The Best Containers for Storing Clothes During the Offseason, Tested

Stash out-of-season clothes, linens, and more with these durable plastic and fiber containers.

Best Overall

The Iris USA WeatherPro 74-qt. Storage Box on a white background.

Iris USA WeatherPro 74-qt. Storage Box

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Best Bang for the Buck

The Budding Joy 6-Pack Foldable Clothes Storage Bags filled with clothing on a white background.

Budding Joy 6-Pack Foldable Clothes Storage Bags

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Best Fabric Underbed

The StorageWorks 2-Pack Underbed Storage Boxes filled with clothing on a white background.

StorageWorks 2-Pack Underbed Storage Box

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The right containers for storing clothes are ones you don’t have to worry about. You can stash them out of sight and out of mind, and they’re designed to keep your clothes and linens clean; organized; and free of mold, dust, and moisture. Storing out-of-season apparel or items you don’t wear often in storage bins is a convenient way to make space in your closet and keep things organized. 

However, it can be hard to know which home storage containers are as durable and easy to use as they claim to be. Whether they’re made from hard plastic or flexible fabric, the right bins for your storage needs make efficient use of space, are easy to move from one place to another, and protect your belongings from the environment. 

To make your choice as easy as possible, we tested 10 of the most popular products. The goal was to find out which are the best containers for storing clothes, so you can stash your favorite garments with confidence.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Iris USA WeatherPro 74-qt. Storage Box
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Budding Joy 6-Pack Foldable Clothes Storage Bags
  3. BEST FABRIC UNDERBED: StorageWorks 2-Pack Underbed Storage Box
  4. BEST PLASTIC UNDERBED: Rubbermaid Clever Store Stackable Storage Tote 
  5. BEST FABRIC: StorageWorks Extra Large Storage Baskets With Handles
  6. BEST LARGE-CAPACITY: Homz 2-Pack 112-qt. Clear Stackable Storage Container
  7. BEST STACKABLE: The Container Store Large Tint Stacking Drawers
  8. BEST HEAVY-DUTY: Rubbermaid 20-gal. Brute Tote With Lid
  9. BEST WHEELED: The Container Store Long Underbed Boxes With Wheels
  10. ALSO CONSIDER: TidyCorner 2-Pack Under Bed Storage Containers
The Best Containers for Storing Clothes Option
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How We Tested the Best Containers for Storing Clothes

We cast a wide net to land on our choices for the best containers for clothing storage. We started by surveying the most long-standing and respected brand names. Then we dug into product descriptions, customer ratings, and reviews to identify the most popular products from trusted brands. We narrowed the options further and selected bins from a range of price points, sizes, and materials, not to mention intended uses. We included both plastic and fabric options, containers that are either see-through and opaque, and some that have drawers, underbed bins, and stackable units. 

Finally, we tested 12 stand-out containers for storing clothes, and 10 made our list. For each product, we tested capacity by filling it with clothes and took note of how easily it was to pack the box. We tested how well each container fit in various locations, including inside closets and under beds, if applicable. We assessed how securely the boxes stacked together. We even tossed the boxes down flights of stairs to really put the lids to the durability test. Along the way, we moved containers, both full and empty, from room to room to assess comfort and ease of transport.

Testing Stats
Products tested12
Hours spent testing12+
Tests performed6
Average price$62

Our Top Picks

We found some of the best clothing-storage containers for a variety of scenarios. Some slide under the bed, some fit on closet shelves, some have weather-tight lids, and some can be stacked high. See our top picks; one of these storage containers is sure to be the right choice for your needs.

Best Overall

Iris USA WeatherPro 74-qt. Storage Box

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Our Ratings: Capacity 5/5;Ease of Use 5/5; Durability and Protection 5/5; Value 5/5 

Product Specs 

  • Capacity: 74 quarts
  • Dimensions: 23.60 inches long by 17.75 inches wide by 14.50 inches tall
  • Materials: BPA-free plastic


  • Very tight-fitting lid protects clothing against moisture and insects
  • Both container and lid are constructed from clear BPA-free plastic
  • Containers stack on top of each other securely for neat storage


  • 6 latches on the lid take longer to open than more simply designed boxes

The Iris USA WeatherPro storage boxes with lids are designed to protect your belongings from rain, snow, insects, and dust. They also function as a great set of portable storage bins for a move. The tight-fitting plastic lid is held in place by six latches that keep out dust, insects, and moisture. The lid stays in place even when the box is battered around. This waterproof storage box is made from thicker, stiffer plastic than other containers we tested, which is a sign of durability. A foam gasket running along the inner lip of the container lid provides a seal to protect against water and pests.

