The Best Velvet Hangers for Space-Saving in Your Closet

A good set of hangers protect the shape of clothing and maximize closet space. Velvet hangers are an affordable, stylish, and space-saving solution. 

Best Overall

The Best Velvet Hangers Options 30Pack

SONGMICS 30-Pack Pants Hangers Velvet

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Best Bang For The Buck

The Best Velvet Hangers Options Cresnel

CRESNEL Velvet Hangers 50 Pack

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Best For Suits

The Best Velvet Hangers Options Mizgi

MIZGI Premium Velvet Hangers Non Slip Suit Hangers

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Velvet hangers are popular for their stylish look, thin design, and garment preservation properties. Their slim profile helps to maximize storage space, making them a worthwhile upgrade for overflowing closets. In order to save valuable closet space, a good set of velvet hangers is an affordable and functional option. The best velvet hangers are durable and practical. They store clothing without damaging the garment or changing its original shape. They are also easy to sort, hold, and hang while organizing clothing. The best velvet hangers for an organized wardrobe are listed here.

  1. BEST OVERALL: SONGMICS 30-Pack Pants Hangers Velvet
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: CRESNEL Velvet Hangers 50 Pack
  3. BEST FOR SUITS: MIZGI Premium Velvet Hangers Non Slip Suit Hangers
  4. BEST FOR DRESSES: Zober Non-Slip Velvet Hangers
  5. BEST FOR COATS: MIZGI Premium Velvet Hangers (Pack of 50) Heavyduty
The Best Velvet Hangers Options

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Velvet Hangers 

Clothes hangers are a wardrobe staple for clothing like formal suits, delicate dresses, or bulky garments. They are also useful to keep everyday clothing wrinkle-free. A quality velvet hanger prevents creasing and stretching to extend the life of your clothes. Features like clips, notched shoulders, hooks, and swivel necks can help maximize storage space.


Different types of hangers are ideal for different types of clothing. For shirts, look for velvet hangers with notched shoulders to prevent slipping. The texture of velvet is well suited for delicate tops and slippery fabrics.

For pants, hangers with a trouser bar are an ideal pick. A trouser bar is useful for hanging suit pants to store suits as a set. When hanging suits and coats, consider a bump-free contoured hanger to mimic the coat shape.

Some velvet hangers include clips. These types of hangers are often referred to as skirt hangers, since the clips are designed to hold the waistband of a skirt. But they can also be useful for hanging pants and shorts. The clips are usually tipped with rubber or plastic coating to prevent crease marks.

Size and Shape

One benefit of velvet hangers is their thin design. Their slim profile allows maximum use of closet space. The best velvet hangers have a gentle shoulder contour to store clothing without creating bumps or creases. They should also have a strong hook that is wide enough to fit over standard closet rods.

Velvet hangers often have a simple design. They may have fewer features than some plastic or wooden hangers, which can have an array of notches, bars, rubber pieces, and hooks. While some velvet hangers may have fewer features, their thin profile frees up prime closet space. The minimal design also appeals to those who prefer a clean and simple look.


Velvet hangers are generally lightweight. Their dainty design makes them easy to hold and use. Textured velvet is ideal for delicate and lightweight clothing that might slip off plastic or wooden hangers. The textured surface holds slippery fabrics to securely hang a range of garments.

Their slim design makes standard velvet hangers less ideal for heavy coats. But some options can hold 10 pounds or more to hang bulky items. For items like thick coats, consider a heavy-duty hanger that won’t bend or break under the strain of the weight.

Folding vs. Clipping

A trouser bar or skirt clips add function to stylish velvet hangers. The trouser bar refers to the bottom bar of a hanger. It allows pants or accessories to fold over the bar for storage. A textured velvet trouser bar helps to keep folded garments in place.

Skirt hangers, or hangers with skirt clips, are designed to clip to the waistband of skirts. This allows the skirts to hang vertically, keeping them wrinkle-free. Although they are called skirt clips, they can also be used to hang shorts, pants, or accessories. Clips coated in rubber or plastic prevent creasing or snags.


Velvet hangers come in a wide variety of colors. Black hangers are classic and sleek. White or ivory hangers look clean and polished. But you can find velvet hangers in an array of bright colors to suit most any closet style. There is also the option for chrome, copper, or colorful hooks to add even more personality.

Velvet hangers have a minimalist design and a clean look, making them more stylish than their plastic counterparts. These elegant hangers are an ideal pick for displaying clothes on a clothes rack or open closet system.


Mismatched hangers can have different thicknesses and heights, making an organized closet look out of alignment. A matching hanger set is aesthetically pleasing and keeps a closet uniform.

Velvet hanger sets often come in multiples of ten. Common set sizes are 20, 30, 50, and 100. Bulk sets with 100 hangers often offer a cheaper price per hanger. Consider choosing a velvet hanger set with enough hangers for your wardrobe, plus a few extra. This allows you to add to your closet without needing to buy more matching hangers.

Our Top Picks

The right clothes hanger keeps clothes organized and maximizes closet space. A well-designed velvet hanger maintains a garment’s original shape, extending its wearable life. It doesn’t crease or stretch clothing, keeping them wrinkle-free and ready to wear.  A good velvet hanger should be sturdy as well as functional, with a strong hook and quality fabric that maintains its velvety texture.

