The Best Humidifiers for Adding Moisture to Large Rooms

The top humidifiers on our list all emit a soothing mist that can alleviate cold symptoms and respiratory conditions in large rooms, main living areas, or even an entire house.

Best Overall

Levoit LV600HH Hybrid Ultrasonic Humidifier with remote on a white background

Levoit LV600HH Hybrid Ultrasonic Humidifier

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Best Bang for the Buck

Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier on a white background

Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

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Best High-Capacity

Aircare MA1201 Whole-House Console-Style Humidifier on a white background

Aircare MA1201 Whole-House Console-Style Humidifier

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A humidifier adds moisture to a home’s dry air. While a small humidifier is ideal for bedrooms and nurseries, big rooms may need a larger one. Large humidifiers feature tanks capable of holding up to 4 gallons of water, which can release enough mist to fill a 4,000-square-foot area (sometimes a bit more than that), improving indoor air quality in every room of the house.

These large humidifiers are built as evaporators or ultrasonic units in warm-mist and cool-mist options. This guide offers tips and identifies the options to consider when shopping for the best humidifier for a large room.

As someone who suffers from seasonal allergies, I’m familiar with how a humidifier can bring relief but also understand how choosing the wrong model can cause more harm than good. I combined my experience with these machines and extensive research to determine what factors to consider when shopping for a humidifier. After reading customer reviews, conducting testing, and comparing specs and features from 20 different models, I curated our list of the best humidifiers for large rooms.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Levoit LV600HH Hybrid Ultrasonic Humidifier
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier
  3. BEST HIGH-CAPACITY: Aircare MA1201 Whole-House Console-Style Humidifier
  4. TECH PICK: Levoit Classic 300S Ultrasonic Smart Humidifier 
  5. BEST DESIGN: Aircare EP9800 Whole-House Pedestal-Style Humidifier
  6. BEST WHOLE-HOUSE: AprilAire 700 Whole-Home Humidifier
  7. MOST EFFICIENT: Vornado EVDC500 Energy Smart Evaporative Humidifier
  8. BEST AIR PURIFIER COMBO: Sharp KC850U Air Purifier and Humidifier
  9. BEST PORTABLE: Crane Drop Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier
  10. BEST QUIET: Hupro Top Fill Cool Mist & Warm Mist Humidifier
  11. BEST WITH DIFFUSER: Levoit OasisMist 1000S Smart Humidifier
  12. ALSO CONSIDER: Venta LW45 Original Evaporative Humidifier 
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How We Chose the Best Humidifiers for Large Rooms

In researching the most sought-after humidifiers for large rooms, we found that the best ones are usually defined by type, tank capacity, coverage area, settings, size, and other special features.

Evaporative and ultrasonic humidifiers are typically the most popular, thanks to their compact size, ample coverage area, and ease of use. Though less popular, whole-house humidifiers generate much more mist with their considerable tank sizes and abundant settings.

No matter the type, our list prioritizes cold- and warm-mist humidifiers with 1.5- to 18-gallon tanks, providing 500 to 4,200 square feet of coverage. Our choices include convenient settings, like automatic shutoff and multiple air speeds. Though some models are large and occupy space, others are compact enough to keep on a nightstand or desk. Some select picks include dual-sensor technology, filterless operation, rotating disks, remote controls, smart features, and digital control panels.

Our Top Picks

Our top picks include evaporative, whole-home, and ultrasonic humidifiers. The following models emit a soothing mist that can cover large rooms, ranging from 500 to 4,000 square feet.

