The Best Heated Gloves to Warm Your Frigid Fingers

Bitterly cold weather and circulation problems can cause numbingly cold fingers. Heated gloves keep your fingers and hands toasty warm. and its partners may earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of our links.

Best Heated Gloves Options


If your hands feel like blocks of ice when you ski or enjoy other outdoor sports, shovel snow, have an arthritic flare-up, or work in a chilly office, consider a pair of heated gloves. They warm your hands to keep you more comfortable and can even protect you from frostbite. Manufacturers design traditional gloves to keep cold temperatures away from your hands, but they’re only effective to a point. For consistent comfort, consider heated gloves.

Heated gloves come in an array of sizes and styles. Unlike traditional gloves, heated ones have elements that generate heat, usually through tiny electrical wires and small replaceable or rechargeable batteries woven into them. Most of those “electric” gloves require you to press a button to start the warmth. The other type is chemically heated. They have warming packs with iron and other components built into them. The gloves produce heat when exposed to air. Both types of gloves are very safe.

You will find different gloves that work well for various activities. Consider the top-rated heated gloves below to find a pair that suits you. Your activity level and body type are among the key factors to consider when choosing the best heated gloves. Read below to discover some of the highly-rated gloves that can keep your hands toasty warm.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Savior Heated Electric Gloves
  2. RUNNER-UP: Aroma Season Rechargeable Battery Heated Gloves
  3. UPGRADE PICK: SNOW DEER Upgraded Heated Electric Gloves
  6. BEST FOR SKIING: SNOW DEER Heated Ski Gloves
  7. BEST THIN: HotHands Heated Fleece Gloves
  8. BEST GLOVE LINERS: SNOW DEER Heated Glove Liners
Best Heated Gloves Options


Since gloves are generally worn outside—on a ski slope, sledding, chopping wood—heating them depends on the use of either batteries or chemical packets. Both heating sources provide warmth for a limited amount of time—until you must recharge the batteries or replace the chemical packets.

Chemically Heated Gloves

Similar to basic gloves, chemically heated gloves can be either glove or mitten style. A pair features a pocket on each glove (usually along the back of the hand) that holds a disposable chemical warming packet that heats up when you remove it from its sealed package. The warmth lasts up to eight hours before needing replacement. These are relatively inexpensive gloves and replacement packets.

Electrically Heated Gloves

Electrically heated gloves don’t require you to stock up on chemical packets, but you do need to recharge or replace the batteries. This type of heated glove features a small battery compartment connected to flexible heated wires embedded in the gloves’ fabric. There are built-in safety mechanisms to ensure there’s no risk of shock. If you are wary of these gloves, consider chemically heated alternatives. Some electrically heated gloves allow you to choose a temperature setting. These gloves are, on average, more than double the price of chemically heated gloves.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Heated Gloves

Dependable warmth is a top consideration when you shop for heated gloves—you buy them to keep your hands warm, after all—but they should also be comfortable and adapt to your activities. If you plan to take selfies, work on a computer, or even read when you wear them, you likely want a thin, touch-screen capable pair.

Fit & Size

Unfortunately, you won’t find a universal sizing chart for gloves, so you might wear a “large” in one brand and an “extra-large” in another. When you try on heated gloves, make sure they fit comfortably, and your fingertips almost (but not quite) touch the ends. The wrist area should extend far enough up your arm that you can tuck it into the sleeves of a jacket so that cold air, frigid rain, or blowing snow won’t drift in. If you buy gloves online, look for a sizing chart, and choose the size closest to your actual hand measurements.


For the warmest hands, heated gloves need a windproof shell (often made from nylon or a polyester blend) combined with a soft interior liner made from fleece or wool. In general, the more padding a glove has, the warmer it will be. Thick, bulky gloves can reduce finger dexterity, so keep in mind what activities you’ll be doing when you wear them. If you wear them when you walk for exercise, bulky gloves won’t pose an issue. If you want to wear them when you ski or work, select gloves that are thin enough and flexible enough to allow a secure grip and finger dexterity.