Best Overall

SONGMICS 30-Pack Pants Hangers Velvet

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This 30-pack of hangers from SONGMICS is a versatile option for any wardrobe. Each hanger has black velvet shoulders and a metal trouser bar with clips. The notches on each shoulder keep shirts, jackets, and dresses from slipping. For pants or skirts, the metal bottom bar and sturdy skirt clips offer more hanging options. Each hanger features movable metal clips that can adjust as wide as 15.6 inches. The clips have plastic ends, offering a sturdy grip without creasing clothing.

The chrome-plated, 360-degree swivel hook allows for convenient hanging. Each hanger can handle a relatively light 5.5 pounds. Added features allow these hangers to hold a wider range of clothing than basic velvet hangers: the notched shoulders and skirt clips enable these hangers to store everything from tank tops and jackets to pants and skirts.

Best Bang For The Buck

CRESNEL Velvet Hangers 50 Pack

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These affordable hangers from CRESNEL are covered with nonshedding grey velvet fabric. The ergonomic design helps to maintain the shape of clothing and the notched shoulders prevent shirts and delicate fabrics from slipping. Each hanger features a small accessories bar for ties, scarves, belts, or necklaces. The bar adds to the hanger’s strength.

The hangers feature a 360-degree swivel hook plated with shiny, rust-resistant chrome. Under the velvet is a sturdy plastic that can bend virtually in half without snapping. The durable build allows these hangers to hold up to 12 pounds of weight. This 50-piece set comes in a classic grey color. With 50 hangers, you could fill an entire closet for an affordable price.

Best For Suits

MIZGI Premium Velvet Hangers Non Slip Suit Hangers

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This velvet hanger set from MIZGI features a U-shaped, rounded shoulder design. The deeper shoulder contour prevents shoulder bumps. Each hanger measures 17.9 inches long to fill out broad suit shoulders. Velvet covers the entire hanger, including the nonslip trouser bar. The bar is useful to store suit pants and accessories that belong with the suit jacket.

This set of 50 hangers is useful for storing all types of clothing, from suits to silk. Each hanger also has corner hooks, which are ideal for other clothing like tank tops and strappy dresses. The wide shape also prevents wide-neck shirts and dresses from slipping. The 360-degree swivel chrome hook is durable and won’t detach or snap under heavy weight, as each hanger can hold up to 18 pounds. This set is available in black as well as a variety of fun colors.

Best For Dresses

Zober Non-Slip Velvet Hangers

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This 50-pack of velvet hangers from Zober is an affordable pick for storing dresses and other clothing. The basic hangers have a notched shoulder design to hang dresses, even those with thin spaghetti straps. The soft velvet gently grips delicate fabrics like silk or lace. The texture won’t damage fine dresses and the contoured shoulders help keep the dress shape.

The 17.75-inch length is useful to help hold wide-neck dresses and shirts in place. Each hanger has a 360-degree rotating chrome hook and can hold up to 10 pounds. This set comes in black velvet, a classic pick for any wardrobe.

Best For Coats

MIZGI Premium Velvet Hangers (Pack of 50) Heavyduty

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These durable hangers from MIZGI are sturdy enough to hang jackets and coats. Each hanger is 17.72 inches across to fit structured coat shoulders. The soft-touch velvet won’t leave creases or shoulder bumps in jackets, coats, or blazers. Each hanger can hold up to 18 pounds, and the durable hook is designed not to bend or snap under the heavier weight.

This set comes in a 50-pack to hang all types of garments. The notched shoulders are ideal for shirts and tank tops, and the velvet trouser bar is ideal for folding pants or accessories. The 360-degree swivel hook is fabricated in sleek black color to match the black velvet. However, several other bold colors are available. Although this set has a slim and dainty design, it is sturdy enough to hold winter outerwear.

Most Versatile

HIMETSUYA Velvet Hangers

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These versatile hangers fit a range of features into a minimal-looking design. Instead of notches, there are hooks on each side; the hooks provide a better hold for tank tops and thin straps. Each hanger has a heart-shaped cutout, which doubles as a stacking hook. This allows multiple hangers to hang onto each other to maximize storage space. A curved shoulder contour maintains the clothing shape and prevents shoulder bumps. Each hanger also has a velvet-covered trouser bar to hang pants and accessories. For blouses and shirts, the soft velvet grips fabric to prevent clothes from slipping.

The hangers have a 360-degree swivel hook. Each hanger can support up to 10 pounds of weight to allow for stacking. They come in a 50-pack and also include 10 black velvet clips to clip skirts, pants, and accessories to the hanger. This set comes in a pink or blue color to add a pop of personality to a wardrobe.

FAQs About Your New Velvet Hangers 

A sleek set of velvet hangers is an affordable upgrade for cramped closets. The thin and stylish design maximizes storage space and offers a cohesive look. Combine velvet hangers with other closet organization tips to take full advantage of your closet space.

Q. Do velvet hangers save space?

The thin design of velvet hangers allows them to save space, especially compared to bulkier plastic or wooden hangers.

Q. Do velvet hangers prevent shoulder bumps?

Most velvet hangers have a contoured shoulder design to help prevent shoulder bumps.

Q. Can velvet hangers get wet?

It is best to avoid hanging damp clothes on velvet hangers or using wet velvet hangers. Moisture won’t damage the hanger itself, but wet velvet can transfer its color onto clothing.

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