Best Overall

Levoit LV600HH Hybrid Ultrasonic Humidifier

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Product Specs 

  • Type: Ultrasonic
  • Warm vs. cool mist: Both
  • Tank capacity: 1.5 gallons
  • Compatible square footage: 430 to 753 square feet


  • Can provide a choice of either warm or cool mist for up to 50 hours
  • Benefits from both a front control panel and an additional handheld remote
  • Built-in aroma box allows relaxing aromatherapy oils to be added


  • If placed too close to a wall, the humidistat can be inaccurate

With an attractive design, various settings, and a 1.5-gallon water tank, this Levoit humidifier for large rooms is an excellent option for big spaces. The LV600HH hybrid model can operate as a warm-mist or cool-mist humidifier. Its tank capacity is enough for 60 hours before needing a refill. With a maximum mist output of 500 milliliters per hour, this model can fill rooms between 430 and 753 square feet with moist air.

Users can adjust the mist output, humidistat, and automatic shutoff timer via the model’s control panel or the convenient remote control. Other features include an aromatherapy box with absorption pads. The top has a wide opening for easy cleaning.

Get the Levoit LV600HH humidifier for large rooms at Amazon or Lowe’s.

Best Bang for the Buck

Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

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Product Specs 

  • Type: Ultrasonic
  • Warm vs. cool mist: Cool
  • Tank capacity: 1.6 gallons
  • Compatible square footage: 500 square feet


  • Whisper Quiet technology makes this unit perfect for nightly bedroom use
  • 1.6-gallon tank ensures 50 hours of continuous operation before it needs to be refilled
  • Auto shutoff function prevents the humidifier from operating without water


  • Lack of a built-in humidistat means adjustments have to be made manually

Considered the best humidifier for bedroom use, the Everlasting Comfort ultrasonic cool-mist humidifier features a 1.6-gallon tank and a powerful fan to add moisture for up to 50 hours. This humidifier may be inexpensive, but it delivers all the features anyone needs. It’s best used as a single-room humidifier for increasing humidity in rooms measuring up to 500 square feet. An analog knob fine-tunes the humidifier’s mist output.

This ultrasonic cool-mist humidifier also features an essential oils compartment for aromatherapy. It lacks a built-in humidistat, though, requiring the user to monitor the level of humidity in the room to avoid introducing too much moisture into the space. Its auto-shutdown function can turn the unit off if the basin runs out of water.

Get the Everlasting Comfort humidifier for large rooms at Amazon.

Best High-Capacity

Aircare MA1201 Whole-House Console-Style Humidifier

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Product Specs 

  • Type: Whole-house/evaporative
  • Warm vs. cool mist: Cool
  • Tank capacity: 3.6 gallons
  • Compatible square footage: 3,600 square feet


  • Digital control panel allows precise setting of humidity levels
  • Has warning lights for auto shutoff, refill levels, and filter changes
  • Can be set to adjust fan speed automatically, maintaining the room’s humidity level


  • Some users say the 3,600-square-foot coverage area claim is inaccurate
  • A few users claim that the manual included with this item was incorrect

With its 3.6-gallon tank, the Aircare MA1201 whole-house console-style evaporative humidifier produces enough water vapor to treat up to 3,600 square feet. Its built-in humidistat turns the unit off and on automatically, depending on the customized humidity settings. The user can set it and forget it. A digital control panel with clearly labeled buttons helps users easily adjust the humidifier’s humidity levels and fan speed. It also shuts off automatically when the unit is empty, preventing the motor from burning out.

With its sturdy set of casters, users can roll this large ultrasonic cool-mist humidifier from room to room. At 20.5 inches tall by 21.5 inches wide, this is one of the largest humidifiers on the market.

Get the Aircare MA1201 humidifier for large rooms at The Home Depot or Aircare.

Tech Pick

Levoit Classic 300S Ultrasonic Smart Humidifier

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Product Specs 

  • Type: Ultrasonic
  • Warm vs. cool mist: Cool
  • Tank capacity: 1.58 gallons
  • Compatible square footage: 215 to 505 square feet


  • Wi-Fi connectivity allows remote control and voice activation via Alexa or Google Assistant
  • User-friendly features include 4 mist levels and a night-light with 2 brightness settings
  • One of the quietest humidifiers on the market at just 30 decibels


  • Some functions are only available via the app, not from the machine’s control panel

Those who love high-tech gadgets may find the Classic 300S ultrasonic smart humidifier from Levoit to be the optimal choice. With a 1.58-gallon tank capacity, this pick is suitable for 215- to 505-square-foot rooms, distributing cool-mist air four times faster than other brands’ humidifiers. Smart connectivity through the VeSync app also allows owners to alter the humidity levels with their smartphone, though it also connects to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

The included smart humidity sensor can trigger an auto mode to adjust moisture levels based on the room’s condition or owners can use the voice-command option when their hands are occupied.