If cold-weather activities put you in direct contact with snow and ice, you may want added waterproofing protection. Manufacturers typically use sealed leather or a shell made from a nylon and silicone to keep water from soaking through their gloves. The downside is that waterproof gloves allow sweat to build inside the gloves, so your hands may feel clammy or uncomfortable. Some manufacturers only waterproof material on the palm side of the gloves and use a ventilated fabric on the backside to prevent this problem.

Touch-Screen Compatibility

Smartphones and computers are everywhere these days. If your phone rings or a message appears when you’re all bundled up, you must scramble to pull off your heated gloves (usually with your teeth) to free a finger to swipe across the screen. Nylon doesn’t have the same conductive properties as skin, so swiping a smartphone or tablet screen with a nylon glove won’t do anything. Consider gloves that feature touch-screen capability—the inclusion of a pad on the index finger (and sometimes thumb) embedded with conductive fabric to fool your phone’s screen into thinking you’ve swiped your bare finger across its surface.

Battery Life

Most electrically heated gloves feature small, rechargeable lithium batteries that provide heat for an average of two to six hours before you must recharge them. If you want your gloves to stay warm for a longer time, you may want to buy gloves with a removable battery. Then you can buy a second battery and use it to replace a depleted one.

Our Top Picks

The best heated gloves listed below are highly rated for construction, wind and water resistance, and comfort.  Consider which pair is right for you.

Best Overall

Best Heated Gloves Options: Savior Heated Electric Gloves

An exterior shell composed of 40 percent lambskin gives the Savior Heated Electric Gloves just the right amount of flexibility and wind protection to keep your hands warm. The soft interior cotton liner feels comfortable on your skin, too. These lithium-ion battery-powered gloves feature three individual temperature settings so you can adjust the amount of warmth to suit your needs. The heated wires extend over the back of your hand and along the back of the fingers for extra comfort. The heating function is easy to turn on and adjust; just push the red button on the back of each glove. The Savoir gloves are soft and supple, which makes them a top choice if you ice skate, sled, or a hike on a cold day. They are available in seven sizes, ranging from X-small to XXX-large. Batteries and a charger are included.

Runner Up

Best Heated Gloves Options: Aroma Season Rechargeable Battery Heated Gloves for Men and Women

Make a statement while you stay warm with these bright red, battery-powered Aroma Season Heated Gloves. They feature three temperature settings that keep you warm and reflective yellow strips on the back of each hand to keep you visible. Available in large and X-large, these gloves include a windproof and waterproof insert that blocks moisture while providing a measure of breathability so you don’t end up with sweaty hands. The back of each glove features a heating button and a pouch for a rechargeable, lithium-ion battery (batteries and charger included). The heated wires surround the fingers, extend over the palm’s back, and cover the front of the palm (thumb excluded). These gloves are a good option for anyone who wants all-over hand heating. As a bonus, the index fingers feature touchscreen-capable pads.

Upgrade Pick

Best Heated Gloves Options: Upgraded Heated Gloves for Men Women

Go ahead and throw that snowball! The SNOW DEER Heated Electric Gloves feature three temperature settings to keep your hands toasty warm no matter what type of outdoor activity you take on. The gloves’ leather and polyester shell keeps your hands dry and free from drafts, and the heating wires (operated by push buttons on the back of each glove) cover the entire back of the hands and fingers. They stop just short of the fingertips. The soft inside liner is made from breathable fleece and insulated cotton, and an adjustable wrist strap ensures a nice snug fit. The gloves operate on lithium-ion batteries (batteries and charger included) and they’re available in seven sizes from X-small to XXX-large, which makes them a viable choice for adult hands of all sizes.

Best Bang For the Buck

Best Heated Gloves Options: GLOBAL VASION Electric Heated Gloves with Rechargeable Batteries Gloves

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get some of the best heated gloves available. The GLOBAL VASION Heated Gloves offer three temperature settings, heating wires that cover the entire back of the hand, and touchscreen pads on the index fingers that make it easy to answer your phone or take a selfie. The gloves operate on lithium-ion batteries (batteries and charger included) and feature a pushbutton on the back of each glove for easy on/off and temperature selection. The gloves are crafted with a waterproof fabric shell, a soft, insulated interior liner, and feature a wrist adjustment strap to keep snow out—all at an attractive price point. They are available in large and X-large.

