The Best Things to Buy in January, According to Experts

There are still plenty of deals to be found post-holiday season, which is perfect if you’re reinventing your space or lifestyle in the new year.

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After a flurry of spending during the holiday season (and for Boxing Day), more shopping might not be on the top of your to-do list at the start of the new year. But come January, don’t overlook deals at the start of the calendar year. Post-holiday season, there are plenty of sales to shop as retailers are hoping to get rid of holiday stock, winter items, and prep for the year ahead. From fitness equipment and bedding, to entertainment electronics, these are the best things to buy in January.

1. Holiday decor 

The Best Things to Buy in January Option Holiday decor

After the holiday season, retailers are keen to get rid of their seasonal stock. Enter January sales. According to Elisa Bender, co-founder of RevenueGeeks, “The smartest shoppers take advantage of holiday leftovers. In many cases, clearance sales give better discounts than you’d find on Black Friday.” This doesn’t apply only to holiday decor, but also treats, as Bender told us, “..You can find everyday items like Lindt holiday chocolates selling for $5.” Bottom line, it’s not too early to stock up for next year!

2. Gift sets

The Best Things to Buy in January Option Gift sets

January is also a good time to shop leftover gift sets from the giving season. Trae Bodge, retail and shopping expert at True Trae told us, “Gift bundles are often created solely for the holidays, so shoppers can expect sets that remain on the shelves to be discounted deeply. This is a time for budget-conscious shoppers to enjoy very deep discounts on holiday sweets and stock up on items from their favorite beauty and grooming brands.” If you can snag gift sets that aren’t holiday-themed, they’ll also make for great gifts year-round.

3. Bedding and linens

The Best Things to Buy in January Option Bedding and linens

Many retailers hold white sales in January, discounting bedding,towels, and other home linens. The “white sale” was first established in January of 1878 by retail pioneer John Wanamaker, to encourage sales during the post-holiday slow-down. It’s now part of the annual shopping calendar, with many big box retailers participating. Let’s face it, who doesn’t love a fresh set of sheets or towels for the new year?

4. TVs 

The Best Things to Buy in January Option TVs

TVs start going on sale in January and the sales continue into February. These months are amongst the best times of the year to buy a TV because many brands discount models before the Super Bowl. Also, by January, many new TV models have been out for almost a year, so some prices can start dropping at this point.

5. Winter clothing

The Best Things to Buy in January Option Winter clothing

January is the start of winter, but by the end of the month, it’s nearly time for retailers to change seasons. According to Bodge, shoppers in need of “boots, hats, and coats will be pleased to find widespread discounts in this category. It’s still cold in many areas of the country, so it’s a great time to stock up on everything you need.” Best of all, you’ll still have a few weeks to wear your new finds. The end of January (and into February) is the perfect time to look for sales on winter clothing, shoes, and accessories.

6. Fitness equipment

The Best Things to Buy in January Option Fitness equipment

January is a good time to stock up on fitness equipment. As Bender explains, “Getting fit is the most common New Year’s resolution every year. As a result, you can expect all kinds of discounts on workout equipment.” Items like ten-piece resistance band bundles on Amazon can go for as little as $15, and full sets of all-purpose weights can go for less than $30, Bender adds. There are discounts on gym apparel too, so you can set up for the entire year. For many of us, motivation is at its peak at the start of the year, so it’s a great time to buy workout essentials that will excite you to follow through with your goals.

7. Small kitchen appliances

The Best Things to Buy in January Option Small kitchen appliances

Many New Year resolutions include the desire to eat heathier, which fuels some deals on small kitchen appliances. As shoppers look for ways to cook healthier meals, retailers meet the demand head-on with appliance deals, some being substantial. Buying a new blender, food processor, or air fryer is a great way to make New Year’s health goals easier to accomplish. If you can get a countertop kitchen helper for a fraction of its usual price, it’s well worth it.

8. Beauty products

The Best Things to Buy in January Option Beauty products

Personal care and beauty goals are also at the top of many New Year’s resolution lists, and January is a great time to try new products and stock up on old favorites. Some big brands also have major January sales.

9. Calendars and planners

The Best Things to Buy in January Option Calendars and planners

If you can go a couple of weeks without a planner come January, then you can snag one at a discount to use for the rest of the year. Many people buy calendars and planners in preparation for the new year. Once January hits (and especially later in the month), demand typically drops, prompting retailers to knock down prices to get rid of their stock.

10. Furniture

The Best Things to Buy in January Option Furniture

The best furniture sales happen around major holidays, but there are deals to be found in January too. Redecorating or refreshing your space is another common New Year’s resolution, prompting retailers to offer deals. Plus, since many new furniture styles come out in February, retailers often clear older styles (which still look just as nice!), meaning major furniture deals throughout January.


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