Best Refrigerator Brands in 2021

To find a fridge you can rely on with all the features that matter most, start by zeroing in on the best brand for you.

The Best Refrigerator Brands Options


Refrigerators are likely used more than any other major appliance in the home, except perhaps for the heating and cooling system. With such frequency of use, it’s important to invest in a durable, energy-efficient fridge from a reliable brand to preserve your food at the right temperature.

To narrow the field when you shop for the best refrigerator, use this guide to learn more about today’s top-quality brands. You’ll gain insight into why consumers trust these manufacturers, what their products are known for, and how their versatile food storage options, innovative features, and attractive designs may function in your kitchen. Also, check out the Editor’s Choice picks from each company to hone in on a top pick that might just suit your family’s needs.

The Best Refrigerator Brands Option KitchenAid


1. KitchenAid

Known for: In business for over a century, the KitchenAid appliance brand is known for refrigerators and other kitchen appliances with a range of versatile options.
Editors’ Choice: A great example of KitchenAid ingenuity is the KRMF706ESS refrigerator (available at The Home Depot), which features five-door configuration and two independent cooling systems, as well as a built-in ice and water dispenser.

The KitchenAid brand, founded in 1919 by the Hobart Corporation, is now owned by the Whirlpool Corporation. This company is based in the U.S., which keeps shipping and repair costs down for American consumers. Due to KitchenAid’s affiliation with Whirlpool and its extensive range of products, this brand can offer a wide assortment of sizes, styles, and features unavailable in some smaller brands.

While its advanced products sit at the high end of the affordability scale, most KitchenAid refrigerators are midrange models with modest prices that have the durability and reliability of top-end models. However, if smart-home and Wi-Fi capabilities are important features, look into LG or Samsung (both described below).

The Best Refrigerator Brands Option LG


2. LG

Known for: LG is considered a high-end electronics brand, so it’s no surprise that the company’s fridges are known for Wi-Fi and smart-home compatibility.

Editors’ Choice: Connect to the LG LFXS26596S refrigerator (available at The Home Depot) through Wi-Fi with a smartphone, tablet, or computer to change the temperature, adjust the ice maker settings, and receive notifications if the door is open or the water filter needs to be replaced.

Founded in South Korea in 1958, LG Electronics stands for Lucky Goldstar and refers to the company’s tagline, “Life’s Good.” It’s a household name across America due to its high-quality televisions, computers, and innovative appliances. Due to the brand’s popularity and a separate U.S. headquarters in New Jersey, repair technicians don’t have problems finding parts, which can be a problem with other internationally based companies.

Prioritizing innovation over standard functionality, the range of extra features on LG refrigerators can seem a bit daunting at first. Yet some consumers have come to appreciate bells and whistles like voice-activated commands, door-in-door access, and designated door cooling systems to keep items in the doors just as cold as those stored in the main compartments. These high-tech features do come at a higher cost than more basic models.

The Best Refrigerator Brands Option Frigidaire


3. Frigidaire

Known for: Now a U.S. subsidiary of Electrolux, Frigidaire has been producing refrigerators for over 100 years, making it one of the most reliable refrigerator brands available.

Editors’ Choice: Reliable, efficient, and well organized, the Frigidaire FFHB2750TS refrigerator (available at The Home Depot) features two French doors plus a pull-out deep freezer with adjustable storage and a built-in filtration system for pure ice and water directly from the fridge.

While the Frigidaire brand is now a U.S. subsidiary of the Stockholm, Sweden-based appliance company Electrolux, the brand began in 1916 as the Guardian Frigerator Company in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and was later renamed Frigidaire when the company was bought by General Motors. This long history of producing high-quality refrigerators, including the first self-contained refrigerator back in 1918, has led to well-deserved recognition as one of the most reliable refrigerator brands on the market.

