The Best Christmas Tree Toppers for the Season

Tinsel, ornaments, and garlands make the Christmas tree sparkle, but it’s not complete without the best topper. Use this guide to find one that suits your style, tree size, and budget. and its partners may earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of our links.

The Best Christmas Tree Toppers


For many families, the Christmas tree is the centerpiece of their holiday decorations. Some people go with a theme like snowmen, angels, or Santa Claus, while others opt for nostalgic, family ornaments accented by simple glass balls in seasonal colors. Either way, the tree isn’t complete until you’ve found the best topper ornament.

The best topper fits the size of your tree and room while complementing your decor. Let this guide help you find your Christmas tree’s crowning glory, and discover why the following toppers are considered among the best available.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Kurt Adler 8-Inch Gold Glittered 5 Point Star Treetop
  2. RUNNER-UP: Kurt Adler Illuminated Angel Treetop
  3. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: ITART 129ct Christmas Tree Ornaments Including Topper
  4. BEST BLACK ANGEL: Kurt Adler African American Angel Treetop Figurine
  5. BEST SANTA: Kurt Adler 10-Light Santa Treetop, 10-Inch
  6. BEST LIGHTED: Yostyle Christmas Tree Topper
  7. BEST HAND-PAINTED: Willow Tree Starlight Tree Topper, Hand-Painted
  8. MOST WHIMSICAL: D-FantiX Gnome Christmas Tree Topper, 25 Inch Large
The Best Christams Tree Toppers


What to Consider When Buying Christmas Tree Toppers

Tree toppers come in styles as varied as other Christmas ornaments with goofy animal and gnome toppers as well as the traditional angels, stars, and spires. Part of your decision depends on how often you replace your Christmas ornaments. Some folks prefer a classic topper to hand down to the next generation, while others typically change their Christmas decor’s theme every year or two and want a topper to match. The following factors and features are important to also keep in mind.

Size and Weight

The topper’s size and weight is one of your first considerations, as it should be proportionate to the tree’s size and fullness. A topper that’s too large and heavy for your Christmas tree can visually and physically overpower the tree, while a delicate 4-inch star might look lost on a 12-foot tree.

Here are some general guidelines to help you find a tree topper that suits your Christmas tree size:

  • 4- to 5½-foot tree: toppers up to 5 inches by 3 inches
  • 5½- to 6½-foot tree: toppers up to 7 inches by 5 inches
  • 6½- to 7½-foot tree: toppers up to 8 inches by 6 inches
  • Over 8 feet: toppers up to about 9 inches by 7 to 8 inches

Keep in mind other factors that determine whether a topper will suit your tree. The wider and taller the Christmas tree, the smaller the tree topper will look. Your personal preferences factor into how you want the overall tree to appear, too. Some people like how a 12- to 13-inch topper can make their tree seem taller.

Consider the thickness and strength of the tree as well. If going for a live tree, know that some species of evergreens are heartier and better suited for large toppers than others. Noble firs, for example, are known for their strong branches and can hold a larger Christmas tree topper. Artificial trees offer some flexibility in tree topper size because you can adjust the top branches to offer more support for a heavier tree topper.


Plastic, wood, glass, crystal, metal, and resin are all common materials used to make tree toppers. The material you choose should complement the rest of your Christmas ornaments; a metal tree topper may look out of place with ornaments made of natural materials like wood, burlap, and cotton.

Material also influences the topper’s weight. Plastic weighs less than most other materials, making these tree toppers easier for a tree to support. Larger trees can support the weight of heavier toppers.

Anything more than 1.5 to 2 pounds would be considered on the heavier side. Check the package or product description for the topper’s weight, although it may not be listed. Pay attention to design as well. Manufacturers may use lightweight material, like plastic, and create hollow toppers to reduce weight, making some models deceptively light for their size.


Christmas tree themes vary far and wide. Classic elegance, contemporary minimalism, cottage, and retro are only a few of the themes commonly available. Classic, traditional themes typically revolve around spiritual symbols like stars and angels, which can be either simple and rustic or elaborate and opulent.

Folks who like a homespun look may consider toppers featuring visible wire, wood, and hand-tied ribbon for a handmade feel, which complement plaids, buffalo check, and other casual Christmas decor.

Perhaps you prefer decorations with a trendy flair. A spire topper in an unusual color like pink, baby blue, or black complements many modern themes. New Christmas color schemes pop up every year, so you can change your topper based on your latest favorite.


Christmas tree toppers run the gamut from simple to complex. Basic models just sit on top of the tree, yet you’ll find models that play music, light up, move around, or project stars and snowflakes over the tree. Many of these extra features add weight, so your tree will need to support not only the topper but the batteries or electrical components needed to power the bells and whistles.


Tree toppers sometimes include a few accessories to make installation easier, such as extra wire to secure the topper, replacement bulbs, and matching ornaments or tree skirts. While these accessories may be helpful and add to a coordinated look, make sure that they’re of equal quality to the tree topper itself.

Our Top Picks

The holidays just aren’t complete without a striking Christmas tree topper. The following quality models, representing a spectrum of sizes, weights, shapes, as well as glitter, angels, Santa, and stars, will help you choose a beautiful finishing touch for your tree.

