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9 Handy Under-Sink Organizers to Buy or DIY

In most homes, the under-the-sink cabinet doesn’t get much respect. It often hides a trash can and the cleaning potions—but it also can become a dumping ground for odds and ends. To make the most of this centrally located space, get inspired by these smart ideas for transforming it into a tidy and efficient spot.

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Try a Pull-Out Caddy

A handy wire holder keeps the under-sink cabinet organized, but can also be pulled out and toted around the house on clean-up days. Worried about a tight squeeze? You’ll be happy to know the handle height adjusts to fit under plumbing. Available on Amazon; $73.

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Dress It Up With a DIY

This homeowner spruced up her under-sink cabinet—all too often a dark space—with bright and cheery contact paper. (Bonus: It’s easy to wipe down!) She also painted an old drawer to use as an organizing tray, and hung under-cabinet baskets up above to make use of every inch.

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Let It Slide

The drain pipes beneath the sink can make it tricky to efficiently use the under-sink space, but this clever rack works around the problem. Literally. A large U-shaped drawer slides smoothly in and out, leaving the space in the center clear for the plumbing. Available on Amazon; $212.

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Hang a Trash Bag Rail

Many folks keep their trash bags under the sink—a logical spot for them, since the kitchen bin is often there, too, or nearby. With dowels and curtain-hanging brackets, this homeowner constructed a neat way to store large rolls of bags within easy reach.

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Keep Compost Contained

Composting kitchen scraps to enrich garden soil is smart and environmentally conscious, but it requires a bit of thinking to incorporate a compost bin into a busy working kitchen. This model cleverly tucks inside the sink cabinet door, so veggie peelings and leftovers can be tossed right in. Available on Amazon; $54.

Build a Towel Holder

The paper towel roll is one of those items that you’ll want both close at hand and, if possible, out of sight. If you’re handy, consider making this wooden towel holder to hide inside your sink cabinet. It even has a shelf for cleaning sprays!

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Repurpose a Curtain Rod

A tension rod, usually used for curtains, is transformed here into a brilliant solution for maximizing vertical-space storage in an under-sink cabinet. Just hook spray bottles over the rod, where they’re easy to grab for a quick tidying session. Space on the sides can be used for hanging cleaning brushes, a sink plug, and other essentials.

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Get Hooked

Removable adhesive hooks are ideal for renters who want to hang brushes and gloves in organized cabinets without making permanent alterations. The latest versions work surprisingly well—so long as you follow the directions—and come in a slew of attractive colors, from bright shades (as shown) here to cool metallics that mimic bronze or chrome.

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Label It With Love

This homeowner believed (and we agree) that even the unglamorous cavern beneath the sink deserves a little love. To make efficient and eye-pleasing use of door space, she attached clothespins to use as storage clips and added witty labels with stick-on vinyl.

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