The containers come with a clear plastic lid. Each 74-quart-size container can hold up to 50 pounds, which is ample space and weight capacity for many clothing-storage needs. 

These containers for storing clothes also come at a great value and a range of size options for various storage needs. Boxes in other sizes are also available, starting as small as 6.5 quarts, which can be great for storing kids’ clothing. Save money and purchase through some retailers in packs of four or six.

Get the Iris USA storage box at Amazon (pack of 4), Ace Hardware, The Home Depot, or Walmart.

Best Bang for the Buck

Budding Joy 6-Pack Foldable Clothes Storage Bags

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Our Ratings: Capacity 5/5;Ease of Use 5/5; Durability and Protection 3/5; Value 5/5 

Product Specs 

  • Capacity: 90 liters
  • Dimensions: 23 inches long by 16 inches wide by 13 inches tall 
  • Materials: Plastic, fabric


  • Clear panel on the front allows users to see the contents 
  • Comes in a pack of 6 to accommodate larger storage needs
  • Very lightweight and foldable containers are easily stored when not in use


  • The 11-pound capacity is less than other similar storage bins
  • Fabric containers are not airtight and will not protect against water

This six-pack of foldable fabric clothes storage bags from Budding Joy is a wallet-friendly option with ample storage capacity. Each container offers 90 liters of storage space and can support up to 11 pounds. Though this is a lighter load capacity than most plastic storage bins, it is sufficient for most clothes and linens. 

These fabric bins have a zippered top that keeps items secure, even when dropped down the stairs. Of course, there isn’t a watertight seal since the bins are made from fabric, so you won’t want to leave these outside during a storm.

That being said, each container weighs just 1 pound empty, so it’s easier to move around when full than more heavy-duty options. Empty, the containers are floppy and will always fold in on themselves, which can get in the way when filling them. Once they’re full, though, the containers hold their cubic shape well and can be stacked, as long as you don’t exceed the weight limit. Less-full containers tend to slump, so be strategic about stacking the bins with the heaviest and fullest bin on the bottom. 

These containers have a clear plastic panel on the front so you can check the contents quickly, but you don’t get a full view of everything inside. For that reason, and due to the size and capacity limits, these bins are a great option for storing bulky but lightweight items like bedding and towels. 

Get the Budding Joy storage bags at Amazon. 

Best Fabric Underbed

StorageWorks 2-Pack Underbed Storage Box

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Our Ratings: Capacity 5/5;Ease of Use 5/5; Durability and Protection 3/5; Value 5/5 

Product Specs 

  • Capacity: Unlisted
  • Dimensions: 33 inches long by 17 inches wide by 6 inches tall 
  • Materials: Fabric


  • Clear panel on the top allows users to see the contents 
  • Containers have a zippered top that keeps items secure while moving
  • Very lightweight fabric containers are easily transported and stored when not in use


  • Flexible fabric bins will hold less weight than plastic containers
  • Fabric storage boxes are neither waterproof nor airtight, so they’re unsuitable for outdoor or garage storage

This two-pack of fabric underbed storage bins from StorageWorks is made from durable natural fiber and has a breathable zippered lid to keep items secure inside. The lid is made from flexible clear plastic, so you can see the contents of the bin from above. You cannot see into the container from the side, so labeling is important if you plan on stacking these bins. 

The product comes in three size options and a few color schemes to match different bedroom aesthetics. Each bin has a sleeve on one side to add a label, although labels are not included with the containers. 

For transport, the containers have soft, comfortable handles on three sides. The handle on the long side is handy for retrieving the bin from under a bed or from a high closet shelf, while the other two handles help with carrying the container. The bins are lightweight and fold flat when not in use, which makes them great for smaller living spaces like dorm rooms and apartments.

