The 6 Best Things to Buy in October

Score major savings on outdoor furniture, gardening supplies, Halloween decor, and more.
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Best Things to Buy in October

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As the seasons change and cooler weather sets in, October emerges as a prime time to score substantial savings. Retailers are keen to clear out summer stock, making room for winter essentials and holiday merchandise. Whether you’re looking for discounted gardening supplies, cozy winter outerwear, Halloween decor, or even a new set of wheels, October is the month to shop. Keep reading as we explore the best things to buy in October, and share some of the best deals on the market.

1. Gardening Supplies

The Best Things to Buy in October Gardening Supplies

Consumer Analyst Julie Ramhold of DealNews points out that October is actually a great time to buy gardening supplies.“With warmer weather winding down, many are getting ready to put their gardening on hold before temperatures drop.” Due to this, many retailers put on sales to make way for new stock.

Wendy Wang, owner of F&J Outdoor, agrees, saying “It’s the perfect season to prepare your garden for next spring, and retailers often have sales on garden tools that might be necessary for fall cleanup and spring prep.”

In addition to supplies, Ramhold adds that it’s also a good time to buy perennial plants. “Since these can be planted in the fall or spring, many nurseries try to clear out stock in the fall, so watch for super low prices,” she writes. Ramhold does, however, recommend waiting to plant perennials until cooler weather sets in depending on which USDA zone you live in to ensure bulbs don’t attempt to bloom during a warm spell.

2. Winter Outerwear

The Best Things to Buy in October Winter Outerwear

October is the perfect time to purchase winter outerwear ahead of colder weather setting in. As the season changes, retailers start introducing their winter collections to the market. Oleg Segal, CEO and founder of DealA says “Retailers often roll out their winter clothing lines in October, offering early bird sales that tend to steepen as November draws near.” By taking advantage of these initial deals, shoppers can secure quality winter gear before the rush and potential price hikes that come in the colder months.

3. Camping Equipment

The Best Things to Buy in October Camping Equipment

October is an opportune time to buy new camping gear. As summer winds down and outdoor activities become less common, retailers start making room for newer inventory, leading to big sales for consumers. Elisa Bender, co-founder of RevenueGeeks, underscores this pattern, saying, “As the summer season ends, outdoor retailers often offer clearance sales on camping equipment.” This transitional period allows savvy shoppers to access quality camping essentials at significantly reduced prices, setting them up for future adventures without breaking the bank.

4. Halloween Gear

The Best Things to Buy in October Halloween Gear

While October may seem like the time Halloween supplies would be in the highest demand, retailers are already looking ahead to the next holiday season by the time the middle of the month rolls around. Segal explains that the closer we get to Halloween, the more retailers are looking to sell off their costumes, decorations, and candy stock. “You can expect deep discounts, especially as they prepare to bring in Christmas merchandise,” he says. Of course, the best deals will be found in the days following All Hallows Eve.

5. Air Conditioners

The Best Things to Buy in October Air Conditioners

As the scorching summer heat subsides and the demand for air conditioners decreases, retailers often respond with enticing deals and discounts. By shopping during this off-peak season, consumers can secure a more budget-friendly price tag on these essential cooling devices, ensuring their homes are comfortable during the following year’s warmer months without having to pay the premium prices that often accompany peak summer shopping.

6. Outdoor Furniture

The Best Things to Buy in October Outdoor Furniture

While October may be the time to put away your patio furniture for the season, it also may be the perfect time for an upgrade. Wendy Wang notes, “As the season transitions from summer to fall, retailers like ourselves typically offer off-season discounts to make room for new incoming stock.” This means that outdoor furniture, which may have been at a premium during the warmer months, becomes more accessible and affordable. Shoppers can take advantage of these discounts to transform their outdoor spaces, whether it’s a new patio set, cozy seating, or stylish accessories, and get ready to enjoy the outdoors in style next spring.