13 Pantry Door DIY Makeover Ideas Under $150

Making over your pantry door can be a budget-friendly, low-effort endeavor that gives your kitchen added style. These easy ideas are perfect for your next weekend project.
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Pantry open with two sliding barn doors

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While it might not be at the top of the renovation list, don’t underestimate the impact of a pantry door makeover. Beyond its job of hiding groceries away for neat and seamless food storage, a unique door can provide a standout design element for the kitchen. Unsure if it’s worth a chunk of the renovation budget? A pantry door facelift doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. From hardware and paint to molding and decals, these simple DIY projects will add a wow factor to any kitchen.

Use Chalkboard Paint


A chalkboard pantry door does double duty as a fun update and a place to record the grocery list. Chalkboard paint can be used on glass or wood doors for an easy upgrade. This DIY project featured on the Love & Renovations uses chalkboard paint for the pantry surface, complemented by three squares of white trim attached with liquid nails. The best part? It cost this blogger only $30.

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Install a Sliding Barn Door


A sliding barn door is perfect for hiding away groceries while bringing in a farmhouse style. Check out this simple tutorial from A Turtle’s Life for Me. The writer was determined to incorporate a sliding barn door into her kitchen design; however, an oversized opening eliminated prefabricated options. She and her husband got creative with materials, using shed siding panels. They added some architectural detail with rough-sawn wood and a nail gun. With the wood, mounting hardware, stopper, paint, and door pull, the project cost them only $107.

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Apply Lettering Decals

White Pantry with Letter Decal on Door
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Create the feeling of a cafe at home with a custom pantry decal like this custom decal by @stellarandstarkdecal at Etsy. Choose from a wide range of dimensions and personalize it with the family name. Perfect for application on glass or wood, these vinyl stickers look stylish and are simple to apply.

Add a Fun Pattern

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This weekend project is truly worth the time and effort. Hana of Hana’s Happy Home blog took a plain hollow core door and made it a showstopper by getting creative with some affordable MDF board. The process included framing out the design with painter’s tape, cutting the boards, attaching them with a pin nailer, and painting the result in a bold color. The most amazing part is the project cost only $30. Her tutorial has a printable guide, making it simple to follow for determined DIYers.

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Install Oversize Hardware

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It’s incredible how much impact new hardware can provide. Oversize pulls, like these solid brass handles by @LittleMove at Etsy, will add a modern look to a plain door, especially when paired with a bold paint color. Don’t be afraid to mix metals with other kitchen accessories for a standout look.

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Create a Paneled Door


It doesn’t get much simpler or cost-effective than this one-day project, which comes in at under $20 and looks fantastic. Check out the tutorial on the Jenna Sue Design Co. blog to get started. Basic supplies include a piece of plywood, precut at the store or at home, and a nail gun or wood glue for securing. Finish off the detailing with a fresh coat of paint for a total facelift.

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Add Beadboard


Take a simple hollow door from boring to beautiful with the addition of beadboard panels, which can be found in most hardware stores for under $30. Get started now with the step-by-step tutorial on Pretty Handy Girl. Her DIY project uses basic tools to install the beadboard panel and simple molding to frame it.

Swap in French Doors

French Door Pantry Doors
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A bifold door on the pantry can be unattractive and take up a lot of space when opening. Replacing it with French doors will immediately take the style and functionality factors up a notch. Featured on Within the Grove, this DIYer’s project involved repurposing the wood from a bifold door, adding plywood details, and adding new hardware to achieve a modern look for under $35.

Try Ceiling Tiles

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It’s always a good idea to think outside the box when renovating. Blogger Deb of Seeking Lavender Lane did just that when she came up with the idea to use ceiling tiles to refurbish a flat hollow door. All this update requires is the tiles, liquid nails, a nail gun, caulk, and paint. Check out her blog for the full tutorial. Find drop ceiling tiles like these white wainscoting tiles at Etsy that can be painted to match your color scheme.

Put up Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper

Wooden Plank Wall Stickers on Pantry Door
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Peel-and-stick wallpaper is an excellent option for renters looking for a low-commitment pantry door makeover. From playful designs to interesting textures, there are plenty of options when it comes to patterns and styles. Get the look of rustic wood panels with this wood planks wall sticker by @Styleyhomes at Etsy.

Opt for $1 Dollar Wood Framing


Featured on Originally Worn Handmade Goods, this project relied on unconventional materials for an update that cost under $5. The DIYer found trim made from replacement boards for lattice fencing, which cost just a dollar per panel, and attached it with liquid nails. Paint will cost extra, but the result will give the pantry door an instant upgrade. Check out the post for step-by-step instructions.

Use a Bold Paint Color


For those not interested in cutting and gluing, a simple paint job can go a long way. Choose a bold color for a statement, or keep it sleek with a shade lighter or darker than the wall color. Go the extra mile and paint the interior shelves the same color or a lighter shade and line the back wall with peel-and-stick wallpaper.

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Add a Privacy Film 

Left Hand Pantry Door with Frosted Glass

Those with glass interior doors looking for a simple option to conceal pantry contents might want to consider a privacy film from our list of best window films. Choose a simple frosted adhesive or one with a decorative pattern. Purchase in the appropriate size, then simply peel and stick it to a pantry window.