The zippered lid keeps out dust and allows for airflow, which helps prevent clothes from taking on odors or mold. Since the container is fabric, it’s not waterproof, and it will not protect clothes from moisture in a damp environment. It also should not be stored directly on the floor in a humid location, as there is no waterproof or water-resistant lining on the bottom. 

Get the StorageWorks storage boxes at Amazon

Best Plastic Underbed

Rubbermaid Clever Store Stackable Storage Tote

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Our Ratings: Capacity 5/5;Ease of Use 4/5; Durability and Protection 3/5; Value 5/5 

Product Specs 

  • Capacity: 41 quarts
  • Dimensions: 29 inches long by 17.75 inches wide by 6.125 inches tall
  • Materials: Polypropylene


  • Lightweight container makes transport easier, even when full of clothing
  • Lids lock in place using securely latched handles for confident transport
  • Slim container design slides under most standard bed frames for out-of-the-way storage


  • Containers’ wide shape can be awkward to carry, especially when full
  • Plastic lids are neither watertight nor airtight; not suitable for outdoor or garage storage

The Rubbermaid Clever Store Stackable Storage Totes are clear plastic bins that fit under most bed frames. The lid is attached via two latches that double as handles for transport. These bins have a 41-quart capacity, and the sides are straight up and down, rather than tapered, which makes them more space efficient and a better fit for storing rectangular items such as books and boxes.

The bins come in a set of four for a reasonable price, making this one of the better value choices on our list. Since the plastic is clear and the sides are shallow, you can easily see everything inside the containers at a quick glance. 

These containers are made from soft, flexible plastic. This makes them lighter and easier to carry, but it also means that the lids may pop off more easily and can be harder to fit on. The sides tend to pull inward, so you have to stretch the container a bit to get the lid on correctly. These are not airtight storage containers; the lids let in moisture, but clothing won’t get totally soaked if the containers need to be left outside in light rain for a short time.

An raised hourglass design on the top of the lids helps keep stacked containers stacked, and despite the more flexible plastic, these containers did not buckle when full of clothing and stacked four tall. 

Get the Rubbermaid storage tote at Amazon (pack of 4), The Home Depot (pack of 4), or Walmart

Best Fabric

StorageWorks Extra Large Storage Baskets With Handles

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Our Ratings: Capacity 5/5;Ease of Use 5/5; Durability and Protection 1/5; Value 5/5 

Product Specs 

  • Capacity: Can hold up to 30 pounds 
  • Dimensions: 16.5 inches long by 12 inches wide by 10.25 inches tall
  • Materials: Natural fiber


  • Set of 2 fabric storage baskets fold flat for easy storage when not in use
  • Containers have comfortable fabric handles for convenient transport, even when full
  • Attractive basket design is worthy of display in a closet 


  • No lid to protect clothing or keep the bin contents contained during transit
  • Containers are open on the top and cannot be easily stacked for storage

These fabric home storage containers from StorageWorks are designed for style and functionality. The portable storage bins have an ample capacity that’s great for storing towels and other linens. Since the bins don’t have a lid, the contents are easily accessible. So while you can’t expect these baskets to keep your belongings secure in a moving truck, they do an excellent job of storing out-of-season clothes in the closet. 

At about 10 inches tall, these bins will fit under some beds and on the top shelf of many closets. They have a comfortable leather handle that stands upright for an easy grab. And despite the lightweight design (each bin weighs about 1 pound), these bins are strong enough to support up to 30 pounds of weight without damage to the bins. 

These lid-less fabric clothing storage bins do not protect items from rain, moisture, insects, or dust, and belongings will certainly fall out if a bin is dropped down the stairs. However, if you’re in the market for a set of smart-looking, budget-friendly storage bins that won’t be moved much from your closet or from under the bed, this durable set of two fabric baskets from StorageWorks might be the right pick. 

Get the StorageWorks storage baskets at Amazon.

