The Best Things to Buy in February

February may quietly nestle between post-holiday sales and spring discounts, but it’s full of great things to buy on its own.
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The Best Things to Buy in February

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February is the month of love, especially if that love surrounds great deals. There are a few Valentine’s Day deals floating around, but the best things to buy in February typically fall to their lowest prices leading up to and just after President’s Day.

Brands love to capitalize on shoppers looking to spend money on a holiday, and to rid their existing inventory to make way for spring arrivals. Everything from mattresses and bedding to snow gear goes on sale, and with deep discounts, too. Keep reading to get tips on where to find the best February specials.

The Best Things to Buy in February: Mattresses

1. Mattresses

Mattresses go on sale for most major national holidays, including President’s Day. These bedroom essentials can be an investment so scoring a discount can get a high-quality mattress at a price that leaves plenty of dollars in the bank. However, be sure to buy a mattress based on sleeper size, sleep style (back, front, or side), and comfort preferences. Don’t snag any old mattress just because it’s on sale.

Here are a few mattress deals worth checking out:

The Best Things to Buy in February: Snow Blowers

2. Snow Blowers

As the weather begins to pivot in February, so does snow blower prices. Jump on a good deal to get through the end of a long cold season or get ready for next winter. We’ve tested snow blowers and a few of our favorites are going to prices worth jumping on, including our top pick the Troy-Bilt Storm 26 in. 208 cc Gas Snow Blower.

The Best Things to Buy in February: Headphones and Earbuds

3. Headphones and Earbuds

For the audiophiles out there, headphones and earbuds often drop in price around Valentine’s Day and President’s Day. Everything from over-ear models to bone conduction headphones takes a price dive, including some of the top brands. Apple and Bose are known to offer discounts on top products and a few models from seasons past.

The Best Things to Buy in February: Bedding

4. Bedding

Bedding can take a bed from average to heavenly, and February deals let buyers score luxe sheets for less. Many of the best February bedding sales come from mattress manufacturers that discount bedding alongside mattresses. Bedding includes everything from weighted blankets and pillow shams to complete sheet sets made of flannel or crisp percale.

The Best Things to Buy in February: Cookware

5. Cookware

Whether it’s cast iron or classic baking dishes (we’ve reviewed both), cookware deals pop up like new blossoms come February. Some places, like Williams Sonoma, put entire brands (like Le Creuset) on sale for the month, while others only drop the prices on specific sets. Keep the number of pieces and their sizes in mind while perusing a February sale.

The Best Things to Buy in February: Snow Gear

6. Snow Gear

While some stores have already gone through winter inventory, shoppers can often snag impressive deals on boots, snow pants, and ski goggles. It’s a good time to get ready for next winter without spending a fortune. For those shopping for kids, remember to buy big to accommodate summer growth spurts.

The Best Things to Buy in February: Winter Work Gloves

7. Winter Work Gloves

In most places around the country, temperatures are still frigid well into April, May, and even June. Before jumping on a pair of winter work gloves, consider the type of work, material, and fit. For those doing work that requires dexterity, synthetic materials let fingers stay nimble but are lightweight and tough. Heavier leather gloves are a better choice for chores that don’t require as much dexterity, and they’re insulated for added warmth.

The Best Things to Buy in February: TVs

8. TVs

TVs typically go on sale in late January, but the sales keep on going through February. Televisions come in a wide variety, with different resolutions and newer technologies floating around. Try not to get sucked into buying a resolution that’s beyond what’s needed (hint: most people can’t tell the difference between 4K and 8K). Instead, focus on getting a TV that’s the right size for the space, the available budget, and any smart features needed for optimal viewing.

The Best Things to Buy in February: Grills

9. Grills

Grills hit the market in February in preparation for spring and summer. Because February isn’t quite grill season, discounts and sales help move inventory early in the year. The best deals may not be on premier brands like Traeger or Blackstone, but many lesser-known brands go for a steal in February. Make sure to get a grill that’s big enough for the crowd you typically entertain. One that’s too small could cause more work than necessary, and one that’s too big could be overkill.

The Best Things to Buy in February: Laptop Accessories
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10. Laptop Accessories

Laptop accessories are a good deal in February. Everything from laptop stands and USB hubs to cases and backpacks can make traveling with a laptop simple and convenient. Always check that the accessory is compatible with your device—for example, that the laptop case or sleeve is the right size for your laptop.