The Best Pants Hangers for Your Closet

Hangers that keep pants smooth and wrinkle-free reduce ironing and help you look your best.

By Glenda Taylor | Updated Jan 29, 2021 12:53 PM

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Best Pants Hanger


Getting ready for work or school can be challenging enough, so finding creases in the pants you want to wear only adds to the morning’s chaos. When hung on hangers designed to keep them tidy, organized, and crease-free, pants—and skirts as well—have fewer wrinkles. To keep trousers and jeans ready to wear right off the hanger, consider some of today’s newest options. The best pants hanger depends on clothing type and the space in your closet.

  1. BEST OVERALL: MEQUTION Wood Pants Skirt Hanger (10PCS)
  2. BEST UPGRADE: ZOBER High-Grade Wooden Non Slip Pants Hangers
  3. BEST CLAMP: ZOBER High-Grade Wooden Pants Hangers with Clips
  4. BEST MULTILAYER: devesanter Space Saving Multi-Layer Hangers
  5. BEST CASCADING: devesanter S-Shape Space Saving Pants Hangers
  6. BEST DESIGN: ZOBER Anti-Rust Chrome Non Slip Pants Hangers
Best Pants Hanger


What to Consider When Buying the Best Pants Hanger

While many of today’s fabrics are wrinkle-free right out of the dryer, they still can form creases if they aren’t meticulously hung or folded. Even the small clamps on designated skirt and pants hangers can dig into the fabric and leave unsightly crimp marks. When shopping for the best hangers, consider their construction and design.


Old-fashioned wire hangers can’t support a pair of pants without sagging in the middle; the slacks can slide into the sag and wrinkle. Additionally, some wire-type hangers are susceptible to rust, leaving permanent stains on expensive clothing. Instead, consider the following:

  • Steel: Polished stainless steel or aluminum hangers that don’t bend are suitable for hanging jeans and pants. Some come with a nonslip coating that allows the user to position the pants over the bottom rod, and the fabric stays put—it won’t slide off the hanger or the side.
  • Wood: Smooth wood hangers have a bottom rail that can hold a pair of pants and the hanger’s top can support a suit jacket or sweater. However, wood can be slippery, so look for a bottom rail with a thin, nonslip coating to keep clothing in place.
  • Plastic: Cheap plastic hangers sometimes sag and break under the weight of anything heavier than a light blouse. Some of today’s heavy-duty plastic hangers, however, are nearly as strong as wood, which means they can even hold a heavy coat.


The hangers should fit users’ closet capacity and hold the type of clothing they wear most often. Not everyone has a large closet, so some people add a lower bar in one area for shirts on the top and pants or skirts on the bottom bar. A closet still needs a full-length hanging space for longer apparel, such as dresses and long coats. If only one hanging spot is available, the following hanger designs can help maximize storage space.


Hangers vary in design, and getting the right style involves analyzing clothing storage needs.

  • Size: Standard hangers average about 17 inches in width, although children’s apparel hangers and specialty hangers designed solely for pants or skirts average 8 to 14 inches wide.
  • Tubular: Most substantial plastic hangers are tubular in design, which means they feature solid plastic tubes as thick as ⅜ inch in diameter. These simple hangers can hold lightweight apparel and are handy for hanging hand-washed items to dry in the absence of a clothes-drying rack.
  • Padded: Sweater and blouse hangers often feature a single padded bar rather than a triangle, and the pads on the bar are usually soft and covered with fabric such as satin that won’t snag on open weave. Use these to hang delicate shirts and sweaters.
  • Clip: This type of hanger holds either pants or skirts, suspending them from strong clasps that attach to a waistband—or, in the case of dress pants, to the bottom hems of the pants. Clip-type hangers keep pants from creasing in the middle, but for the best results, choose hangers with padded clips to prevent crimp marks on the fabric.
  • Clamp: Clamp-type hangers, which work for pants or skirts, feature two smooth flat pieces of wood or plastic that open to clasp a waistband to hold the garment securely in place.
  • Space saver: For those consumers who have more clothing than available space in the closet, cascading pants hangers feature multiple horizontal bars for hanging three or more pairs on the same hanger.

