The Best Lumber Storage Racks for the Home or Workshop

Lumber stays straight and dry when you store it properly. Whether you have lots of space in your garage or workshop or limited room and budget, one of these lumber storage racks can keep your lumber sound.

Best Lumber Storage Racks


When you have to store lumber for a project or a place to keep wood leftovers, you’ll need an area that’s protected from the elements and easy to access. This is where a lumber storage rack enters the picture. Using one can make the difference between wood that stays flat and dry and wood that gets wet, warps, and is rendered unusable. Most lumber storage racks attach to wall studs, but they can also go on ceilings or stand on their own.

A quality lumber storage rack must be strong enough to bear the weight of the wood you plan to store and should be easy to attach to a wall or a ceiling unless it’s freestanding. The following are favorites for their weight support, convenience, and ability to keep lumber dry, organized, and out of the way.

Our Top Picks

The Best Lumber Storage Rack Option: Bora Portamate Lumber Storage Rack


BEST OVERALL: Bora Portamate Wood Organizer

Each of the six shelves of the Bora Portamate Wood Organizer can support up to 110 pounds of weight. Together, that’s 600 pounds of lumber the rack can hold. The rack consists of two, 41-inch-tall vertical iron braces, each featuring six bar shelves made from 12-inch, powder-coated steel tubes for strength. The racks are designed to install 4 to 6 feet apart and must attach to garage or workshop wall studs for support. Each shelf offers 7-1/2 inches of lumber-storage space. To store longer boards (10 feet or more), install additional racks end-to-end.

The Best Lumber Storage Rack Option: FLEXIMOUNTS Lumber Storage Rack


ALSO CONSIDER: FLEXIMOUNTS 2-Piece Overhead Garage Storage Rack Set

When wall space is at a premium, consider stowing extra lumber in an overhead rack such as the FLEXIMOUNTS 2-Piece Overhead Garage Storage Rack Set that bolts securely to a garage’s ceiling joists for support. The rack measures 96 inches long and 48 inches wide, and the drop shelf height from the ceiling adjusts from 22 to 40 inches to allow for installation above the level of a garage door. The FLEXIMOUNTS rack material is cold-rolled, 14-gauge steel and should hold a maximum of 600 pounds of evenly distributed weight. The rack will store lumber up and out of your way while keeping it dry and ready for use.

The Best Lumber Storage Rack Option: West Horizontal Lumber Storage Rack


ALSO CONSIDER: West Horizontal Storage Rack

If floor space permits, check out the West Horizontal Storage Rack that occupies a 3-foot by 5-foot footprint and tops out at 5-1/2 feet high. The upright storage rack comes with six bar shelves made from galvanized steel to prevent rusting, and each set of support arms will hold up to 140 pounds. Position multiple racks end-to-end to store longer boards, and adjust individual shelves up or down to accommodate taller or shorter stacks of wood. Store wider boards (up to 18 inches in width) on the lower bar shelves between the vertical braces.

The Best Lumber Storage Rack Option: Grizzly Lumber Storage Rack


HONORABLE MENTION: Grizzly Industrial Lumber Rack 6-Shelf System

With this compact shelf system from Grizzly Industrial, you can clean up that garage floor and have your lumber easily accessible without spending a lot of money. When installed, this rack system is 41 inches high and features six powder-coated, steel bar shelves capable of holding up to 100 pounds apiece. Install the vertical supports up to 6 feet apart and purchase additional units to install end-to-end if you need to store boards more than 10 feet long. Each shelf offers 7 inches of vertical space for stacking boards.