DIY Repurposing

7 New Projects for Your Old Bedsprings

Where do mattresses go to die? The landfill, most often. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There’s still life under what looks like old junk, if you’re willing to uncover it. Old bedsprings offer an industrial aesthetic that can lay the foundation for a host of projects and decorative pieces. Even individual spring coils can be brilliantly utilized—the rustier the better. Sharpen your wire cutters, and get ready to repurpose, reuse, and recycle.

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Wine Rack

The coil springs inside a mattress are the perfect shape to hold an upended wine bottle. Remove the springs and mount them to a piece of salvaged wood to craft a rustic wine rack with a repurposed edge.

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Outdoor Chandelier

Once the baby grows out of her crib, you can remove the metal spring support and use it for a variety of purposes—it can even serve as the framework for an outdoor chandelier of twinkle lights. Weave in some vining plants to bring a romantic ambience to a screened-in porch or patio.

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Vertical Planter

Everything old is new again—and alive. Painted bright orange, this old bedspring animates a living wall in this outdoor patio space. Plants are added by wrapping them in coco liner and nestling them into the coils. A little regular misting is all they require, and more plants can be added anytime.

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Letter Holder

Display your cards and correspondence with simple vintage flair by slipping them into an individual metal bed coil set out on a desk. The coil’s rust adds a warmth that particularly complements antique postcards.

Flower Display

Put together a rustic country look for your outdoor dining with repurposed bedsprings. Perfect for holding flowers, or even candles, these will add industrial grace to any gathering.

Outdoor Wreath

No door hanging is truer to the name “spring wreath” than this one. Use rusty but pliable wire to attach old bedsprings to the frame of your choice—this creation uses a portion of an old tomato cage. Wire cutters and gloves are a must for this project, as is, perhaps, an up-to-date tetanus shot.

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Pin Board

An old crib bedspring is reincarnated into a pin board for office notes or craft room inspiration. The bedspring is simply hung on the wall, and clothespins hold items in place. Creative brilliance is just around the corner.

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