The Best Grill Brands of 2021

Purchase a grill worthy of your next backyard barbecue by going with one of these top brands.

By Tony Carrick | Published Jul 29, 2021 7:29 AM

The Best Grill Brands Options


The arrival of warm summer months affords better weather for backyard cookouts. For that, one needs a quality grill. With so many brands of grills on the market, it can be a challenge to pick the one that will have the cooking might and durability to serve as the centerpiece of a backyard barbecue for many years to come.

This guide will dig deep into the world of grilling to review some of the best grill brands on the market and identify what makes each a top-notch manufacturer.

The Best Grill Brand Option Weber


1. Weber

Known for: Sturdy construction, innovative design features

Editors’ Choice: Truth be told, there are many Weber grills—gas, charcoal, and even electric—that impress, but the Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill, available on Amazon, is the one that started it all. Sturdy porcelain enamel–coated steel construction ensures durability, and features such as a one-touch cleaning system, high-capacity ash catcher, hanging hook on the lid, and hooks integrated into the handles for hanging grill tools embody the build and design quality that Weber has become known for across its product lines.

Weber, credited with inventing the classic kettle grill nearly 70 years ago when founder George Stephen was inspired by the shape of a metal buoy while working for Weber Brothers Metal Works, is based just outside Chicago in Palatine, Illinois. Today, the company is known for quality craftsmanship in not just its classic kettle grill but also its line of gas grills and, to a lesser extent, its pellet and electric grills.

Well regarded for their sturdy construction, Weber grills have a longer lifespan than other brands, as well as innovative design features that make them easier to use and maintain. Though Weber grills tend to be a little pricier than some brands, finding a product in the midrange grill market is certainly doable.

The Best Grill Brand Option Char-Broil


2. Char-Broil

Known for: Affordability, variety

Editors’ Choice: The Char-Broil Performance four-burner gas grill, available at Amazon, is a good example of what this manufacturer has to offer—a well-built albeit not high-end grill with ample burners and cooking space at an affordable price.

Headquartered in Columbus, Georgia, Char-Broil is one of the more prolific grill brands on the market. In addition to offering a broad range of grills—the company boasts an extensive line of gas options—its collection is quite affordable. Competing at the lower end of the price spectrum, Char-Broil gives its customers a significant bang for their buck with two- and four-burner gas grills that are, in some cases, hundreds of dollars cheaper than higher-end brands of similar size and setup.

Char-Broil is also one of the biggest innovators in infrared technology. In addition to selling numerous infrared gas grills, the company recently released infrared charcoal grills. Though Char-Broil’s grills may lack the heat output and quality build of more expensive models, they are a quality affordable alternative.

The Best Grill Brand Option Traeger


3. Traeger

Known for: High-end wood-fired pellet grills

Editors’ Choice: The Pro Series 34 Pellet Grill, available at The Home Depot, meticulously constructed with high-quality parts and fueled by all-natural hardwood pellets, embodies what Traeger is all about.

Back in 1985, John Traeger created the first pellet grill. Featuring a motorized hopper that automatically loaded compressed sawdust pellets into the burn chamber, the grill was patented a year later. Traeger was the sole manufacturer of pellet grills for 20 years until its patent ran out. Today, Salt Lake City–based Traeger faces competition from other manufacturers that use its same design principle, but it is still considered the go-to brand when it comes to pellet grills and smokers. Though its grills are on the pricier side, Traeger is routinely lauded for quality pellet feeders with digital controls that allow for a high degree of temperature control and durable construction that outlasts other brands.

The Best Grill Brand Option Dyna-Glo


4. Dyna-Glo

Known for: Gas heat appliances, including gas-powered grills and smokers

Editors’ Choice: With its numerous burners and searing ability, the Dyna-Glo 5-Burner Propane Gas Grill, available at The Home Depot, demonstrates Dyna-Glo’s talent for designing well-made gas grills.

Dyna-Glo’s success at manufacturing quality grills comes from the company’s 100-year history of designing and building various heating products, including gas space heaters and fireplaces. This expertise in gas heating largely explains why Dyna-Glo is highly regarded for its burners, which are known for their ability to produce excellent heat output while efficiently burning gas.

Though not as durable as other top brands, Dyna-Glo’s grills come equipped with innovative features, such as a high-heat sear burner for creating a perfect crust on steaks. They also tend to have larger cooking surfaces than other grill brands and are well regarded for their ability to maintain consistent temperatures. Dyna-Glo has even made inroads in charcoal with its line of barrel grills.

The Best Grill Brand Option Nexgrill


5. Nexgrill

Known for: Affordable gas grills that use infrared heat technology

Editors’ Choice: This five-burner propane gas grill with side burner and infrared technology, available at The Home Depot at a surprisingly low price point, is what Nexgrill is all about.