Best Overall

The Best Christmas Tree Toppers Option: Kurt Adler 8-Inch Gold Glittered 5 Point Star Treetop

For some, the star holds significant religious meaning at Christmastime, and it’s an all-around lovely way to adorn your treetop as a traditional symbol of the holiday season. This Kurt Adler tree topper adds the right touch of glitz and glamor with sparkling glitter and detailed cutouts on each arm of the star. Once the Christmas tree lights hit this 8-inch topper, the star sparkles and shines, while its ample glitter stays put instead of shedding all over the floor. The spiral base can fit trees of different sizes and allows for the use of twine or wire to secure the topper in place.


The Best Christmas Tree Toppers Option: Kurt Adler Illuminated Angel Treetop

This sizable angel stands 12 inches tall, making it better suited visually for larger trees, yet despite its height, its hollow core keeps it at a light 1.28 ounces. The angel’s gown brings drama and flair with feathered wings and light-up candles in each hand. In total, this topper contains 10 bulbs, including 4 replacement bulbs to keep it shining bright. If your Christmas decor tips toward traditional symbols, this topper will complement it beautifully.

Best Bang For The Buck

The Best Christmas Tree Toppers Option: ITART 129ct Christmas Tree Ornaments Including Topper

This 5-inch ITART topper keeps it simple yet striking with a cutout star silhouette covered in gold glitter. And the topper is just the beginning: It’s included with an affordable 129-piece set, providing enough ornaments to coordinate your entire tree. The red, green, and gold ornaments come in such traditional shapes as pine cones, snowflakes, and presents, yet the colors and finish lend a modern feel for those who like to stay on top of trends. This set complements a flocked tree or gives an impactful twist to an evergreen, and the ornaments are shatterproof—a wise safety feature.

Best Black Angel

The Best Christmas Tree Toppers Option: Kurt Adler African American Angel Treetop Figurine

Angels come in all colors. This Kurt Adler tree topper has all the opulence of a traditional Christmas angel, including rich gold robes. Feathery wings and cascading ribbon complete the graceful and gilded look. The figure holds two glowing electric candles, and the entire angel lights up. At 13 inches high, this topper is appropriate for taller, fuller trees, yet at 8.8 ounces it may be lightweight enough for a somewhat smaller tree to support.

Best Santa

The Best Christmas Tree Toppers Option: Kurt Adler 10-Light Santa Treetop, 10-Inch

Kids of all ages often respond to the image of Santa Claus, and this topper can add that sense of wonder and magic to your tree. Dressed in a traditional, faux fur-lined red coat, this Santa has loads of old-world charm. He carries a wreath and brightens the three with 10 pre-lit lights.
This 10-inch Santa suits traditional, cottage, and rustic decor styles. The topper includes a 30-inch lead wire to make connecting it to your lights that much easier.

Best Lighted

The Best Christmas Tree Toppers Option: Yostyle Christmas Tree Topper

The Yostyle Christmas Tree Topper uses an LED light projector to literally spread seasonal cheer all over the room. The glittering silver star sparkles on its own, but when plugged in, light escapes through strategic cutouts, projecting charming images on the ceiling. Star and snowflakes dance and dazzle above the tree, taking tradition to new heights. This topper also boasts a lightweight design, so at 16 ounces it can be used on trees of various sizes.

Best Hand-Painted

The Best Christmas Tree Toppers Option: Willow Tree Starlight Tree Topper, Hand-Painted

If you aim for subtle sophistication with your holiday decor, consider this lovely hand-painted tree topper. A deceivingly rustic design in muted earth tones offers elegance to your design scheme. The minimalist angel figure is surrounded by a glittering star that looks modern yet still reflects Christmas symbolism. This 12-inch resin angel is hollow, so the top branches can fit inside to keep the topper in place. It weighs approximately 2 pounds, which makes it heavier than plastic and some wood models, so just ensure that your tree is hearty enough to support it.

Most Whimsical

The Best Christmas Tree Toppers Option: D-FantiX Gnome Christmas Tree Topper, 25 Inch Large

If the spirit of Christmas means laughter in your home, consider this oversize ornament that doesn’t just top the tree—it practically swallows it. The 25-inch gnome boasts a ludicrously long beard, large cap, and festive mittens to help even Scrooge crack a smile. The topper manages to be funny, festive, and oddly modern at the same time. The gnome makes a terrific topper and can also sit on a mantel or function as a silly centerpiece. This gnome is built over a spring, so it can be pressed flat for easier storage when the holiday season is over.

FAQs About Christmas Tree Toppers

The sheer number of Christmas tree toppers available can be especially overwhelming if you’re decorating your first Christmas tree or starting from scratch. Check out these tips and informational pointers to help you choose and use the best tree topper this holiday season.

Q. What should I put on top of my Christmas tree?

Religious symbols like stars and angels still rank as some of the most popular tree toppers. However, Santa Claus, spires, and snowflakes in traditional Christmas colors of red, green, silver, and gold are popular, too.

Q. How big should a Christmas tree topper be?

Christmas tree toppers are generally proportional to the size of the Christmas tree—the larger the tree, the larger the topper. However, some people prefer a small or oversize topper just because they like the look. Your only real limit is the tree’s strength—some toppers may simply be too heavy for a small, spindly tree.

Q. Why is an angel sometimes put on top of a Christmas tree?

In the Christian tradition, angels represent the heavenly witnesses and heralds of Christ’s birth.

Q. How do you get a Christmas tree topper to stay on?

If you have an artificial tree, you can often adjust the branches to offer more support for the topper. Floral wire or twine are inexpensive ways to anchor the tree topper to an artificial or real tree. Simply tie the wire or twine to the topper, then weave it through the branches. Do this on several sides of the topper for greater stability.