The Best Places to Buy a TV in 2024

Upgrade your viewing and shopping experience by perusing the TV selection at these top retailers.
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The Best Places to Buy a TV Options

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Buying a television is a lot more complicated than it once was. Do you want an OLED, a 4K or 8K, or both? What about a smart TV, and, if so, what size? Even if you already know the answers to these questions, the shopping process can quickly get confusing. For better or worse, electronics stores may make a big difference in your shopping experience.

Regardless of where you shop, it’s crucial that the place you choose to buy a TV offers customer service, tech support, and extended return windows that let you breathe a little easier. Some retailers have knowledgeable employees to help you narrow down the models with the features you want. Each store offers pros and cons and one might work better for your shopping or purchasing preferences. We’ve got the rundown on where to buy a TV, from big-box stores to online retailers. Keep reading on to see our top picks.

Price Guide

$ = Under $500
$$ = $500 to $1,250
$$$ = $1,250 to $2,000
$$$$ = over $2,000

1. Costco

The Best Places to Buy a TV: Costco

Known for: This big-box giant offers competitive prices, member-friendly warranty and return policies, and savings on premium TVs.
Price: $$ to $$$$
Our Recommendation: Sony 65-Inch Class – X90CJ Series – 4K UHD LED LCD TV at Costco for $699.99

Costco is based out of Kirkland, Washington, but this membership-only bulk-buy retailer has several stores across the country. The retailer’s warranty extension, tech support, and return policies are some of the most lenient available, making it one of the best places to buy a TV. The company now allows non-members to shop for certain items including TVs, but a Costco member Shop Card is required for purchases. Non-members can also shop on, however they must pay extra service fees.

In short, Costco is competitive with many other TV retailers, but the return policy, tech support, and warranty extension add value that goes beyond the price tag.

The downside to Costco is that membership is required to access the best benefits, which includes free tech support, which can help fix any issues that arise. Plus, members get extensions on the manufacturer’s warranty for up to two years from the purchase date, as well as a 90-day and no-receipt return policy.

Executive-level membership ($120 per year) provides two percent cash back on all purchases—and for those who buy in bulk, that percentage can add up quickly. The selection at Costco is not huge, but it’s decent. Moreover, the company provides long-term care of its customers and their purchases.

Shop all TVs at Costco.

2. Amazon

The Best Places to Buy a TV: Amazon

Known for: Amazon’s vast selection continues to make it a top television retailer.
Price: $ to $$$$
Our Recommendation: Amazon Fire TV 55-Inch 4-Series 4K UHD smart TV on Amazon for $349.99

Amazon offers the best TV selection of any in-store or online retailer. It also has fairly reliable shipping times, and Prime members usually receive even faster shipping. Amazon simplifies shopping, providing a way to filter results by star rating, size, and brand to compare TV specs side by side. It offers a decent 30-day return policy. That’s fairly lenient, but it means returning a large item to an online retailer, which typically is trickier than returning an item to a brick-and-mortar store. However, some models can be delivered to a brick-and-mortar Best Buy location for pickup.

Amazon also offers a large selection of TV-related accessories, from TV stands and lights to sound systems. The company offers periodic discounts, which may be the best time to buy a TV. Watch for special deals on Black Friday in November, at the beginning of the year, before The Super Bowl, and in the spring when the new models arrive.

Amazon overall offers a solid experience when shopping online. Variety, shopping assistance, and numerous customer reviews provide a wealth of info and help. Prime members receive the most benefits, but even non-members are likely to get free shipping on a large purchase.

Shopping on Amazon can sometimes be overwhelming because of the sheer volume the retailer offers. So many TVs are available that zeroing in on the best option can be a challenge.

Shop all TVs on Amazon.

3. Walmart

The Best Places to Buy a TV: Walmart

Known for: Walmart offers some of the best deals around, thanks to price rollbacks and rotating stock.
Price: $ to $$$
Our Recommendation: Samsung 82-Inch Class 4K Crystal UHD LED Smart TV at Walmart for $1,279.99

Walmart’s rollbacks and sales offer some of the best prices around. However, finding those prices takes some digging. Rollbacks occur often, but not always on the most desirable models. Around the Super Bowl and holidays, however, sales and savings are plentiful.

