Editor Favorites: 18 of the Best Gifts for Pool Owners Today

From practical gadgets to fun pool games, here's your ultimate guide to the perfect gift.

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Summers are synonymous with pool parties and barbecues, making a backyard pool the perfect oasis for both relaxation and entertainment. Pool owners often host memorable summer get-togethers or simply invite friends and family to enjoy a relaxing day by the poolside. Whether you’ve been invited for a weekend stay, an exciting pool party, or a casual barbecue, bringing a thoughtful gift is a great way to show appreciation. Likewise, if you know someone who’s just installed a new pool or moved to a house with one, a pool-related gift could be a practical and fun housewarming present.

Whether you’re buying for a seasoned pool owner looking to enhance their pool parties, or someone new to the world of pool ownership, we’ve curated a selection of the best pool gifts that combine functionality, innovation, and style. From pool games and toys to more practical picks, any pool owner will surely appreciate these thoughtful gifts. One of our favorite gifts is one we’ve personally tested and used.

1. Solar Powered Robotic Pool Skimmer

The Best Pool Skimmers Option: Betta 2 Solar-Powered Smart Robotic Pool Skimmer
Photo: amazon.com

With an automatic pool skimmer, skimming bugs and debris manually will never be a chore again. The BettaBot Betta SE charges as it works to clear debris from the top of the pool. Executive Editor, Stephanie Cronk, has tested this model and gives it a 9.5 out of 10 rating. Cronk says, “The Betta is our favorite pool product. We leave it in the pool anytime we’re not swimming and we haven’t had to skim our water once. We can jump right in and enjoy the water. Even on cloudy days, we haven’t had a single issue with the Betta holding a charge.”

Get the Betta SE Solar Powered Automatic Robotic Pool Skimmer at Amazon for $399.99

2. Robotic Pool Cleaner

The Best Pool Vacuum Option: Aiper Seagull SE Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner
Photo: amazon.com

A robotic pool cleaner can make maintaining a pool a breeze. This robotic pool cleaner is battery-operated, which means no messy cords to deal with and has a 90-minute run time. What’s even better is this pool cleaner will self-park near the edge of the pool once the cleaning cycle has finished, making it easy to retrieve. Pool owners can enjoy hands-free cleaning with this Aiper pool cleaner.

Get the Aiper Seagull at Amazon for $229.99

3. Zero Gravity Chair

Zero gravity chair on white background
Photo: Amazon.com

This zero gravity chair offers ultimate comfort when relaxing by the pool and soaking up some sun. The mesh material allows you to dry as you relax. To recline, simply push back and you can lock the position with a lever by armrest. The chair also offers a cup holder and a removable pillow. The lightweight folding design offers ultimate portability as well.

Get the Best Choice Products Oversized Zero Gravity Chair at Amazon for 69.99

4. Blufree Pool Speaker

The Best Gifts for Pool Owners Option Blufree Pool Speaker
Photo: amazon.com

This Bluetooth speaker offers a high-quality audio experience in the pool. Its waterproof design and colorful LED display make it an exciting addition to any body of water. The speaker offers eight hours of playtime and is Bluetooth-enabled for seamless connectivity with various devices. On top of being able to play music, it’s also equipped with a built-in microphone for hands-free calls.

Get the Blufree Pool Speaker at Amazon for $19.98

5. Hammock Pool Float

The Best Gifts for Pool Owners Option Hammock Pool Float
Photo: amazon.com

The Aqua 4-in-1 Monterey Hammock Inflatable Pool Float would make an excellent gift for pool owners, providing them with a versatile way to relax on the water. This innovative product can transform into a hammock, chair, drifter, or exercise saddle. Its compact and portable design makes it easy to carry and store, while the durable material ensures longevity. The float’s easy inflation and deflation only add to its convenience.

Get the Aqua Original 4-in-1 Monterey Hammock Pool Float at Amazon for $12.99

6. Floating Pool Thermometer

The Best Gifts for Pool Owners Option Floating Pool Thermometer
Photo: amazon.com

This floating pool thermometer is an ideal gift for pool owners keen on maintaining optimal swimming conditions. It boasts an advanced IPX7 waterproof body that ensures durability and protection, and its monitor displays indoor and outdoor temperatures simultaneously, adding to its functionality. The device’s high-precision sensor provides accurate temperature readings, ensuring pool owners have real-time data without stepping outside.

Get the INKBIRD IBS-P02R Floating Pool Thermometer at Amazon for $20.79

7. Floating Beer Pong Table

The Best Gifts for Pool Owners Option Floating Beer Pong Table
Photo: amazon.com

Looking for a gift for a pool owner who likes to host parties? This inflatable beer pong table features a full 10-cup setup on each side, promising hours of fun and friendly competition. Plus, it’s more than just a game table—this versatile product doubles as a social float and a lounge, adding a touch of luxury to your pool time. Not to mention it inflates quickly, so the fun can start right away.

Get the GoPong Pool Lounge Beer Pong Inflatable at Amazon for $29.99

8. Diving Toy Set

Set of 30 diving toys to use in a pool
Photo: Amazon.com

Pool owners with kids will love this diving toy set, which comes with 30 multicolored toys in different shapes and sizes. These colorful, durable toys create an underwater treasure hunt for kids, with a variety of items such as diving rings, water grass, and torpedoes, offering endless entertainment for hours. All toys are made from high-quality non-toxic materials, ensuring peace of mind for parents.