Our Top Picks

To qualify as a top pick, a hanger must be beefy enough not to sag under the weight of the clothing item, and it must be smooth to keep from snagging the fabric. The best pants hanger for any specific closet depends on the closet’s available space, the number of items the closet can hold, and the clothing type. While these hangers are well suited to various clothes-hanging needs, all help keep clothing organized and wrinkle-free.

Best Overall

The Best Pants Hanger Options Wood

For wrinkle-free pants and skirts, check out the MEQUTION wooden pants hangers that feature smooth wooden clamps with padded inner bars to secure clothing. The bars are handcrafted from solid hardwood and stained an attractive walnut color. The nonslip liner holds waistbands or cuffs securely, and the hangers have stainless steel support bars and hanging hooks for strength and durability. The hook acts as a lever; when bent to the side, it opens the bars to make it possible to insert the pants. To close the bars, simply bend the hook back to its upright position. One order includes 10 clamp hangers.

Best Upgrade

The Best Pants Hanger Options Wooden

Hang pants and skirts in style with the ZOBER wooden pants hangers that are fashioned from smooth, polished wood in a rich cherry tone (other stains may be available). The hangers feature an upper wooden strip that’s 14 inches in width and supports a rigid tubular crossbar that holds pants, scarves, jeans, or linens. Designed to hold pants in a draped-over fashion, these ZOBER hangers are suitable to use on a lower closet bar. The hangers come with a chrome hook that rotates from side to side, making it easy to align clothing in the same direction. Buyers receive 10 hangers per order.

Best Clamp

The Best Pants Hanger Options 10packs

The wooden clamps on these ZOBER pants hangers hold skirts and pants, allowing them to hang straight and remain wrinkle-free. At just 9.5 inches wide and 6.5 inches, the ZOBER hangers are suitable for narrow closet spaces. The wood bars have a smooth, natural finish (other finishes may be available), and the inside edge of each bar features a soft felt lining that holds fabric in place without leaving crimp marks. Like other clamp hangers, when the hook is bent to the side, the bars open, and when the hook is returned to its upright position, the bars clamp tightly together to grasp the fabric. The ZOBER hangers come in a pack of 10, and other pack sizes may be available.

Best Multilayer

The Best Pants Hanger Options Multilayer

Hang up to four pairs of trousers or pants on the devesanter multilayer hangers that feature four individual rods for draping folded clothing. Designed to conserve space, each stainless steel rod features a nonslip coating that keeps clothing from sliding off the open end of the rod. Fold the pants, then slip the end of one of the rods into the underside of the fold. Their design also makes them well suited for hanging scarves, ties, and other folded fabric items. One order comes with three hangers.

Best Cascading

The Best Pants Hanger Options devesanter

A second multihanger option from devesanter, the cascading s-shape pants hanger can hold up to five pairs of pants or jeans on a single hanger. Remedy crowded closet bars with these cascading hangers that feature smooth stainless steel rods in sleek “S” shapes. Fold the pants flat and smooth the fabric before slipping the pants over one of the five hanger rods. In addition to saving space in the closet, these cascading hangers are suitable for holding scarves, linens, or towels.

Best Design

The Best Pants Hanger Options 20pack

These ZOBER nonslip hangers are made from durable anti-rust chrome, and they have a nonslip rubber coating on the lower bar to keep apparel from slipping. Each hanger features a one-piece molded design with a stationary hook. The end of the horizontal hanging bar tilts up slightly to offer even more security. Each hanger measures 14 inches wide, making them suitable for folded adult-size pants or trousers. One order includes 20 hangers; other size packs may also be available.

FAQs About Pants Hangers

Good pants hangers are essential to organize and keep clothing looking good. If this is the first time you’ve upgraded your hangers, you likely have some questions.

Q. What do you do with old pants hangers?

Old wire hangers may be recyclable, but plastic hangers are usually not accepted at recycling centers that take other types of plastic. Try donating old hangers to a thrift shop—they often need hangers for the clothing they display.

Q. How can you keep pants from slipping off hangers?

Purchase pants hangers that come with a nonslip coating to keep the fabric from shifting.

Q. How do you hang pants with clip hangers?

Fold the pants flat sideways so the front and back leg creases are smooth. Then attach the hanger’s clips to either the waistband or the pants’ cuff to keep them hanging straight and wrinkle-free.