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13 Hallway Lighting Ideas That Work Even in Windowless Spaces

Whether you want glamour for a large hallway or function for a narrow one, there’s something for all different styles and needs in this roundup.

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Ignite the Light

Hallways often get overlooked. A passageway to more functional parts of the home, it can be easy to avoid adding style and function to large or small hallways alike in favor of a nearby bedroom or living room. But a hallway can also set the tone, adding accent lighting that streams into dimly lit cozy rooms just around the corner. There are so many hallway lighting ideas to take advantage of, whether that’s a low-hanging chandelier for a hallway with high ceilings, or a stylish table lamp placed on a buffet for mood lighting. Take a look at these 13 options.

Second Floor Chandelier

Draw the eye up with hallway lighting ideas like this second-floor chandelier that adds grandeur as you climb the stairs. The light will bounce off your hallway walls and ceiling to brighten up even dark floors.

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Slim Floor Lamp

If you’re looking to avoid electrical work, a floor lamp is a great option for your hallway lighting ideas. A slim floor lamp like this gorgeous gold one (available on Amazon) can be easily tucked in a corner without taking up too much floor space.

Double Pendant Lighting

If you’re looking for hallway lighting ideas that bring maximum overhead lighting to a space, then try double pendant lights. The pendant lighting grouping will provide undeniable luxury to even the simplest of areas. If you have high ceilings, add even more luxury with low hanging lights.

Vanity Inspired Lighting

For a dimly lit hallway, try using vanity lights on a wall. The look will provide moody vibes as you walk down the hallway. This vanity option (available on Etsy) features retro bulbs and unfinished brass that’s ideal for both a farmhouse feel and a modern look alike.

Tiffany Style Fixture

Go beyond simply brightening up a space and consider hallway lighting ideas that take center stage. This handmade Tiffany ceiling light (available on Etsy) features stunning Wisteria stained glass that will add colorful vintage vibes to your hallway.

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Multipurpose Shelf Floor Lamp

If you’re looking for hallway lighting ideas that allow you to store and display things with a space-saving design, try a shelf floor lamp. This modern standing accent light (available on Amazon) is great for a narrow hallway that can’t hold a buffet or other furniture to add a touch of style.

Recessed Lighting

For curved, narrow hallway lighting ideas, avoid low hanging lighting, lights on the walls, or anything that closes the space down. Instead, try recessed lighting or ceiling lights, which will light the way and open the space up with its inconspicuous design.

A Series of Wall Lights

For captivating hallway lighting ideas, consider installing multiple wall lights or sconces to set the scene. This option (available at The Home Depot) combines industrial and rustic design for an edgy yet warm look.

A Mixture of Styles

For spaces that offer style from the ground up with gorgeous floors and elegant furniture, consider hallway lighting ideas that accent your style, like this eclectic mixture of sconces and overhead foyer lighting. A mix-and-max approach will brighten up the hallway while adding even more decadent decor.

Stylish Table Lamp

For moody hallway lighting, try accenting a buffet with a stylish table lamp that gives off just enough light to lead the way. The low lighting is ideal for ensuring the hallway isn’t too bright, which would take over the relaxing vibes of a nearby room.

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Spotlight Floor Lamp

This functional and uniquely-modern spotlight floor lamp (available at IKEA) is an ideal choice for a wildly different hallway lighting idea. It allows you to point the light exactly where you need it, whether that’s to illuminate the hallway or avoid too much light in one direction.

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Stylish Track Lighting

A low-profile yet aesthetically pleasing option for hallway lighting is track lighting. This industrial-meets-traditional style (available on Overstock) doesn’t overwhelm the space while still offering the function of various track heads that individually direct and focus light where needed.

Hexagonal Touch Lights

A techy option for your hallway lighting are these hexagonal touch lights (available on Amazon). The lights add style to your wall, while a sensor turns the lights on with the simple touch of your hand when you walk by.