Its small BPA-free construction is compact and easy to place anywhere and comes with an adjustable night-light and an LED control panel. It operates at under 30 decibels of sound, making it perfect for bedrooms and nurseries. Need more? It can also act as an essential oil diffuser. This model’s only downside is that it needs frequent cleaning to maintain proper functionality.

What our tester says: Elizabeth Cranston, a Bob Vila editor, notes the following about this humidifier: “I never had a humidifier before, but this one is a cinch to use, whether I control it from the app or the buttons. Plus, the added moisture it provides eases cold symptoms at night—it’s my new winter must-have.” Get the Levoit 300S humidifier for large rooms at Amazon or Levoit.

Best Design

Aircare EP9800 Whole-House Pedestal-Style Humidifier

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Product Specs 

  • Type: Whole-house/evaporative
  • Warm vs. cool mist: Cool
  • Tank capacity: 3.5 gallons
  • Compatible square footage: 2,400 square feet


  • Digital panel offers 9 fan speeds for precise output control
  • Has a replaceable tile top and can be used as an additional side table
  • Flip-out spout makes it easy to refill the tank when necessary


  • At maximum speed, the noise level may be considered quite loud by some
  • Large size may not suit those looking for a portable humidifier

With its faux-wood panel sides and dark espresso stain finish, the Aircare EP9800 whole-house evaporative humidifier is the best cool mist humidifier in terms of design and reach, a bonus for those wanting to treat the air in a large room while still preserving the interior decor. This humidifier’s 3.5-gallon capacity is enough to treat an entire 2,400-square-foot home.

This large humidifier is 27.3 inches tall by 18 inches wide and probably needs permanent space in the home. Users can trade out the model’s replaceable tile top to match the room’s decor. The digital controls can quickly adjust the humidity level and the humidifier’s nine fan speeds. An automatic shutoff feature prevents the motor from burning out when the reservoir is empty.

Get the Aircare EP9800 humidifier for large rooms at Lowe’s, The Home Depot, Grainger, or Aircare.

Best Whole-house

AprilAire 700 Whole-Home Humidifier

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Product Specs 

  • Type: Whole-house
  • Warm vs. cool mist: Unlisted
  • Capacity: Up to 18 gallons per day
  • Compatible square footage: 2,800 to 5,300 square feet (depending on the construction of your home)


  • Exceptionally powerful humidifier with dual sensors for optimal performance
  • Included water panels last an entire year and are easy to replace
  • Can be set to work continuously or only when the household furnace runs


  • Requires that the house has existing HVAC or a similar ducting system

The AprilAire 700 is a high-output steam humidifier that works in conjunction with a furnace and can provide precise humidity levels for tightly constructed homes of up to 5,300 square feet. Whole-house humidifiers can maintain optimal air quality levels inside the home, which can help tackle dry skin and static shock.

Once the digital humidistat is set, onboard sensors ensure automatic maintenance of the desired humidity, so this is a set-and-forget device. Alarm lights on the main unit warn of when the water panel needs to be replaced or when the humidifier needs to be serviced.

Professional installation is strongly recommended for this model since it needs to pull hot air directly from the HVAC system. However, the user can change the water panel, which needs to be replaced every year.

Get the AprilAire humidifier for large rooms at Amazon.

