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Hang On: 9 Designs for a DIY Coat Rack

As we enter the season of sleet, rain, snow, and ice, winter coats can quickly clutter halls and mudrooms. Put them in their place with one of these DIY coat racks upcycled from everyday items.

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Hang ‘Em on a Headboard

If all things vintage make you swoon, take a look at this unusual upcycled headboard. Covered in striped fabric, screwed to the wall, and adorned with delightful old-fashioned knobs as hooks, this coat rack adds visual interest as well as functionality to a long, narrow front hall.

Hit the Slopes With Your Coats

Is it time to hang up your skis? Whether you’ve graduated to a new pair or retired from skiing altogether, old skis make a great rustic coat rack to grace the entrance of a cottage or ski chalet. They’re a talking piece that is sure to become a family favorite.

Sharp Choice

Not into complicated decor? This bare-bones coat rack gives new meaning to the words “knife block.” Start with a long block of wood fixed to a cross-shaped base. Then slide knives into slots and use the protruding knife handles as pegs for coats.

Branch Out via TheBentTreeGallery

Like the rustic, simple look? Add these easy-to-make hooks to your homestead’s mudroom or hallway. If you have trees with suitable branches on your property, it’s possible to hang these useful hooks for just the cost of the nails—mere pennies!

Fun, Fancy Faucets via StarlingInk

What do you get when you add four mismatched water shutoff faucet handles to a block of wood? You guessed it—another easy-to-make coat rack that uses everyday items. Incorporate various sizes and colors to liven up a kids’ room, and remember to space the handles far enough apart so there is room for each coat.

Spare the Rod

Reminiscent of a scented diffuser holding bamboo rods, this easy coat rack requires just a concrete cylinder and several wooden dowels. Simply arrange the rods like flowers in a vase, and voilà—a place to hang your jackets and coats.

Up the Creek Without a Paddle?

Old paddles may no longer get you upriver, but they can still be used to create unusual racks for jackets and coats. These would be particularly engaging in a cottage or country home. Simply sand and varnish the paddle or oar, add a few hooks, and attach it to your wall. Choose white, blue, or red stripes for a nautical theme.

Recycled Rebar Coat Tree

Guess what these unusual coat stands are made from? Yep, they’re upcycled cement rebar scraps. Bright paint in eye-catching shades and a solid metal base transform them into modern minimalist coat trees to add a spot of color to your front hall.

A Real Coat Tree

The next time you’re out for a hike, keep your eyes peeled for a suitable piece of salvaged wood that can be molded into a veritable coat tree. This one uses a central piece of wood supported by four smaller pieces for a base. Outfitted with several little branches to serve as coat hooks, this “tree” even has a spot for hats.