Best Large-Capacity

Homz 2-Pack 112-qt. Clear Stackable Storage Container

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Our Ratings: Capacity 5/5;Ease of Use 4/5; Durability and Protection 4/5; Value 5/5 

Product Specs 

  • Capacity: 112 quarts
  • Dimensions: 28.75 inches long 16 inches wide 18.25 inches tall
  • Materials: ‎Resin, plastic


  • 2-pack of containers offers a good value for the price
  • Lightweight containers don’t add much to the total weight of stored items
  • Tight-fitting lid is secured by snapping handles that don’t open easily 


  • Tapered design isn’t an efficient use of space for stacking
  • Tall design makes the container awkward to carry, especially when full and heavy

The Homz 127-liter-capacity containers with lids are a great option if you have a lot to store in a small space. These clear plastic containers weigh just 3 pounds when empty, so you can stuff them full with clothing or bedding without making each one too heavy to carry. The lid is secured easily using snap-on handles on either end. 

These containers are made with softer, more flexible plastic than others. As a result, the lid is not waterproof or airtight. That said, the containers passed our water tests and kept the contents dry. However, there was some visible moisture under the lid after our test. 

Because these containers have slightly tapered sides, they’re not as convenient for storing stiff items like boxes or books. However, they present no issues for storing clothing. When stacking the bins, the tapering causes them to be slightly less efficient. 

That said, this two-pack can be securely stacked together. A shallow ridge on the lid helps prevent the stack from sliding or toppling over. The containers are made from clear plastic so you can see the contents. Though these handles aren’t quite as substantial as some on the heavier-duty products we tested, they’re easy enough to grip to move the boxes without dropping. 

Get the Homz storage containers at Amazon, Wayfair, or Walmart.

Best Stackable

The Container Store Large Tint Stacking Drawers

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Our Ratings: Capacity 5/5;Ease of Use 4/5; Durability and Protection 3/5; Value 4.5/5 

Product Specs 

  • Capacity: Unlisted
  • Dimensions: 19.75 inches long by 15.75 inches wide by 8.125 inches tall
  • Materials: Polypropylene


  • Each unit stacks securely on top of the others for neat storage
  • Ridges on the tops prevent the stacked drawers from slipping
  • Drawers slide open and close without a hitch, even when full


  • Containers do not have convenient handles and can be difficult to transport
  • Drawers do not lock or latch closed and will fall open if tipped over

This set of large stacking drawers from The Container Store offers a lightweight clothing-storage solution that’s easily accessible and requires minimal real estate in a home. Unlike top-down storage boxes, these drawers slide open for quick access to clothes. Plus, they’re fully transparent. The drawers fit together securely, and built-in stops on the hard plastic tops and bottoms prevent the tower from toppling. 

These containers for storing clothes come in a range of fun colors, including bright pink, blue, and orange, which make them a fun choice for storing kids’ clothing. The hues are also great for color-coding stored items. For extra functionality, the drawers can be separated for side-by-side storage, and they fit under most beds if you’d like to tuck them out of the way. 

These are not waterproof or airtight storage containers, as the drawers do not latch or lock closed. During our tests, the drawers pretty easily slid open if dropped down a set of stairs. Although the hard plastic casing protects the containers from filling with water in the rain, expect some moisture to get inside if the containers are left out for very long, and they will certainly fill if totally submerged in water. These containers are better used indoors than outside or in inclement weather. 

Get the Container Store stacking drawers at The Container Store

Best Heavy-Duty

Rubbermaid 20-gal. Brute Tote With Lid

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Our Ratings: Capacity 5/5;Ease of Use 5/5; Durability and Protection 5/5; Value 5/5 

Product Specs 

  • Capacity: 20 gallons
  • Dimensions: 27.8 inches long by 17.4 inches wide by 15.1 inches tall
  • Materials: High-density polyethylene, resin, plastic


  • A tight-fitting lid on each container keeps out water, weather, insects, and dust
  • Product comes in multiple different color options for color-coded storage
  • Large handles on either side are easy to grab and comfortable to hold for transport


  • Container is opaque, so users cannot see contents without opening the lid
  • Empty container is heavier than other options, so it’s harder to move when full

The Rubbermaid Brute Tote is a waterproof storage box designed for maximum protection and durability. This plastic storage container with a lid is the closest to waterproof of any bin we tested, plus it makes a great portable storage bin if you’re planning a move. It has the stiffest, strongest plastic material of any product we tested and a tight-fitting lid that prevents moisture and insects from getting inside during storage. It has an ample 20-gallon capacity and also comes in a smaller 14-gallon size. 