Best Efficiency

Vornado EVDC500 Energy Smart Evaporative Humidifier

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Product Specs 

  • Type: Evaporative
  • Warm vs. cool mist: Unspecified
  • Tank capacity: 2 gallons
  • Compatible square footage: 1,000 square feet


  • Direct current (DC) motor uses 90 percent less electricity than common AC equivalents
  • Vortex action humidifies the whole room while minimizing energy consumption
  • Easy-clean water tanks have a low-level indicator and auto shutoff when empty


  • Some users report the device lacks the power to humidify the 1,000-square-foot coverage area effectively
  • There have been reports of leaks or faults with the fan

Vornado’s unique approach uses a combination of vortex airflow and a high-efficiency DC motor. Rather than providing mist that might dampen surrounding areas, it humidifies the air as it circulates through the device. The result is efficient humidification of large rooms measuring up to 1,000 square feet while reducing electricity demands by as much as 90 percent compared to similar machines with common alternating current (AC) motors.

The Vornado EVDC500 has an attractive, contemporary design and weighs just 8.92 pounds, so it’s easy to move from one place to another. Two 1-gallon water tanks are easy to manage even when full and are a breeze to clean. The LED display indicates when the water level gets low, and the device will shut off automatically when empty. Multiple fan speeds allow for customized humidity settings, or it can run on auto.

Get the Vornado humidifier for large rooms at Amazon, The Home Depot, or Vornado.

Best Air Purifier Combo

Sharp KC850U Air Purifier and Humidifier

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Product Specs 

  • Type: Unspecified
  • Warm vs. cool mist: Unspecified
  • Tank capacity: 0.96 gallon
  • Compatible square footage: 1,230 square feet


  • Filters dust, pollen, smoke, and pet dander while also humidifying
  • Energy Star certified for low power consumption and reduced emissions
  • Set at low, the fan’s noise level is barely audible at 19 decibels


  • The combination of purification and humidification comes at a considerable cost
  • Although filters should last at least 2 years, there are 3 that will eventually need to be changed

The KC850U air purifier and humidifier from Sharp is a remarkable device that uses proprietary technology to attract particles from the air and filter them through a three-stage process. A high-efficiency particulate air filter removes 99.97 percent of particles down to just 0.3 microns. There is also a carbon filter that removes many common household odors.

The machine is capable of treating up to 1,230 square feet at one room change per hour. Three fan speeds and an auto setting allow the Sharp KC850U to be adjusted to suit the environment. An

Energy Star certification

ensures electricity consumption is kept to a minimum.

Get the Sharp humidifier for large rooms at Amazon or The Home Depot.

Best Portable

Crane Drop Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

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Product Specs 

  • Type: Ultrasonic
  • Warm vs. cool mist: Cool mist
  • Tank capacity: 1 gallon
  • Compatible square footage: 500 square feet


  • Compact size and light weight make it easy to carry from room to room
  • Tank lasts for up to 24 hours before requiring a refill
  • Quiet operation makes it ideal for use in bedrooms and nurseries


  • 1-gallon capacity may require frequent refills

The Crane Drop ultrasonic humidifier is compact and lightweight, so toting this cool-mist humidifier to whichever room it’s most needed is easy. It measures a little over a foot tall, about 9 inches in diameter, and weighs just 5 pounds when empty. Despite its small size, it can still humidify rooms up to 500 square feet. Like other cool-mist humidifiers, this model’s quiet operation makes it ideal for bedrooms. Its 1-gallon tank will work for up to 24 hours before requiring a refill.

The control knob on the front allows the user to adjust the amount of humidity it releases, and the lid rotates 360 degrees to direct the mist it produces. The tank is removable for easy cleaning and compatible with a demineralization filter, which can be added to filter out hard water. It comes in nine different colors.

Get the Crane humidifier for large rooms at Amazon, The Home Depot, or Target.

