The Best Closet Design Companies of 2024

Closets can easily become a place where clutter collects. The best closet design companies can help get—and keep—closets in order.

Best Overall

The Best Closet Design Companies Option: California Closets

California Closets

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Eco-Friendly Pick

The Best Closet Design Companies Option: Closet Factory

Closet Factory

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Luxury Pick

The Best Closet Design Companies Option: Inspired Closets

Inspired Closets

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Have countless closet organization attempts proved useless? Do the closet contents look cluttered, no matter how many storage bins and hanging organizers are used? It’s nice to know that there’s an alternative: using the services of one of the best closet design companies which can help provide a closet that offers space, functionality, and an improved appearance. And closet design companies can do much more than just organize clothes; these companies can help get closets throughout the home in order, no matter what’s inside. Get ready to take that closet from messy to tidy—and keep it that way.

  1. BEST OVERALL: California Closets
  2. ECO-FRIENDLY PICK: Closet Factory
  3. LUXURY PICK: Inspired Closets
  4. MOST FLEXIBLE OPTIONS: The Container Store
  5. BEST FOR DIY: EasyClosets
  6. ALSO CONSIDER: Closets By Design
The Best Closet Design Companies Options

What to Consider When Choosing One of the Best Closet Design Companies 

When looking for one of the best closet designers, what are some factors to consider? Cost may come to mind first, but the price tag isn’t the only thing to worry about. Here are some other aspects to think about when choosing one of the best closet design companies.

Service Area and Showrooms

It may be hard for a customer to envision what the best closet systems look like. To provide an idea of how the closet organizer systems will look after installation, some companies have showrooms to display the various styles and features the company offers. Systems may include closet drawers, closet shelving, and other compartments that help keep a customer’s space tidy. Companies that have showroom spaces may cater only to customers within a certain distance of a local showroom. Other companies may not be limited by locality and can work with customers anywhere around the country.

Consultation and Quote Process

After a customer enlists a closet organizer’s help, a designer may set up a consultation and quote process. This may happen while the customer is on-site visiting the showroom, or the designer may schedule a time to meet the customer at home to measure the space that needs to be organized. Another option is for the customer to work with a designer via video call. During this process, the designer will ask plenty of questions to get a good idea of what the customer wants from their space. Upon examining the area and discussing the customer’s needs, the designer will proceed with providing a quote for how much the closet organizer system will cost.

Finish, Hardware, and Style Options

The best closet design companies know that their services aren’t strictly for the purpose of adding more shelves or rods to a closet. Instead, they provide custom closet solutions that best suit a customer’s needs. Although some companies restrict particular finishes or hardware to specific lines or collections, others may offer fully customizable finishes and hardware. For customers who share a closet, as is common for couples, closet organizers may design a system that’s specific to the needs of each person. For instance, one partner may need shelves to store delicate knitwear, while another partner may need a designated belt hanger.

Closet Feature Options

Closet organization doesn’t have to include only standard rails and drawers to arrange clothes, shoes, and accessories. Some customers may need other features that help improve their closet organization experience. This is why some custom closet companies offer a variety of closet features for customers to choose from. These features include hidden hampers, hooks, tie racks, shoe towers, jewelry drawers, built-in lighting, ironing boards, and belt hangers. For pantries, these features may include space for small appliances, pull-out racks, and a place for tableware. Customers will want to consider whether they require any special features or have specific custom closet ideas and look for companies that offer them. Closet features and style options may vary from one company to another. Those comparing California Closets vs. The Container Store, for instance, may find that one company is a better fit for their style preferences than the other.

Additional Storage Solutions

One of the most common places for customers to upgrade is their primary bedroom closet. However, many closet organizing companies may do more than just bedroom closet makeovers. Many may create storage for various spaces, including pantries, garages, living rooms, offices, playrooms, and other areas of the house where clutter tends to pile up. If a customer wants to upgrade additional closet areas within their home, it is essential that they work with a company that can do all the work. This will minimize the need to hire two different closet companies and keep the closet designs in the home consistent.


