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7 Ways to Declutter Without Throwing Anything Away

Many professional organizers will tell you the best way to declutter is to trash your unused, unloved, or broken belongings. This is sound advice, provided you actually own a bunch of rarely used junk. Most likely, though, your clutter is the result of too many essentials and too little space. In that case, you can't simply trash-bag your way to a cleaner home. That's where a few clever storage tricks can come in handy. Click through to learn how you can store all the things you need within the limited space you have.

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Embrace Underbed Storage

Shoving as much under your bed as you can fit doesn’t count as organizing. Instead, gather all the items that you don’t need every day (like seasonal clothing or dress shoes), and group them together in sealable storage boxes that you can slide under a bedskirt and out of sight. 

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Clean with Catchall Containers

If you’re having trouble checking clutter at the door, invest in a few storage baskets and hooks for your entryway—and then be sure to use them. You may be tempted to toss keys, mail, umbrellas, backpacks, and purses on any flat surface near the door, but you’ll be better off putting everything in its place. Drop incoming mail in one basket and pet supplies in another, and hang bags and outdoor gear on hooks to turn a disorganized doorway into a clutter-free drop zone. 

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Add Shelving to a Cluttered Kitchen

Instead of whittling down your wares when you run out of storage in the kitchen, try installing additional shelving on unused walls. So long as you keep the plates neatly stacked and glasses arrayed side by side, your newly minted open shelving will keep your kitchen looking as tidy as it would if everything were tucked away in a cabinet.

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Invest in Seating with Storage

Small-space gurus know that it’s always best to buy furniture that has more than one function. If you shop smart, you can snag a living room ottoman that can do more than prop up your feet. From the outside, a storage ottoman looks merely like a comfortable seat, but on the inside it’s actually a clever hiding spot for bulky pillows, blankets, and more, artfully concealing your clutter from the world.

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Do More with Drawer Dividers

Drawer dividers aren’t just for your silverware. Use them in your home office, workshop—even on your coffee table—to impose order wherever chaos reigns. By dividing your essentials into these simple trays, you can be sure you’ll always have a spot for miscellaneous items like pens, paper clips, and the TV remote.

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Creating Stations for Similar Supplies

How many times have you bought new supplies for a project only to discover later that you already had everything you needed at home? Whether you’re dealing with a weekend home improvement project or a kids’ crafting session, you’ll be able to attack it more efficiently if you store your supplies in a dedicated spot and keep tabs on what’s there. Not only will you cut down on clutter and save space, but you’ll also save money by buying only what you truly need.

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Add Drawers to Deep Shelving

All too often, deep shelving turns into a black hole. After all, if your arm can’t even reach the back of the shelf, there’s almost no way to keep things tidy and accessible. Fight disorganization by adding slide-out drawers to deep bedroom or bathroom storage so you can make the most of every inch of usable space. In the kitchen and laundry room, reclaim deep cabinets by installing roll-out storage for pots and pans, or even a laundry hamper.

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Get Organized

Decluttering doesn’t have to mean disposing. Get your house organized with these tips.