Touring the LP Engineered Wood Siding Plant

Project: Habitat for Humanity, Episode 6, Part 1

Volunteers are still hard at work in Yonkers, and it's time for siding. Bob talks to some volunteers about the SmartSystem installation process, and then takes us to the Louisiana-Pacific facility in Two Harbors, Minnesota where we'll learn more about the materials used. Inside the house, the blitz build is in full force as a team of workers apply the drywall utilizing special pre-finished corners in record time.
Part 1: Touring the LP Engineered Wood Siding Plant
Bob visits Two Harbors, MN where Charles Bradford, VP of manufacturing, leads a tour of the plant where Louisiana Pacific manufactures their SmartSystem line of exterior trim products.
Part 2: Plastering the Walls
Part 3: Installing the Siding
Bob Vila introduces the latest in sustainable materials and efficient building techniques on a Habitat for Humanity build. This project documents a five-day process that transformed an empty lot into a snug, comfortable, and sustainable home in Yonkers, NY.

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