Closet redesign is more than just removing items from the closet, adding a closet shelf organizer, or hanging more racks. It may involve converting an existing closet space into a much more organized one or changing an entire room in the house into additional storage space. Since the changes a closet organizer must make are more than superficial, the skill of carpenters and other home improvement specialists may be employed. As a result, closet design companies usually provide a guarantee for their work in the form of a warranty. Some of these warranties may last the lifetime of the home and transfer to a new owner should the current owner move. Others may provide a limited warranty that lasts only a few years. The warranty typically covers material defects and workmanship. Prospective customers can also get more insight into each company’s warranty process by reading online reviews. For instance, Closets By Design reviews written by previous customers may shed light on how the company’s warranties work in practice.

At-a-Glance Comparison

Service AreaStyle OptionsAdditional Storage SolutionsWarranty
California Closets39 states and Washington, D.C.Modern, contemporary, transitional, traditional, luxe, all whiteGarage, work  space, living area, Murphy beds, kitchen pantry, entryway, wine storageLimited lifetime warranty for custom designs; 1-year warranty for modular designs
Closet Factory31 states and Washington, D.C. Contemporary, modern, French, transitional, postmodern, Tuscan, neoclassical, urban, Asian, Shaker, Hollywood regency, rustic, minimal, eclectic, classic, CraftsmanWork space, garage, Murphy bed, entertainment center, laundry room, wine storage, playroomLimited lifetime warranty
Inspired Closets32 statesBead board, Euro, eased edge, Shaker, Shaker glass, slim Shaker, classic, classic glass, molded, raised panel, raised panel glass, Revere, Revere glass doors Garage, kitchen pantry, laundry room, work space, Murphy bed, entryway, entertainment center90-day design guarantee, limited lifetime warranty
The Container Store34 states and Washington, D.C.Elfa Classic, Elfa Decor, Avera, PrestonKitchen, garage, work space, laundry room, living area, playroom120 days
EasyClosetsNationwideEased edge, molded, and modern raised doorsKitchen pantry, laundry room, garageLimited lifetime warranty on products for residential use
Closets By Design33 states and Washington, D.C.Everyday, Classic, Regency, BrioKitchen pantry, laundry room, garage, Murphy bed, work space, hobby roomsNot listed

Our Top Picks

Selecting a closet designer can be a daunting process. Luckily, these picks make choosing closet designs and getting them installed a seamless process.

Best Overall

California Closets

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Why It Made the Cut: California Closets is one of the original names in closet design thanks to its appealing designs, speedy installation, transparent pricing, wide range of closet features, fully custom and modular options, and large number of showrooms across the country.

Since 1978, California Closets has helped people organize their closet spaces. The company offers a variety of design styles, including modern, contemporary, transitional, traditional, luxe, and all white. Customers can customize a closet with complete control over the finishes and hardware, or they can choose from one of the preselected modular collections. While California Closets’ cost may be relatively high, depending on which design a customer chooses, the quality is reflected in the price. Rates for different design projects and installations are clearly listed on the site, so customers have all the information they need to make an informed decision. It’s worth noting that showrooms are limited to 39 states and Washington, D.C. However, there are 120 California Closets showrooms nationwide, and design consultants can still work with customers who don’t live near a showroom.

Pricing guidelines and estimates are readily available on California Closets’ website, so customers can easily determine which features will fit into their budgets. And speaking of features, California Closets offers a wide range of them, including built-in hampers, charging stations, and integrated safes. Thanks to the company’s multiple factories across the country, customers will be able to have their closet systems constructed, delivered, and installed in a matter of weeks.


