How Much Does It Cost to Install Pullout Shelves in Kitchen Cabinets?

The typical cost to install pullout shelves in kitchen cabinets ranges from $140 to $350—a small investment to make for the convenience and functionality they provide when homeowners are enhancing their kitchen.
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Cost to Install Pullout Shelves in Kitchen Cabinets


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  • The typical cost to install pullout shelves in kitchen cabinets ranges from $140 to $350.
  • The main factors that determine the cost for pullout shelves include the shelf material, size, and brand; the cost of labor; the choice between prefabricated and custom shelves; and the choice between roller slides and ball-bearing slides.
  • The benefits of pullout shelves in kitchen cabinets include improved accessibility, increased storage space, better kitchen organization, the option to choose customized shelves, easy installation, and an improved aesthetic in the kitchen.
  • A handy homeowner may be able to install prefabricated pullout kitchen shelves, but often it’s quicker and easier to hire a pro—especially for custom shelving.

Pullout shelves, also called sliding shelves, rolling shelves, and kitchen cabinet pullouts, provide an efficient way of optimizing kitchen cabinet storage, making them a worthwhile consideration for homeowners when determining kitchen remodel costs. Rolling kitchen shelves offer easy access and retrieval for gathering items in the back of the cabinets, making these shelves excellent storage solutions for the heart of any home. It’s not surprising to find pullout shelves as an option for the best kitchen cabinets sold in stores.

But what’s the cost? According to Fixr, the average price to install pullout shelves in kitchen cabinets is $245, with a typical range of $140 to $350. The cost can fluctuate considerably based on several variables. One major factor is the chosen material; for example, Baltic birch hardwood tends to be more expensive than its Baltic birch plywood counterpart. Other cost factors include the size of each slide-out shelf, the number of shelves required, and any custom configurations needed. Labor costs also play a significant role in the overall expense as well as any necessary modifications to existing kitchen cabinets. Other expenses, such as shipping and customization, can contribute to the final cost of installing pullout shelves in kitchen cabinets. These factors are explained in detail in this cost guide.

Factors in Calculating the Cost to Install Pullout Shelves in Kitchen Cabinets

Cost to Install Pullout Shelves in Kitchen Cabinets

The cost to install pullout shelves in kitchen cabinets varies considerably. Geographic location can affect the total project cost, as labor and material prices can fluctuate across regions, influenced by local market conditions such as contractor rates. For example, homeowners can expect to pay more for labor in metropolitan areas with a higher cost of living than in rural areas with a lower cost of goods and services.

The cost for the installation process can also fluctuate based on the chosen material, the size of the shelves, the brand, and the difference in cost between prefabricated and custom-built shelves. The type of slides used for the pullout mechanism, such as roller slides or ball-bearing slides, can impact the overall cost as well.

Shelf Material

Pullout shelves come in different materials and price ranges. At the lower end of the spectrum, pullout shelves constructed of plastic costing $10 to $30 can provide a cost-effective solution for homeowners on a budget. For a minor upgrade in quality and price, homeowners can opt for shelves made from fiberglass for around $30 to $70. However, homeowners needing additional reinforcement to store heavy items will want to choose aluminum or stainless steel, which runs from $70 to $100 or more. The cost of wooden and plywood shelves varies significantly depending on the type of wood.

Shelf Size

Size also matters when homeowners are determining the cost of pullout shelves in kitchen cabinets. For example, a shelf measuring 6 inches by 24 inches can cost $40 to $50. For a larger, premium pullout shelf option, homeowners can expect to pay around $60. When seeking custom-designed options such as tall and double-set pullout shelves, a homeowner can spend $80 to $110. A custom sliding bread box is priced between $100 and $120.

Shelf Brand

Aside from the material, the shelf’s brand can affect the pullout shelf’s price. A recognized brand will cost more than a no-name brand without a reputation in the industry. Below are some examples of brands and their costs.

Shelf Brand and TypeCost per Shelf (Materials Only)
Rev-A-Shelf 14-inch Wood Pullout Drawer$69.99
Shelves That Slide Economy Sliding Shelf$59.95
SimpleHuman cabinet organizer$60 to $80
Slide-A-Shelf Made-To-Fit Slide-Out Shelf$94.99
The Container Store 14-inch Commercial Roll-Out Drawer Chrome$59.99


Homeowners can expect to spend an average of $140 to $150 for installation of the pullout shelves, excluding the cost of the materials. But they will want to remember that the national average for labor can vary from local rates. Homeowners living in a city with a higher cost of living usually pay more than residents in rural or outlying areas.