Frigidaire produces a wide assortment of refrigerators from basic, budget-friendly models to high-end products with features comparable to those from LG and Samsung (often at lower prices). The company name is so firmly established that as late as the mid-1900s, the brand was so synonymous with the product that many Americans referred to any refrigerator as a Frigidaire.

The Best Refrigerator Brands Option Whirlpool


4. Whirlpool

Known for: With a long history in appliance manufacturing, Whirlpool found its niche in the industry with energy-efficient refrigerator designs that keep food cold and utility costs low.

Editors’ Choice: Designed to be eco-friendly and energy efficient with high-efficiency LED lights, the Whirlpool WRB322DMBM refrigerator (available at The Home Depot) is Energy Star-qualified and has a Tier I rating by the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE).

The Whirlpool Corporation, which started out as the Upton Machine Company, didn’t produce refrigerators until it acquired the Seeger Refrigerator Company in 1955. Today, Whirlpool is well known for manufacturing a range of energy-efficient refrigerators. Whirlpool has nine manufacturing facilities across the U.S. and owns a number of smaller appliance brands, including KitchenAid, Maytag, and Amana.

Expect to find the Energy Star symbol on most of Whirlpool’s refrigerators due to the company’s focus on producing eco-friendly and sustainable appliances, meeting modern consumer demand. This brand also offers a wide range of sizes and features, as well as easy-to-find replacement parts, making repairs for Whirlpool (and its associated brands) an affordable alternative to replacing the entire fridge.

The Best Refrigerator Brands Option Samsung


5. Samsung

Known for: In the appliance manufacturing industry, Samsung specializes in producing refrigerators with high-quality Wi-Fi and smart-home features that can integrate with mobile devices and smart-home systems.

Editors’ Choice: Manage calendars, play music on Spotify, and share pictures with Samsung’s RF28R7551SR refrigerator (available at The Home Depot), thanks to a built-in touch screen that serves as a digital bulletin board.

South Korea–based Samsung is renowned for producing high-end electronics and is currently one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world. The company was founded over 80 years ago as a trading company, diversifying its interests and entering the electronics industry in the late 1960s.

Samsung today combines innovative technology with reliable appliances, often incorporating features into their refrigerator products like smart-home compatibility, voice commands, remote access, and touch screen displays—high-tech extras that tend to increase the price tag for their products.

The Best Refrigerator Brands Option GE Appliances


6. GE Appliances

Known for: Few manufacturers can match the steadfast durability of GE Appliances’ refrigerators and other household appliances.

Editors’ Choice: The durable stainless steel exterior and robust doors of the GE Appliances PVD28BYNFS refrigerator (available at The Home Depot) make it ideal for homes with kids and pets, where household appliances endure considerable wear and tear.

GE Appliances got its start back in 1889 when Thomas Edison’s research was financed by Drexel Morgan & Co., merging with Edison’s existing company to form the Edison General Electric Company, shortened to General Electric in 1892. After more than a century of experience in electronics and appliances, GE Appliances is still one of the most popular appliance manufacturers in America.

GE makes quality products with a range of sizes and features consistent with current consumer demand, but their hallmark has long been durability—appliances that can stand up to rough use, like doors being yanked open and slammed shut. The exteriors are typically resistant to stains and dents, while the hinges are thick and robust, preventing doors from bending or breaking.

The Best Refrigerator Brands Option Maytag


7. Maytag

Known for: Big families and overzealous grocery shoppers appreciate Maytag’s spacious refrigerators.

Editors’ Choice: At a total capacity of 25 cubic feet, the Maytag MFI2570FEZ refrigerator (available at The Home Depot) has French doors for total or partial access to the fridge and a large pull-out freezer, ideal for bulk grocery orders.

Now owned by the Whirlpool Corporation, Maytag was founded in 1893 in Newton, Iowa, and started producing refrigerators in 1946, establishing the brand as an American household favorite. While some other brands may focus on high-end features and striking visual designs, Maytag focuses on functionality and spaciousness for its refrigerators.

