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11 Stylish Ways to Enhance—or Hide—Your Radiators

With much of the nation experiencing the bitterest temperatures on record, many of us are appreciating our radiators like never before. Why not show that love by considering one of these decorative finishes or encasements for our trusted cold-weather friends?

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Painted Beauties

Aimee Herring/Living in a Nutshell

Make your radiator part of the room’s decor by painting it a coordinated color. “Spice it up with a gradated ombre pattern,” suggests stylist Janet Lee, of, “or highlight it with a hot color that contrasts with your wall.”

Always in Style

A built-in radiator cover fronted with grates fits seamlessly into traditional interiors and offers a prominent resting spot for houseplants or other displays.

A Grand Entrance

The functionality of a foyer radiator does not have to dash your dreams of an elegant entryway. A built-in bench like this one offers a stylish perch to slip on shoes and prepare for the day ahead.

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A Modern Twist

Radiator covers can be made to match any decorating scheme from classic to contemporary, as the clean-lined, honey-tone wood design in this urban kids’ room attests.

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Kitchen Camouflage

White slats and a butcher-block top help a radiator below the window in this airy kitchen blend into its surroundings.

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A Simple Solution

Positioning a delicately detailed table directly above a radiator creates a charming vanity area with ample natural light.

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Bookcase Basics

The overall plan for a wall of bookshelves cleverly incorporated two covered radiators—a smart solution for this well-appointed living room.

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Simplicity Itself

A small marble slab secured to the wall above a bathroom radiator becomes an ideal spot to rest a scented candle, a bottle of bubble bath, or even a warmed towel.

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Best Seat in the House

To create a cozy reading nook, enclose a low radiator in front of a window with a banquette and top it off with an upholstered cushion.

Mix and Match

Grates for radiator covers come in myriad patterns, so choose one that underscores the overall look of a room, as the radiator grilles in this whimsical living room do.

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A Unified Look

In this sunny home office, white-washed radiators were topped with the same warm wood surface as the desk area, drawers, and file cabinets around the room.

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