Prefabricated vs. Custom

The type of cabinet selected plays a critical role in determining the total installation cost of pullout shelves in kitchen cabinets. Prefabricated pullout shelves, often found in home improvement stores, cost considerably less than their custom-built counterparts. Stock cabinets are priced between $80 and $150 per linear foot, excluding installation. In contrast, custom shelving, renowned for superior quality materials, construction, and longevity, commands a higher price range of $550 to $800 per linear foot.

Roller Slides vs. Ball-Bearing Slides

For the smooth operation of pullout shelves, homeowners have a choice between two slide types: roller slides and ball-bearing slides. Roller slides, an affordable option with plastic wheels, offer different mounting options, including under, side, and bottom mounts. These slides range in price from $3 to $10 and can support weights between 30 and 100 pounds.

On the other hand, ball-bearing slides can hold heavier items that weigh between 75 and 100 pounds or even more, and their cost varies between $3 and $20. Homeowners needing to accommodate significantly heavier or bulkier items will want to select ball-bearing slides specifically designed to handle up to 200 pounds; these are priced at around $200.

Types of Pullout Shelves in Kitchen Cabinets

Homeowners can find an array of cabinet rollouts and drawers for kitchen cabinets to suit specific purposes. Corner cabinet organizers can efficiently utilize often neglected corners. Pullout spice racks neatly store seasonings for quick meal preparations, and pullout trash and recycling cans provide an accessible yet hidden waste management solution. Each type of pullout shelving offers homeowners a streamlined and functional kitchen environment.

Type of Pullout ShelvesAverage Cost per Shelf (Materials Only)
Corner cabinet pullout organizer$300 to $1,000
Pullout spice rack$200 to $500 and up
Pullout trash or recycling can$200 to $450 and up

Corner Cabinet Pullout Organizer

While corners in cabinets often provide ample space, they can be challenging to access effectively. A homeowner might consider installing a corner cabinet pullout organizer as a solution. These organizers vary in price, ranging from $300 to $1,000. A significant factor affecting cost is the material chosen. For instance, organizers made from oak hardwood tend to be pricier than those made from wire or plastic.

Pullout Spice Rack

What’s a kitchen without a spice rack? Having a pullout rack with different levels for spices enables a homeowner to keep them organized neatly in one cabinet. Baking spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg can be stored on one level and herbs such as basil, thyme, and oregano on another. A pullout spice rack ranges from $200 to $500 or higher, depending on the material, the mounting, and the mechanism.

Pullout Trash or Recycling Can Cabinet

Pullout trash or recycling can cabinets are a great way for homeowners to keep garbage and recyclable bottles and cans out of sight and out of mind. These receptacle pullout mechanisms average around $200 and $450 each, or higher for custom designs.

Cost to Install Pullout Shelves in Kitchen Cabinets

Benefits of Installing Pullout Shelves in Kitchen Cabinets

Pullout shelves have also been called cabinet rollouts, rollout cabinets, and rolling shelves. No matter the name, their advantages include accessible storage, additional storage, organization, and functionality for kitchen cabinets and pantry shelves, making these shelves and cabinets a valuable upgrade.

With their modern, convenient features, pullout shelves can boost a home’s resale value and appeal to potential buyers. Additionally, pullout shelves in kitchen cabinets provide efficient space utilization. They are handy during seasonal changes when different kitchen items are in demand, such as condiments for the grill during pool parties. This simple upgrade can transform an older kitchen in the following ways.

Improved Accessibility

Pullout shelves in kitchen cabinets enhance the accessibility of an entire cabinet. Without them, items stored in the back of shelves can become messy when cans and bottles in front knock over objects, causing the cabinet to look unorganized. With the ability to slide out shelves, users can easily access stored items and keep cabinets intact.

Increased Storage Space

Pullout shelves considerably enhance kitchen cabinet storage space. These versatile shelves are perfect for accommodating small items like bottles and cans, which often disappear into the far reaches of large cabinets. Homeowners can optimize every square inch of cabinet space by utilizing pullout shelves.

Better Organization

Homeowners can simplify kitchen and pantry organization by installing pullout shelves in kitchen cabinets. Stacking storage containers at the back of cabinets can be tricky without them. The ability to slide out the shelves so items are visible can make the rear of the cabinet more accessible and organized.

