The Best Ornament Storage Options for Homeowners

Neatly and safely storing away tree ornaments is a perennial challenge that appears near the top of many homeowners' to-do lists. Ready to get organized? Start here. and its partners may earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of our links.

Best Ornament Storage Options


Looking into your family’s collection tree ornaments can be like greeting a group of old friends. Sentimental favorites—our children’s handcrafted kindergarten creations, for instance—nestle alongside ornaments picked up while traveling or inherited from grandparents.

As our ornament collections grow larger and more dear over the years, storage becomes an increasingly important consideration, if not a downright necessity. The best ornament storage options protect not only against damage, but also against disorganization and inconvenience.

Such storage boxes are available in a variety of materials and typically include divided sections in removable trays to keep ornaments separated and cushioned. Secure lids seal out moisture, and sturdy handles allow you to lift and carry your stored ornaments with ease.

For maximum convenience and security, consider construction, size, shape, and portability—without forgetting that your ornaments are unique and may require be suited by one type over another.

Our Top Picks

To find the right method of storage for your needs and budget, start with our roundup of top-favorite picks among the best ornament storage options available today!

Best Overall

Best Ornament Storage Options: 612 Vermont Christmas Ornament Storage Box

Do you have heirloom ornaments, sentimental favorites, or just expensive ornaments that you hope will become heirlooms in future years? For those special keepsakes, this ornament storage solution from 612 Vermont Store offers protection as well as organization and storage. Made from completely acid-free materials, this storage box will protect your ornaments from fading, discoloration, and damage.

The storage box holds up to 60 ornaments that are each 4 inches in diameter. Collapsible dividers sit in three removable trays. For large or odd-shaped ornaments, you can easily adjust the space by removing one or two dividers.

This sturdy ornament storage box is constructed from durable cardboard and lined with a nonwoven material. It features exterior braided handles as well as a highly visible identification tag.

Runner Up

Best Ornament Storage Options: ZOBER Plastic Christmas Ornament Storage Box

If you have a large number of ornaments and other decorations, this container can meet your storage needs without straining your pocketbook. The ZOBER ornament storage box holds up to 128 ornaments, each 3 inches in diameter. Eight individual, removable carrying trays feature removable dividers to organize up to 16 ornaments in each tray. If you need to store larger ornaments, it’s easy to take out a few of the collapsible dividers to create larger spaces.

The exterior of this ornament storage box is constructed from waterproof vinyl to protect your ornaments from moisture, mold, dust, and insects. Reinforced seams and strong hand grips on both sides make the box ideal for carrying. Sturdy, dual zippers extend around three sides on both the top and bottom, so you can flatten the entire box for storage when it’s not in use.

Best Storage Cube

Best Ornament Storage Options: Christmas Ornament Storage

This compact storage cube from Handy Laundry Store neatly organizes up to 64 ornaments in three layers of divided spaces. Exterior dimensions measure 13 inches by 13 inches by 13.5 inches. The interior cardboard dividers are removable to accommodate larger ornaments or odd-shaped decorations.

The durable fabric box zips closed to protect your ornaments from dirt and dust while in storage. After you’ve removed the ornaments for decorating, the entire box collapses flat, so you can conveniently tuck it away.

Two sturdy handles on either side of the box provide easy transport. A front label pocket allows you to identify the contents when you reach for the box again next year.

Best Portable Storage

Best Ornament Storage Options: Classic Accessories Seasons Christmas

Consider the Classic Accessories Store ornament organizer and storage bin. A Velcro closure secures the two strong, flexible handles, so you can pick up this ornament storage box and carry it with one hand.

The polyester fabric box holds up to 60 ornaments in three stackable trays. Each tray holds 20 ornaments in individual spaces that measure 3 inches by 3 inches by 3.75 inches. You can remove the collapsible dividers to create larger individual storage spaces. Overall, the box measures 16 inches by 13 inches by 12 inches.

Best Transparent Storage

Best Ornament Storage Options: Whitmor Christmas Large Ornament Storage Zip Chest

When you’re hunting around in the attic, basement, or storage unit for ornaments, it’s convenient to view the contents of a transparent container with one quick glance. This ornament storage box from Whitmor is constructed of clear frosted plastic to protect your ornaments from dust, damage, and deterioration while allowing you to see exactly what’s inside.

Measuring 20.5 inches by 11.8 inches by 11.8 inches, the box holds up to 112 ornaments in separate spaces. The cardboard dividers are both removable and reconfigurable to accommodate ornaments of varying sizes and shapes. The zippered top provides easy access, and strong handles make it safe to lift and carry this container.

Best Stackable Storage

Best Ornament Storage Options: IRIS USA WL-60 Holiday Ornament Storage Box

While you’re organizing and storing your tree ornaments, you may want to organize your storage space as well. These stackable bins from IRIS USA offer a secure place to stow your ornaments, along with a utilitarian solution for storage space organization.

Each plastic box offers individual storage sections for up to 75 ornaments that each measure 3.5 inches by 3.5 inches. Collapsible dividers provide storage sections in three layers. These ornament bins feature dual hinged tops that lock securely in place with a wing lid design.

Because of their sturdy construction and design, these bins are stackable. Moreover, they are transparent, allowing you to assess their contents at a glance. Declutter and organize both your ornament collection and your storage space with these handy, stackable storage bins.

Best Underbed Storage

Best Ornament Storage Options: Honey-Can-Do Ornament Storage Box

That empty space under the bed is just waiting for you to discover how useful it is. One brilliant idea is to create an under-bed storage solution for ornaments.

The Honey-Can-Do ornament storage box is made of nylon-polyester and offers individual compartments for up to 40 ornaments. If you’d like to reconfigure the compartments for larger ornaments, simply remove some of the dividers. The design of this box allows single-layer storage of your tree ornaments, making the box shallow enough to slide under your bed. It measures 30 inches by 17.5 inches by 5 inches.

With its vibrant red and green colors, this ornament storage box stands out visually. A single handle lets you easily slide the box in and out from under the bed, and the lid fits snugly to protect your ornaments from dust and dirt.