The company’s big fridges can handle a lot, from bulk grocery orders to holiday leftovers. Do keep in mind that the larger the size, the higher the price.

The Best Refrigerator Brands Option Cafe


8. Café

Known for: A relatively new brand from GE, Café caters to the selective consumer who’s looking for distinct aesthetic appeal—and willing to pay for it!

Editors’ Choice: This sleek Café CVE28DP2NS1 refrigerator (available at The Home Depot) features a bold LED light wall to illuminate the contents and an exterior made of fingerprint-resistant stainless steel.

The name may not seem familiar, because GE Café became its own niche brand, known simply as Café, in 2018. Though still owned by GE, Café products are made for that portion of the consumer market looking for aesthetic appeal over affordability. Café refrigerators have distinct designs, like LED light walls, which are unique to this brand.

Most Café products include such premium features as built-in water filtration, smart-home integration, auto water dispense functions, and proximity lights that illuminate the fridge when someone approaches. Good looks and the latest advancements come with a pretty high price tag.

The Best Refrigerator Brands Option Danby


9. Danby

Known for: Affordable and compact, Danby makes refrigerators that are well suited to condo and apartment living.

Editors’ Choice: Made for one- or two-person apartments and condos, the Danby DAR110A1WDD refrigerator (available at The Home Depot) eschews the freezer to save space and measures a mere 24 inches by 26 inches by 59 inches to sit flush with most kitchen counters.

Founded in Montreal, Quebec, in 1947, Danby started out making hot plates, slow cookers, and an early form of the portable air conditioner. The company spread through Canada and the United States with headquarters in Guelph, Ontario, and locations in Arizona, Alabama, and Massachusetts. Small appliances remain a specialty, and its compact fridges suit one- and two-person apartments and condos.

While they may not have the capacity to hold enough food for the average-size family, Danby fridges often suffice for single people and couples. And due to the compact size, these refrigerators are typically quite affordable.

The Best Refrigerator Brands Option Bosch


10. Bosch

Known for: The German appliance company with a reputation for sleek and functional designs makes refrigerators that keep food neatly organized.

Editors’ Choice: The Bosch B36CL80SNS refrigerator (available at The Home Depot) has a pair of French doors at the top, a pull-out freezer drawer at the bottom, and a drawer in the middle where fruits and vegetables can experience the VitaFresh temperature and humidity control system.

Operating out of Germany, Bosch was founded in 1886 and now has facilities throughout the world, including a headquarters in Michigan; three research centers in Pennsylvania, California, and Massachusetts; and multiple factories and distribution centers across the U.S. The company produces a wide range of electronics, and its refrigerators are recognized for their attractive appearance and functional designs.

Expect Bosch refrigerators to have adjustable shelves, spacious storage, and multiple compartments, allowing users to customize temperature and organize items to suit individual needs. The “place for everything” design helps consumers who struggle to keep the fridge tidy.

The Best Refrigerator Brands Option Haier


11. Haier

Known for: Based in China, Haier owns both GE and Café brands and makes their own line of refrigerators that are appealing to the average person for their simple design and moderate price.

Editors’ Choice: Bright, high-efficiency LED lighting and clear glass shelves and drawers are what waits inside this elegant Haier HRF15N3AGS refrigerator (available at The Home Depot).

Haier is a China-based company that was founded in 1984 as the Qingdao Refrigerator Co. The company grew quickly in both popularity and size, eventually acquiring GE’s appliance division in 2016. Through GE, Haier also owns the Café brand of appliances. Despite these acquisitions, Haier also manufactures its own brand of refrigerator that tends to have a more basic appearance than brands like Samsung or LG.

Haier refrigerators have clean exteriors and simple interiors that are made for functionality. They lack many of the premium features offered by competitors, but the average user can appreciate the reliable design and the affordable price for these refrigerators. However, parts for Haier refrigerators aren’t as easy to find as domestic brands, so repairs can be costly.