  • Service area: 39 states and Washington, D.C.
  • Style options: Modern, contemporary, transitional, traditional, luxe, all white
  • Additional storage solutions: Garage, work space, living area, Murphy beds, kitchen pantry, entryway, wine storage
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty for custom designs; 1-year warranty for modular designs


  • 800 design consultants and 120 showrooms nationwide
  • Fully custom and modular closet designs available
  • Relatively fast delivery and installation times 
  • Transparent pricing guidelines
  • Wide range of additional closet features and accessories


  • Prices may be relatively high

Eco-Friendly Pick

Closet Factory

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Why It Made the Cut: Closet Factory uses materials made from FSC-certified wood and other recycled substances, while also boasting fast delivery and installation times.

Closet Factory has installed custom cabinets since 1983. The company operates in 31 states and Washington, D.C., through a dedicated, national network of employees. Thanks to Closet Factory’s multiple factories nationwide, closets can be built and installed in a matter of weeks. While pricing information on the company’s website is limited, customers can schedule a consultation with a Closet Factory representative to get a detailed quote based on their specific design requirements.

Closet Factory stands out with its high standards for environmental responsibility. The company uses FSC-certified wood and a high proportion of recycled and post-consumer materials. The company is also compliant with regulations from the California Air Resources Board to keep airborne toxin emissions low. Eco-conscious homeowners may prefer to work with a company that takes such steps to minimize its environmental footprint. They can feel confident that the company’s manufacturing and material sourcing processes are sustainable, safe for the environment, and unlikely to negatively affect air quality.


  • Service area: 31 states and Washington, D.C. 
  • Style options: Contemporary, modern, French, transitional, postmodern, Tuscan, neoclassical, urban, Asian, Shaker, Hollywood regency, rustic, minimal, eclectic, classic, Craftsman
  • Additional storage solutions: Work space, garage, Murphy bed, entertainment center, laundry room, wine storage, playroom
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty


  • Eco-friendly California Air Resources Board- and NUAF-compliant materials used
  • Environmentally responsible FSC-certified wood used
  • High proportion of recycled and post-consumer materials used
  • Relatively fast delivery and installation times


  • Limited pricing information

Luxury Pick

Inspired Closets

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Why It Made the Cut: Inspired Closets delivers closet reorganization with a lavish approach, thanks to its wide range of high-end finishes and accessories, specialty walk-ins, and design guarantee.

For those looking for custom closets with a touch of luxury, Inspired Closets can deliver. Inspired Closets operates in 32 states and specializes in luxury walk-in and boutique-style closets, with high-end features like closet islands and integrated shoe storage. The company offers an impressive variety of features and accessories so homeowners can create a space truly customized to their needs and tastes. There are extensive style, finish, and hardware options that can’t be found elsewhere, making the company an excellent choice for those with a specific vision.

Customers will want to note that these closet designs can come at a relatively high price. But these prices can be attributed to the fact that Inspired Closets offers some of the best custom closets on the market, with elevated design services for large walk-in closets. Inspired Closets also offers a 90-day design guarantee: A representative will come back within that time frame and make any tweaks to adjustable closet features if the customer isn’t pleased. Homeowners may feel more comfortable spending money on a bespoke closet design knowing they have plenty of time to adjust different aspects of the installation.


  • Service area: 32 states
  • Style options: Bead board, Euro, eased edge, Shaker, Shaker glass, slim Shaker, classic, classic glass, molded, raised panel, raised panel glass, Revere, Revere glass doors 
  • Additional storage solutions: Garage, kitchen pantry, laundry room, work space, Murphy bed, entryway, entertainment center
  • Warranty: 90-day design guarantee, limited lifetime warranty


  • Specialty in luxury walk-in and boutique closets
  • Wide range of colors, finishes, hardware, and door styles
  • Wide range of additional closet features and accessories 
  • Generous 90-day design guarantee


  • Relatively high costs

Most Flexible Options

The Container Store

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Why It Made the Cut: The Container Store offers flexible, affordable options catering to customers who want to choose between DIYing their closet organization space and hiring a full-service professional installation.