Get the JOYIN Diving Toys at Amazon for $14.39

9. Intex Rockin’ Inflatable Lounge

The Best Gifts for Pool Owners Option Intex Rockin' Inflatable Lounge
Photo: amazon.com

The Intex Rockin’ Inflatable Lounge is a delightful gift for that will elevate poolside leisure to a new level. This luxurious float provides comfort and style, mimicking a real-life lounger with its durable design and built-in cup holders. Whether it’s for soaking up the sun or enjoying a refreshing drink in the pool, this lounge chair will help your recipient relax and enjoy.

Get the Intex Rockin’ Inflatable Lounge at Amazon for $31.25

10. Floating Cooler

The Best Gifts for Pool Owners Option Floating Cooler
Photo: amazon.com

The Poza USA Flag Floating Drink Holder is a game-changer for pool owners who love to host. This inflatable cooler resplendent with silver confetti, adds a festive touch to any pool party. Designed with two handles and eight holders, it can securely carry drinks, ice, books, speakers, phones, tablets, and more. The cooler’s quick air valve system allows for effortless inflation and deflation, while the included repair patch ensures long-term durability.

Get the POZA Inflatable USA Pool Float at Amazon for $19.97

11. Pool Slide

The Best Gifts for Pool Owners Option Pool Slide
Photo: amazon.com

Combining vintage charm with contemporary design, the Rogue2 Slide is an exceptional addition to any pool area. Its high-volume water delivery system—which can be connected either to the pool’s return line or a garden hose—ensures a smooth and exciting slide experience. Standing 7 feet tall and extending over 9 feet in length, the Rogue2 offers ample room for both children and adults up to 250 lbs.

Get the S.R. Smith 610-209-5823 Rogue2 Pool Slide at Amazon for $3,098.25

12. Activ Life Ultimate Pool Ball

The Best Gifts for Pool Owners Option Activ Life Ultimate Pool Ball
Photo: amazon.com

The Activ Life Ultimate Pool Ball is more than just a ball—it’s the key piece of a game that combines rugby, basketball, and football with an underwater twist. The Ultimate Pool Ball can be passed, dribbled, and even kicked underwater, making it a unique and exciting addition to any pool. It’s crafted from ultra-durable TripleTech PVC, meaning you’ll be able to enjoy it for years. The easy-to-use hose adapter makes filling the ball straightforward, and with clear instructions and a free video, users can start playing in no time.

Get the Ultimate Pool Ball at Amazon for $24.99

13. Hoop Shark Swimming Pool Basketball Set

The Best Gifts for Pool Owners Option Hoop Shark Swimming Pool Basketball Set
Photo: amazon.com

The Swimming Pool Basketball Hoop Set by Hoop Shark is a perfect gift for pool owners who enjoy sports. This inflatable basketball hoop brings the thrill of the game to the water, offering endless fun for both kids and adults. It comes with an inflatable basketball, which is ready for play as soon as it’s inflated.

Get the Hoop Shark Swimming Pool Basketball Set at Amazon for $28.83

14. Poolside Towel Rack

The Best Gifts for Pool Owners Option Poolside Towel Rack
Photo: amazon.com

Ideal for any pool owner, this poolside towel rack is a thoughtful and functional gift. This adjustable, free-standing rack provides a convenient place to hang towels, swimwear, and pool toys, which helps keep the pool area clean and organized. The rack features adjustable bars that can be repositioned to accommodate items of varying sizes, and its weighted base ensures stability even on windy days.

Get the O2COOL Pool & Spa Valet at Amazon for $64.99

15. Inflatable Movie Screen

The Best Gifts for Pool Owners Option Inflatable Movie Screen
Photo: amazon.com

Transforming your backyard into an open-air theater has never been easier, thanks to this inflatable movie screen. It’s the perfect gift for pool owners with a large outdoor space, with a screen that makes watching football games, movies, or any other content a truly unique experience. The setup is surprisingly easy, with both front and rear projection options available for versatility. The package includes a sturdy frame, an efficient electric blower, and tie-down ropes, making it convenient for outdoor use.

Get the Holiday Styling 19FT Giant Inflatable Outdoor Projector Screen at Amazon for $299.99

16. Waterproof Playing Cards

The Best Gifts for Pool Owners Option Waterproof Playing Cards
Photo: amazon.com

The Hoyle Waterproof Playing Cards make a fantastic gift for anyone who enjoys a little bit of gameplay by the pool. Printed on premium plastic card stock, they’re water-resistant and maintain their shape even when wet. The cards are flexible and remarkably easy to shuffle, a crucial feature for those intense poolside card games.

Get the Hoyle Waterproof Playing Cards at Amazon for $6.98

17. Pool Volleyball Game

The Best Gifts for Pool Owners Option Pool Volleyball Game
Photo: amazon.com

The Intex Pool Volleyball Game is perfect for family pool parties, barbecues, or just a relaxing weekend in the water. The set comes with an inflatable volleyball and floating net, providing everything you need for an exciting game in the pool. Its durable 10-gauge vinyl material ensures that the fun lasts all summer long.

Get the Intex Pool Volleyball Game at Amazon for $19.99

The prices listed here are accurate as of November 27, 2023.

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