Best For Motorcylce

Best Heated Gloves Options: SAVIOR HEAT Motorcycle Gloves for Men and Women

Bitterly cold highway winds are no match for the SAVIOR HEAT Electric Heated Motorcycle Gloves that pack three temperature settings, a waterproof and windproof shell, and a soft liner in a thinner-than-average glove. Their style makes it easy for you to grip a bike’s handlebars and brake levers. The heating wires, powered by lithium-ion batteries, extend over the entire back of the hand and fingers (batteries and charger included). A handy push-button located on the wrist and an adjustable wrist strap allow the wearer to change glove temperatures and block cold air easily. A hard shell is situated over the knuckle area to protect the hands in an accident. The gloves are available in seven sizes that range from X-small to XXX-large.

Best For Skiing

Best Heated Gloves Options: Heated Gloves,Mens Womens Heated Ski Gloves Mittens

Whether you inch your way down bunny slopes or you tackle the twists and turns of a challenging “black run,” the SNOW DEER heated ski gloves are designed to keep your hands warm. These mitten-type gloves feature heated wires that extend across the entire back of the hand all the way to the fingertips to keep your hands toasty warm. The mitten design and sheep leather palm allow you to grip ski poles securely while the wind and water-resistant polyester shell repels water and resists winds to keep your hands dry and warm. An adjustable wrist strap snugs the mittens to keep snow and cold breezes out. The SNOW DEER ski gloves are available in seven sizes that range from X-small to XXX-large. Two lithium-ion batteries plus a charger are included.

Best Thin

Best Heated Gloves Options: HotHands Heated Fleece Glove

When you need some extra hand warmth but you don’t want to take the time to charge batteries, check out the HotHands Heated Fleece Gloves. These ultra-lightweight gloves are made from soft fleece for comfort. Each glove features a pocket that holds a HotHands Hand Warmer packet. The packets are immediately activated once you remove them from their airtight wrappers and stay warm for up to ten hours. Two hand warmer packets are included with these gloves and additional packs are sold separately. These lightweight gloves feature open fingertips beneath a pullback mitten cover so you can use your bare fingers to punch in a car door combination or use a smartphone or computer. When you are done, simply pull the mitten cover back over your fingers. These chemically heated gloves are a good option for anyone who wants to stay warm while maintaining finger dexterity.

Best Glove Liners

Best Heated Gloves Options: Heated Glove Liners for Men Women

Do you have a favorite pair of conventional gloves that just aren’t warm enough? If so, consider SNOW DEER Heated Glove Liners to boost your comfort level. You can pair them with heavier gloves or wear them alone. The liners feature a thin insulated interior and a flexible Neoprene exterior that offers a measure of wind protection. The thumb and index finger come with touchscreen pads, and the liners’ heating wires extend across the entire back of the hand and fingers—all the way to the fingertips. They operate via a pushbutton on the back of each wrist cuff. An adjustable cuff and snug-fitting fingers allow you to easily slide a larger glove over the liner. The heated liners use lithium-ion batteries. Two batteries plus a charger are included with each pair of gloves. You can choose the gloves in any of seven sizes from XX-small to XXX-large.

FAQs About Heated Gloves

Heated gloves have been around for a couple of decades, but they have become more popular as glove materials have improved, and batteries have gotten less bulky while able to hold longer charges. It’s not unusual for shoppers to have a few questions.

Q. Are heated gloves machine-washable?

Usually not. A tag sewn into the lining of the glove (just inside the wrist) indicates whether you can launder the gloves without damaging them. Some can be hand-washed, while you should only wipe down others with a damp cloth. Some can be machine-washed in a separate “delicates” bag. When you clean them, avoid wringing out any excess water. That action can damage the heating wires.

Q. How long do heated gloves last?

The warmth from chemically heated gloves can last eight to 10 hours, depending on the strength of the chemical packets. Battery-heated (electric) gloves generally stay warm for up to six hours before needing a recharge. Many have lifetime warranties. Over time, all batteries will eventually run down and hold less of a charge. You can charge a typical lithium-ion battery an average of 300 to 500 times before you need to replace it.