These containers can be securely stacked, and the lids have a deep rim that limits the risk of sliding off. The plastic handles extend from the sides of the container so you can get a complete grip for more comfortable, secure transit. 

As this is the only nontransparent plastic storage bin on our list, you won’t be able to see the container’s contents. However, these containers from Rubbermaid are available in three colors, which can be helpful for color-coded storage. The materials are also NSF-approved, which means they’re food-safe. For that reason, these sturdy bins are a favorite among campers who want to keep animals away from their provisions. 

During our tests, the lids stayed on securely when the containers we battered around. We also found that the containers did a better job of protecting the contents from moisture than many of the other products we assessed. They’re not fully waterproof and will not fare as well if submerged in water, but you can expect items inside to stay fairly dry if these bins are left out in the rain for a few hours. 

Get the Rubbermaid tote at Amazon, Webstaurant Store (lots of 6), or Lowe’s

Best Wheeled

The Container Store Long Underbed Boxes With Wheels

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Our Ratings: Capacity 5/5;Ease of Use 4/5; Durability and Protection 3/5; Value 5/5 

Product Specs 

  • Capacity: 56 quarts
  • Dimensions: 18.25 inches long by 35.63 inches wide by 6.5 inches tall
  • Materials: Polypropylene


  • Lid opens on 2 ends for easy access from under the bed
  • Containers offer large-capacity underbed storage that’s great for apartments
  • Wheels make it easier to slide the containers from under the bed
  • Available in quantities of 1 or 6 to to suit most users’ storage needs


  • These containers are only available at The Container Store
  • Flexible plastic material is not watertight and will not protect against weather

The Container Store Long Underbed Boxes are great high-capacity storage containers with wheels to keep in a bedroom. The clear plastic lid opens from either end, which makes it easier to access the contents of the bin. And if you’re keeping them under a bed, wheels facilitate smoother rolling in and out—plus you don’t have to pull the box all the way out to lift just half of the lid. 

The dual-sided lid is great for easy access, but it also has more seams than a standard container lid. These seams let in more moisture, and this container is not a watertight option. The lid also generally fits looser than the lids of some of the more heavy-duty containers we tested, and it did not stay on when dropped down the stairs. 

That said, because the plastic on these containers for storing clothes is so flexible, it will not readily break or shatter. This is a durable container with handy features that set it apart from more basic options in the underbed storage department. You can buy these containers individually or in a pack of six, and they stack neatly and efficiently. The wheels are not prominent enough to cause any risk of the containers rolling away, as long as they’re kept on a flat surface. 

Get The Container Store boxes at The Container Store.

Also Consider

TidyCorner 2-Pack Under Bed Storage Containers

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Our Ratings: Capacity 5/5;Ease of Use 5/5; Durability and Protection 3/5; Value 4.5/5 

Product Specs 

  • Capacity: 60 liters
  • Dimensions: 33.7 inches long by 17.1 inches wide by 6 inches tall
  • Materials: Fabric


  • Breathable fabric allows airflow during storage, which can minimize dust
  • Containers come in 2 height options to accommodate lower bed frames
  • Clear zippered lid displays container contents while closed


  • Container is not water-resistant and will not protect clothing from moisture

This set of two fabric underbed storage containers from TidyCorner is another reliable option for closet and bedroom storage. The fabric bins are made from heavy-duty, durable materials. They also have a see-through zippered lid that keeps out dust and allows for airflow during storage. 

This fabric container will not prevent water or moisture from getting to clothes if they’re stored in a damp environment. However, as long as the bins are kept in a dry location, such as a bedroom or closet, they will keep clothes free of dust and other unwanted debris. 

Each bin folds up into a compact little rectangle that’s easy to stash away when you don’t need it for storage. The bins have four handles, including two on the front for retrieving the bins from under a bed and two on the sides for comfortable transport. The flexible plastic lid is secured by two zippers, so you can open just one side or corner of the bin without having to remove the entire lid. 

The TidyCorner containers are made in four neutral color options and two heights. The shorter version is 4.3 inches tall, which will fit under lower bed frames and even some couches. 