You won’t find a charcoal grill with the name Nexgrill on it. Founded in 1993, Chino, California–based Nexgrill Industries Inc. specializes exclusively in gas-powered outdoor equipment, including grills, patio heaters, and firepits.

By focusing on one type of grill, Nexgrill is able to put all its efforts into gas grill innovations that set it apart from the herd, including searing side burners, multiple heat zones, infrared heating plates, and even customizable grid configurations. This all fits into the company’s name and mission statement to take grilling to the next level.

The Best Grill Brand Option Masterbuilt


6. Masterbuilt

Known for: Electric, gas, and charcoal smokers; its new innovative Gravity grill series

Editors’ Choice: With its automated coal loading and cleaning technology, the Masterbuilt Gravity Series 560, available at The Home Depot, is an example of this company’s ability to innovate.

Since its founding in 1973, Masterbuilt has largely made a name for itself by designing and manufacturing high-quality electric, gas, and charcoal smokers. Masterbuilt upped its game in 2020 when the company unveiled new technology that some consider to be a game-changer in the world of charcoal grills with the release of its Gravity line.

The Gravity series borrows from pellet smoker technology to create a system that automates the loading and cleaning of a charcoal grill, streamlining the lighting and cleaning process that can make using a charcoal grill unpleasant. The debut of Masterbuilt’s Gravity grill smoker combo earned the company numerous awards while boosting its position in the charcoal grilling market. So, while the company is still known for its smokers, it also offers cutting-edge charcoal grill technology.

The Best Grill Brand Option Coleman


7. Coleman

Known for: Portable grills ideal for camping and RVing

Editors’ Choice: The Coleman RoadTrip, available from Amazon, embodies the company’s mission of supplying portable equipment for camping and RVing.

There may be no better-known name in the world of car camping and RVing than Coleman. The Chicago-based company has been making tents, coolers, lanterns, and a host of other camping equipment since its founding way back in 1900. Its line of gas grills fits into that niche as each model is designed to go on the road.

Coleman’s grills fold into compact sizes, with many models featuring wheels and pull handles that make them easy for the user to roll to and from a vehicle. They are also made of sturdy materials that can withstand the abuse of traveling in the back of a pickup truck or being rolled across a bumpy field. Like many of Coleman’s products, these grills are more affordable than other gas grills.

The Best Grill Brand Option Kenmore


8. Kenmore

Known for: Affordability, convenient side burners, quick heating

Editors’ Choice: The Kenmore 4 Burner Propane Gas grill, available through The Home Depot, is an excellent example of what Kenmore offers—a large cooking surface with many burners and convenient add-ons at a rock-bottom price point.

While Kenmore’s line of gas grills may face an uncertain future due to the struggles of its parent company, Sears, for now, it continues to produce gas grills that are an excellent option for those who can’t afford the high price tag of some of the better-known brands. With Kenmore, one can count on ample space, with many models eclipsing 600 square inches of cooking space; multiple burners (side burners are a feature on almost all of Kenmore’s grills); and a fit and finish that’s on par with higher-end grills. Although Kenmore may not boast the durability of other brands, one would be hard-pressed to find gas grills this large with this many features at a lower price point.

The Best Grill Brand Option Char-Griller


9. Char-Griller

Known for: Barrel-style charcoal grills, dual gas/charcoal grills

Editors’ Choice: The aptly named Double Play, available from The Home Depot, consists of a barrel charcoal grill and a barrel gas grill set side by side.

Atlanta-based Char-Griller has made a name for itself with its signature collection of barrel-style charcoal grills, which are valued for their durable steel construction and large cooking surfaces that eclipse just about any other charcoal grill in the industry.

While Char-Griller’s main focus is on charcoal, it does offer a few gas models. In fact, its Double Play, which features a gas and charcoal grill side by side on a single frame, is one of its most popular models. Char-Griller is also well regarded for the rugged steel construction of its grills, which it sells at an affordable price point.

The Best Grill Brand Option KitchenAid


10. KitchenAid

Known for: Stylish, affordable gas grills

Editors’ Choice: KitchenAid’s 2-Burner Propane Gas Grill, available from The Home Depot, is one of the company’s most popular models and embodies the company’s goal of providing a quality gas grill at a low price.

Grills are just one of the many cooking appliances that this more than 100-year-old company produces. KitchenAid manufactures both affordable gas grills and high-end built-in grills. While the company may be best known for its kitchenware and appliances, particularly its stand mixer, KitchenAid also manufactures solid, if not spectacular, grills.

While the heat output of KitchenAid grills may not rival those from brands that specialize in making grills, many have features typically found on more expensive models, including stainless steel burners and fireboxes, and side burners.