The 6 Best Things to Buy in November

Take advantage of sales on TVs, major appliances, outdoor gear, and more.

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As November draws closer, your mind may be focused on holiday shopping and gift-giving. And, while these are certainly important purchases to think about, you don’t want to miss out on some of the great deals that will also become available during the month. Justin Albertynas, CEO of Ratepunk, says that November “is one of the most awaited months for avid shoppers… a huge part of this is Black Friday and Cyber Monday, [the] days when retailers roll out significant discounts.” Whether you’re shopping for yourself or looking to give the best gift to a friend or family member, it can be a great time to score a great deal. Read on to learn about some of the best things to buy in November.

1. Appliances

The Best Things to Buy in November Option Appliances

According to Albertynas, November is an excellent time to shop for appliances. “New models [are] being introduced in the fall, prompting sellers to discount older versions. Everything from small kitchen gadgets to larger appliances like refrigerators become more affordable,” he writes.

Michael Goldstein, a Sales Specialist with Doyon’s Appliance, tells us that “major manufacturers offer great discounts to retailers [at up] to 20 to 40 percent savings off around that time.” They generally begin these sales around Veterans Day and continue the deals through the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. If you’ve been thinking about getting a new refrigerator or are worried that your washer is on its last leg, November might just be the time to start looking for these new laundry or kitchen appliances.

2. Electronics

The Best Things to Buy in November Option Electronics

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday both taking place in November, it can be one of the best times to pick up new electronics for your home. Candor CEO and Founder, Kelsey Bishop shares that many stores “offer significant discounts on tech items like laptops, TVs, and smartphones during the lead-up to the Christmas season.” She adds that it’s also a great time to buy tech gifts for loved ones or upgrade your own pieces with the holiday season around the corner.

3. Halloween Costumes and Decorations

The Best Things to Buy in November Option Halloween Costumes and Decorations

Halloween is over by the time November rolls around, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start thinking ahead to next year. With Thanksgiving fast approaching, retailers are eager to get Halloween decorations and costumes off of their shelves to get other holiday displays ready. Because of this, you’re likely to find deep discounts on Halloween-related items like candy, decorations, and more.

4. Clothing

The Best Things to Buy in November Option Clothing

Kate Breen, Personal Styling and Image Consultant with GetDressedGo, explains why shoppers might want to purchase some new clothes in November. “If you’re looking for great deals, November is the best time to shop for off-season clothes that retailers are trying to clear out before the end of the year. Searching the clearance section at this time of year can yield fantastic bargains,” she says.

Breen also notes that you might want to start planning ahead and looking for new outfits for the holidays, work, or upcoming special events. She explains that it’s a great time to shop if you want a larger pick of sizes and colors as stores have more merchandise than usual to prepare for the holiday season around that time.

5. Sporting and Outdoor Gear

The Best Things to Buy in November Option Sporting and Outdoor Gear

When the temperatures start dropping in November, camping or bike riding is probably one of the last things on your mind. However, according to Pickleheads Co-Founder and CEO Max Ade, late fall is an opportune time to buy things you need for coming seasons. “Many retailers offer off-season discounts on items like camping equipment, hiking gear, and bicycles in November in order to clear inventory for winter products,” he writes.

6. Cookware

The Best Things to Buy in November Option Cookware

Between the holiday season approaching and Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, November is among the best times to shop for new cookware. When shopping for new pots and pans, be sure to consider what you actually need to make sure you snag the best deal. A little comparison shopping between retailers with the help of the calculator app on your smartphone can help you save as much money as possible.