Get the TidyCorner storage containers at Amazon

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What to Consider When Choosing a Container for Storing Clothes

Before you invest in new containers for storing clothes and linens, consider the type of container that’s best for you, its material, and its size.


There are several kinds of storage options for clothes, including plastic bins, fabric bins, vacuum storage bags, underbed containers, and hanging bags. Plastic bins are sturdier, stiffer, and better at protecting their contents from moisture and insects than fabric. In contrast, fabric containers are lighter, more breathable, and often easier to store when not in use. Storage containers with wheels are handy for use as portable bins. 

Vacuum storage bags are great for those who are very short on space and want to make the best use of their storage as possible. They’re also a better option for longer-term storage, as it’s harder to access clothing once it’s been vacuum sealed. 

Underbed containers are great for apartments and other spaces short on storage room. They can be easily accessed and stored out of the way. Finally, hanging bags are a great option for clothing that you don’t want to fold or risk wrinkling. They require closet space but are also easily accessible. 


It’s possible to find great clothing-storage containers made from both plastic and fabric, as long as the materials are durable. Heather Aiello, CEO and founder of The Organized You, a professional organization company in Boston, Massachusetts, prefers “clear airtight storage containers to easily identify the contents without having to open each box.” 

While plastic containers provide more protection against moisture, “fabric containers are made of breathable materials like canvas or polyester,” says Aiello. 

Whether you choose fabric or plastic, being able to see the contents of the container is a major plus. “Clear plastic containers are ideal for easy visibility,” says Aiello. “If you are choosing a fabric container, choose one with clear windows or mesh panels. This allows you to see the contents without having to open each container.”


Before stocking up on a new set of containers, take the advice of Jan Arkwright, owner of Before & After Organizing, a professional home organization company serving areas of New York. She says to “always measure twice, buy once. The container itself should be the right size, not too big to handle [and not] too small so the items are stuffed in and the lid barely closes.”

And remember, it’s not just about how many clothes the container can accommodate. Consider how much room you have to store the containers. “That same mantra goes for the space where the containers will be kept,” says Arkwright. She says that It’s helpful to “know how many containers will fit on a shelf, and if you’re buying stacking bins, know how high you can go.” 


Even with all this information on the best containers for storing clothes, there may still be some questions. We consulted organizing experts to answer some of the most common questions about clothing storage. 

Q. Is it OK to store clothes in plastic containers?

“Storing clothes in plastic containers can be a practical and effective solution for keeping them organized and protected,” says Aiello.

Q. How do you keep moisture out of storage containers?

Aiello recommends taking extra precautions to prevent moisture for those storing clothes in a damp environment. She suggests placing silica gel packs inside the containers “to help maintain a dry environment for your clothes.”

Aiello also explains that it’s helpful to “avoid overpacking the containers to allow for some airflow, reducing the risk of trapped moisture.” She suggests storing containers off the ground to “prevent condensation from forming underneath.”

Q. What is the best way to pack clothes for storage?

First, it’s important to store only clean, dry garments. Then, Aiello suggests that you “fold clothes neatly to minimize wrinkles and optimize space within the storage container.” In addition, she says that “packing clothes by season or type is best for easy retrieval. This organization method can save time when you need specific items.”

Lauren Saltman, owner of professional organizing service Living. Simplified, which serves areas on the East Coast, suggests that “if you are tight on storage space, consider rolling items such as jeans and T-shirts. You’ll find that by rolling items, they tend to take up less space. This is also a great trick when you’re packing luggage for a vacation.”

Finally, before you store things, add a label with a list of the container’s contents. “This makes it easier to locate specific items without having to open each box.”

Q. What size container is best for clothing storage? 

Avoid extra-large containers, which can be bulky, difficult to move, and harder to search through without causing a mess. Sticking to a set of containers that are all the same size makes storage and stacking easier. 

Q. Where should I keep clothing-storage containers? 

To avoid moisture, mildew, and insects getting into stored clothes, Arkwright says that “containers should be kept in a cool, dry location.” She also says that “if containers are clear, try not to store them in direct sunlight to prevent the items from fading, or else use colored bins.”

Saltman recommends keeping the clothing stored at the back of a deep closet or another protected area, such as under your bed, so the clothing can be kept in a temperature-controlled area of your home.

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