Customization Options

Many new pullout shelves feature built-in power outlets, adding a useful customization option to a kitchen cabinet. This unique feature transforms the cabinet into a convenient charging station, allowing devices such as phones and tablets to be powered up while homeowners are preparing meals. With cabinet doors that close securely, these charging stations also provide an added layer of protection against potential water damage that can occur when devices are charged on kitchen countertops.

Improved Aesthetics

Pullout shelves not only ensure neat and orderly storage inside kitchen cabinets, but some options boast an appealing aesthetic. Homeowners with a keen eye for design can select drawer styles and brackets that harmoniously blend with their home’s fixtures and color scheme. With options ranging from classic white to sleek chrome and bold black, both drawers for kitchen cabinets and shelf brackets offer various color choices to enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the kitchen. In this way, pullout shelves in kitchen cabinets can elevate both the functionality and style of a kitchen space.

Easy Installation

Pullout shelves offer ease of installation for a DIY project. If a homeowner has the right tools and the time in their schedule, they can build and install pullout shelves in kitchen cabinets themselves and save on the labor of a professional cabinet installer. Homeowners will either need to purchase or build the drawers and pick up the appropriate hardware and sliders chosen by the weight of the items they plan to keep in the cabinet.

Cost to Install Pullout Shelves in Kitchen Cabinets

Installing Pullout Shelves in Kitchen Cabinets: DIY vs. Hiring a Professional 

For a homeowner with basic woodworking skills and 4 to 6 hours to spare, installing pullout shelves and metal drawer slides in kitchen cabinets can be a manageable project. A homeowner can expect to spend around $50 to $90 per shelf for the project, which is considerably less than a professional cabinet installer, even though a pro can do the job much more quickly. If a homeowner doesn’t want to invest in the cost of kitchen cabinets, they can save money by learning how to paint kitchen cabinets evenly.

However, if the homeowner isn’t confident about their woodworking skills and is concerned about additional expenditures if they damage the materials, they might want to consider outsourcing a professional kitchen cabinet installer, which can offer peace of mind.

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How to Save Money on the Cost to Install Pullout Shelves in Kitchen Cabinets

Homeowners can find numerous ways to save money on installing pullout shelves in kitchen cabinets––from finding discount coupons and negotiating installation prices to scheduling the work during off-peak seasons.

  • Shop around. By getting estimates from multiple kitchen contractors, you can get a competitive installation price and have more leverage for negotiating prices.
  • Scour for coupons. From mailers to online advertisements and supermarket display racks, there are several places to find money-saving coupons and discounts on kitchen cabinet installation.
  • Consider prefabricated shelves. Although custom-made materials carry a certain charm and sophistication, they also come with a higher price tag. If standard-size shelving aligns with your design plan, opting for prefabricated pullout shelves can be a more budget-friendly choice.

Questions to Ask About Installing Pullout Shelves in Kitchen Cabinets

When homeowners are hiring a new professional, it’s critical to vet their experience and reputation. The key to selecting a proficient expert lies in posing the right questions. Engaging in a dialogue with prospective professionals can equip homeowners with vital insights needed to make an informed hiring decision.

  • How many years have you been installing kitchen cabinets and slide-out shelves?
  • What is the cost of buying kitchen cabinets brand-new?
  • Are there any hidden charges or potential costs that could arise during the installation process?
  • What does a small kitchen remodel cost, in addition to the cost of pullout shelves?
  • What is the estimated cost of installing pullout shelves in my existing cabinets?
  • Are there any alternatives to kitchen cabinets that I can consider instead of installing pullout shelves?
  • What kind of warranty comes with the product and the installation?
  • Will cleaning kitchen cabinets and pullout shelves in my chosen material be time-consuming?
  • If any issues occur after the installation, how does your company provide support?


Finding the answers to specific questions about costs and installation can help homeowners decide if they want to hire a professional kitchen cabinet installer or do the job themselves. Below are the most frequently asked questions and answers about the costs of installing pullout shelves in kitchen cabinets and related kitchen projects.

Q. Can you add pullout shelves to existing cabinets?

It’s possible to install pullout shelves in existing cabinets without needing to buy new kitchen cabinets. A professional kitchen cabinet installer can add pullout shelves to existing kitchen cabinets with a floor-to-ceiling pullout rack by attaching a sliding rail system inside each cabinet. Using a custom-fitted rail system, the installer will assemble and mount the hardware to a shelf interior operated by a pullout handle that allows the new shelf to glide in and out smoothly.

