Rochel Maday


Name: Rochel Maday
Title: Contributing Writer
Rochel Maday is a freelance writer who has been creating content for since May of 2022. She’s been writing for the home improvement industry since 2015 and enjoys covering articles on gardening, remodeling, and homeowner finances. 
Expertise and Experience 
As a freelancer, Rochel has covered multiple industries but found a home (pun intended) writing content for homeowners. While renovating her own home, Rochel discovered a passion for home improvement, both aesthetically and financially. From replacing trim to peeling away wallpaper and full bathroom and kitchen overhauls, she’s seen the good and bad sides of remodeling. She also quickly learned that every DIY and contractor job has an impact on a homeowner’s bottom line. 
Passionate about helping other homeowners, Rochel built her freelance business around helping leaders in the construction and mortgage industries share tips and guides for their readers that help make sense (and cents) out of homeownership and home improvement. 
When not writing, Rochel helps her husband manage his woodworking business by handling the administrative tasks (though she’s been known to operate a power tool now and again).

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