premade dry meal mixes for taking on the next camping trip as well. They just involve cutting the bag size desired from the roll and heat-sealing one end with the vacuum sealing machine before filling it with food and inserting the open end in the sealer according to the machine’s instructions to remove air and seal the bag.

The Best Vacuum Storage Bag: Suoco


BEST FOR LARGE ITEMS: SUOCO Vacuum Storage Bags 8-Pack Jumbo

Those who have a lot of large items to store, such as blankets, pillows, or mattress pads should love the SUOCO Jumbo Vacuum Storage Bags that measure a hefty 30 inches by 40 inches. While many storage bag sets come in a variety of sizes, having to store several large items means you may need more than just a couple of Jumbo bags. The pack comes with eight bags, enough to store most large items and free up room in the linen closet. If desired, smaller SUOCO bag sets are also available. Like with other vacuum storage bags, SUOCO recommends filling and smoothing the bags out before closing the no-leak zipper and using a standard household vacuum nozzle to remove the air from the bag. The bags’ triple-seal valves prevent air from reentering.