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21 Brilliant Hacks for an Organized Kitchen

Is your kitchen’s hallmark feature its chaotic cabinets, overcrowded counters, or limited space for meal prep? Get cooking on one or more of these 21 organizational solutions to minimize the clutter while maximizing surface and storage space!

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Living on the Ledge

Create a portrait of perfection and tidiness in the kitchen with this slim line recipe rail. Mount a repurposed picture frame ledge or a strip of painted scrap wood to an empty wall or pantry door and line it with recipe cards and lightweight cooking books to instantly cure cabinet and countertop clutter.

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Dine ‘Til You Drop

Think you don’t have the kitchen space to both wine and dine your guests? This drop-leaf table for your kitchen or dining room proves otherwise! The space-saver (and party-saver) effortlessly folds up at meal time, and down when guests depart.

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Island Fever

If you’re relying exclusively on kitchen counters and cupboards for surface and storage space, you’re missing out on a precious hidden workspace. A kitchen island with built-in shelves can pick up clutter where countertops leave off—creating a focal point that is equal parts fabulous and functional.

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Spiced-Up Storage

Does preparing dinner feel more like performing a juggling act of pots, pans, and spices? This over-the-stove storage unit, comprising a spare wood plank with built-in hooks, creates ample space above and below for securing spices and cookware as you create a culinary masterpiece.

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Hamper Clutter

When counters and cabinet shelves grow full, take clutter-clearing to the next level. Here, bargain baskets are hoisted atop cabinets to lend sky-high storage potential without requiring you to install or extend new or existing shelves.

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Hooked to Perfection

If you have an extra leaning ladder in the garage, upcycle it into this quick-and-easy vertical storage solution. Simply lean the ladder against a spare section of the kitchen wall. Then, hang large S-hooks on the rungs from which you can stash pots, pans, and homegrown planters. If you don’t have a spare ladder on hand, learn how to make your own decorative version here.

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Hot Rod

Good for more than hanging a shower curtain in the bathroom, tension rods can also help you get a handle on kitchen cupboard clutter. Fitted snugly into a window pane and hung with S-hooks, the rods instantly transform into a space-saving floating cupboard for your favorite mugs.

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Double Down

In a pint-sized kitchen, forego clunky chairs for stylish seating options with hidden storage. This ground level drawer topped with butcher block serves as a handsome place to set groceries or essentials. But that’s not all! When covered with a throw and pillow, it instantly transforms into a chic and cozy seat for weary guests.

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Round of Applause

Plastic storage containers of assorted shapes and sizes are tricky to organize in a corner cabinet shelf. The solution? Add a wooden round, adorned with patterned contact paper and door handles. Then, top the round with loose knickknacks to put the lazy Susan to work!

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On the Bright Side

Turn a do-nothing space on the side of a kitchen cabinet or island into a practical storage nook for essentials. Here, minimalist spice racks are mounted against the side of a cabinet and filled with toys and electronics to create an awe-inspiring activity and charging station for the whole family.

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Keep an Open Mind; photographed by Claire Esparros

Attract attention to your color-coordinated cooking essentials and crockware with a cleverly organized open shelving unit. By grouping together similar items into units, you can create a storage solution that is both accessible and artful.

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Reduce, Reuse, Reinvent

A bare wall may seem like an unlikely place for a recycling station. But when adorned with bargain cotton totes for stashing paper, plastic, and glass, the humble hallway transforms into an eco-friendly solution for reducing kitchen waste.

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Hit a Wall

Do you value clear countertops but lack cabinet space to keep clutter off your workspace? Look no further than this off-the-wall storage idea. Mount a scrap wooden plank above the window atop L-brackets to create a space-smart unit for stashing seldom-used dishes and decor.

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Color Coordination; photographed by Cody Ulrich

A harmonious color scheme for corner shelving units draws the eye away from clutter and helps your storage blend seamlessly into the space. The key is to choose colors and accents that match surrounding cabinetry and walls.

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Across the Board

Pegboard may be known for its skill in the garage at holding tools, but it also acts as a capable organizer in the kitchen. Mount the pegboard to the wall and fill it with S-hooks to put measuring spoons and salt shakers at your fingertips for easy meal prep.

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High and Dry

Stop wasting space with a countertop dish drying rack, and hang it up instead! With the rack’s all-steel assembly and accompanying hooks that hang from a bargain rod mounted above the sink, drip-drying dishes needn’t encroach on your personal space.

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On a Roll; photographed by Claire Esparros

Put your reliance in this two-in-one prep station and serving cart for your next barbecue bash. Construction is simple: Attach caster wheels to the feet of a stationary serving table, and voila—you have a portable surface to prep the appetizers and then serve them to your guests!

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Get Hooked

By simply installing adhesive hooks, you can transform the quagmire of clutter under the sink into an organizational oasis. Here, hooks mounted to the sides of the cabinet carry lightweight gloves and scrubbing brushes, while accompanying shelves shelter household cleaners and wipes.

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The Chef Has Arrived

From whisks to saucepan lids, non-standard-shaped kitchen tools call for non-traditional storage solutions. This resourceful vertical storage unit, fashioned from towel racks, offers an ideal home for pots, pans, loose lids and strainers without eating up too much space.

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In the Bag

Some of the best things in a DIYer’s life are free—and these paper bag kitchen organizers prove it. Folded into mix-and-match storage containers, humble paper bags transform into space-smart organizers that can fit—and instantly clear—cabinet and drawer clutter.

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A Full Plate

Don’t relegate kitchen essentials like salt shakers or pepper mills to the back of a cabinet. Keep these mealtime must-haves close at hand on a thrift-store tray. Not only will the portable platter catch impending spills, but it can easily be transported between the kitchen and dining room.

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