The Container Store is a hot spot for all things organization—including closets. It offers four different closet systems—from the streamlined and budget-friendly Elfa Classic to the sophisticated, upscale Preston. Container Store customers can choose either DIY or professional installation, giving them different options to explore. Customers may want to note that the hardware style and color options are somewhat limited for each collection of Container Store closets. However, pricing guidelines for different closet systems and sizes are clearly laid out on the website, so it’s easy for customers to determine what options are within their budgets. The Container Store also offers flexible consultation options so customers can schedule an in-person consultation at one of the store’s 94 retail locations, or they can opt for an in-home or virtual consultation. With these options available, homeowners can select the consultation method that suits them best, whether they are too busy to travel to a local store or they require a more hands-on design experience.


  • Service area: 34 states and Washington, D.C.
  • Style options: Elfa Classic, Elfa Decor, Avera, Preston
  • Additional storage solutions: Kitchen, garage, work space, laundry room, living area, playroom
  • Warranty: 120 days


  • Transparent pricing guidelines
  • Relatively affordable options available
  • Flexible in-store, in-home, or virtual consultation options


  • Limited hardware selection

Best for DIY


See It

Why It Made the Cut EasyClosets specializes in low-cost DIY closet organization solutions and offers free samples to allow customers to choose their perfect closet materials.

For those looking for affordable DIY closet installation solutions, EasyClosets delivers. Customers start by planning their dream closet online. While the options for closet features can be somewhat limited, EasyClosets’ website offers customers a variety of free tutorials for customizing their closet design. Manufacturers produce the closet components and the parts ship to customers. This process requires customers to have some basic construction knowledge and tools, like a hacksaw and a power drill, but it also means costs are relatively low since they do not include labor. As such, EasyClosets can be an affordable option for homeowners who might otherwise find it difficult to budget for professional closet design and installation services.

Those who need assistance can also get free help from a design consultant, which may be very appealing to homeowners tackling their first DIY closet design project. The company also offers a free sample kit that customers can order. It includes samples of EasyClosets’ materials and allows them to look at board and color options in their own homes so they can better visualize their design. For customers who already know how to build a closet or are ready to learn, EasyClosets is a worthy choice to consider.


  • Service area: Nationwide
  • Style options: Eased edge, molded, and modern raised doors
  • Additional storage solutions: Kitchen pantry, laundry room, garage
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty on products for residential use


  • DIY and free professional closet design processes
  • Relatively low prices
  • Free material sample kits available


  • Specialized tools required for installation
  • Limited additional features and accessories

Also Consider

Closets By Design

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Why It Made the Cut: Closets By Design offers a variety of storage solutions for all rooms, including a wide selection of closet accessories, as well as frequent sales and promotions.

Closets By Design offers storage options for everything from walk-in and reach-in closets to garages, home offices, hobby rooms, pantries, and more. The company offers four styles to choose from, ranging from a basic “Everyday” design to the sleek and modern “Brio” collection. After selecting a design, customers can also choose from an impressive collection of additional features and accessories such as shoe displays, tie hangers, security drawers, cubbies, and more. This allows customers to find storage solutions for their unique needs and customize their design accordingly. 

Closets By Design prices and warranty information are not readily available on the company’s website, so customers will need to take advantage of the free in-home consultation with a representative to get this information. However, the company often runs sales and promotions on its products and installation services, meaning customers may not have to pay full price for their Closets By Design closet.


  • Service area: 33 states and Washington, D.C.
  • Style options: Everyday, Classic, Regency, Brio
  • Additional storage solutions: Kitchen pantry, laundry room, garage, Murphy bed, work space, hobby rooms
  • Warranty: Not listed


  • Wide range of additional closet features and accessories
  • Frequent promotional discounts and offers available


  • Warranty terms not listed
  • Limited pricing information

Our Verdict

California Closets has availability nationwide, various style options, and a plethora of closet features, making it our selection for Best Overall. Our Runner-Up pick is Closet Factory, as it is a good choice for environmentally conscious customers who don’t want to sacrifice style options and closet features.