Best Quiet

Hupro Top Fill Cool Mist u0026 Warm Mist Humidifier

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Product Specs 

  • Type: Ultrasonic
  • Warm vs. cool mist: Cool/warm mist
  • Tank capacity: 6 liters
  • Compatible square footage: 500 square feet


  • Will automatically maintain set humidity levels
  • Users can change settings from across the room with the remote control
  • Will last for up to 40 hours thanks to its large tank
  • Sleek design with touch controls and a digital display


  • Some users report that the lid leaks water when removed for refills

Operating at less than 30 decibels, which is about the sound of a whisper, this humidifier is ideal for bedrooms and nurseries. Since it produces both cool mist and warm mist, it’s ideal for chilly winter days and warm summer nights. Users can dial in a set humidity, and the Hupro will maintain that level automatically. It has a sleek design with its box shape and touch controls. A large digital display makes it easy to read the current humidity.

The Hupro also has a remote control, so you don’t have to get out of bed to change its settings. Users can turn the humidifier on and off, set timers, change the humidity percentage, and change modes via the remote. Its 6-liter tank will last up to 40 hours on a single tank and works in rooms up to 500 square feet.

Get the Hupro humidifier for large rooms at Amazon or Walmart.

Best With Diffuser

Levoit OasisMist 1000S Smart Humidifier

See It

Product Specs 

  • Type: Ultrasonic
  • Warm vs. cool mist: Cool mist
  • Tank capacity: 10 liters
  • Compatible square footage: 600 square feet


  • Smart controls allow users to set timers, create schedules, and operate the humidifier via an app
  • Equipped with a self-cleaning tank and filter to prevent mold and scale
  • Large 10-liter tank lasts for days before requiring a refill


  • Due to the machine’s unique construction, it may be difficult to clean for some users

This cool-mist humidifier connects to a home’s Wi-Fi, allowing the user to control it remotely via a smartphone app. Users can set humidity levels, program timers, create schedules, and change the humidifiers’ varying modes all via the app. The humidifier also works with digital assistants like Alexa, allowing you to change settings with voice control, and the humidifier comes with a remote.

A self-cleaning tank combats mold growth, while a built-in water filter prevents hard water buildup. The humidifier also comes equipped with an aroma box for essential oils. With its 10-liter tank, the Levoit humidifier lasts up to 100 hours before requiring a refill. A top-fill design makes it easy to refill.

Get the Levoit OasisMist humidifier for large rooms at Amazon or Walmart.

Also Consider

Venta LW45 Original Evaporative Humidifier

See It

Product Specs 

  • Type: Evaporative
  • Warm vs. cool mist: Cool
  • Tank capacity: 3 gallons
  • Compatible square footage: 600 square feet


  • Uses a rotating disk mechanism that is simple, effective, and low maintenance
  • Mist-free model does not need filters and uses ordinary tap water
  • Venta claims cold evaporation is more hygienic and also reduces pollutants and static


  • Although it’s undoubtedly efficient and robust, the price is significantly higher than that of most competitors’ products
  • Some users say this device’s gears show signs of deterioration after 1 year of use

Venta’s LW45 original evaporative humidifier has an unusual disk-stack mechanism that uses plain cold tap water to humidify up to 600 square feet. With no need for filters, both maintenance requirements and running costs are reduced. Venta claims that humidifying in this way is more hygienic than mists and naturally reduces air pollutants and static. Aromatherapy oils can be added to the device to create a more relaxing environment.

The appearance is best described as utilitarian. There are simple, easy-to-use controls for on/off and three power levels. An auto shutoff prevents damage should the device run dry. At around 13 pounds, the Venta LW45 is relatively portable, though a trolley with locking wheels is available as an accessory.

Get the Venta humidifier for large rooms at Amazon, Lowe’s, The Home Depot, or Venta.

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What to Consider When Choosing a Humidifier for Large Rooms 

We sought advice from Dr. David Li, a board-certified dermatologist and founder of Boston Derm Advocate, regarding what to look for in a humidifier. Li says humidifiers offer relief for those who suffer from skin conditions. “[Humidifiers] can be helpful for patients with underlying sensitive skin, dry skin, and eczematous skin, as the skin barrier may be compromised resulting in increased water loss,” he says. “Increasing the moisture content in the air can help combat this.”

