The 10 Best Things to Buy in December

Score deals on electronics, holiday decorations, kitchen and bakeware items, and more this December.

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Holiday shopping may be on everyone’s mind in December, but it’s also an excellent month to get discounted Thanksgiving and Christmas decor, stock up on clothing, and get deals on bakeware and small kitchen appliances. Here, we’ve gathered all the best things on sale this month to help you save even more money, whether you’re finishing (or starting) your holiday shopping or looking to score deals on great items for yourself this holiday season.

1. Electronics

The Best Things to Buy in December Option Electronics

Electronics tend to be discounted through the New Year, making it a great time to get deals on new computers, headphones, chargers, security cameras, video doorbells, and even fitness trackers. The days after Christmas are often the best time to score deals as retailers try to clear inventory. However, you can still catch discounts before the holiday as retailers try to appeal to shoppers looking for the latest gadgets or gifts.

2. Holiday Decorations

The Best Things to Buy in December Option Holiday Decorations

December is an excellent month to find incredible deals on holiday decorations, including Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Christmas. Thanksgiving and Halloween decor are especially discounted this month as companies try to clear out stock in preparation for Christmas. Plus, you can also find Christmas decor at great prices, especially after the holiday has passed closer to the end of the year.

3. Home Improvement Tools

The Best Things to Buy in December Option Home Improvement Tools

Tools tend to be discounted from Black Friday through the New Year, so December is an excellent time to refresh your toolset. Stock up on drills, tool kits, utility knives, flashlights, and ratchets this month. Tools not only make great gifts for your loved ones, but the deals also make it worth your while to stock up for your household. Since high-quality tools can be expensive, getting them for a discount can enhance the value they provide for various home improvement projects.

4. Kitchen Essentials

The Best Things to Buy in December Option Kitchen Items

December is also a great month to get deals on kitchen items, including bakeware, cutlery sets, and cookware. This time of year is popular for cooking and baking, so manufacturers cater to shoppers looking for discounts on various kitchen items starting around Black Friday and throughout December. Even high-quality brands that usually don’t go on sale, such as Le Creuset, are discounted this month.

5. Toys

The Best Things to Buy in December Option Toys

Since December is a popular shopping month for toys, you can score big discounts just in time for the holidays. Although it may be tempting for shoppers to purchase toys on Black Friday or even earlier in preparation for the holiday, holding out for December is your best bet. Shoppers can typically expect prices to drop below even Black Friday deals in early December, making them worth the wait.

6. Humidifiers

The Best Things to Buy in December Option Humidifiers

Score great discounts on humidifiers during December. This is the month when cold weather sets in for many regions, which means dry air, skin, and cold season. Humidifiers are a popular item during the colder months, and December is a great time to get deals on humidifiers for large rooms and smaller, personal-use ones. From traditional options to smart humidifiers and even ones that diffuse essential oils into the air, there are many options for shoppers.

7. Gift Cards

The Best Things to Buy in December Option Gift Cards

Many places have deals for gift cards during December, making it a great month to save money on gifts. Shoppers can get up to $20 or more off of gift cards. Some places also have deals for buying two gift cards and getting a deep discount or getting a gift card for yourself when purchasing a certain amount in gift cards. Either way, December is an excellent time to take advantage of these deals.

8. Clothing

The Best Things to Buy in December Option Clothing

The end of the holiday season is an excellent time to buy clothing. Retailers not only want to get rid of holiday-themed attire, but they also want to get ready for the new year and new styles coming in. However, keep in mind that while warmer clothing items are often on sale during this time, December is an excellent month for shoppers to stock up on summer items since they aren’t in season.

9. Small Appliances

The Best Things to Buy in December Option Small Appliances

Smaller appliances, such as vacuums, blenders, toasters, and coffee makers, are often discounted during December. The best time to buy is closer to the end of the month, between Christmas and New Year’s, but shoppers can find discounts throughout the month. Retailers are looking to make space for newer models, so shoppers may even be able to find deals on open-box items or floor models at the end of the year. And remember, off-season items such as grills are typically much cheaper during the winter.

10. Storage Containers

The Best Things to Buy in December Option Storage Containers

Storage containers are discounted during the holiday season, especially containers specifically for storing ornaments or holiday decorations. The best time of the month to take advantage of deals on storage is at the end of December, but shoppers can still score deals on ornament and decorative storage as well as hardy storage bins throughout the month.


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