How We Chose the Best Closet Design Companies 

The best closet design companies were chosen after researching dozens of companies. The final candidates were selected based on their services, offerings, and nationwide availability. Additionally, the selected companies provide plenty of customization options, especially those that offer modular, predesigned, or DIY-able options to make the closet design process more accessible. The various types of customers who will seek such services were also a consideration, so the final selections have price ranges from affordable to high-end.

Before You Use One of the Best Closet Design Companies 

Working with a closet design company may be one of the best decisions for those who are facing a mounting pile of clothes and shoes in a closet. But it’s best not to opt for a custom closet company haphazardly. Before scheduling a consultation, it’s a good idea to determine whether custom closets are necessary or if the problem is simply too much stuff. A person with a disorganized closet will first want to consider getting rid of outdated, unused items. Tossing items in the trash or donating some items to a local charity may be all that’s necessary to get a closet organized. Customers can also consider hiring one of the best home organization services to make the decluttering process less daunting. A professional organizer will help customers decide what items they need to eliminate to make even more space in the closet.

Cost of Using One of the Best Closet Design Companies 

For closet organizer systems, expect to pay between $1,067 to $2,981 on average. The more complicated the design, the higher the cost of installation. It will also be cheaper to install a closet system in a reach-in closet than in a walk-in closet—simply because there’s less space that needs to have shelving installed. For those who want lavish closet designs with features like center islands and vanities, and perhaps other add-ons, custom closet costs can reach upward of $6,000. Prices can vary greatly from one company to another—Closets by Design costs may run higher than rates at other design companies because it specializes in custom projects, for instance. With that in mind, it’s often worth getting a quote from multiple companies before a homeowner makes a final decision. 

The Advantages of Using One of the Best Closet Design Companies 

Some customers dream of having a bedroom closet that rivals those of high-profile celebrities, resembles the inside of fancy retail spaces, or matches the seamless and beautiful designs displayed in their favorite design magazines. However, their current closet space may not offer the features necessary to organize their clothing, tools, or pantry items in such a way. The best closet organizer companies provide customers with solutions that give them the storage space they want while creating an aesthetically pleasing space. Here are some advantages of working with closet organizers.

  • Closet design services aren’t just for bedroom closets. Closet design companies offer storage solutions for garages, pantries, mudrooms, and more.
  • A closet designer can help a small space feel less cluttered.
  • When customers feel overwhelmed, closet designers have an eye for organization to make a space more functional.


When customers are considering a closet space makeover, a lot of questions may arise. Before investing in a professional closet upgrade, it’s a good idea to know as much as possible before proceeding. Check out the answers to these frequently asked questions about closet systems before contacting one of the best closet design companies.

Q. How long does it take for closet design companies to build a closet?

Reach, size, accessories, and customization factor into how long it takes to build a closet design system, so expect it to take half a day to 4 days for installation.

Q. Do custom closets increase a home’s value?

Yes. Not only will your home’s value increase with the addition of a custom closet to an existing space, but building a new closet where there wasn’t one can increase the value as well.

Q. How do you create a layout for a closet?

When planning a layout for a closet, most of the best closet design companies will use CAD (computer-aided design) software to create a 3D layout for the closet. From there, they will work with the customer to tailor the closet to the customer’s preferences.

Q. How much should I spend on a custom closet?

For a custom closet, you can expect to pay between $1,067 and $2,981. But for more extravagant closet spaces, the price can reach upward of $6,000.

Q. What materials are custom closets made of?

Most custom closet systems are made of laminate such as melamine or thermofoil. However, some customers prefer real wood or wood veneers. When a company claims it uses “real wood,” keep in mind that many components may be made of real wood, but the entire closet organizer with drawers may not be made of real wood.


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