Walmart carries a full range of televisions, from 4K and OLED to small TVs for intimate spaces. It sells excellent large TVs, but some of the best bargains are on the models under 35 inches, which are ideal for bedrooms, dorm rooms, or to use as a monitor.

Walmart offers 30-day returns on most televisions. However, if buying online, Walmart’s open market may include non-Walmart sellers who may have return windows as brief as 14 days.

Shop all TVs at Walmart.

4. Best Buy

The Best Places to Buy a TV: Best Buy

Known for: This specialty electronic retailer’s price match guarantee and loyalty program broaden access to great deals and equally great TVs.
Price: $ to $$$$
Our Recommendation: LG 65-Inch Class G2 Series OLED evo 4K UHD Smart webOS TV with Gallery Designfor $1,999.99

Best Buy has earned a reputation for tech support, and the retailer has a wide selection in the store and online. Shoppers get the benefit of a salesperson’s expertise when shopping at the store, which may help those who are not up to date on the latest TV specs.

Don’t be dismayed by Best Buy’s sticker prices, the company has an excellent price match policy that helps savvy customers get the best deals. Its loyalty program offers exclusive deals, including top-quality TVs, as well as access to Geek Squad, which is Best Buy’s tech support team.

Shoppers can purchase a yearly Geek Squad subscription without loyalty membership. However, many of Best Buy’s best deals are only for loyalty members. Members earn points by making regular Best Buy purchases, which may make membership worthwhile.

Shop all TVs at Best Buy.

5. Target

The Best Places to Buy a TV: Target

Known for: Target has a smaller TV selection, but it includes tech support and installation options for those who have a Target RedCard.
Price: $ to $$$
Our Recommendation: Vizio V-Series 70-Inch Class 4K HDR Smart TV at Target for $599.99

Target might not be the first place that comes to mind when shopping for TVs, but its selection typically includes smart TVs, gaming models, OLED, and more. The return policy stays open for 90 days with a receipt. However, those with a RedCard receive an additional 30 days, making the total return window up to 120 days after purchase.

Shoppers with a RedCard also receive five percent cash back on all purchases, so devoted Target shoppers should opt to purchase a TV from Target. However, Target also offers great deals for those who don’t have a RedCard. They offer curbside pickup service,, so there’s no need to schlep a huge TV through the store. Plus, installation is available for an extra fee.

Shop all TVs at Target.

6. B&H

The Best Places to Buy a TV: B&H

Known for: B&H offers the selection and prices of a big-box store but with personal service that feels more like a mom and pop retailer.
Price: $ to $$$$
Our Recommendation: Samsung TU7000 65-Inch Class HDR 4K UHD Smart LED TV at B&H for $497

B&H is a specialty store, and its top-notch customer service offers a personal touch that comes through when talking to its knowledgeable associates. Those visiting a brick-and-mortar store will find a salesperson to guide them through the selection process. Shoppers get that same kind of knowledge and service ordering online by initiating a live chat or call with an expert.

The retailer has a return policy of 30 days as long as the TV is still sealed in the original packaging. Defective items can be repaired, exchanged, or refunded only at the store’s discretion.

B&H’s selection of TVs covers all of the main categories, including 8K and OLED TVs making their way onto the market. The online selection tools help narrow down the search, allowing shoppers to choose the screen size, price, resolution, shipping information, and more.

Shop all TVs at B&H.

7. Sam’s Club

The Best Places to Buy a TV: Sam’s Club

Known for: Sam’s Club offers membership perks and a member-friendly return policy.
Price: $ to $$$
Our Recommendation: Vizio 65-Inch Class V-Series 4K HDR Smart TV – V505-J at Sam’s Club for $649

Sam’s Club is a big-box membership store similar to Costco. Members pay a yearly fee and enjoy perks such as members-only discounts. On TV purchases, members receive an extended warranty and a 90-day return window. White glove delivery is available for televisions larger than 70 inches.

Its television selection isn’t the largest, but it covers all the major categories including extra-large models. If paying a membership fee is a turnoff, many deal sites like RetailMeNot and Groupon offer discounted Sam’s Club memberships. Additionally, Sam’s Club offers similar discounts and customer perks for TV-related accessories such as sound bars and entertainment centers. Non-members can shop online for an additional fee.

Shop all TVs at Sam’s Club.