Types of Humidifiers

Three types of humidifiers are typically designed to serve larger spaces: ultrasonic, evaporative, and whole house. Whole-house humidifiers are generally larger and best suited to supplying consistent humidity for the entire home, while ultrasonic and evaporation models are smaller and deliver mist to specific spaces. Here’s what buyers need to know about these three major types of humidifiers.

Ultrasonic Humidifiers

Ultrasonic humidifiers use a vibrating diaphragm to emit tiny water particles and a blower to distribute them, filling the air with moisture. This humidifier typically distributes its mist upward to give the particles enough time to vaporize before they come into contact with a hard surface.

Because ultrasonic humidifiers don’t rely on evaporation to create mist, they can typically send more moisture into the air than other humidifiers, making them ideal for large rooms and living areas. But if the water evaporated using an ultrasonic humidifier contains minerals, this will leave residual white deposits on hard surfaces.

Evaporative Humidifiers

Evaporative humidifiers have a wick inside the basin that absorbs water. A blower collects dry air from the room where the humidifier is used and blows it across the wick to add moisture before circulating it back into the room. Many evaporative humidifiers include a built-in humidistat that shuts the unit off automatically whenever the room’s air reaches a specific humidity level.

Generally speaking, evaporative humidifiers do not leave behind the white residue that other humidifiers (like the ultrasonic variety) typically create. However, evaporative models do require periodic cleaning, which prevents the growth of bacteria inside the reservoir.

Whole-House Humidifiers

Whole-house humidifiers are connected to the ductwork of a house. Unlike ultrasonic and evaporative humidifiers that distribute mist from a single vent mounted on the humidifier, whole-house humidifiers work as part of the HVAC system, adding moisture to an entire home. Many of these humidifiers can also be connected to a house’s plumbing system, providing a limitless water supply.

Some brands offer models that use a wall-mounted fan for houses without an HVAC system. Whether the humidifier works with the HVAC system or as a wall-mounted fan, professional installation is strongly recommended for any kind of whole-house humidifier.

Warm Mist vs. Cool Mist

A warm-mist humidifier adds moisture to the air by evaporating the water poured into its reservoir. The unit heats that water, causing it to vaporize. This humidifier is ideal during the cold winter months when colds and flu are rampant, causing all kinds of respiratory conditions. At these times, a warm-mist humidifier emits a soothing mist that makes breathing much easier.

By contrast, cool-mist humidifiers add water to the air by blowing dry air over a saturated wick. Unlike warm-mist humidifiers, the cool-mist variety does not use heat, making them ideal for warmer months and safe to use overnight or in children’s rooms.

That said, Li points out that using a cool-mist humidifier in the winter or a warm-mist model in the summer is certainly fine as neither should make much of a difference in room temperature. “The particles are so tiny once aerosolized that they will very quickly adopt the temperature of the room,” he says.

Room Size and Tank Capacity

To serve a large room, a humidifier must be capable of producing a large quantity of mist. Most large-room models can emit enough water vapor to fill a space of at least 5,000 square feet, with whole-home models capable of producing enough mist to treat more than 4,000 square feet of space.

“If the room is too big, then you may need to place the humidifier closer to where you are staying most of the time,” Li says.

Large humidifiers can hold up to 4 gallons of water to handle this coverage, which gives them enough capacity to run for a day or more before requiring a refill. Some whole-home units attach directly to the home’s water lines, giving the humidifier a limitless water supply.

Ease of Cleaning 

Most humidifiers are easy to operate (simply fill the tank and turn on the unit) but are a bit trickier to maintain. It’s typically recommended to clean humidifiers once a week.

“You want to ensure that it’s easy to clean; otherwise, there can be mold, mildew, and bacteria colonization, which can actually worsen someone’s underlying skin conditions or allergies,” Li says.