Q. How much does it cost to install cabinet drawers?

The cost of professionally installing cabinet drawers for a cabinet refacing or kitchen remodeling project costs between $40 and $100 per drawer. Pricing can fluctuate based on material costs and contractor rates in different regions.

Q. Are pullout drawers more expensive than cabinets?

During a kitchen remodel, installing pullout drawers is more costly than installing traditional cabinets. Drawers have more hardware and are more labor-intensive, especially when the drawers contain specialized features such as soft-close or full-extension mechanisms. These require additional time to build, which contributes to the higher cost.

Q. What is the average labor price to hang cabinets?

Hanging cabinets costs an average of $100 to $300 per linear foot. However, the price can vary depending on the size of the cabinets and their materials. Homeowners also need to factor in the professional who is hanging the cabinets. A professional cabinet installer can cost twice as much as a handyperson.

Q. How do you turn a cabinet into open shelving?

For the sleek look that open shelving provides, converting a cabinet into open shelving with a few tools and some elbow grease is fairly simple. After removing the doors, fill holes from the hinges with wood glue and sand. A saw and hammer will remove the middle bar from inside the cabinet. For a modern look, consider painting your open shelving in a color that contrasts with the dishes. The price will be less than the cost to paint kitchen cabinets.

Q. How do I add extra shelves to my kitchen cabinets?

When a cabinet includes only one or two shelves, consider adding extra shelves in kitchen cabinets to have a better organization system and maximize space. This can be achieved with a few materials and tools such as ½-inch sanded birch plywood, birch edge banding and a household iron, an edge banding trimmer, a knife, stain, and polyurethane, and pins. It’s ideal to use a miter saw, and a table saw if it’s available. Another option is to bring an existing shelf from the kitchen cabinet to a lumber or home improvement store and have it cut to size and then to apply stain and varnish or polyurethane.

Q. Can you add a drawer to an existing cabinet?

Adding a drawer to an existing cabinet maximizes storage space and makes difficult-to-access cabinet areas easier to reach. The materials and tools needed to add a drawer to a kitchen cabinet include an orbital sander, drawer jig, clamps, a circular saw or table saw, drawer slides, wood glue, and wood screws. Another option for a homeowner who doesn’t have all the tools or wants to buy them is to contact a professional kitchen cabinet installer.

Q. How do you install a pullout cabinet organizer?

A homeowner with entry-level woodworking skills can easily install a pullout cabinet organizer in a base cabinet. The first step is measuring the cabinet to ensure the drawer can glide past the cabinet and hinges. If you’re not using a premade drawer, you’ll need to build the drawer using the measurements taken; then, you’ll mount the slides to the cabinet and fasten the slides to the drawer. Finally, you’ll install the drawer and check that it’s functioning properly.

Q. How much weight can a pullout cabinet shelf hold?

The amount of weight a pullout cabinet shelf can support depends on the type of drawers and rails of the shelf. The weight capacity for standard drawers and rails is 20 to 100 pounds, but a shelf with steel-grade rails can hold between 100 and 200 pounds.

Q. How much labor does it take to install cabinets?

The typical labor expense for kitchen cabinet installation, including preparation and cleanup, generally falls between $80 and $190 per cabinet or $50 to $450 per linear foot. The installation cost can fluctuate based on the cabinet type and the expertise of the professional doing the project.

Q. How long does it take professionals to install kitchen cabinets?

The time it takes for cabinet professionals to install kitchen cabinets depends on the size of the kitchen and the degree of customization needed. Typically, kitchen cabinet installation takes 2 to 3 days to complete. However, the project can take 4 to 5 days for large kitchens and custom designs.

Q. Why does it cost so much to install kitchen cabinets?

The high cost of kitchen cabinet installation largely stems from the complex nature of the task, which requires skilled hands-on labor and quality materials. Customization or modifications to fit a specific kitchen layout can further escalate the labor cost. Additionally, the price can vary based on geographic location, with urban areas typically charging more due to higher operational and living expenses.

Q. How do you install cabinet pulls?

For those curious about installing cabinet pulls, the task may seem daunting at first. However, it can be achieved by following these steps. When fitting door pulls, align the bottom edge of each pull with the top of the door rail. The pulls must be positioned in the center of the door stile to create a balanced and symmetrical look.

Q. How much does it cost to install a kitchen sink?

The average cost to install a kitchen sink runs between $200 and $350. This price typically includes the removal and disposal of the old sink. The installer will connect the supply lines, which are usually included in the price of the project, to the water supply. If any plumbing alterations need to be made for the installation, they come at an additional cost.

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