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10 Corner Shelf Ideas for Adding Storage and Style to Any Space

It’s time to give that empty, awkward corner a glow up.

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Corners are often overlooked areas when it comes to the design and function of a room. The awkward space can seem intimidating. However, with an open mind and a good eye, corner shelf ideas can make use of the tiny niche in the kitchen, the unused corner in the living room, and more. These corner shelf ideas maximize space and elevate style.

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1. 5-Tier Wall-Mount Shelving Unit

Draw the eye up with an intriguing corner shelf design like this 5-tier wall-mount unit. This clever piece features a rich espresso finish that stands out particularly well against a light-colored wall. Adorn the shelves with collectibles, framed photos, and other decorative items.

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2. Macrame Hanging Shelves

Transform a corner into a whimsical space with this corner unit constructed of macrame cord and pine-wood shelves. This is perfect for displaying a gorgeous trailing plant to brighten up a corner. Add additional cozy touches, like a set of candles and a small stack of books, to complete the look.

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3. Wooden Rectangles

A wooden corner shelf elevates an unused corner in the home in the simplest way. These wooden rectangular shelves feature an unusual design that wraps around the 90-degree angle of adjoining walls. The look begs for conversation as it draws the attention from one area of the home to another. Adorn the shelves with equally attention-grabbing decor.

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4. Vintage Hook & Shoe Tree Unit

A corner shelf is a wonderful way to maximize storage space. This shoe tree unit takes advantage of an awkward, unused area by creating a design that nestles in and makes the most of the space. The standing unit is perfect for keeping shoes off the floor, and provides a place to conveniently hang coats, hats, and keys.

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5. Simple Floating Shelves

This shelving concept puts the focus on what’s displayed. The simple floating shelves feature a low-key, rounded-front design with plenty of surface area that makes a fantastic kitchen niche. Store necessities like decorative measuring cups, your go-to cook books, or your favorite spices.

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6. Live-Edge Shelves

These gorgeous shelves add a natural aesthetic to the home. The on-trend live-edge shelves are made of wood from teak trees, resulting in a durable earthy style perfect for boosting cozy, calming vibes in an unused corner.

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7. Triangular

Look no further for cool corner shelves than this triangular design. The design is crafted of beautiful mango wood built into a cleverly designed black iron frame, resulting in a striking appearance that will make any corner stand out. The sculptural shelf deserves elevated decor, like a vase of dried flowers and one-of-a-kind art.

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8. Standing Bookcase in Cool Color

Making the most of vertical space, this tall, slim corner shelf idea is suited for tight corners. The standing bookcase is offered in a variety of cool colors, from turquoise to mustard. Break up a display of stacks of books with a framed photo, a decorative clock, and a small plant.

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9. Zig-Zag Corner Shelf

This large corner shelf maximizes a vacant corner with an innovative design. The customizable, zig-zag style allows both walls to feature decorative intrigue. Consider adding trailing plants along with other, smaller items on neighboring shelves.

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10. Storage Included

This gorgeous bookcase is the ideal way to elevate a corner. The curved design is made out of fluted mango veneer that adds a swanky style to a space. Not only does the bookcase offer stunning style, but it has plenty of storage, making the most of the space.

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