Besides technology and capacity, the difference between a cheap humidifier and a more expensive model is often how the water tank is designed. The water tanks on more affordable models are sometimes impossible to access directly with a cleaning brush, which means it’s necessary to soak them regularly to prevent mold growth.


Because the wick stops releasing water vapor once the humidity in the room reaches a certain level, an evaporative humidifier can’t over-humidify the room. But an evaporative model can once its humidistat is turned on.

Unless it is turned off, an evaporative humidifier will release water particles into the air indefinitely (or until the water in its reservoir runs out). While convenient, this can create an issue if left unattended, causing moisture to form on the walls or even creating puddles on surfaces. To avoid this problem, many evaporative humidifiers feature a built-in humidistat that turns off the unit automatically when the air in the room reaches a certain humidity level.

These controls also help with setting the humidifier to suit your preferences, Li says. “Most modern humidifiers have a function that can adjust the degree of moisture content,” he says. “Having this can be helpful to calibrate the humidity level to your skin’s preference.”

Additional Features

Some humidifiers have additional features that enhance functionality. These features include controls that allow the user to adjust the humidifier’s fan speed or change the direction of the mist output. Higher-end models typically include a remote control.

Most humidifiers for large rooms include integrated timers that enable the user to set a shut-off time. They also feature an automatic shutoff that stops the unit from running when the reservoir is dry—this helps prevent motor burnout. Ultraviolet filtration can kill bacteria that build up in the reservoir over time. Some humidifiers include oil diffusers that can be used to release essential oils into the air.

Tips for Using a Humidifier for Large Rooms

Anyone looking to regulate humidity inside a home by using a humidifier will need to take time to learn how to work with its settings. The first setting they need to get familiar with is the one that controls the amount of moisture that is emitted into a room. It is recommended that this setting be kept under 50 percent to avoid the growth of mold and mildew.

Using purified or distilled water (instead of tap water) prevents unsavory particles from filtering through the humidifier and circulating in the air. Also, cleaning the humidifier regularly (at least once a week) can keep it functioning properly.

Here are a few more tips to consider:

  • Before refilling the humidifier’s tank, be sure the tank is completely dry and empty to avoid standing water and mold.
  • If the humidifier requires a filter, monitor when it needs to be replaced.
  • The door to the room where the humidifier will be used should be left open to avoid over-humidifying the space.
  • Warm-mist humidifiers that boil water can become hot to the touch. Those who live in a home with pets or animals will want to exercise caution.


This guide aims to address everything shoppers need to know ahead of buying a humidifier, particularly the best ones for large rooms. Some may still have questions, though, so here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about these appliances.

Q. What size humidifier do you need for a large room?

Humidifiers with a 500- to 6,000-square-foot coverage range emit enough mist to cover a large room. These devices typically vary in size, but many are compact.

Q. What is the recommended indoor humidity level?

The ideal indoor humidity level for health and comfort is between 40 and 50 percent to help ease cold and allergy symptoms and make breathing easier while not making the air so humid that it promotes mold growth.

Q. Where should a humidifier be placed in a room?

The best place to position a humidifier is a few feet from the bed. This position allows the moist air to circulate enough to ease cold and allergy symptoms while not being so close that the user can breathe into it and distribute germs around the room.

Q. Can I run my humidifier all night? 

It’s safe to leave a humidifier on all night if the unit has an automatic shutoff feature that turns off the unit when the reservoir is dry. An evaporative humidifier should also have a humidistat that turns off the unit after it reaches a certain humidity level to prevent the unit from over-humidifying the room.

Q. Can I use tap water in the humidifier? 

While it’s OK to use tap water in a humidifier, distilled water is a better option. Tap water often has minerals in it that can leave deposits inside the humidifier or get released with the water vapor, leaving white dust on furniture around the room.

Q. Is a warm- or cool-mist humidifier better for sinuses?

If you have sensitive sinuses or are suffering from a cold or flu, using a cold- or warm-mist humidifier can help to ease sinus congestion. However, a warm-mist one may be a better option as it can soothe the sinuses more effectively.

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