The Best Robotic Pool Skimmers to Do the Dirty Work for You

Keep your pool free of floating leaves and debris while avoiding manual labor with an automatic pool skimmer.

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The Betta SE Solar-Powered Robotic Pool Skimmer on a white background.

Betta SE Solar-Powered Robotic Pool Skimmer

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Picking leaves and branches off the surface of a pool is a task usually accomplished with a manual pool skimmer net, but today there is another option: robotic pool skimmers. Like other robotic pool cleaners on the market, these devices are powered by motors and batteries that allow them to traverse the pool and suck up dirt and debris, helping to automate an otherwise labor-intensive process.

Robotic pool skimmers come in a few different shapes and sizes, some of which may be more effective than others depending on the pool in question. Some robotic skimmers rely on solar energy for power, making them ideal for hot, sunny climates. Others are designed to work in tandem with robotic vacuums and other pool cleaners, helping to fully automate pool maintenance. The models in this list represent some of the best robotic pool skimmers on the market both in terms of cost and performance.

How We Chose the Best Robotic Pool Skimmers

Unlike robotic pool vacuums, which have been around for years, robot pool skimmers are a relatively new phenomenon, so the market isn’t too saturated yet. Nonetheless, we searched dozens of retailers and outlets to find as many brands and models as we could, and then we consulted expert sources and user reviewers to get a sense of how they performed in real-world environments. Most of these models received few or low ratings, either because they were new products or because they were of poor quality; we reviewed only those models that enjoyed the highest and largest number of ratings across the marketplace. We also considered specific features for each model, such as price, battery life, and design, to help pinpoint the best robotic pool skimmers.

The automatic pool skimmer robot we selected as our top choice is suitable for a wide range of pool types, from above-ground to inground pools. We also made sure to include a few backup choices, including options for buyers on a budget.

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Product Specs

  • Power source: Solar
  • Filter type: Mesh basket
  • Best for: Above-ground and inground pools


  • 100 percent solar-powered, so no need for battery recharging or replacement
  • Mesh basket filter can be easily removed while skimmer is still in the water
  • Twin motors are powerful and corrosion-resistant, making the skimmer suitable for salt and chlorine pools
  •  Remote-operated and cordless design makes it easy to control from a distance


  • Basket may need to be emptied frequently if pool collects lots of debris
  • Must ensure that no obstacles are in the pool when skimmer is running
  • Fairly expensive for a robotic cleaner

The Betta SE is one of the most advanced robotic pool skimmers on the market, boasting a number of features that help take the labor out of pool maintenance. Unlike more rudimentary models out there, this one incorporates cutting-edge technology that makes it entirely self-sufficient and a breeze to use. A solar panel sits on top of the skimmer, keeping the unit powered all day without users needing to recharge it or replace the batteries. It also uses ultrasonic technology to navigate on its own, both in above-ground and inground pools of virtually any shape and size.

Another bonus is that the Betta SE comes with plenty of other advanced pool skimmer parts. In addition to being large enough to capture the debris from a big pool, the mesh filter includes a handle that makes it easy to remove from the skimmer and carry to the trash, so the device itself never has to leave the water. Besides being powerful enough to easily propel the unit, its twin motors are also corrosion-resistant, making the skimmer safe to use in both salt and chlorine pools. Of course, all of the tech does come at a price. The Betta SE was among the most expensive skimmers we reviewed, and it probably isn’t suitable for pool owners on a budget. Still, for those looking for a skimmer that will clean the pool without requiring them to lift a finger, it’s hard to beat.

Get the Betta robotic pool skimmer at Amazon, The Home Depot, or Walmart.

More Pool Skimmers Worth Your Money

If the Betta SE is too expensive for you, we have a few other options to recommend. Among these alternatives is a similar—but slightly less expensive—solar pool skimmer, plus a model that may be able to connect to your existing pool vacuum, bolstering its efficiency.

  • Aiper Surfer S1 Cordless Robotic Pool Skimmer, available at Aiper.
  • Pivot-Solar Breeze Ariel Smart Robot Pool Cleaner, available at Pivot-Solar Breeze.
  • Only About Innovations SkimmerMotion Original, available at Amazon or SkimmerMotion.


To help you get the most out of your robotic skimmer, we researched some of the most commonly asked questions about these devices and pool maintenance in general.

Q. What is a pool skimmer?

Pool skimmers come in various types, but they all share a common purpose: to filter debris from a pool. Inground pool skimmers may be built into a pool’s filtration system, while above-ground pool skimmers may come in the form of handheld nets that can be used to manually skim the pool’s surface. There are also robotic skimmers like those listed here.

Q. Should I brush or skim my pool first?

The order in which you perform pool maintenance tasks depends on the specific needs of your pool and the condition it’s in. In general, though, skimming, brushing, and then vacuuming your pool may be the best order to achieve a clean pool.

Q. How often should I skim my pool?

The amount of skimming a pool needs will depend on various factors, including the surrounding environment, the season, and the amount of debris that enters the pool. Most pools require daily skimming, especially if they are not covered.

Q. How long should a robotic pool skimmer last?

The lifespan of a robotic pool skimmer can vary based on several factors, including the quality of the skimmer, the frequency of use, and the conditions of the pool. To maximize the life of the skimmer, be sure to regularly clean and maintain it according to the manufacturer’s guidance.

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